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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For No Special Reason....

It's Tuesday, and what the heck. 


Remember Bloodlines?  Sure you do!  Boy, that sure was terrible, with Hitman being the only good thing coming out of the entire storyline.  But still.  This is Guy and Amanda Waller.  Two crazy crazy characters, and I love it.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh, To Be In England...

...Especially, now that the Summer Olympics are there.  That was one heck of an opening Ceremony!  My favorite part was when the Queen and James Bond jumped out of the helicopter, to parachute down to Olympic Stadium!

Ok, she didn't REALLY parachute out of a helicopter but still!   It was such a...comic book sort of thing to do.  David Beckham on the motorboat was a nice touch as well, not to mention the horde of Mary Poppins, vanquishing Voldemort.  This was probably the most fun Opening  Ceremony, since the one in Calgary, when they had Mounties and Chuck Wagon races!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Green Lantern #11

Oh, there was just so many wonderful things going on in this months issue of the "Hal and Sinestro Show".  Firstly, Hal manages to convince the Indigos to release Sinestro into Hal's custody, since he managed to talk them into thinking he could actually redeem himself.  Maybe.  Oh, and while they were at it, they recharged the rings and made Hal's independant of Sinestro's, which he proves by tossing Sinestro around a bit.  The look of utter glee on Hal's face is priceless. 

While Hal is horsing around, Sinestro notices that they seem to have misplaced Black Hand.  The black goo where his body was, isn't blood, its the same stuff that made up the Black Lanterns...which means that they have opened up a whole 'nother can of worms, as it were.  Back on earth in the meantime, Black Hand has gone out for Chinese food, and incidentally dug up his whole family, so that they can all have a nice reunion.  Isn't that nice?  For some reason, his family seems less than thrilled, although we can't hear them, they do seem to be able to communicate with Black Hand just fine. 

On Oa, the Guardians have taken the time to notice that Sinestro momentarily showed up, before he disappears again.  They get a hint of someone...with him, and notice that perhaps something else is being hidden as well, which is presumably the Indigos...but they do realize that he's hi-tailed it back to Korugar. 
Hal and Sinestro had indeed taken their fond farewell of the Indigos, which Sinestro making threats, which is really just his way of showing how much he likes someone.  Back in his Sinestro Lair...which Hal insists on calling his Bat Cave, they share some more bickering/bonding moments.  There is a picture of Sinestro and Arin Sur on the wall, no naturally, Hal has to comment on how gorgeous she was. 

Oh Hal.

Sinestro had hidden the Book of the Black,which he is now going to use to try and find Black Hand.  It does indeed locate Black Hand, but not before giving a rather chilling little glimpse into a possible future, which looks quite scary indeed.  And the two of them find themselves teleportated to Black Hand's living room.

I hope he saved them some Lo Mein.

Fabulous.  So fabulous.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

End of the Month Reviews!

Well, that was a nice fat Wednesday.

All-Star Western #11

Jonah and Arkham are STILL hanging out in Gotham, but now they've been joined by none other than Tallulah Black.  She and Jonah are having themselves quite the fine old reunion, much to the consternation of Doctor Arkham.  Of course she wants revenge for her family on Lucius Bennet, who is a follower of the Crime Bible, along with some other rather disreputable sorts, who are in direct conflict with the Court of the Owls, and with Bruce Wayne's ancestor, who oddly enough is actually a nice enough fellow. 

Wheels within wheels, and who the heck is setting whom up, and the cops are all on the take,and they get kidnapped and strung up, but Tallulah escapes, and boy howdy, this book is fun!

I forgot to mention that there is a backup story with Doctor Thirteen, that is a hoot.  Doctor TERRENCE Thirteen to be exact.


After dragging for a bit last issue, things rather go with a bang this month.  The remaining members of Arthur's posse, from the old days are all together, and they've determined that Manta is searching for the final seventh relic of the ancient King of Atlantis.  They thought that they had found all the relics, one of which is Arthur's trident.  They do wish that Arthur would stop chasing Manta on his own.  Manta in the meantime has bopped back to where Mera and Shin are hanging out.  Mera tries to take him on, but his Manta suit is proof against her water powers, and he escapes with Shin in tow. 

