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Thursday, February 04, 2016

New Books this Week

Yet another DC free week.  This...is not a good trend, DC.  I actually took a few moments to analyze this, and something like 80% of my books lately have been from Marvel or Independents.  I've dropped Green Lantern, (which just KILLS me) although I am still enjoying Green Lantern Corps. Dropped Justice League because I just don't care about Darkseid and evil JLI, dropped Aquaman because it started out so good and then got so bad, dropped Batman because I don't care about Jim Gordon running around in an armored moth suit, dropped Wonder Woman because it went from being fabulous to stinking to high heaven.  I wanted to like Doctor Fate, I really did, but it was dull as dishwater. 

Maybe I'm just getting old and jaded, but I really don't see the point in buying books that I don't enjoy anymore. I'm not saying that every single issue has to be mind-boggling, (although that would certainly be nice) but it must at least be enjoyable, and not a chore to slog through.  I like to ENJOY my hobbies!  So I am being a lot more selective and just plain picky.  If it doesn't grab me in a few issues, it is now gone. No more hanging on, month after month in the hope that maybe...THIS month, it will start to be good.

Whew! That was cathartic!

Doctor Strange #5

Now this book I am enjoying the heck out of.  I've mentioned before that Bachalo is not my favorite artist, but he was simply BORN to draw this book!

Things have come to a head, the Empirikul have arrived, and they aren't fooling around.  Strange has to resort to the deepest of black magic in order to hold them off, and the physical and psychic costs are enormous.  All the other mages are doing their best as well.  The problem is that the force against them, isn't necessarily magical, but technical, but in a way that makes it all the more terrible. 

Strange does the unthinkable, and for a moment...but only for a moment thinks that he has won...But that's not the case.  A humdinger of a cliff-hanger!

Seriously, this is an excellent book.

Howard the Duck #4

Now that he is a living Nexus of all Realities, Howard finds himself to be high demand...by every power-crazed nutcase in the Universe!  First he is kidnapped...um...ducknapped by the Stranger, then Galactus and his new herald show up, although his new herald isn't actually his herald, and then the Silver Surfer, and then of course it all ends with the Collector.  The Guardians of the Galaxy are in there too. 

It's all a bit silly and frankly, that is how it should be.  The art is cute, the dialogue is cute, and heck, it is all just cute as can be.

Scarlet Witch #3

We have new art in this issue, by none other than Steve Dillon. I LOVE Steve Dillon!  I keep expecting Garth Ennis to show up as well, but James Robinson does a perfectly good job of getting that Irish voice. For Wanda has gone to Ireland, to save the country, since it is simply rotting away.  She takes the ghost of Agatha Harkness with her, as back-up, and figures out that something is seriously magically wrong. 

There is also a guy calling himself the Emerald Warlock, who has been going around for ages and ages, killing off the descendants of everyone who killed his family.  This is taking vengeance to a heckuva a degree!
Naturally he is tailing Wanda.  She does manage to wipe a perfectly nice old pup off the face of the earth, much to the dismay of the crusty owner, but heck, collateral damage is always present in comic books.

The covers have been utterly gorgeous, and although I have never been a Scarlet Witch fan much, I am liking how this is all going so far.

Klaus #3

This is Grant Morrison's take on the legend of Santa Claus, except that he's a Norse/Germanic hunter who hangs out with a magical white wolf, and sees spirits in the forest, and is doing his Norse ninja thing in a little hamlet which has an evil baron, and no toys...it's a little hard to explain actually.

But the art is just gorgeous and the story is fun, and what the heck, I'm liking it a lot.  It's a mini-series so it won't be around for long, so I am enjoying it while I can.

And that's it!  Not a huge week, but a pretty good week all the same.  So Get with It, DC!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Slightly Late Reviews

I really have no excuse for this, other than moving furniture, and...and stuff.  It was an all Marvel week, which rather surprises me.

Angela: Queen of Hel #4

I've  been liking this book so far, I really just like Sera, and it's nice to have Leah back, but man, this is starting to drag just a little.  They've been fighting in Hel, to presumably free all the dead angels from Heven, sent there, by Freya's curse, after they stole...and supposedly murdered her baby.  I can understand where she might be pissy. 

