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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Very Delayed Reviews

Back from my prolonged vacation, and I hope that you all had a nice Holiday.  Too bad for the kids going back to school.  Great news for their parents!  I had a lovely time, but I'm all camped out and ready to sleep at home again.

So, here are my scintillating reviews of last weeks books...almost in time for this weeks books!

Adventures of Superman #16

Time travel, the destruction of earth, old Lois, and Kamandi of all people.  Delightful as usual.  Why oh why are they cancelling this book?  Oh, and Mxyptlk shows up too.


Aquaman 334.

I did get the "selfie" cover with Arthur sticking his tongue out, because it cracks me up.  Otherwise, not a whole heck of a lot happens, other than Arthur continues to fight the Chimera, who can also summon fishy friends, and there is a lot of destruction and so on and so forth. 

Okay...nothing earthshattering.

Batman '66 #14

God, I do love this book. Usually that means that they are going to cancel it.  But lucky so far.  We have a Bat-Robot, taking care of the Clock King, not to mention Louis the Lilac, and even the Riddler and the Joker!  Bruce and Dick actually get to take some time off, since Bat-Robot is ridding the City of Crime!    But alas, the Bat-Robot is no match for the Joker or the Riddler, with their twisted and maniacal schemes, so its a good thing that the original caped duo is still lurking.


Jonah Hex #34

And so, one of my favorite Western heroes...or at least anti-hero rides off into the sunset.  And dare I say it...something of a happy ending? For Jonah Hex?  Whodathunk?  Drawn absolutely breathtakingly beautifully by Darwyn Cooke, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti's dusty tale comes to a pretty satisfactory close.  I'm a sucker for a happy ending anyway, and this has such a great twist on the ending that we "know" happened to Jonah.


 But I'm going to miss this book a lot.

Red Lanterns #34


Sinestro #5

Well, it's Hal and Sinestro and Parallax...back together again.  And for once, Hal doesn't come out smelling like a rose!  Haw!

I can't help it, I'm rather glad to see Hal NOT be the Best for a change, and Sinestro, with all of his problems is a rather fascinating protagonist.  We shall see where this goes, but if I were Hal, I'd not want to piss Sinestro off TOO much, since I'm sure that he's going to be needing all the allies he can get.  Oh, and Sinestro has managed to figure out how to control Parallax, and saved Hal's life, which I am sure he is going to hold over Hal's head for quite some time.

Pretty darned good.

Saga #22

And speaking of pretty darned good...Klara, who is fast becoming my favorite character, is busy reading all of Geist's books.  Too bad that the translator ring has conked out.  But she's worried about Alana and Marko, and with good reason.  Alana is getting a bit too into the drugs she uses to continue to work, and Marko isn't happy about it, and he spends too much time with one of Hazel's friends mommy, and the two of them seem to be...sadly...drifting apart.

Also, Prince Robot's Dad, is really cranky.  And the janitor who stole his baby is also really really REALLY cranky.  Things don't look too good right now...and it is all so fascinating.

Dang it, it was a really great week!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It's off to the Comical Book Store for me.  Gosh, I do love the final week of the month, there are always so many goodies to be had.  Plus, I can finally see the final showdown between Guy and Atrocitus.

I probably won't be blogging about it for a few days however, as my Sweet Babboo and I are off to Limerock in lovely western Connecticut for the Historic Races that last five magnificent and rather noisy days.  We are camping on the backstretch, a mere 30' from the track, just above the chicane, where all the Porsches catch a bit of air, which is always fun.  They drive all the 1950's sportscars so very very carefully.  Plus Sir Stirling Moss is coming! 


So I hope that everyone has an absolutely spectacular Labor Day Holiday!

Guy Gardner photo GreenLantern-GuyGardner-72.jpg

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


You know who I miss? 

The Birds of Prey.  The REAL ones, as written by Gail Simone, with Black Canary, and Oracle, and Huntress, and Barda.

And Zinda.

Aka Lady Blackhawk.

birds of prey photo ladyblackhawk.jpg

She's my favorite pilot.  And I am including Hal in that category.  Besides, it is my fervent opinion that she could fly rings around Hal.  We all know that she can certainly outdrink him!  But the New 52 is a sad and lonely place without her.

I certainly hope that this new series from Grant Morrison might actually...bring back my beloved Continuity.  Which, after three long long years, I am still yearning for.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Well now, that is more like it, after the incredible dearth of comics from last week.