Arthur jumps out of the aircraft and swims up and discovers Manta and his minions,  they are trying to get Shin to show them the final relic, but Shin refuses, but due to some magical mumbo jumbo, they do find the dead kings scepter, which cheers Black Manta up considerably. 

Naturally, with Ivan Reis involved, the art is simply gorgeous, and I have to say that Rod Reis does an equally find job with the coloring. This is getting...interesting.

Flash #11

For some reason, that I really can't quite fathom, Barry has decided to let everyone think that he's dead, and ends up in Keystone City, where he's looking for a cover and a job.  He ends up at a bar, which just happens to be a super villain hideout!  Of course it is!    Heatwave is gunning for Captain Cold, who is in a surly mood as usual, and Barry gets hired as a new bartender because of his chemical knowledge, which allows him to create a cocktain that Cold can actually drink without it freezing up on him, which for some reason, I find to be absolutely hilarious. 

I do like this book.  Nothing particularly earthshattering this month, but it is mildly amusing, and fairly witty, and I enjoy that sort of thing.  And the art is so pretty too.

Green Lantern #11

Finally!  Two weeks late...but it is worth it!

Green Lantern: New Guardians #11

I've had my reservations about this book.  I love Kyle of course, and I like some of the other characters, but it has just dragged a bit for me.  I much prefer to have Kyle hanging out with Guy.  But THIS issue, things hit the fan in a big way.  St. Walker is STILL in a snit over what happened on Odym, and I have to say that it is highly unusual for St. Walker to be in any kind of snit.  Arkillo, thinks that this is actually a GOOD thing, and congratulates him on finally growing a pair.  Poor Kyle as usual, seems slightly beflummoxed by all that is going on. 

They decide that the root of all oftheir problems is Larfleeze. and head back to confront him.  Naturally, he's not taking this lying down, and shows again, that for all of his occasional buffoonery, that he is nobody to mess with.  And Sayd finally has enough, and tells Larfleeze to go and jump in a lake, and it turns out that SHE was the one who summoned all of the rings, to get them together to fight Larfleeze, and presumably Invictus. 

Which is why you should never trust a Guardian...even one of the nice ones.   Oh, and Larfleeze kills off poor Glomulus again...for GOOD this time, because he had the nerve to side with Kyle.  Dang.  I liked Glomulus.  This is getting pretty good!

Justice League Dark #11

They are still fighting  Faust, and Constantine, in his usual crafty manner, uses the emergency to talk his way into the Black room at Argus, where Steve Trevor is incidentally ALIVE, mainly to get his hands on the Books of Magic.  Xanadu has seen the future and knows that this is a very very bad idea, and tries to get Tim Humter back into the game.  Too bad, he's had enough of magic, and gave all of his away.  Oh, and Faust had a trick or two up HIS sleeve, that apparently Constantine didn't plan for.

I have actually rather been enjoying this book.  I'm actually liking it better than JLA!

So...not a bad week at all.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Is it just me, or was Hal just the most awkward flyer ever?  I believe that John Stewart has a reputation for a certain degree of grace in the air.  Kyle is a nice flyer, and even Guy gets the job done well.  But for the life of me, there are just SO many pictures of Hal swooping along, with his butt in the air, and his legs spread.


That's...not graceful. 

And I'm pretty sure that once again he's leading with his face.

Oh Hal.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Absolutely Exhausted

Man, I am pooped.  But in a good way.  Went to the 3-day Bachannal, also known as the Deep River Muster, and had an awfully good time.  A little sunburned, a little tired, and possibly slightly hung over, but it was for a GOOD cause!  It may take the good people of Deep River slightly longer to recover, but hey.

Meanwhile...I haven't a thought in my head, so I do believe that this is the perfect time for yet another Romance Comic Cover...in that the heroes ALL look Like Hal Jordan.


This one just cracks me up.  Hal may run around with a bunch of aliens and stuff, but that doesn't make him a commie.  You keep a civil tongue in your head, missy!  And seriously, this is Hal.  You could wait forever for him to fall for you.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #11

Well, last issue, John was all mopey, and resigned, and marty-ish, and against his will, Guy went and busted him out of jail, before the Alpha Lanterns could execute him...for basically, saving the Central Battery and all of their well-rounded asses.