And there is a quest, and Balder and Tyr and even Skurge show up,which is nice, but still no sign of Hela, although finally...FINALLY she shows up on the final page, and it's a doozy.  Is it okay for me to say that I am actually rooting for Hela to win?  Why the heck would Angela want to rule in Hel?  It doesn't seem that bad a place, it has the Disir, and all those cool characters from Journey into Mystery hanging around doing cool dead stuff.  I would think that Angela would just want to rescue her dead companions, most of whom don't like her all that much in the first place, or at least make a bargain with Hela so that they would be treated a little nicer or something.  Angela is kinda mean to her brothers too. 

I like her supporting cast, but I don't really like Angela herself all that much. She's a bit of a cypher, and one-dimensional.  She only makes bargains, and she cuts people's heads off a lot.  That's about it.  Making her and Aesir hasn't done much to broaden her appeal.  Frankly, I'd like to see her meet her parents for a change.

But anyway, not terrible.

All New Avengers #4

Out of the nine thousand Avengers titles out there, this is the one that I am enjoying the most.  I am a little confused however. In this book, Tony Stark seems to be mostly broke...he's sold the tower and a bunch of his tech, and they are operating out of an abandoned warehouse or something. He DOES convince Jarvis to come back and buttle for them however, which just thrills me to no end.  But in his own book, I'm pretty sure that he is still rich.  Whu huh?

Thor seems to be enjoying herself a whole lot in this book too. She grabs Falcon...er...Captain America and plants a big wet one on him, which startles the heck out of him, but he does enjoy it.  The younger members of the group all stare and get amazed a lot.  They think Vision is a little creepy and robotic, but he's the one who saves the day by stopping the villain Cyclone, who is busy leveling the casinos in Atlantic City.  He's probably just saving the state a ton of money since they will have to be imploding them eventually anyway, but no, he's working for one of those new nefarious  companies that provides Villains-for-Hire. 

It's all fun, and fast paced, and a little tongue in cheek, which is nice. 

Daredevil #3

Well, Matt's witness gets killed, and then Ninjas show up, and brother, Matt sure does hate Ninjas.  His boss isn't happy with him, and he gets demoted to Night Court, which is particularly hard on him, since he does his vigilanting thing at night. As he wonders to himself...he gave up Kirsten and Foggy for this? 

Pretty darned good as usual.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #3

I more or less picked this up on a whim when it first came out, and it is a little on the bizarre side.  A giant red Tyranosaurus Rex running around with a little girl in his mouth doesn't really seem to bother people as much as you would think it would.  But he's a pretty cute T-Rex once you get to know him.

Then the new Hulk shows up,and I do believe this has something to do with all the monster hunting he is doing in his own book.  It's fast, it's fun, and it's a hoot.

Squirrel Girl #4

And speaking of hoots...God I do love this book.

Doreen was zapped into the 1960's along with a bunch of other college kids, and it's probably all Doom's doing, and he's managed to go back and change time as well, and things...well things aren't looking too good.  You can't always fight your way out of your problems by throwing squirrels at them. 

And then another Doom from the new future shows up. And oh...I did not see that coming. But I am panting to find out how this all ends.

Hilarious as always.

Saga #33

Well, Saga isn't a Marvel book. But damn, it is a marvelous book.

In this issue we get reintroduced to a pair that we haven't seen in quite a while, mainly, Upsher and Doff, the journalists who figured out what was actually going on, but had their work destroyed by The Brand, who is now dead.  They run about the universe searching for clues and find them, and then of course they run afoul of The Will. 

Man, has he put on some weight.  And no Lying Cat, but he does have the Dog.  Who is awfully cute.  He lets them live, but they are working for him now. 

Not a huge advancement in the plot, but a nice issue to let us know things are still going on, and characters are still a part of the whole picture.  And frankly, I could watch Fiona Staples draw pictures of just about anybody.

So a pretty good week on the whole!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

What On Earth?

So...I was spelunking in my Photo Bucket, and came across this picture.

 photo justiceleague4-aquamansbuttandhal.jpg

For the life of me, I couldn't understand why it was that impressed me so much that I had to save it.  Yes, it has Hal in it, and that's nice, but he isn't getting hit in the head, nor is he showing off his behind.  The sharks are kinda scary.  Batman is there, for some reason.  I don't even remember what book it is from, although I would have to guess a Justice League.

Then I saw the title, that I had attached to the picture, and it said, "Aquaman's Butt".


That's why.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Reviews

Not a whole lot this week, which seems to becoming the norm for me lately. 


