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Thursday, May 05, 2016


So...many...reviews.  For some reason, I just never got around to it last week.  Not that it really matters,because you all just read what you like anyway.  So a truncated version perhaps.  I may be rethinking this whole review business anyway.


Angela: Queen of Hel #7

This is the final issue, dammit.  I LIKED this book!  I can't say that Angela herself is a big favorite of mine, but man I do like Sera and Leah, and they did all kinds of cool Shakespearean things, and I love Shakespeare, and Christopher Marlow was a villain, and then they fought Hela and did cool stuff, and it was just odd and a little peculiar, and metaphysical, and fourth wall-ish.

It wasn't a typical comic book is what I am saying, and the art was amazing and the dialogue was fun, and I'm going to miss it a lot. 

Faustia from an old plot shows up and is ready to destroy everything, but Leah makes a deal, and in the end it all works out, more or less, but I am still going to miss this book.

Black Widow #3

Natasha is being blackmailed into working for the Weeping Lion, who has her stealing stuff from SHIELD, and now she's back in Russia, and apparently stealing something else from her old training grounds, and there are a lot of flashbacks, and it's all pretty good actually.  The art is gorgeous as usual, and it's getting interesting.

Daredevil #6

Oh, Elektra shows up.  Just ducky.  She's mad at DD, but still likes Matt?  I could have sworn she knew his secret identity, but what the hell, I have never really been much of an Elektra fan anyway.  So there is a lot of stabbing going on, that's for sure. 

Okay, if you like a lot of rooftop stabbings.

Doctor Strange #7

The Empirikul is still trying to wipe out magic.  We get a bit of backstory on him, which is interesting, and more Mages are in trouble, and Monako shows up and is simply amazing...too bad about what happens to him.   Bachalo is still knocking it out of the park, artwise, and Aaron is still doing a fine job with the story and dialogue. 

Pretty darn good.

Hellcat #5

This book is simply a hoot.  A hoot and a half.  And the art is fun, and Hedy is just an awful person, and Jen is awesome, and a certain Asgardian Amora-wanna-be gets her butt kicked seven ways from Sunday, and it is just a HELLUVA LOTTA FUN!

I am not interested in Civil War part II in the least, but oh Marvel, you are just making me so happy lately with your quirky books.  (too bad about Angela though)

Howard the Duck #7

This may just be my favorite.  It has Howard and Tara because it apparently takes place before the whole Nexus story, She-Hulk, Daredevil, Spider-Man AND old Captain America...and it is all drawn by Kevin Maguire!


Oh pleasepleaseplease make him the reguular artist!

Peter is at a party being a mogul, Jen is trying to figure out what happened to her client, Matt is there to take down her client, and Howard and Tara are there to do their faux detective stuff, and it all centers on the Savage Land, which apparently is now protected by the United Nations.

Incidentally, this is the best version of cranky old Steve Rogers that I have ever read.

Gary Stark (no relation to Tony) is a business man who comes up with a way to control Dinosaurs and sets up a dinosaur theme park, and things go awry...naturally...and god, but those are well-drawn dinosaurs!  And nobody can override his talking mindcontrol helmet, except that Howard, being a Duck, is descended from Dinosaurs, and manages to get control, and they all hang out in the Savage Land for a little vacation...and oh, I am hyperventilating because this is just SO DAMN GOOD!

Read it.

International Iron Man #2

I did not know that Tony was adopted. Apparently he's cranky about it and goes off to Japan chasing his old college girl friend, and stuff happens. It's nice art, but a whole lot of Bendisisms.

Okay, but not really floating my boat.

Invincible Iron Man #9

Is it me, or has it been a while since this was out?  I got International Iron Man confused with this one, and couldn't figure out what was going on at first.  In this one, we still have Tony being kidnapped apparently by Yukio and the Japanese underground Fight Club, and there are Ninjas, and Rhodey shows up and stuff also happens, and Doctor Doom is smarmy.  The art again is pretty, but oh, the Bendisisms is starting to get to me.

