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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Tiny Reviews

Three books.  This is what I have been reduced to.  It's not that I don't WANT to buy more books...I have my beloved Comic Book Store owner's kid to put through college after all...but there is practically nothing out there that I want to read.  I am looking forward to the eventual end of Secret Wars and the relaunching of so many of my favorite books.


In the meantime...

Green Lantern #45

I know, I know, I keep swearing that I am going to drop this book.  But it had Black Hand in it, and I confess to a tiny bit of affection for Black Hand.  He is the one turning all those planets into rock, due to some sort of effect left over from the Source Wall, and he's not too happy about it. Also, he's headed towards sector 2814, so Hal is in a huge tizzy.

Finally, he also confesses (Hal that is,) just what his reasoning was concerning his stealing the artifact, and going "rogue".  He...I can hardly believe this...figured that if he "went bad", then the Green Lanterns would chase him, and restore their good name to the Universe.


Thus proving once again, that when it comes to brains, Hal thought they said trains...and missed his.  That has to be the dumbest idea that he's ever had...and trust me, he's had some doozies. It is also all rendered moot considering that most, if not all the Green Lanterns have been mysteriously whisked away to Relic's Universe, and aren't even around to be redeemed.  So Hal is running around being Space Gambit...FOR NOTHING!  Plus they are cancelling Green Lantern Corps anyway, so who the hell knows what is going to happen? 

Man, from being one of DC's premier books, the Green Lanterns have really fallen on hard times lately.


Groot #5

Adorable as always. 

Groot and his motley crew descend upon the space craft where Rocket is being held captive by a very unpleasant pirate lady, and mayhem naturally ensues.  She doesn't really take Groot seriously, which is a big mistake on her part.  Meanwhile, Mantron falls in love, and proves to be totally awesomely fabulous.  Also, one of the silly Skrulls turns out to be a Super Skrull...much to everyone's surprise.

With a few amusing twists and turns along the way, things work out, and we have Rocket and Groot off in a Space Camaro, to see what all the hoopla about Earth is...well...about.

I do love this book.

1603 #4

We have Angela as a Witch Hunter, going after the Faustians, and the Enchantress as the Fairie Queen, and Sera as a dead, but still animated talking skull.  It's all very Shakespearean, and witty and nicely drawn, and not a bad diversion at all.  Also, Christopher Marlowe gets his.  But Shakespeare rocks! 

Oh yes he does. 

And that was it.  One great, one very good, and one so bad that it was possibly, kinda good in a terrible sort of way.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Something to Look Forward To

I have been delighted to learn that apparently, Mark Waid

 and Chris Samnee are going to team up again and do a Black Widow book. This is a good thing. I like Natasha and I love the work that Ă¾his dynamic duo puts out. So, there is another book to look forward to. 

That is also a good thing considering the desert that September had turned out to be.  Hopefully things will improve in October.  Is Secret Wars still going on? Will it ever end?

Supposedly Squirrel Girl and Howard the Duck will be back. I am also looking forward to Thor, although I still miss Loki: Agent of Asgard terribly.  I do believe Ms. marvel is going to be an Avenger, which can only be fun, but is her solo book still going to continue?

I am still in a bit of shock over the fact that... somehow most of my favorite books seem to be Marvel books. They have really  been doing a pretty good job lately of putting out fun quirky books.  DC is cancelling the Green Lantern Corps which breaks my heart, and Hal's book stinks which makes my heart break a little more. Almost everything else seems so grim and overblown and terribly terribly serious. So... not much fun, although Section Eight has its own peculiar charm, although I don't really see how Garth Ennis can keep the joke going too much longer.

Umm...I seem to have veered off on a tangent here. I guess what I am saying, is that although I seem to be pretty jaded lately, there does seem to be a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. And that is something to look forward to.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thursday Reviews

This was a very...odd week.  Still not quite sure why.  I'm still trying to adjust to the fact that most of my favorite books have been cancelled, or ended.  Some of them will be coming back, but I really feel as though I am just going through the motions. This is...unsettling.