Lucifer #2

I loved the old Carey Lucifer, and was sorry when it ended, so I am happy to say that this new version with Holly Black is pretty darned good so far. Also Lee Garbett is the artist, and I adored him on Loki: Agent of Asgard, so I can still get my fix of tall Otherworldly siblings fighting. 

We have Lucifer back, and Gabriel without his wings, and together they just snark up the place. Terrible things are happening in Oklahoma, and the brothers go back to Hell, where they run into all kinds of trouble, and Mazikeen still has a soft spot for Lucifer.  It's well written, beautifully drawn, and I am IN!

I tried watching the Lucifer television show, and was less than impressed however.  Tom Hiddleston has ruined me for tall dark sarcastic Gods apparently.

Robin: Son of Batman #8

No Pat Gleason on this issue, which surprised me.  This actually seems a bit like a fill-in issue, but it is pretty good.  As Alfred cuts his hair, Damian tells a tale of derring do, as he was still returning relics from his Year of Blood, along with Maya, and they fulfill a prophecy and incidentally run into their older more obnoxious selves and earn a little bit of redemption perhaps. It sure as heck beats the tie-in with the whole Robin War fiasco.

So...pretty good actually.

Sinestro #19

This...is starting to drag a bit. Actually a whole lot.  Not a whole lot has changed since last issue, they are still fighting the Pale Bishops on Earth.  The big cliff hanger was that Superman had been changed into a Sinstro Corp member, but they don't do a whole lot with it, he teams up with Wonder Woman and a lot of other villains and such and they fight, and Sinestro pontificates about how versatile Fear is, and what losers the Green Lantern Corps were, and actually admits that he might have succumbed to just a wee bit of hubris himself. 

But seriously, this is really starting to go on and on and on.  Cullen Bunn could have wrapped this up a couple of issues ago.  I am starting to lose interest.

I seem to be getting a whole lot crankier than I used to be about my comics. 

Hellcat #2

I have to admit that this was my favorite this week.  Patsy is working in a clothing store, and not...doing well.  It does seem awfully terrifying by the way. Her new roomie stops by, she still has so-called fans giving her problems, and Hedy is a real...pain in the butt.  Also a new villainess shows up, who is just out and out stealing stuff, but magically disappears.  And Patsy gets fired for taking too long on her break or fighting crime or something.

So she sends out an SOS to her peeps and everyone shows up at a sandwich shoppe, including Squirrel Girl, Valkyrie, She-Hulk, Kate Bishop, Monica Rambeau and America Chavez.  I could read a book about this bunch ALL DAY LONG!  Now that is an Avengers lineup!

The art is adorable, the writing is equally so.  It's nothing too ridiculous but...oh heck it is ridiculous, and that is part of its charm.  I loved this.

Ms. Marvel #3

And speaking of charming, poor Kamala is confronted by Dr. Faustas, who is allied with Hydra, and they are drugging everyone and taking their neighborhood!  Even Bruno! Especially Bruno!  So she has to go and ally with Bruno's new girlfriend Michaela, who is just the cutest little cuddlebug ever.  She's a smart little cuddlebug too, and has Bruno's data and encryption codes on a pendant, and she and Kamala break into the High School, and manage to isolate the virus and make...a cure. 

Yes, that's a bit over the top, but hey, I can completely go with it.

They spray the crown with their anti-Hydra spray, and everyone gets their brains back, and beat up Dr. Faustus.  So...things are saved and back to normal, right?  Well, a lot of people are still mad that Ms. Marvel "endorsed" the pillage of their neighborhood, and don't believe her when she says that it was done without her permission.  But at least they get to go off and eat ice cream, so it ends in a win. 

Lovely as usual.

Monday, January 18, 2016

For a Change

It's been a while since I've done some good old-fashioned Guy/Hal fisticuffs.  And seeing Hal getting hit in the head by Guy just gives me the warm fuzzies.

guy and hal photo GuyVersusHaltheBorg-1.jpg

Back when Green Lantern Was still my absolute favorite book.

Friday, January 15, 2016

So Depressed

Man...Alan Rickman died.  David Bowie died.  This has not been a good week. 

When I was young, 69 seemed to be ancient.  Now...not so much.  Quite young actually.  Sooner than it should have been. 

I was going to put up scans of Hal getting hit in the head, which is always amusing, but I'm not...in an amused sort of mood.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Reviews

What a nice little week.