Alpha Lanterns are just SO annoying!

The Guardians who set up this whole situation, are sitting back, and watching the whole thing unfold and probably laughing their evil little blue NOT well-rounded butts off.  The Alphas are running amok, and capturing and TORTURING the rest of the Green Lanterns, for being upset with this kind of treatment.  Well...ONE Alpha, Varix isn't particularly happy about what is going on, but sheesh, when did Boodikka turn into such a little Nazi?  She's even ordering Salaak around...and he's not particularly happy about it.

So, the rest of the Corps is fighting the Alphas, who are trying to find Guy and John, and go zooming out into space only to discover that they were actually chasing a couple of constructs, which was pretty clever of Guy, but pretty stupid of the Alphas.  They have actually snuck into the underground caverns and tunnels of Oa, which they discovered back during the previous War of the Green Lanterns...not to be confused with the CURRENT War of the Green Lanterns. 

Eventually, John wakes up, and promptly punches Guy, which he takes surprisingly well, all things considered.  After all, he DID punch John into unconciousness, but only to save his life.  John actually admits that he's grateful that Guy DID bust him out, although he's not thrilled about all the lives being put in danger.  They decide that if there is any place that they can find something to help them against the Alphas, it would be down here, the burial site of all the Guardians mistakes.  Interestingly enough, they do find that all of the new rings, are just buzzing around aimlessly...not going out and looking for new recruits, which of course was Mogo's function.  However, since I'm pretty sure that the Guardians could have solved that little problem, my guess would be that they don't WANT any new Lanterns...since they are actively trying to get rid of the ones that they already have. 

God, I hate the Guardians!

Anyhoo, Guy and John find the psions, the manhunters, and more of the Alpha lantern parts, and have themselves a find old time cobbling up an Anti-Alpha weapon.  In the meantime, Boodikka is gleefully torturing Kilowog into giving up Guy and John, which he can't actually do since he doesn't know where they are, but wouldn't do anyway...and Varix points out that the Alphas are doing exactly what they accused John of doing...but she won't listen.

Then Guy and John show up with their own Alpha-Hunting Manhunters, and all hell breaks loose.  It's Green Lanterns vs Alphas, and Salaak tells them all to engage the Alphas.  Meanwhile, the Guardians continue to sit around and munch their popcorn and watch the whole thing unfold.  The Alphas are demolishing the Manhunter thingies, and even capture Guy and John, and blow up the doors to the sciencells...when all of the leftover pieces of Manhunter/Alpha/psion parts start to combine into one huge hideous SUPER Manhunter thingie! 


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stuff I Read This Week

My goodness, but it was a bountiful week!  I love bountiful.  It makes me so happy to stagger out of the Comic Book Store, weighted down by my purchases.

All-Star Western #10

Actually, I think this may be last month's issue, but for some reason, I didn't find it, so I picked it up today.  Tallulah is back!  She and Jonah are having horizontal refreshments!  Doctor Arkham thinks that they are both psychotic...and he may be right.  More Owl stuff, lots of violence, and a really dandy Bat Lash story at the back.

What's not to like?

Batwoman #11

This was nice, if still a little confusing.  I'm getting my villains mixed up or something.  And Bette wakes up from her coma, purely due to the sheer awesomness of Kate's Dad.  It's all very very pretty of course, but I have to admit that it doesn't seem to be going anywhere in much of a hurry.

Birds of Prey #11

Well, Poison Ivy manages to con the rest of them into supporting her in her ecological warfare, since they have all been infected with something nasty that is going to kill them all in six months or so.  The evil polluters get theirs, and there is a reasonable amount of mayhem, but I think it is  a different artist this issue, it seemed a little wonky to me.

Not bad.  Not grat, but not terrible.

Blue Beetle #11

I only picked this up because Booster Gold was on the cover.  I rather wish that I had not.  I really really loathe this new incarnation of Jaime.  His family is nowhere to be seen, Paco is infected with something, and all of the charm, wit and joy of the Giffen/Rogers book is completely absent. 