And seriously, Marvel, what is with that stupid Luke Cage razor ad, that is stuck right in the middle of the regular story? The first time, I thought it was a part of the actual plot,and it was a second before I realized what was happening, which took me RIGHT out of the flow of the narrative...and who's brilliant idea was this?  Really?

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #6

This is growing on me.  I like Lunella, she's a little scrapper, and a big red dinosaur with puppy dog eyes is just the best.  I like that her parents are so worried and trying to help her, and that she's doing her very best, but that it just isn't quite good enough in the end...when the Terrigen mists show up.

I know that the Inhumans are the new big thing, although they aren't quite my thing...but again, seriously...doesn't anyone object to the idea of them letting lose these stupid Terrigen mists all the time?  It's a health hazard if nothing else, and it can't possibly be something that the Government wouldn't notice.

Ms. Marvel #6

Poor Kamala loses control of just about everything, she's trying too hard to go to school, take care of Avenging, not to mention defending New Jersey, and have a private life, and it's just too much. The giant clone is rampaging, Captain Marvel shows up and she's not happy with Kamala, Iron Man shows up and he's not happy with Captain Marvel.

Oh, and Bruno, trying to get a handle on things, performs a mystical rite to summon Loki.  And he actually shows up!  He's not particularly happy either, although he does bring along his own bucket of popcorn. Bruno thinks that lighting candles will bring Norse gods to visit, but is disabused of that notion pretty quickly.

In the end, things work out more or less, and her brother gets married, and there is a happy ending. For now anyway.

Fabulous as usual.

Squirrel Girl #7

I love a book that has you laughing all the way through it.  This is a take on one of those books that lets you chose which option you are going to take to get to the end, or role-playing or something, and it is just...so...damn CLEVER! And Fun!

Koi Boy and Darleen end up fighting none other than Swarm.  Oh and Galactus is that narrator.  And bees dont' like water.

This is tied with Howard the Duck as my favorite.

 Saga #36

When it comes to more serious books, this is also one of my favorites.  Gus fights the Will.  And does pretty good!  Hazel's teacher is trying to smuggle her out in a box!  Marko shows up and rescues his little girl!  Oh God!  He's trying to rescue Klara too, but she likes it there, and decides to stay, but Petrichor decides she'd love to tag along.  Alana is reunited with Hazel!  And oh, she's pregnant again.

Really, they have things you can take for that.

So...so amazing.

Wow, that was a whole lot of really pretty fabulous books!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Guy and Kilowog

Lately, in the current Green Lantern Corp book, there has been quite a bit of friction between Guy and Kilowog for some peculiar reason.  I suppose the writer felt that Guy had to be obnoxious to SOMEONE, since that is more or less his job...but Kilowog?  Seriously?  Why him? 

Normally of course, Guy and Hal are facing off, but Hal is off being a jerk all on his own, while the GLC is trapped in a previous Universe.  All of them.  And John is more or less in charge, and some pretty great Lanterns have been apparently lost, such as Arisia and Bd'g.  And Kilowog is also being a bit of an...ass.

This is surprising, since Kilowog has always been the ROCK of the Corps. He was the one who kept his head when others were losing theirs, trained the newbies, had a comforting word for everyone, and more or less was the mainstay of the Corps, along with Salaak, and others.  What he wasn't, and never was, was a jackass. 

Furthermore, after a bit of a rocky start, Kilowog and Guy have been best friends for...well forever.  Even back when Guy was a brain-dead twit with the Justice League, he was friends with Kilowog. Through the JLI days, through the destruction of the Corps, through the rebirth of the Corps, the two of them have been remarkably close.  So why all of a sudden are they at loggerheads?  Why is Kilowog taunting him and being rude and dismissive? 

I really don't have an answer other than that the writer seems to have never read the older books, or simply doesn't care.  With the reboot and convergence and all the other idiocy that DC has been going through, years and years and years of perfectly adequate continuity were thrown out of the window, and new relationships took over...and frankly, it is...jarring. 

