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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Extremely Quick Reviews

Just about to fly out the door to go to Limerock Park for the Historic... my favorite race of the year!  All the antique race and sports cars from the '30's and '40's and so on... and they drive so carefully because nobody wants body damage for God's sake. sir Sterling Marlin is coming over from Old Blighty because he had such a good time last year that he decided to do it again and he is bringing his collection of antique Mercedes with him.

It is going to be glorious.

But onto comics!  Not a huge week for me.

Harley Quinn and Power Girl #3

I think this is actually from last week, but it is a hoot as usual. The girls are doing their best to rescue Vartox, and there is a whole lot of trippiness along the way. Too bad that Vartox has mind control going and is evil now! As opposed to just being smarmy.

It's all good silly fun, and lord knows there hasn't been much of that lately at DC. This is my only DC book for the week. Passed on Green Lantern, which gave me a slight pang, but oh my... it has been so incredibly... Boring!

Daredevil #18

he last issue of Mark Said and Chris Samnee's run... and oh what an incredible run it has been! They don't disappoint either. Matt was left in a really bad situation, with no possible way to triumph. But then he does rather excel in doing the impossible, and manages to turn the tables and not only rescues Kirsten and Foggy, but delivers a takedown of the Kingpin that is simply... epic.

They wrap things up neatly and make itossible for the next team to take over without having to go through tortured rectors. I do like it when the writers put their toys away neatly... its just good manners. I think that this book and the Loki: Agent of Asgard books really stand out as how to write an epic story, and provide real change to the characters while still making that change be completely believable... nay, even inevitable.

But I am really going to miss this book.  Ten thumbs up!

Groot  #4

This is just fun. Rocket is still kidnapped, and his kidnapper is getting a bit impatient because Grout hasn't shown up yet. Rocket explains that he will get there in his own time and fashion. Meanwhile, Groot has managed to pick up a trio of inept but rather amusing Skrulls, the Munition, a robot with aspirations and a nice cosmic being with adequacy issues.

It all is just so... terribly cute. And fun. I really do enjoy this book.

And finally...

Thor #3

On Battleworld, the police force which consists of all Thor (and Storm) are investigating the murder of Beta Ray Bill and all the Jane Fosters and Donald Blake. Naturally they pick up hobo Loki and try to grill him.

That goes over about as well as you would expect it to. Except that Loki apparently isn't the killer, he is actually an informant. Of course nobody ever said that the Thor are bright. Ultimate Thor follows the clues that Loki gives him and finds the mass grave of James and Donald in \zombie land, and in turn gets beaten almost to death by Asshole Thor, or "Raney". I honestly am not sure who Asshole Thor is supposed to be, but boy is he a jerk! Then our Thor...Mjolnir-less Thor shows up.

While I will be glad when this whole crossover is finally over, this is not a bad diversion.

So...a small week.  But not a bad week.

Have a lovely Labor Day Holiday!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Slightly Delayed Reviews

No real reason for not posting reviews on Thursday other than sloth.  Wonderful wonderful sloth.  Hey, it was a nice day for a change.

Batgirl #43

Did I miss an issue or something?  Babs is helping a friend with her wedding, and for some reason, someone is letting tigers loose in tech industries, and killing off wunderkind techie types.  Naturally, this sort of thing catches Barbara's attention.  I mean....Tigers?  Seriously?  Even in Gotham, that is on the weird side. 

So, she goes and tries to figure out who is doing it, and one of her buddies is framed, and apparently she is making goo goo eyes at Batwing, which surprised me, and made me wonder if I had missed an issue or two.  Also she fights a tiger.  I found this to be a stretch of the imagination, since she probably weighs about 120 soaking wet, and is body-slamming a 400 lb tiger around, which does at least scratch her.

A bit. 

And it turns out that the fiancee of her wedding friend is part of an animal rescue group which had liberated some zoo tigers, which have been taken over by the nefarious...Velvet Tiger!  For equally nefarious purposes! 

Does...does the Silver Swan use swans when she attacks Wonder Woman?  Does Batgirl send out swarms of bats?  Well...I think that Batman has on occasion, but still!  I can't help thinking that Squirrel Girl needs to do a crossover and show her how it is all done. 