Plus Booster was kind of a jerk.

Fables #119

We continue with the story of Teresa, Queen of the Misfit toys, and Dare, who has gone to rescue her.  Too bad for that nice tiger, but I do hope he was delicious.  I'm getting a little tired of this particular storyline, it seems as though it has dragged on just a hair too long, so I am looking forward to Bigby showing up and busting some heads or something.

Man, I am whiny today!

Green Lantern Corps #11

Well!  More anon!

Justice League #11

Oh good grief.  The heroes all manage to shake their problems away, but Wonder Woman is all set on going off and rescuing Steve Trevor.  For a reason that is never fully explained, Hal tries to stop her, and gets his extremely fabulous ass handed to him.  Barry is running around wringing his hands, Superman is being stoic, Batman is being...Batman, and Cyborg actually seems to be one of the few to have his wits about him.

Graves in the meantime, is harrassing Steve's sister, whic his rather nasty of him.  He is an unpleasant person to say the least.  The League figures out who he is, and what he is, and what he's been up to, and they all end up at the mystic dead people place.  Too bad about Steve though.

Is it me, or does the JLI seem to get along better than this bunch?

Wonder Woman #11

This  may not be the REAL Wonder Woman...but boy howdy, this is one heck of a story.  Our heroes and heroines made it out of Hell, which is nice for them, but Hera shows up again, and she is still up to her nefarious ways.  And Artemis and Apollo show up too, and they're also up to no good.  Awfully, awfully good.

Journey Into Mystery #641

Waaaaaaahhhhh!  I don't want this to end!  It's going to be ending!  This is my favorite Marvel book.  Why does this always happen to me?

Verily, I am wroth.

Loki and Leah, continue their doublecross of Otherworld, but only with the best of motives, by blowing up stuff like Stonehenge,Hadrian's Wall and some other cool stuff.  Arthur, and Captain Britain and all those guys realize that they need to parley, and it all ends pretty well, all things considered, with nobody killed, and the balance of power delicately balanced.  When the All-Mother gets all pissy, Loki does point this out.

He also manages to sneak the Grail out, so that Hela can drink from it and restore her hand, which had been chopped off by the Disir,and wasn't healing.  Unfortunately, the price for healing Hela, is the continued existance of Leah, her Handmaiden. 

Oh Leah!  She even looked up what BFF meant.  Loki is disconsolate and who can blame him.  So he's in no mood to listen to the All-Mother kvetch.  It all looks as though it is going to end more or less happily, so too bad about Surtur on that last page.

Damn, I love this book.  Damn, I'm going to miss Leah. Who will drink all of Loki's milkshakes now?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Remember When...?

Come with me now, to those golden days of yesteryear...which could be about four or five years ago, by my reckoning.  I am speaking of course, of Comics.  Remember when comics had an actual STORY?  A plotline, that had a beginning, a middle and...brace yourselves...an end?  I'm not speaking of a final ending such as Sandman, or Preacher or Hitman, although ALL of those comics were pretty sensational.  I'm speaking of regular Super-hero comics, that come out every month.

It is possible, to have a monthly comic, with cliff-hangers, and such, and still tell a definitive story.  For example, look at Blue Beetle.  Not the one that they have now, but the OLD new Blue Beetle.  When John Rogers and Kieth Giffen came out with Jaime Reyes.  From issue 1 through 25, there was a definite story.  Everything was eventually leading up to that huge finale in issue #25, when Jaime finally and totally beats the Reach, with a little bit of help from Guy, Ice, Fire, Booster, Dani Garrett, Batman and his family and friends.

He not only beat the Reach, but there was a celebration afterwards, and we all got to bask in the glory of a superb story, superbly told, with a clear victory, and a chance to all rejoice in that victory, and catch our breath, and heave a sigh of pure comical joy.  And then, next month, the story picked up again.

Geoff Johns has done that with the return of Hal Jordan, when Parallax was beaten, and Hal became a Green Lantern again.  Then slowly, things built up to the Sinstro Corps War, which was fabulous, and they won after a lot of trials and tribulations, and we got to celebrate, and then it was on again.  Scott Snyder just did it with the Owls story in Batman.  We had it all leading up to a very satisfying conclusion, and then a chance to rest, and reflect.