Batman Annual #4

I haven't really been keeping up with Batman ever since he lost his marbles and gave up being Batman.  Giant Moth Batman doesn't really float my boat.  This annual has Clayface, Riddler and Mr. Freeze, all atacking Bruce in the Mansion, and whining about how they KNOW it was he who was bankrolling Batman. 

You have to feel for them a little bit.  They do seem to have a genuine grievance.  But Bruce manages to be awesome even without his Bat Powers, and uses a rifle/shotgun, whatever, which really freaks them out, and saves Alfred and two other women, and it actually is pretty decent.  Still don't want to read about non-Bat Bruce however.

So...what has Alfred told Damian, or Tim or Jason or Barbara about what is going on with Bruce?

Green Lantern Annual #4

Every goddamn month I insist that I am not going to be sucked back into buying this book, and practically every month I think..."Maybe this one will be good". 

Well...it's not.  It's pretty terrible.  It's beyond terrible.  Hal is a completely different person.  He's traced and attacked by the remains of the Corp, including Salaak, who try to take him in, and he brutalizes all of them.  Then it turns out that it is all just him telling the story to the two guys he hangs out with along with his murderous AI for his ship,and he's just building a legend or some other crap.  Also Lobo shows up and I hate this Lobo. 

Hal has always had his whiney moments, but this is just one turgid mess. 


Justice League #44

I keep thinking that perhaps I have missed an issue or something, because I really no longer have a clue as to what is going on.  Batman is in Metron's Mobius chair being mystical and cryptic, but still insulting Hal, who is actually pretty normal in this book as opposed to his own.  Darkseid and Allfather are fighting, and the Anti-Monitor comes into it somehow along  with Qwardians, and God knows what else, and it is also a bit of a mess. 

I like Geoff Johns, but this is NOT his most coherent work.

Sandman Overture #6

Now THIS book was fabulous.  We come to the end of the tale, of Morpheus trying to clean up the mess he made by not getting rid of the dying star/vortex. and all the mess he made of the Universe.  The colors are lush, the artwork is gorgeous, and it is as deep and metaphysical as you would expect a Gaiman book to be. 

He does manage to save the Universe, stealing a little idea from the Dream of Cats story, and a little bit of help from Desire of all people.  It's just....lovely.

Wonder Woman '77 Special #2

This is fun.  It's nice to see a REAL Wonder Woman story for a change.  She looks like Lynda Carter, she is wearing her iconic suit, and the art is good and the two stories are fun, and all in all it's a  good read, and a bit of a relief after some of the other dreck this week.


S.H.I.E.L.D. #10

I've only picked this book up a couple of times, but perhaps I should go back and get the ones that I missed, because it is actually pretty decent. This one has Howard the Duck in it,and of course, that makes it automatically a lot of fun.  It's a bit out of control and totally ridiculous...but that's the way a Howard the Duck comic should be!

It doesn't take itself too seriously, and by Jove, that means that it's a book for me!

And really finally...

The Tenth Anniversary Uberedition of ACTION Philosopers by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey.

I've heard about Action Philosophers, being pretty darned fabulous, but for one reason or another, I had never actually read it...until now.  Hardbound, and beautifully illustrated, this book is...quite simply...fantastic.

And funny.  And thought provoking.  But mostly funny.  Really really funny. 

So it turned out to be a better week than I thought it was going to be at first.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Warm Fuzzies

I haven't been reading Grayson for some reason or another.  I do like Damian for some strange reason...the little brat has really grown on me.  But I really liked he and Dick together, when Bruce was supposedly dead. Now Dick was supposedly dead, and in this month's issue, he apparently lets the rest of the Bat family know that he's alive and kicking.

This...is a good thing.

 photo damiananddick_zpstpnkvd5l.jpg


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Small Reviews

Well, that was a tiny week.  They seem to be getting smaller and smaller, which is good for my pocketbook, but bad for my comic thirst.