I like this book, but this was a stretch of the imagination that was a bit too much even for me.

Batman '66, #26

Thank goodness, some gritty realism in a comic book!

Batman and Robin discover the apparent corpse of Louis the Lilac, and instantly realize that someone is Up To No Good.  Naturally, through the judicious search of late night custard shops, they discover the formerly abandoned greenhouses of the Isley family and none other than Poison Ivy herself.  She has been making a living by supplying baddies like Louis with her home-grown and no doubt completely organic, plants, when he welched on her. Well!

So she's decided to strike out on her own, and feeds the dynamic duo to her Jupiter fly trap...Venus being too small to properly awe anyone apparently.  Then she grows a couple of henchmen, and set out on her walking tree, to Catwoman's old night club for a bit of celebration.  Naturally, Batman and Robin get free, and pursue her, and a lovely time is had by all.  Oh, and Louis isn't dead, just in a coma.

This was simply, wonderfully...delightful.

And no tigers.

Justice League of America #3

This is the Bryan Hitch version, not the Geoff John's version, which can be a bit confusing. This is old school JLA, which means that it has Hal being Hal instead of running around in space with long hair and a trenchcoat.  Trust Hal to pick the worst decade ever for a fashion statement.

Anyway, Earth has been taken over by Superman's deity Rao.  Batman suspects that there is a con going on somewhere, as Rao goes around mending all the worlds problems.  Batman is a real pessimist.  Hal is trapped on...old Krypton?  Flash is somewhere else in time too, and Wonder Woman is trapped on Mount Olympus wondering where everyone is.

Also there is a two-page spread...and I use that word advisedly, that makes my previous posting of Hal and Barry spread-eagled look like the Saturday Evening Post!  Those two are...limber!  A switch from Green Lantern behinds, that's for sure!

In a way I am reminded of the semi-recent God/Magog story from the Justice Society, wherein a seemingly benificent God comes to earth and magically makes everything better.  But DC would never repeat a story...would they?

Sinestro #14

That is one swinging cover, with Sinestro with a golden rose in his teeth and his yellow zoot suit and spats. I only wish that the Sinestro Corps dressed like this ALL the time!  They would inspire fear....and Fabulousness!

Anyhoo, Sinestro finds a rather forlorn young woman crashed on a desolate planet and decides she is scary or something and recuits her to the Sinestro Corps.  She's grateful to be rescued, but a bit doubtful about her ability to inspire fear.  Sinesto explains that with those Green Lantern pussies gone, somebody has to take out the intergalactic trash, and then gives her to Soranik, as a partner.

Soranik is a bit on the doubtful side as well, but her new partner has some...interesting abilities.  It's rather fun to see Sinestro trying to police the universe, completely confident that without the Green Lantern Corps, and the Guardians, things will finally get done right. And quite frankly, he's not doing too badly!

Ant-Man #1

The Last Days of Ant-Man, is a bit on the bittersweet side.  The world is coming to an end, and people who know about it, are trying to make their peace with it.  Scott tries to see Cassie, but it doesn't work.  He does have a meeting with Mary Morgenstern, the proprietor of the Valhalla Villas Retirement community, and his sole investor. She's not particularly happy with him, since he's spent all her money and doesn't really have much to show for it. But she hires him to retrieve something for her, which he actually manages to do successfully. It also turns out that she's something of a Cassandra herself, with the gift of prophecy and the problem of nobody believing her. So when she tells Scott that the world is ending, she is correct.

It also turns out that Valhalla Villas is actually a retirement home for old heroes and the occasional old villain.  Scott retrieved an Asgardian relic which restores the youth and vigor for these old heroes for a short period of time...just enough before the world ends, and it is delightful.

Oh and Scott stumbles across the new Beetle, whom he met when he was trying out for the security job with Stark, and they end up sleeping together before the world ends. Oh...Scott.

This was fun, it always is. 

Where Monsters Dwell #4

This is a completely ridiculous book, but man, I do enjoy it so.  The Phantom Eagle is a sleezy, smarmy no-good-nik, but you can't help but feel a little bit sorry for him.  Until he goes out and does something completely horrendous. 