I like stories like that.  I like a chance to see it all start to build up to a massive  battle, of fists or wit, to see the hero win out, and to have a chance to cheer and a chance to decompress a bit before the next story starts.  But this seems to becoming more and more of a rarity, at least in some books.

Marvel for example doesn't seem to be able to just put an artist and a writer on a book and let them collaborate and tell their own stories anymore.  Everything...EVERYTHING is part of a Huge Mandated Editor-Driven Narrative...the Next Big Cross-over.  Barely does one massive Cross-over end, than the next one starts.  There isn't any opportunity to catch our breath, for the heroes to sit back, patch their wounds, and go out for a drink before it all starts again.  It is a frenetic pace, and it is...wearying.

Maybe it's just me.  DC seems to be doing much of the same thing, although not quite to the same degree as Marvel.  It's nice to see that the different universes, all use things from the different books, consequences in one book should show up in other books, at least sometimes.  But when I read a book, I want to read about the Hero or Heroine of THAT book...not necessarily to see how he or she is tied into what is happening in another book...possibly a book that I don't read, and have no desire to read.

Yes, it may just be a ploy to get us all to buy each and every single book put out by the Publisher...but that's not going to happen.  No matter HOW dedicated a reader you may be...who can afford that?  Especially when they are just going to collect the whole darned thing in a couple of months anyway. 

This is starting to get convoluted, and it is probably just a bit of me whining, that things aren't as good as they were in the Good Old Days...but I rather miss, being able to open a book and read about an adventure and have it NOT tie into thirty other books.  Cross-overs must be popular, and they must be lucrative...otherwise, I can't see why the various Publishers would continue to produce them...but it is past the point of getting out of hand.  How can you possibly attract new customers, when every single issue is the middle of a 12 part series, with off-shoots into 30 different OTHER books!  It's a little crazy out there. 

I read the whole Blue Beetle series over the weekend, and it made me...happy.  And I like that.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stuff I Read but Forgot to Post About

If that isn't a title aimed at grabbing you attention, then I don't know what is.  I've been quite lazy for the past few days, but here I am, just dying to give you reviews.  It was a pretty big week for me, which is always nice.

Batgirl #11

Ok, I guess.  I have to say that I think I'm going to drop this.  I like Barbara and I love Gail Simone, and I keep thinking I should be enjoying this more than I actually do.  It's just not grabbing me, and five minutes after I've read it, I've forgotten the plot.

Batman #11

Now this book on the other hand, has definitely gotten my attention.  I...I am actually starting to take an interest in Batman!  Who would have thought? 

We have the final knockdown, drag-out, utterly brutal fight between Batman and the Owl who calls himself his brother.  And brutal barely begins to describe it.  I enjoyed this, not because I am enamoured of brutality, but because for a change, it is a...fair fight.  Bruce doesn't have everything planned in advance, he isn't completely omnipotent, and HE CAN'T BREATHE IN OUTER SPACE!  At least not this Batman.  Quite frankly, he's getting his ass handed to him, and is even about to be sucked into a jets engine, which just makes me think of the Incredibles.  Fortunately, he was smart enough to plant a little bomb and blow up the Owl's jet pack.  Oh, and he blows up his nice big building.

No body found of course, although Bruce himself is in pretty bad shape.  Dick comes by to see how he's doing, and they have some rather nice bonding time.  Bruce has been investigating and he's pretty damned sure that Lincoln isn't actually his brother.  But Lincoln BELIEVES that he is.  Of course, if they could take a DNA test, that would certainly settle the matter, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

The rest of the Talons are in deep freeze, and Bruce is going to rebuild the tower, and maybe...just maybe he's changed his way of thinking about Gotham City.  He's even grown a little bit, which can only be a good thing.

The art was beautiful, the story was incredible, and I am loving this book.

Batman & Robin #11

Oh...Damian, you didn't actually put a crowbar in Jason's bed did you?  Am I a bad bad person, because it made me snicker for a second?  The two of them do have a pleasant little exchange of blows and philosophies going on for a while, but since Damian waltzes off on a motorcycle with Jason's red Mask thingie on the front, I would have to give the honors to Damian.

