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Friday, December 19, 2014


Well, my internet/telephone/television problems have been solved and in a surprisingly timely manner.  They came right out and started doing...stuff.  Had to replace the cable from the house to the pole apparently, but things are back up and running and I am joyful. 

And a little bit chastened to realize how reliant I was on all that stuff.

But on to reviews.

Batman #37

Let me just first state my love of all the Darwyn Cooke covers, because they are...Awesome!

In this issue, things are going from bad to worse, as they are wont to do when the Joker is involved.  Half of Gotham has been exposed to his latest version of Joker Gas, and it is a particularly nasty version, all of Batman's antidotes are useless against it...much to his chagrin. 

James Gordon is holed up in his apartment communicating with Batman, and doing his best to keep free of the toxin.  He is also looking up information on his computer about Willowwood Children's Hospital, a place listed as one of the most haunted in the country with a long and horrible history of tragedy.  And in each of the pictures, a mysterious figure shows up in the background.  Gordon is getting seriously creeped out, and who can blame him. 

Batman runs into Joe Chill of all people, re-enacting his own formative moment in Crime Alley, and Gordon is attacked seemingly by the Joker, and it is all getting scary as all get out.

Scary...and good.

Batman and Robin #37

It's Batman against Darkseid, with the usual spectacular artwork from Pat Gleason.  I mean really really spectacular!  He has quite the way with Kirby characters.  The Bat crew and Cyborg are holding off the hordes, Batman is struggling for Damian's body, and Darkseid lets loose with his Omega beam...which is apparently what Batman had been hoping for, he uses a Chaos Shard to suck in the power of the beam, and somehow manages to get everyone out of there with a Boom Tube.

This is a good thing, except that the Shard is also a bomb and is about to blow up, and it's a tense few minutes, I can tell you!  He stabs the shard into Damian's body, and ...holy crap! 

His baby boy is back!

Then Batman keels over.



Fables #147

So, Rose Red, is back at her old home, the cottage in the woods where she grew up with her mother and Snow White, and she has the choice of either staying there, and being pretty damn powerful, but not knowing why...or learning about the magic in her family, and why she is destined to kill her sister.  She of course opts for the knowledge, and we get a bit of information about her mother.

Also, Sir Lancelot fights Prince Brandish, which is actually rather amusing, when he cuts his head off, and it takes a few hours for his body to find it and put it back on.  I really do hope that Brandish gets his...reward when the book ends.

Everything is winding down, as most of the Fables are heading back to the Homelands, and the story ends in a few more issues, with the big showdown between Rose and Snow, but this is a good issue as usual.

Justice League #37

Well, Lex is sorry that he made the Amazo virus which is loose and deadly, and all of the Justice Leagers are infected except Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, and Batman's air mask gets cracked when they fight the original infectee, who has mutated, so now he's exposed too.  Superman is mad at Lex, and really, who can blame him? 

It's a perfectly servicable story, but oh my, the Darwyn Cooke cover just thrills me to no end.  I really wish that I could be reading about that Justice League.

Sandman: Overture #4

Gorgeous of course.  And deep.  And interesting.  Morpheus visits with dear old Dad, which was quite the reveal, I never knew that the Endless even HAD parents!  And he is allowed into Star City, by the Stars, and talks with the crazy Star, and as usual, things will be getting worse before they get better, but oh...it is so lovely.

So very lovely.

Thunderworld Adventure/Multiversity

Shazaam!  Captain Marvel!  Marvel's vs Sivana's!

There were some really pretty spectacular books out this week, and I think that this was my favorite one of all. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, has figured out how to connect with all of the other Sivanas throughout the Multiversity and has created an 8th day of the week, in order to infiltrate the Rock of Eternity, capture Shazaam the Wizard, and duplicate Captain Marvel's powers, by using his own children as guinea pigs. 

Of course, they are more than happy to be used, and immediately go to Fawcett City, where strange things are happening indeed.  Billy even runs into himself, a future version of himself with a dire warning.  And of course, he turns into Captain Marvel, and the fight is...On! 

He's one against three, so naturally, Mary and Junior show up, but the City is attacked by the Monster Society, so they get reinforcements from the Lieutenant Marvels!  With Tawky Tawny!  With lasers and jet packs!

Captain Marvel leaves all of the mayhem in the hands of his trusted allies, as he heads to the Rock of Eternity to fight Sivana, who uses the power to make himself into Black Sivana!  Cap turns back into Billy, but finds the Time shards, crystalized like radio Quartz, which he uses to warn himself in th past, and...and...

...well, Sivana's extra day didn't last a whole day after all, but only  8 hours, so naturally, Captain Marvel saves the day, the Monsters are defeated, and they see that the whole thing was caused by that comic book...which was...cancelled.

Grant Morrison writes it, Cameron Stewart draws it, and it is an absolute joy from beginning to end. 


Sensation Comics/ Wonder Womn #5

I've dropped the regular Wonder Woman book like a hot potato, but this book continues to make me happy.  It is a one story issue, and it is Wonder Woman vs Darkseid!