He was about to have his little Eagle cut off by the Amazons, but Clemmie convinces them to simply banish him instead. So, off into the jungle he runs, and naturally meets the pygmies he had screwed over before. They invite him for dinner...as the main course, when dinosaurs come swarming in, and he actually saves their butts with the machine guns on his downed plane.  So then they decide that they all hate the amazons and are going to go off and fight them.

Naturally this doesn't go particularly well for his minute army, but he doesn't care because he's sneaking into their compound to steal the plane parts that he needs.  This...probably won't end particularly well, at least for him, but by cracky, it is a lot of silly silly fun. 

Not a bad week, actually!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Oh Tuesday

Another Tuesday, another hot and humid day.  And so, naturally, that means that it is time for a ridiculous scan, because lord knows I have nothing else in my head.

I honestly don't remember where the heck I found this.

 photo sexyhalandbarryjoke_zpsdf06773d.jpg

But I will say, it just cracks me up.  Which is not too difficult to do, actually.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Reviews as Usual

Well that wasn't a bad Wednesday at all.  Brought my books home, curled up beneath the air conditioner, got a drink, and went to town.  Figuratively speaking of course.

Doctor Fate #3

I want to like this. The art is quirky, and it is nice to see someone other than the obligatory young white male be a hero...but man, this is really dragging a bit. Not a whole lot has happened really since the first issue, and if you are doing a new character of an old character, I think that a bit of action and stuff is in order.

There has been action of course, Anubis is up to no good, but for some reason, it's just not grasping my attention with both hands.  I do seem to be in a bit of a malaise lately, with my comics, so maybe I'm just being too picky, but I find that I am less and less inclined to keep buying something on the off chance that NEXT MONTH it will be good.

So I think I'm dropping this.

Green Lantern: Lost Army #3

Although I've dumped Hal, I am still in there for Guy and John, and this actually is pretty decent.  Their doughty little crew has ended up in the Universe of Relic, prior to ours, and they are in a bit of a pickly, trying to help him, but not let on who exactly they are. Plus they have a pre-crazy Krona in tow. 

The art is pretty, and Guy is in it, so naturally I like it. Plus, he's being GUY.  John is being pretty cagey with Relic, which I suppose isn't the worst thing he can do, but Guy thinks he's being a bit TOO cagey, and isn't all that into John's strategy.  They do go off to fight some pirates, which is nice, although Relic isn't telling them everything either.

And supposedly, Arisia runs out of power and...DIES! 

I really don't believe that for a second. For one thing it hasn't really been all that long since she came back from the dead, and heck, there are plenty of other newer characters just ripe to be cannon fodder.  I do wish that they would actually give Kilowog a few lines once in a while, he's just...there, and you would think, being Guy's bestest buddy, that they would have had a nice reunion, after Guy comes back from the Red Lanterns, but I don't think that hardly anyone has even mentioned it. 

Still...this is as much Green Lanterny goodness as I am going to get.

Justice League #43

Well.  Batman has taken Metron's chair from him ,and is all spooky and godly now. Well, more so than usual. This freaks out everyone else of course.  Superman and Lex are running about on Apokolips, which has no sun, so Superman is running out of power.  Scott Free shows up, and fills them all in on...stuff.  Metron plots.  Hal wants to go with Batman into space, because then they can have wild space adventures and bang hot alien chicks!  Or something...it's Hal after all. 

Oh, and Darkseid. 

It's okay.  Not great. Not terrible.  At least I can read about Hal being Hal instead of being Space Gambit.

Robin: Son of Batman #3

I really do like this book.  Damian is a brat, but he's an interesting little brat. He's more or less teamed up with the daughter of Nobody, who is trying to avenge her evil father, but doesn't really seem to have her heart in it.  Robin is trying to redeem some of the bad things that he did while under the thrall of his mother, who apparently has been resurrected too.

Oh, you just can't keep an Al Ghul down!  Gleason is turning out to be a pretty good writer, and of course, I adore his artwork, so this is a win/win for me. 