He's such an obnoxious little runt...but God Help Me, I am actually enjoying his shenanigans.  Although I have to say that I can hardly wait for him to get schooled by Dick.

Meanwhile, the bunch of thugs who lost to Batman in various ways are out wreaking a serious amount of havok throughout the city.  There was one interesting bit of information, Gordon is surprised that Batman is running around when it is going to be daylight, because Bruce prefers to strike at night.  This strikes me as a useful piece of information.  Apparently you could rob Gotham City blind, provided you did it during the daytime!

Anyway, it's good loud fun, and Pat Gleason does a spectacular version of the Batmobile, in the middle of a bunch of bombs going off.  Not too serious, but fun.

Demon Knights #11

I'm wondering if I missed an issue or something?  All of the Knights with the exception of Madame Xanadu, aka Nimue, have been hit by a mysterious beam of light, which turns them into...other versions of themselves. or something.  She does manage to con Etrigan, who has a crap load of power, into helping them out, and they drink from the unpolluted well, and turn back into themselves.  Oh, and Arthur is there.  It is a little convoluted, but the art is pretty, and I like the characters, so what the heck...it's fun too.

Resurrection Man#11

I like Mitch's character, and I've liked this series, but it does have a tendency to get a bit repetitive.  He's managed to find the headquarters, he's attacked by the Body Doubles, he has a cool power, he dies, and gets another cool power, and still hasn't found out who he was, or how this all happened to him.  You could write the same review for practically all of the other issues.  The art is nice, and its not a BAD story...I just wish that it would move along a bit more. 

Although this book is one of the ones on the chopping block apparently, so I guess they figured what the hell.

The Shade #10

Damn it, but this was delightful.  Shade's obnoxious great grandson and his nasty cohort and their nasty little group have captured the Shade and siphoned away his shadow power, by using the power of the Egyptian deities, that the found and imprisoned a while back.  Shade keeps them monologuing, and bragging about their nefarious plans, not to mention, he talks to the poor imprisoned deities who are providing all the power for their plots and ploys. 

He also manages to start fading,which prompts  the bad guys to up the power meted out to the Deities, in order to keep him under wraps.  The problem is, that he keeps upping his own powers, so they keep giving more to the OTHER powers, until...and you can see where I am going with this, which is more than the Bad Guys did...the Egyptians suddenly have ALL their power back, and so does the Shade.


Swamp Thing#11

Well Arcane is back.  You knew that he would be eventually, and he wants to take Abby home, but she doesn't want to go, but Alex isn't dead, and woohoo,...neither is the Parliament of Trees!  Oh, and Animal  Man finally shows up.

I didn't read a whole lot of Swamp Thing back in the old days, but I did read some, and by Jiminy, I'm enjoying this.

I FINALLY got a hold of the first and second chapters of Saga...and now I can see what all the fuss was about.  This is a really good book.   The art is beautiful, and it's a good compelling story, and it's just a little bit different from the usual.  I don't really have a clue where it is going, but I am looking forward to getting my grubby mitts on the rest of the chapters...because this is a very very good book.

That was a lot of really pretty darned good reading this week!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Guy Gets Animated!

While poking around Geoff John's Message board, I discovered something rather interesting.  I was a huge fan of the recent animated Green Lantern show, on the Cartoon Network.  They did a pretty darned good job with Hal, and Kilowog and the Guardians and all of the other characters that they used.  Particularly good versions of both Mogo and St. Walker.

Well...according to Spinoff Online, which quotes TV Guide, when Hal returns in September, he'll discover that he's been replaced, while off fighting the Red Lanterns.



Yes, Guy is coming to television.  He's made two teeny tiny cameos on Young Justice, but never for more than a second or two...and he DESERVES to be animated!  He's going to be voiced by Diedrich Bader from Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which I find to be rather hilarious...and inspired. 

Oh God, I can't wait.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Old Alan

So, now Alan Scott has a new costume.  A nice green form-fitting costume.  I showed it yesturday, and was slightly thrilled to have his pose showing off all of his assets to the world.  Usually that is the sort of thing that women characters are doing.