It's not all that much fun to read a comic book about some of your favorite characters and have them all acting completely OUT of character.  In fact, it is not fun at all.

 photo 250px-GlCv2.jpg

Once he got his brains back, Guy developed a good working relationship with the Corps and its members. He is respected. He is a leader.  He's LIKED!  So I do hope that in the new new new rebirth coming this summer, we can get some of that back. Make Kilowog something more than a big bully, and have the Corps be a Corps again.  And I'll read it with great joy.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Marvel Movies have Ruined Me

And I mean that in a good way actually. But it has gotten to the point where if I see an actor from one of the Marvel Movies in another production, all I can think of, is that Rhodey  is in a movie about Miles Davis for example.

There is a sequel coming out to "Snow White and the Huntsman," called  "The Huntsman: Winter's War", that naturally has Chris Hemsworth in it. I have only seen bits and pieces of the original, because quite frankly, Kristen Stewart gives me the creeps. Fortunately, she's not in it! But Jessica Chastain is, as Hemsworth's love interest.

All I could think of, was that Thor is going to be banging Loki's sister! Mainly because Tom Huddleston and Jessica were recently in "Crimson Peak" which was pretty great, and played incestuous siblings. This strikes me as being closer to Greek Mythology than Norse, but what the hey.

On the less peculiar side I did finally catch "Antman last night on Starz, and it was also pretty famed great. I am SO looking forward to the new Cap movie!

Thursday, April 21, 2016


I have been seriously slacking off lately when it comes to posting.  I'm not really sure if it is just laziness on my part...and when it comes to laziness I Am A Viking...or just a general malaise.  There are still good books out there...there are ALWAYS good books out there if you look for them...but that old fever in the blood does seem to be going through one of those periods when I wonder to myself if I really do care all that much about comics anymore.

Then I see the new costume for Wonder Woman, and it all comes rushing back.  I love the new skirt thingie, it reminds me of Darwynn Cooke's version, which is my favorite. She actually looks vaguely Grecian, which is a plus.  I may just start buying her book again!  And if Etta Candy is going to be in it, then all the better.

I am not sure why Bruce feels the need to put a bat insignia on his underwear. I can understand being true to your brand, but...seriously?  Unless he is just testing out a new marketing scheme, and plans to flood the Gotham market with Bat-labled garments, which I suppose would help fund his charities and Villain-fighting endeavors.  Surely someone will buy Bat-er-oos.

Speaking of which, I do love that Iron Man calls Spider-Man "Underroos" in the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War, which I am highly looking forward to seeing. 

My DC books continue to dwindle. We will see if the new roll-out of the Re-Re-Rebirth in the summer will change that. There had better still be a REAL Green Lantern book with the Corps and Guy, because I don't give a rat's patootie about Simon and Jessica quite frankly.  I find them dull.  A Green Lantern should never ever be dull.  Hal is a dullard, which is a completely different thing.  Too many (hilarious!) hits to the head. 

So anyway...

Lucifer #5

Man, I do love this book.  Great art by Lee Garbett, and a cracking story by Holly Black.  Lucifer gets the shard of the sword out of his side, courtesy of Azazel.  Raphael shows up and goes all nutso on Lucifer and Gabriel, and there is a lot of Angel Posturing.  I love Angel Posturing!

Medjine finds her brother and has a nice little heart-to-heart talk with Gabriel, and Gabriel finds out that there are some problems with his memory, and that Metatron is a real jerk. Oh, and he goes off and pledges himself to Mazikeen and gets some bitchin' new black wings.


Robin: Son of Batman #ll

Robin is still trying to atone for his Year of Blood, some other kid is out there taking his stuff, along with the Lu'un Darga.  Talia is...as usual, violent and confused...but mostly violent.  Batman shows up to do fatherly things, which is always nice, and Goliath is the BEST!

I miss Pat Gleason on the art, he is still one of my favorites, but  Ramon Bachs is pretty decent, a bit more cartoony, but really great action and flow.  And action there is, with a delightful cliff-hanger coming up. Who doesn't like Dinosaur Island?

Pretty darned good.

And that was that for DC.

Captain America/Standoff

I don't even know if this HAS an issue number! It all has Case numbers and stuff, and I find it to be confusing, but the standoff crossover hasn't been all that terrible actually, although I haven't been getting every issue, so I am still a little confused about somethings.