Sensation/ Wonder Woman #13

Not my favorite story from this book, but still head and shoulders over the regular Finch Wonder Woman book.  Three girls jogging on a beach run across Diana, who is running as well, and in a bit of a...boastful mood, telling them that they can do better, if they want to be as fabulous as she is.  Some of the girls call her out on her attitude, but she just feels that she's telling the truth.

Then she runs across Evil Lois from the Evil Super League, and they fight for a while.  Diana wins of course, and the girls all agree that she is the ginchiest of all. 

It's okay.  Not the best, but not bad.

Howard the Human #1

What the heck?  Okay, it IS hilarious, but Howard only had...a few issues already, and here we are starting over again.  This has been one weird summer for comics. 

So the twist is that everyone else are animals, and Howard is the only human.  He's a detective still, trying to find a possum who has possibly been murdered, for the Black Cat, but other people are trying to find him too, and is he really dead, and why is Howard in a a sleazy bar telling this story to everyone?

Naturally the possum was only PLAYING Possum, the cops show up, Howard is more or less victorious, and it is a bit of a hoot. 

Loki: Agent of Asgard #17

This...this is the last issue of what has been one of my favorite books, and it is one heck of a way to go out! 

As you recall, last issue, came Ragnarok, with the end of everything, including earth.  Loki has successfully rebooted himself...he has a talent for that.  He saved all the gods in his little memory blue ball, and now it is just he and Verity left. 

Except that They Who Sit Above in Shadow show up. Thor thought that he had gotten rid of them way back, but Gods have a way of coming back...especially Gods of Gods.  Loki, being Loki manages to talk his way out of trouble, by pointing out, that who exactly creates Gods anyway, and he's the God of Stories now, and stories have a way of surviving.

And he calls their bluff.  Naturally.  Being Loki, he does it with a great deal of style. 

Then he and Verity run across evil old Loki, who ran off during the last battle, and they have their final confrontation too, with Loki ripping the head off evil Loki...and it is actually Loki III, the one who killed Kid Loki, and hung out with the Young Avengers and was trying so HARD to be able to change.

He's...not a happy camper, poor baby.  But he's still not actually evil, just confused, and he and new Loki have a nice sit-down and discuss things.  Loki's plan to change caused a lot of mayhem...he IS Loki after all, but in the end it did work, and he is finally absorbed into new Loki's sceptre, and that's more or less the end. 

And we have a new Loki. Still likes mischief, because that's who he is, but no longer burning, no longer evil, a trickster, but not a villain.  And so he draws a door on the wall, and he's all fresh and ready for the next writer to use.

This has really been a spectacular book, and I am devastated to see it ending, but what a run!  Al Ewing did a truly magnificent job of taking over from Kieron Gillan, and Lee Garbett did an equally wonderful job of the art. I really really hope that Marvel will see fit to bring my favorite trickster back...soon. 

The pick of the Week!

Secret Wars/Secret Love #1

This is a little on the silly side, but I couldn't resist that Romance Comic cover.  We have a collection of five stories.  Love stories, more or less, and they are all pretty good, although some more than others.

We begin with Daredevil fighting Typhoid Mary, with Karen Page, and it is probably my least favorite, with Mephisto actually in the body of Mary...or something.

Then we have Robbie Reyes, who drives a flaming car...is he supposed to be Ghost Rider or something?  Anyhoo...he wins some big race/competition thing, and everyone in the arena is swooning, and Kamala's sent in from the Quickie Mart to give him a Squishee, when they are attacked and each does their superhero thing, and gaze into each other's eyes, to the horror of their other loves or wannabe loves, but all they really like is that they are kick-ass fighters.  So that's kinda cute.

Then we have Jessica and Luke Cage babysitting  Misty and Danny's baby so that Misty and Danny can go out for a romantic evening, which they need since the spark has gone out of their marriage or something. Things are adorable of course, although I am with Luke on the question of chunky or creamy peanut butter. 

Misty and Danny sit awkwardly, but fortunately their restaurant is attacked, which is almost a given in New York...and they fly into battle,and hence into each other's arms.  Also cute.