Batman & Robin #34

This issue seems mostly to consist of Batman calling all of his family into the Batcave in order to apologize for being a major Douchebag, but then to only give them peanut and butter sammiches .  I guess Bruce has to economize SOMEwhere.   Heck, even Dick shows up.  Barbara, Tim and Jason grumble a bit, but seem to forgive him...more or less.  Alfred is a bit on the snooty side for some reason.  Then Bats diverts all of his best buddies in the Justice League, and steals that cool suit, although Lex of course figures out what he is up to. 

And he is going off to Apokolips to rescue Robin!

This should be interesting. Unfortunately, next month's issue will be a giant crossover, that takes place five years from now.


Batwoman #34

Kate leaves a "Dear Jane" letter for Maggie, after coming to an understanding with Maggie's obnoxious ex-husband.  It's sad and noble, and probably pointless, but at least she's trying.  Aso she battles Nocturna...still. 

Nice art, and not a terrible story, but I'm getting the impression that August's books are all just wrapping things up and setting things in place for Septembers crossover.

Fables #143

Bigby is out of control, the magic of the Fables is showing up in unexpected places, and Bad Things are about to happen.  Also Snow and Rose's powers are growing at a rapid rate. It's all building up to the big finale, which should be interesting.

And man, I really can't stand Brandish. 

Multiversity #1

This is the giant series being done by Grant Morrison, with some lovely artwork, and a plethora of too-clever-for-words tricks and turns.  It's almost as though Morrison was reading Neal Adams Odyssey and decided to out-crazy him! 

And yet...and yet, I was hooked.  Yes, Captain Carrot is in it.  And Nix Uotan, and alternate Earths beyond counting.  There is obviously a VERY big problem in the Muiltiverse, and obviously things are going to be happening, and it is very very very Meta. 

But it sure beats a lot of the other drek out there.

Sensational Wonder Woman #l

Now this I enjoyed thoroughly.  Especially because the other Wonder Woman book with Azzarello and Chang is going to be ending shortly to be followed by the...Finches.  Thank you...but no.  Furthermore, THIS Wonder Woman actually takes place in the REAL DC Universe!  Woohoo!

In the first story, Batman is injured, and Oracle...ORACLE!...calls in Wonder Woman to clean up Gotham City against ALL of Batman's foes.  She gets a little too cocky, and they actually give her a run for her money until she ties them all up with her lasso and finds out what they are really afraid of, and it's all pretty darned fabulous.

In the second story she fights Circe, and helps a little boy who is being teased by his pals for liking her better than a male superhero.  It's short, but nice too.

Off to a great start!

Daredevil #7

Well, Matt's mom has been taken to Wakanda, which is now being run by T'Challa's sister for some reason, and she is in cahoots with some American General, and Matt has to figure out a way to get there and rescue his mom and her fellow nuns.  It's a little convoluted, but it's pretty great, when he gets captured, and then proceeds to LAWYER his way out of trouble instead of just beating people up...although he does that too.

It is also very nice to finally find out what was going on with his mom, and why she left them and became a Nun, and it isn't because his Dad beat her up, but because she was going through a severe case of Post Partum Depression.  That's a subject that rarely makes an appearance in Comic Books, and kudos to Mark Waid for doing it so well. 


Storm #2

This isn't bad either.  Storm is being a lot less...regal than I remember her, and I wasn't actually aware that she and Logan are busy knocking boots, but hey...why not?  Storm has her wild side too, which she is more than willing to let come out.

She is trying to trace some missing teens, and gets a bit of help from Hank, who at least is acting slightly less obnoxious than of late. She tracks them to the Morlock tunnels and thinks the worse of course...but it turns out that Callisto is actually trying to help the kids, who for the most part have no where else to go, and being in the tunnels actually turns out to be a whole lot safer than above ground.  Storm admits that she jumped to conclusions and it all ends with the X-Men helping them out.  So, two done-in-one stories,which I am very very fond of.


Ms Marvel #7

God, I do love this book. 

Kamala and Wolverine continue to fight the giant mutated alligator in the sewers, and she continues to show her new skills in strange and wondrous ways, while it is interesting to watch Wolverie have to hang back a little bit because he's not healing. 

Oh, and he writes a nice letter to the Avengers to keep an eye out for her, which is nice of him.

So much FUN!

Not a bad week at all!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thank Goodness!

Seriously, thank Goodness for Photobucket.  What would I do without the ability to post pictures?  It's just so darned handy for those myriad days when I haven't a thought in my head.  Which is probably a lot more frequent than you would think. 