But Steve has been turned back into Captain America, by that weird little glowing kid, who apparently is...the Cosmic Cube?  So Cap, Bucky and Sam all team up to do awesome awesome things.  The art is beautiful and the dialogue by Nick Spencer is crisp and witty and a whole lot of fun actually.  Also, Kraven the Hunter shows up and decides that the best way to trap a little girl, is to...throw a birthday party in the woods....complete with cake and hats.  I'm completely in love with Kraven after Squirrel Girl anyway, so this made me just laugh out loud.

Fabulous too!

Howard the Duck #6

And speaking of Squirrel Girl and Kraven, this is the second half of the team-up between Doreen and Howard.  Hank McCoy, Rocket Raccoon, Weapon II, Biggs, Kraven and Doreen have all been kidnapped and now are being hunted.  Kraven is feeling some remorse for bringing them all to their deaths, and is feeling depressed at being hunted. Squirrel Girl is busy trying to cheer him up and bring him over to the side of Good. Howard is just cranky.  Weapon II, which is a talking squirrel with adamantium claws is busy trying to slice things, Rocket just wants a gun, and Hank gets taken out very quickly when he tries talking his way out instead of fighting. 

They use the villainess's own cosplay apparatus to fight her, and it is...as always...epic. EXTREMELY epic!

So...very very epic.

The Totally Awesome Hulk #5

Wherein we learn some more about Amadeus and what does and doesn't make him mad. Also for some reason, Amora the Enchantress shows up and tries toseduce him.  Amora really should get something more important to do, I think she's just bored hanging out with Malekith lately.

And then Thor shows up. 

This issue is a bit of a set-up, but beautifully drawn, and still pretty good.

The Mighty Thor #6

And here we have a tale as told by Loki to Dario Agger, who has been teaming up with Malekith lately, but although their joint villainy has been going well, he's becoming a bit nervous about being betrayed...as well he should be. So he teams up with Loki.  Oh that is going to turn out well!

And as the God of Stories, Loki proceeds to tell him the tale of Bodolf the Black, a berserker, who always won, because he always prayed to Thor, God of Thunder, and together they brawled a lot...till Bodolf got tired of Thor taking all the credit, and didn't pray one time, and Thor got pissy, so Bodolf went and prayed to Loki instead.  And ended up more or less as Hulk-Bodolf. 

Delightful as always.

So...a pretty decent week all things considered.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Two Week's Worth of Reviews

Two weeks, since I never got around to last weeks, and it still is only a few books.  How the mighty have fallen.

Green Lantern Corps #4

Well, they are still hanging out in the dying universe, and Marniel has taken Guy's and Kilowog's rings and stuff, and they are sitting in a cell in their underwear.  That has to be depressing.  And Kilowog is taking advantage of the fact that Guy has been gagged, to admit that Guy knows what he is doing and to also be a jerk about it.  This is really annoying to me, because yes, Guy has a big mouth, but he's usually right, and because he and Kilowog have been friends FOREVER! Do the writers ever go back and read the back issues?  Ever?

So, the empath Lantern uses her powers to read Marniel, and lo and behold, she's actually the Good Guy and Dismas and Ausras are actually the Bad Guys.  Well slap me silly!  And they get their rings back, and everything is fine, except that Guy was left out of the loop that Marniel is good, and busts out and tries to warn John, except  they clobber him and he's back in his underwear. 

I have no objections whatsoever to Guy lying around in his underwear, but it does seem a little unfair. 

Still, I am enjoying this book a lot. There seemed to be a whole lot of artists this issue however, which is never a good sign.  Is this book going to continue with the new Re-Re-Rebirth coming up this summer?  It had darned better!

Still heads and shoulders above Hal's book.

All-New All-Different Avengers #8

I must have missed an issue or something, because I went from them being attacked by a second Maria Hill and other Avengers to being in Pleasant Hill and being attacked by the newly awakened Villains, and that kid, and while it seems like a pretty decent crossover, I'm a tad confused. But in the end they get their powers and stuff back, while Deadpool of all people is the one to connect with the little kid who is controlling all of this.  That probably won't end well.

Oh, and Bucky, New Cap and Newly young Old Cap show up. Woohoo!