Unfortunately, The artist forgot that Alan is a Green Lantern.  He may not be in the Corps, but he is STILL a Lantern...and Lanterns show off another portion of their anatomy.

Alan Scott

It's not easy showing your bum while wearing a cape, but Alan used to manage it with aplomb. 

Damn...I miss that cape.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Oh Alan!

So...I've been reading about Alan Scott over in Earth 2.  I love Alan, I really do, but I have to say that I miss those puffy sleeves.


This is Alan's NEW costume! 

I'd say it's awfully tight for an old man, but then he's not an old man anymore, which I ALSO find confusing, although to be sure...this isn't the first time that Alan has been de-aged.  And as much as I miss his puffy sleeves and his purple cape, I have to admit...I've seen worse. 

Of course, being Alan Scott and therefore awesome, he can pull off just about anything.

Saturday, July 07, 2012


There are times when I really really hate Summer.  And today is one of those times.  We have not one but TWO parades today, and the temperature is going to be in the high 90's with something like 75% humidity.  Not to mention a good chance of thunderstorms right in the middle of the second parade.  We were dropping like flies on Wednesday when we only had one parade!

Actually, I think that I am one of those odd people who could live perpetually in Autumn.  I love Autumn.  I like Spring.  I don't even mind Winter all that much.  I like Summer when it is 75 to 80 and with low humidity, and there aren't any mosquitoes, and the wine is plentiful and the strawberries are ripe and fragrant.  So in other words, for about a week. 

Nevertheless, I hope that everyone is still enjoying this extended holiday week.  And staying cool.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Fourth!

I love that we celebrate our nation's birthday by blowing up a small piece of it!  That is paraphrased from somebody I think.  Nevertheless I find it to be...apt.  Because lets face it...fireworks are fun.

But it is also important for a lot of other things.  Like picnics and family and car sales.


This is by Black Cat who really has a way with holidays and superheroes.  But nevertheless, flags, hotdogs
and apple pie are excellent ways to celebrate.

And if you REALLY want some fireworks, go watch the professionals do it.


Because quite frankly, I think that the Super guys are taking this a little too far.

Happy Fourth!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Oh What the Heck

It's Tuesday.  It's hot.  I haven't a thought in my head, other than it's hot. 

So...I'm just going to post a fun picture.


Booster Gold and Fire. 

I LIKE Booster and Fire.  Booster unfortunately is leading the soon to be cancelled JLI team, and Fire, while a part of that team, is currently in a coma.  That's actually sort of a rite of passage for old JLIers, Guy has been in a coma a couple of times, so was Blue Beetle, and I think even Booster once.  Ice was kind of in a coma, while she was sort've dead.  I don't think that Batman has been in a coma...he probably has anti-Bat Coma spray in his utility belt or something.  Max Lord was in a coma once at least.

How did I get into this whole thing with comas? 


Two of my favorite characters.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Green Lantern:New Guardians #10

For some reason, I completely forgot to talk about the latest issue of Green Lantern, starring Kyle and some other people.  It must have been that the heat and humidity addled my wits.

Man. it is hot!

Anyhoo.  A whole crapload of Blue Beetles/Reach have attacked Odym.  The Blue Lanterns are doing their darndest to hold them off, offering hope and all sorts of good things.  It actually is working on some of the Beetles, but there are too many of them, and the Reach programming is too strong.  St. Walker is doing his leader thing, and doing it very well, and Fatality is helping out, and even Arkillo and the Weaponeer are fighting the good fight. 

Kyle is hanging around out in space for some reason, which is unfortuate, since the Blue Lanterns REALLY need a Green Lantern to boost their juice.  Kyle eventually shows up and talks St. Walker into doing the smart thing, and getting the hell out of Dodge, rather than dying a noble but fruitless death.  St. Walker isn't happy, but can ;you blame him?  It was actually rather nice to SEE St. Walker being pretty darned cranky. 

They do figure out that there was only one person who could have revealed the hidden location of Odym.

Larfleeze is about to have company.  Very very unhappy company.