Batman meets the Man From U.N.C.L.E. #2

Now that Batman '66 is over, this is the next best thing.  Thrush continues to cause trouble for Bruce Wayne, since they are the ones in charge of breaking all the bad guys and girls out of Arkham, in order to recruit them for their nefarious organization.  Meanwhile, it turns out that Alexander Waverly is an old buddy of Alfred's, and he has his suspicions about Bruce Wayne, since Thrush is trying to hit billionaires up for cash.  Also, if I ran a Spy organization I am not sure that I'd be filming a PSA about it, but hey...comics.

It's all good lighthearted fun, and therefore right up my alley.

Fables #13

Is it me, or is this thing really really starting to drag on a bit?  I love seeing Bigby and Snow of course, but I'm not all that into the new characters so much, and every issue it seems more of the same.  I know that it is apparently based on a video game, which I don't play, but is there really all that much story there?  The same thing occurs to me with the Injustice series going on.

So, Bigby fights, and bad guys do bad things. 

Gotham Academy #14

Maps is feeling a bit down since the Academy won't let her on the Yearbook staff or something, so she makes one of her own, or has one made, and it's cute and adorable with different artists and different escapades and stuff. 

Cute, but not really deep. And to be perfectly honest, I wasn't exactly sure what was going on in the last story. 

Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #1

Now this is more like it!  I still can't bring myself to read about Hal, because his book is so very very dull.  But now we have the GLC back again, although...they are still stuck in Relic's world, and nothing at all has really happened between the end of the last series and this one. We do have Ethan Van Sciver on art however, which is always nice. 

All the remaining Lanterns are standing around trying to figure out just what to do.  Guy is back in snark mode, which is how I like it, and as usual,he has all the best lines.  That's my boy!  They also decide that perhaps there are other lanterns lost out there, and have Mogo light up, which serves as a beacon to some of those self-same lost Lanterns which is good.

It also draws the attention of another world which is busy crashing into Mogo...which is bad.  And a couple of heavy-weight types start throwing their...weight around a bit, so naturally they all fight for a bit. Then the Krypton...er..."Guardians" of this world announce that they are actually good guys and so are the Lanterns and that they should team up or something, since they want to get the hell out of the dying Universe and into ours.

Salaak, is the only one with a brain and thinks that this seems rather suspicious, but Kilowog is all for it, since he is the last of his species too, and what the heck, it's a big Universe or something. So they have a talk about it and decide to help them out, which of course leads to some skullduggery.  Always with the skullduggery.

But hey, it is GLC space-faring action, that I love, so I am down with this so far.

All-New, All-Different Avengers #3

Is it me, or are Comic Book titles getting really really long nowadays?  Yeesh!

We have Iron Man, and new Thor and new Captain America and new Vision along with Ms. Marvel and new Nova fighting a Chitauri who has teamed up with the evil new owner of Stark's Tower.  I guess Tony needs the cash or something but he really shouldn't be just selling off assets to ever villain that wanders by with good credit. 

They fight the good fight and decide to become the fifteenth version of the Avengers, because why the hell not?  But it is fun, and it does have some of my favorite characters in it, so I rather like this. And Kamala and little Sam are rather adorable. 

Scarlet Witch #2

This is a very stylish book.  Certainly rather different visually from a lot of other offerings out there.  Wanda is over in Greece, talking to Hecate, because something strange is going on with Magic.  Well, I do believe that Doctor Strange told her that, but that's another book.  There is a reincaration of the Minotaur running about causing mayhem, and Wanda figures it out, it is actually just silly old Man-Bull who has been amped up a bit.  But naturally, there is something else going on in the background, and it is all rather intriguing, so pretty good so far.

The Mighty Thor #3

I do like this book.  A lot.  I'm getting my much-needed dose of Norse Gods, a really spectacular version of Loki, and Jane Foster doing her thing, although it probably wouldn't hurt to actually listen to Loki once in a while.  But she has her own issues with him, since he used to love to kidnap her back in the old days, and that is actually a pretty darned good reason for her to be mad at him. 

I still don't know where Odinson is hanging out, or why it is that Odin seems to have gone of his royal rocker, but I am pretty sure that Cul has something to do with it.  And considering how obnoxious Freyja was to Loki I'm not all that sorry so see her sweat for a little bit.  

Tough on the poor Elves of course, but darn it if Malekith isn't have such a very good time with all of his shenanigans. 

Really really Good.

So...quite a nice little week after all.  I actually read some DC this week, after nothing last week.  I do wish that I could read more, but I'm pretty happy with Marvel at the minute.