Hippolyta has sent two Amazons to Apokolips and neither have returned, so she sends Diana to look for them, and naturally, it doesn't go well.  Luftan, their contact is totally untrustworthy...of course, and she is attacked by the Female Furies.  She's actually whupping them pretty well, till she gets thrown into a fire pit.  She ends up being rescued by some scavengers, who scrounge around the fire pits, looking for stuff to sell or reuse.  She asks for their help, but they are reluctant...and frightened and who can blame them?

Darkseid in the meantime is pissy because she was "killed" and he wanted to do it himself, so he decides to execute her two Amazon sisters. Naturally, she show up and rescues them ,and they all end up getting chased, and it's all quite lovely.  And violent.  But mainly lovely. 

The twist comes, when it turns out that the two Amazons had planned to blow up Apokilips using a bomb from Lex Corp.  Diana isn't thrilled with Apokolips, but she is appalled that her sisters would sacrifice a world, and flatly refuses.  But they are attacked, and the Amazons throw the bomb down towards the core while Diana is captured and brought before Darkseid.  He's skeptical, but finally agrees to let her go down into the fire pit and try and stop it, figuring he has nothing to lose.

Naturally, she gets the bomb, but then Darkseid goes ahead and executes her Amazons anyway, which makes her mad.  But the little scavengers that helped her are safe, and not quite so afraid anymore, so it is a happy ending?

Beautiful, and a great Wonder Woman story.

Man, it was a pretty great week! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Well, I got my new comics, and got nice ones... but our fershluginner cable/television/internet/telephone is out for some mysterious reason and god only knows when it will be fixed.  frontier bought out AT&T and don't seem to really know what they are doing.  when I called to explain what had happened, I got directed to a technician... and also a sales pitch for virus protection. I did mention that without any internet I wasn't really using virus protection and that I already had Norton anyway.

Plus, if their virus protection is as spotty as their service, it would be a waste.  l am therefore a little cranky, and reviews will have to wait. 


Monday, December 15, 2014

All I Want for Christmas...

...is my Bathroom back!  Gah!

We have entered into Week Five of the Bathroom/Kitchen renovation, and it's coming along nicely, with an all new shower, tiled with white subway tile, and new tile floor, and new sink and new toilet, and new walls and new ceiling...but it won't be hooked up and actually flowing with water until sometime this week. 

Oh God, I hope it is this week. 

We are coping with the shower in our motorhome, and the claw-footed bathtub in the other full bath, but my kitchen is also in a shambles, and the new appliances need to be delivered, and I can't decorate for Christmas...and I'm feeling just a bit of stress lately.

So I thought this was appropriate.

Guy pictures photo teethteeth06.jpg

I do so love this particular picture of Guy by the incomparable Ivan Reis.  Nobody can roll their eyes quite like Guy.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Rather a small week.  But not a bad week.  Oh, let's be serious.  There is never a really bad week when comic books are involved.  And my renovated bathroom is actually nearing completion!  And it's gorgeous!  And I really really really want to be able to take a shower in it.

Batgirl #37

I have to admit that I am loving this book.  The art is quirky and fun and pretty darned amazing.  The story is equally so. 

Someone has been imitating the new Batgirl, and robbing celebrities, and flashing glitter, and generally behaving in an unladylike manner.  Barbara is not particularly happy with the way her reputation is being stolen, and is doing her best to track down the malefactors.  Also, he image is being used by an avant-garde artist, much to her dismay.

And she does manage to track down her evil twin!  And it's the guy who is using her as art!  And he's doing this for more art!  Only, it backfires on him rather spectacularly, when nobody is impressed, which I found to be hilarious.  Hey, these kids may use cell phones and watch Kardashians, but they aren't stupid. 

A whole lotta fun.

Green Lantern Corps #37

Well, there is a faint glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, which can't come too soon for me.  Lately it seems as though the endless crossovers have become a marathon..something to be endured, in the hope that there will be a meager payoff in the end.  I really would like to just have stories about my favorite Lanterns doing their Lanterny thing. Is that too much to ask for?


So Malhedron, who was originally from Apokolips and knows all about Darkseid...even he has had it up to here with High Father's shenanigans, and he helps John and Sinestro in their rebellion.  The Indigo's are...probably wisely...staying out of things, they may have handed the lanterns over to High Father, but they aren't getting involved.  The Inidgos are the Switzerland of the Corps. 

Some of the Lanterns however, have been subjected to the stolen White Light from Kyle, and it turns them into New God mindless Slaves, which is a not very good thing for them.  So John shows up with that nifty shield, that the Weaponeer made for him, and he goes up against the crazy guy with the unbeatable hammer.  After a lot of threats, that crazy guy throws the hammer and shatters the shield.  Except that John now has...his hammer. 

What a maroon. 

So Sinestro is off to Earth, John is running a rebellion on New Genesis, and things seem to have turned the corner.  At least something is actually happening, which is a good thing.