My favorite of course, is when Squirrel Girl wins the God-Doom's Annual Super Triathalon for Animal Welfare, and wins a date with Thor.  Old Thor.  Odinson. Who flexes.  So off they go to Asgard, where the great hall is FULL of superheroes all hooking up.  It's a small but hilarious scene, with Magneto tenderly holding Charles in his arms, She-Hulk holding Daredevil, David kissing Tommy, America Chavez and Kate Bishop, and a hold lot of other couples. Or in some cases, triples.  It's a hoot.

I especially liked Mary Jane and Gwen.  Anyway, as Doreen and Thor are dancing a candle falls on the floor and ignites Sunfire, who is probably NOT at any risk, and to put it out, Doreen rips Thor's shirt off to smother the flames.  So Thor is standing there with no shirt on, and he allows her to make her acquaintence with his rock hard abs.  Then he takes her home in his giant Squirrel-drawn chariot.

It is...magnificent!

Finally, we have Ant-man, and all the avengers drawn as... actual insects. It is quite adorable, with Hulk as a roly-poly bug, Black Widow as a spider, and Moth Eye instead of Hawkeye, and Thor-Hopper from As-Garden.  Sweet and fun.

And that was the week!  I have to say that once again the Asgardians have performed the best. And Squirrel Girl of course.   

Monday, August 17, 2015


I just found out that Tom Hiddleston aka Loki from Marvel's Thor and Avenger movies, was in a BBC series of Shakespeare's Richard II, Henry IV and Henry V!  He plays Prince Hal of course.

I...I LOVE Henry V! It's one of my favorite Shakespearean plays!  The St. Crispin's day speech sends chills up my spine, it does!  I say this even though as an English History major in college, my allegiances were firmly with the Yorkists rather than the Lancastrians.

Has anyone seen this? I believe it's called the Hollow Crown.

I may swoon.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday's Reviews

Well, it certainly was a bigger week than last time.  So let us begin.

Fables #150


This is a bit of a relief actually. I had forgotten that there was another issue to go, since it has seemed like an awful long time since the last issue.  It is all nice and big, and packaged like a Trade, and has a whole slew of artists.  There are a whole lot of "Last Stories" of many of the characters.  I have always liked Fables, and I'm sorry to see it come to an end, but it has been a little on the slow side lately, so going out with a bit of a bang is a good thing.

You will be relieved to know, that Snow White and Rose Red assemble their armies, and are a few hours short of annihilating each other, when it dawns on Rose, that Snow has already broken the spell or whatever, by giving birth to sons, instead of only daughters, and not only that, but she did it before killing off her sister. That was one weird spell!  So they agree to NOT fight, and to go and live apart in case the urge comes upon them. And they do.  Eventually after about l,000 years, they do get together for a nice family reunion.  Those Wolves have been prolific!

We get to see what the cubs are up to.  Connor has turned into a bit of a jerk, after the fashion of Prince Charming, and I rather miss Dare.  Ambrose is a writer. 

Totenkinder and Cinderella kill each other, which rather breaks my heart, since the war is called off anyway, and so it is all for nothing.  Brandish finally gets his, which is satisfying.  So very very satisfying.  Grimble and Clara hang out together.  It's nice to see the various versions that all the different artists have. 

One warning. It isn't cheap.  Lord, it isn't cheap.

Fables: The Wolf Among Us #8

Well, after a very long time, it has finally dawned on Bigby that Ichabod Crane is the villain.  He rushes off to warn Snow, and ends up at the funeral of the first victim.  The mourners are all in a snit because they think he's not showing enough respect, but honestly, if I was at the funeral of a murder victim, and a guy rushes in with the name of the perp, I'd be HAPPY! 

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee are up to no good, there is a weird thing going on with a mirror, and Bigby gets to wander around shirtless in front of Snow White, which is all to the good. 

Not bad of course, I do enjoy these characters, but it does seem to be dragging just a wee bit.

Gotham Academy #9

Olive seems to be not completely with it, wandering around in a daze most of the time. There seems to be a werewolf on the grounds, and there is that vampire kid too.  All in all, it does sound like one heckuva a school!