Batgirl #44

Well, the Tigers have been misappropriated by someone called the Velvet Tiger, who has a bit of a temper and a giant felling of entitlement.  In other words, a supervillain with a gimic. 

There is naturally a lot of fighting, and Babs once again punches a tiger.  Then she is saved by her motorcycle, which does make her pause for a moment, since she was unaware that her motorcycle had saving powers. And then she smooches with Luke Fox. 

It's all nice, and not terrible.  Not quiet up to the standard of the first arc, but enjoyable.

Boy, I'm getting jaded or something in my old age.

Batman '66, #27

Now THIS book is a great read! We have Bane as a Luchador wrestler, Batgirl showing up, and Commissioner Gordon going undercover in Mexico, by wearing a sombrero and a serape.  There is tag-team wrestling by the dynamic duo plus one, and the Riddler to boot.  It is all quite insane, and hilarious and fabulous, and why oh why are they ending this book? 

All the books I like are getting cancelled!  Argggggghhhh!!  So read this while you can, because it is the just the bee's knees.

Harley Quinn and Power Girl #4

To be perfectly frank with you, Harley is not one of my favorite characters. Peej IS however, and I also adore Vartox.  He's finally freed from his ensorcelment, although Peej still seems to be suffering from what ever memory problems she has.

Plus there is naked Vartox, and that's always a good thing.

Fun, and silly, but still worth a read.  Of course, since it is fun, they'll probably be cancelling it any day now.
Maybe they'll cut off Harley's arm and make her all dark and angsty or something.

Sinestro #15

This...was not one of my favorite issues.  Lobo shows up, and it's the new Lobo, and frankly, I can't stand him.  Then Sinestro starts picking on poor St. Walker. And of course, he wants to rule the Universe, but that's just Sinestro's thing. I did find it mildly interesting that a yellow ring keeps showing up on Lobo's finger, and he keeps cutting his finger off and telling Sinestro to shove it. 

This just didn't sing for me this month.

So...not a particularly great week.  Except for Batman'66. That was fabulous.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Beginning of the End for Hal

So...Hal is off doing his own thing with a stolen Green Lantern thingie, and he's grown his hair, and HE'S A REBEL NOW!  But before all of this, he was just sulking.

 photo halyellingatguyandbarry_zpshqiv5p8q.jpg

Actually, Guy and Barry came by to cheer him up, drink a few beers and play pool. You know...manly bonding stuff like that.  But Hal was too busy enjoying his snit.  Plus, I am sure he was incredibly jealous of Guy's hair. 

His mustache too, but it takes a certain amount of sangfroid to grow a 'stache like that...and Hal just doesn't have it. 

Oh Hal.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bad News For Green Lanterns

Well poop.

As lackluster as the most recent issue of Green Lantern: Lost Army was, apparently part of the abrupt change of pace and motivation came from the news that it is on the chopping block. This upsets me, because at the moment it is book is the ONLY place that I can get my Guy Gardner fix... but also because, for all its flaws, this book is still a hundred times better than the Green Lantern book featuring Hal!

I don't know what the heck is going on at DC, but they just seem to be flailing all over the place, without any real kind of direction or real purpose as to what they want to do.  They have this enormous cache of wonderful characters in their toybox that they can't seem to figure out how to use. The ones that they are using have lost whatever sense of continuity and characterization that made them popular and beloved in the first place. You can't just strip a hero of his supporting cast, history, and definition, and expect fans to continue to embrace what has essentially become an entirely different person... naming no names...(cough, Superman, cough).

You want to modernize characters? Fine.  But do it in an orderly and organic fashion instead of just arbitrarily throwing out everything and starting over. New Coke ring any bells?

So, for the first time in... well, practically forever, I won't be buying... or even be able to buy... any Green Lantern books.  And that is a sad thing indeed.