It did have that incredibly gorgeous Darwyn Cooke cover though.

Justice League United #7

And speaking of beautiful covers, there is another Cooke Cover on this book, and it is a dandy. 

The JLU has teamed up after their original misunderstandings with the Legion and are trying to save the little kid Ultra, from the terrible future that Byth has in plan for him...a future that will eventually wipe out the 30th Century, so you can understand the Legion's problem.  J'onn goes into the kids mind and tries to help him, but gets tossed out by Byth. The only one that seems to really have a rapport with the kid is Equinox. 

But Byth escapes with Ultra, in a ship piloted by Hawkman who is still under Byth's thrall, and there is also an impending war between Thanagar and Rann, and they all get rescued by Sardath, even though the Legion sneers at their pathetic old-fashioned Zeta beam technology.

The art is pretty, Hawkman is still a jerk, and oh heck...I like this. 

Secret Six #l

I missed this last week. I was sorry because I love Gail Simone, so with bated breath, I dove right into it. 

It's not exactly what I was expecting.  Catman is still in it, and I love Catman.  But all of the others are different characters with the exception of Black Alice, who was probably my least favorite from before.  No Scandal, no Bane, no Ragdoll, no Jeanette...no Deadshot. 

And no Nicola Scott, who did such a superlative job of drawing all these wonderful characters.  Catman is still hot in the new art, but mainly because Gail has people saying that.  I'm not much impressed with the artwork by Ken Lashley, an artist that I am completely unfamiliar with.  It's a bit too scratchy for my taste, and it's hard to see what is actually going on a lot of the time.

But all of the six have been gathered together by...someone...and put in a boobytrapped room for...some reason....and they have to give an answer to...something or they'll be killed off, one by one.  Catman now apparently can't stand confinement, and there is a girl who can turn things into porcelain or something, and a dude who gets big, and the crazy girl Ventriloquist, Black Alice and Strix. 

I'll keep up with this for a while, but I hope that things improve.


Thor #3

Well, the new Thor is stuck without her hammer, fighting Frost Giants, who are apparently looking for Laufey's Skull, which for some reason is on Midgard.  That crazy Minotaur CEO of Roxxon is sure that he can keep the giants out, but goes up against Malekith, and there is a whole lot of posturing  going on. Oh, and she does get her hammer back, and destroys Laufey's skull, and kills a lot of Frost Giants, and oh incidentally original Thor shows up at the end.

And he is really pissed.

Nice art, and it is an interesting story so far.

And that's it for this weeks books.  A few hits and a few misses, but nothing completely terrible.  Now I am going to go and watch the contractors tear my kitchen apart.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014


A wet and windy Tuesday, here in lovely little old New England.  Sleet this morning, but it turned to torrential rain the rest of the day.  However there is a bright side.

It's not snow.

One rarely has to shovel rain, so I'm counting my blessings where I can. 

Monday, December 08, 2014

It's Monday

I haven't a thought in my head...so it is the perfect time to post a picture of Guy.

flying guy photo Guy.jpg

Gosh, he was adorable back when he was crazy.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Green Lantern #37

Well, this is more of the same from Green Lantern Corps actually.  We have a bit of interaction between Sinestro and John.  Sinestro just can't help sneering a bit, because frankly, that's what Sinestro does best.  And I've always gotten the impression that he's not terribly impressed with John.  Again of course, you could say that Sinestro isn't impressed with anyone!  He's in for a bit of a comeuppance however, when he releases Parallax on their prison on New Genesis...and fails. 

Frankly I find this ridiculous.  We have spent years being told that the avatars of the Rings and Parallax in particular are the most powerful entities in the Universe, and the New Gods can shrug them away with ease.

Harumph, I say. 

But getting to the fun part, we have Black Hand amusing himself on Earth, and by cracky, I have to admit that I haven't enjoyed Black Hand this much in years. He's actually a whole lot more like the way he was when he first started out, as a not too competent baddie, but at least he's having some fun.  Hal of course is beside himself, and doesn't particularly appreciate Black Hand shoving poor old Martin Jordan in front of his son.

But Hal keeps it together and spells out the problems facing them, which has Black Hand intrigued.  And it makes a certain amount of sense for him to help, since it is a War and War is so very very good at Death.  So he calls up some Dead Green Lanterns, and off to the Source Wall they go, to meet up with Sinestro!  Who unfortunately along with John has been captured. 

Naturally, they run into Orion.  And actually Hal and Black Hand are doing pretty well, all things considered, and then Black Hand discovers what the Source Wall does..and he's simply enchanted. 

This wasn't a bad issue, although I think as a whole, this entire storyline is dragging a bit. We keep seeing the same scenes in each of the different books, and it's getting slightly tedious.  The New Gods have been set up as the most powerful threats in the Universe, and frankly, it's a bit much.  It's TOO much.  I know that the Lanterns are going to win eventually, but since the ante has been upped so high, it's going to feel like a cheat to me, and I haven't even read it yet. But Black Hand was a breath of fresh air, which rather surprises me.