Or maybe not.


guy photo glc_47_var_02.jpg

Isn't this purdy?  I rather miss having a passel of my favorite Lanterns standing around all up-lit and posing so nicely.  Lately all the Lanterns OTHER than Hal or John have been either cannon fodder, or just to fill in the background.  Which is a shame.  Maybe the writers will get back to talking about some of the other Lanterns one of these days.

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Change of Pace

It's Monday, and I haven't a thought in my head. 

So...for a bit of a change from just reviews, or whining about my beloved Continuity,
Here's Alan.

 photo c2e2alanscottgl100.jpg

Isn't he great?  By Chris Samnee who is incapable of drawing anything poorly.  Man, I miss those puffy sleeves.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Tiny Reviews

I didn't go to the Comic Book Store on Wednesday because of the Monsoon, and when I went on Thursday, it almost wasn't worth the trouble.  They weren't bad books, but there were only three of them. 


Batman #34

Well, Zero Year is over, and I guess we are back in the present...which is marginally better than being in the dystopic Future's End, I guess.  But the incomparable Greg Capullo is not drawing this issue, instead it is Matteo Scalera, who has a much grainier line. 

Someone is going around and murdering  Dr. Leslie Thompkins patients, simply for the hell of it apparently, and burying them in a local Potter's Field.  Batman naturually figures this out, and warns the good Doctor, and even figures out who it is and how, much to that killer's chagrin.  It is more or less a done-in-one issue, which I always happen to like, and it is always nice to see Batman's detectival instincts at work.

So...pretty decent.

Green Lantern Corps #34

Man, John Stewart has been having a tough time of it lately.  It turns out that the Durlans kidnapped Yrra, aka Fatality and the newest Love of John's Life, and he was actually banging an imposter!  This has him...slightly upset.  This Durlan is also the only one that managed to get a hold of not only the powers of the Daxamites, but also the sweet sweet radiation of the Zezzite, so she can hold onto this form...and powers forever.  Naturally, they put her in a Sciencell, because it isn't as though anyone has ever escaped from one of THOSE before! 

The Lanterns also have to deal with the former prisoners, and later reluctant allies, such as Bolphunga and Hunger Dog and actually live up to their bargain, and let them go...with the usual admonition to keep their noses clean.  I'm pretty sure that won't happen, but heck, what could possibly happen?  And I happen to have a sneaking fondness for Kanjar Ro anyway.  But Von Daggle does politely request that Hunger Dog remain, to help him look for his first partner.

Remember way back when, in the magnificent little story written by Kevin Champagne, numbers 7-9, off of the top of my head, where Guy and R'amey Hol teamed up with Von Daggle?  The Guardians promised that they would help him find "her", and naturally enough, being douchebags of the first order, reneged on their agreement.  Well, the Guardians are gone now, but Von Daggle hasn't forgotten, and he's going to find her, come Hell or High Water.  I am glad to see R'amey, but what happened to her cool glowing super powers?  And does she still have a crush on Guy? 

John in the meantime,has gone off on a tear, looking for Yrra...and he finds her!  Except that she is really really really really pissed.  Turns out it was the Zamaron Ring that made her love John, she still hates his guts.  Also, the fact that he never noticed she had been replaced pisses her off even more.  So she tells him to get bent. 

John is very sad. 

So, more or less, half of the former foes of the Green Lanterns have been set free, to go out and do their thing, and presumably provide us with stories in the future.  Unfortunately. next month we end up being a part of the whole "Five Years in the Future" crap that I have been avoiding...successfully, up until now.

Urgh. But not a bad issue, for basically resetting the format, and clearing the decks.

Justice League United #4

This was a rather muddled issue.  Not a lot really happens...there is some snark between Ollie and Animal Man, Super Girl is rude to Courtney, and the Rannians are rude to J'onn, and some stuff happens, and they all wonder what the heck is going on, and should they even stay together at all, which they decide to do, and the nice young lady Miiyahbin, had been kidnapped but gets her powers and is rescued rather strangely by Alanna, and I still don't know what is going on with the Zeta Beams.

Also the Thanagarians take Hawkman's body back home for burial, but I'm pretty sure that Hawkman isn't dead, and new pretty Lobo shows up for some reason.

It is all a bit disjointed. But I like most of these characters, so I guess I'll keep getting this, hoping that it will all become a little more coherent. 

It seems as though this month was a rest-and-reset sort of month.  Presumably the big Crossovers all start in September, which is now a thing with DC, so August didn't have much going on, except as a way to clear the decks, and get ready for Five Years In The Future.

God, I want my old Continuity back.