Naturally, the kids cope with it, they seem to be pretty good about that.  And of course it is the Gym teacher who is the werewolf.  It just makes sense!

Fun of course.

Section Eight #3

This time we have J'onn J'onnz, aka Martian Manhunter who is eager...nay PROUD to join up with this most illustrious of teams!  Six Pack isn't too sure exactly who Martian Manhunter IS, but he's more or less happy to get him on the team.  There are a whole lot of other heroes standing around gossiping, which is highly amusing, including Hal being an absolute jerk, which is also amusing. 

There is a...thing going on with Bueno Excellente and a giant sentient Tape Worm or something, who talks like a Knight of Yore, that gets a little on the revolting side.  As in incredibly revolting, and it is that which drives poor J'onn screaming into the night. 

I'm of two minds about this book. On the one hand, I do like the concept, and it is always nice to seem Ennis and McCrea together. On the other hand, like Giffen and DeMatteis, I think that they are trying just a bit too hard to be funny, and it doesn't always work.  But occasionally when it DOES work...then it is a hoot.

Really disgusting, and mildly amusing at the same time.

A-Force #3

Strange things are happening in Arcadia, with a traitor, and She-Hulk in violation of whatever rules there are.  It is all highly arbitrary.  She-Hulk fights Valkyrie, Sif and...Gamora I think?  I'm not really sure why, except their little guest from last issue seems to be able open worm holes between the baronies...or something. You can certainly tell these are all Marvel Heros, because the first thing that they always do, is start pummelling each other rather than simply sitting down to tea and talking things out.

Jen thinks there is a traitor, and at first it is implied that Medusa is the traitor, but she's not.  I"m pretty sure that the traitor is supposed to be Loki, but that's probably too easy.  I'd prefer that it was Captain Marvel or something. Who knows?  Along with Thors, and Angela, this is the only Secret Wars/Battleworld book that I am getting, so some of it is a bit confusing. 

Not terrible.

Howard the Duck #5

Howard's mysterious client is actually Talos, who now has the Abundant Glove and is busy fighting...everyone.  It's all Johnny Storm's fault of course.  What is absolutely fabulous, is that practically ALL of the Marvel Heroes has some sort of past interaction with Howard, and they are all foot-noted, which makes me very very happy.  God I do love Continuity. 

It also turns out that Tara, his tattoo artist friend actually has....eerie powers. You remember when the Fantastic Four turned those skrulls into cows?  Well, there was another Skrull left over, and he got turned into a duck...and she ate the duck...and...and...!  Best Origin Ever!

It's an absolute blast to see all the heroes, although I have to say that Spider-Man comes off looking like an idiot, which is also amusing.  Hell, it is amusing from start to finish. 

I do love this book.

Squirrel Girl #8

The pick of the Week!  Even better than Howard the Duck! 

So, they are fighting the Norse Squirrel Entity, Ratatoskr, who has come down to midgard, to wreak mayhem and such.  Nancy went to Asgard with Thor and Thor, and she's in heaven because she has an on-line thing with Cat-Thor.  Loki finds out naturally, and he also admits that it might...possibly...could be....a tiny error on his part that led to Ratatoskr rampaging on earth. But he is entranced by both Nancy and Cat-Thor and immediately changes his head to that of a giant cat with a winged helmet, which of course drives Odinson nuts. 

It gets better!  On earth, Squirrel Girl is fighting Ratatoskr and all the brain-washed people, with a pair of Spider-Man's wrist webbers, which is great, except she runs out of web fluid, and things aren't going so well, and then Nancy and Loki and the Thors show up along with Tippy Toe, and Cat-Loki uses Meownir, and...oh God, I'm hyperventilating.

It is Fabulous!  And Hilarious!  And there is even a little epilogue on the last page from Loki to Ratatoskr involving a pull-string doll of Squirrel Girl, that had me falling off my chair. 

So...it's never a bad week with Howard and Squirrel Girl in it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


This...this is amazing.   And not just for Peter's behind.

 photo blackandwhitespidermanperspective_zps69d9b3f3.jpg

That is some seriously beautiful perspective drawing there.