I should probably go back and figure out what issues I missed, so that this makes more sense.  But still pretty good.

Amadeus Cho: Genius at Work

This actually seems to be compilation of old stories about Amadeus Cho, but since I only had a few of them, that is fine with me.  I really enjoyed the heck out of him, when he was running around with Hercules. Damn, I miss that book, it was a hoot and a half. So, not a bad value at all.

Black Widow #2

More beautiful art from Chris Samnee. And some back story on why she is plundering the Helicarrier. Did you know that Shield has a secret cemetary?  I didn't, and it is actually rather an interesting concept.  There is  a funeral, and one of the head honchos is being bitter about Natasha's supposed failings, and all the while she is there, creeping around and taking out the hidden assassins.  But she does get caught and learns some unwelcome news.

It's all very mysterious, and beautifully beautifully drawn, and I am loving it so far.

Scarlet Witch #5

Again, I seem to have missed an issue. Wasn't she in Ireland?  Now she is in Spain, ridding a nunnery of some ghosts, with the help of some nuns and stuff, all of which they all find a bit disturbing. But not as disturbing as the ghosts!  Good ghosts and bad ghosts.  It's all pretty good actually. Again, I really should go and get that issue I missed. What was going on a few weeks ago anyway?

Archie #7

If someone had told me I would be reading an Archie Comic, I would have had them committed.  But dang...it is just so much fun.  And so good. 

Reggie(secretly my favorite Archie character, although I am beginning to like Jughead) has wormed his way into Mister Lodges black heart and is busy hitting on Veronica.  Mr. Lodge also finds out that Archie was the one who destroyed his house.  However, Jughead and Archie do figure out that some blackmail against Reggie might work, except that Archie going undercover at Reggie's father's newspaper leads to the usual mayhem. 

But Pops comes to their rescue, and obviously knows something about Reggie that he would REALLY rather not come to light and he tells Mister Lodge to buzz off, and Veronica is saved.  Or something. 
Damn, this is a fun book.

And that's it!  For two whole weeks!  It's a good thing that I am keeping my beloved comic book store afloat by getting all those collected Walt Simonson Thor books.  I had given them up years ago when I was on my DC kick, and man...those are awesome!

Monday, April 11, 2016

But What Do I Know?

Normally I would be putting up my reviews, but in light of a conversation I had today with one of my co-workers, it has been made clear to me, that I do not know what I am talking about.

I have not been to see the new Superman vs Batman movie. I have heard good things about Wonder Woman, but it frankly seems a bit dark and depressing for me, although I will probably watch it when it comes out on HBO or something. This was exactly the opinion I expressed when pressed by my co-worker as to what I thought of the movie. I then had to listen to a twenty minute speech about what a great movie it was, and how short-sighted my opinion was, and for heaven's sake, wasn't Batman kickass?

Whenever I tried to explain my point of view, that I thought the producer seemed to be going for a "Dark Knight Returns" type of vibe, I was shot down. When I said that Christopher Reeve was still my favorite cinematic version of Superman, I was scoffed at. When I mentioned that I really liked the Curt Swan version of Superman, there was dead silence because he had never actually ever read a comic book.

Oh, did mention my co-worker was a man? He thinks it is just adorable that I trot off every Wednesday to buy the books, but it isn't as though I actually KNOW anything about the characters or their continuity or boring stuff like that because... Explosions are cool!

So now I am feeling very very... cranky.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Off Carousing

Reviews are going to be delayed... heck I haven't even READ my books yet because am at Foxwoods for the annual New England Tire Dealers trade show and will be carousing for... quite a while actually.

The Alaskan King Crab Legs are to DIE for!

But since I just can't help myself...I was watching the Marvel Avengers movie the other day... which I do love... and I couldn't help but notice that when Thor lands on the roof of the Quintet (I almost typed Quimjet, but that would be horribly rude to Natasha) that he steals their prisoner, attacks all of them and tries to more or less murder Iron Man and Cap... but didn't he get banished in order to learn some humility?

Those are not particularly humble actions. In fact... they're pretty damn arrogant AND obnoxious. But he is the hero?