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Thursday, July 26, 2012

End of the Month Reviews!

Well, that was a nice fat Wednesday.

All-Star Western #11

Jonah and Arkham are STILL hanging out in Gotham, but now they've been joined by none other than Tallulah Black.  She and Jonah are having themselves quite the fine old reunion, much to the consternation of Doctor Arkham.  Of course she wants revenge for her family on Lucius Bennet, who is a follower of the Crime Bible, along with some other rather disreputable sorts, who are in direct conflict with the Court of the Owls, and with Bruce Wayne's ancestor, who oddly enough is actually a nice enough fellow. 

Wheels within wheels, and who the heck is setting whom up, and the cops are all on the take,and they get kidnapped and strung up, but Tallulah escapes, and boy howdy, this book is fun!

I forgot to mention that there is a backup story with Doctor Thirteen, that is a hoot.  Doctor TERRENCE Thirteen to be exact.


After dragging for a bit last issue, things rather go with a bang this month.  The remaining members of Arthur's posse, from the old days are all together, and they've determined that Manta is searching for the final seventh relic of the ancient King of Atlantis.  They thought that they had found all the relics, one of which is Arthur's trident.  They do wish that Arthur would stop chasing Manta on his own.  Manta in the meantime has bopped back to where Mera and Shin are hanging out.  Mera tries to take him on, but his Manta suit is proof against her water powers, and he escapes with Shin in tow. 

Arthur jumps out of the aircraft and swims up and discovers Manta and his minions,  they are trying to get Shin to show them the final relic, but Shin refuses, but due to some magical mumbo jumbo, they do find the dead kings scepter, which cheers Black Manta up considerably. 

Naturally, with Ivan Reis involved, the art is simply gorgeous, and I have to say that Rod Reis does an equally find job with the coloring. This is getting...interesting.

Flash #11

For some reason, that I really can't quite fathom, Barry has decided to let everyone think that he's dead, and ends up in Keystone City, where he's looking for a cover and a job.  He ends up at a bar, which just happens to be a super villain hideout!  Of course it is!    Heatwave is gunning for Captain Cold, who is in a surly mood as usual, and Barry gets hired as a new bartender because of his chemical knowledge, which allows him to create a cocktain that Cold can actually drink without it freezing up on him, which for some reason, I find to be absolutely hilarious. 

I do like this book.  Nothing particularly earthshattering this month, but it is mildly amusing, and fairly witty, and I enjoy that sort of thing.  And the art is so pretty too.

Green Lantern #11

Finally!  Two weeks late...but it is worth it!

Green Lantern: New Guardians #11

I've had my reservations about this book.  I love Kyle of course, and I like some of the other characters, but it has just dragged a bit for me.  I much prefer to have Kyle hanging out with Guy.  But THIS issue, things hit the fan in a big way.  St. Walker is STILL in a snit over what happened on Odym, and I have to say that it is highly unusual for St. Walker to be in any kind of snit.  Arkillo, thinks that this is actually a GOOD thing, and congratulates him on finally growing a pair.  Poor Kyle as usual, seems slightly beflummoxed by all that is going on. 

They decide that the root of all oftheir problems is Larfleeze. and head back to confront him.  Naturally, he's not taking this lying down, and shows again, that for all of his occasional buffoonery, that he is nobody to mess with.  And Sayd finally has enough, and tells Larfleeze to go and jump in a lake, and it turns out that SHE was the one who summoned all of the rings, to get them together to fight Larfleeze, and presumably Invictus. 

Which is why you should never trust a Guardian...even one of the nice ones.   Oh, and Larfleeze kills off poor Glomulus again...for GOOD this time, because he had the nerve to side with Kyle.  Dang.  I liked Glomulus.  This is getting pretty good!

Justice League Dark #11

They are still fighting  Faust, and Constantine, in his usual crafty manner, uses the emergency to talk his way into the Black room at Argus, where Steve Trevor is incidentally ALIVE, mainly to get his hands on the Books of Magic.  Xanadu has seen the future and knows that this is a very very bad idea, and tries to get Tim Humter back into the game.  Too bad, he's had enough of magic, and gave all of his away.  Oh, and Faust had a trick or two up HIS sleeve, that apparently Constantine didn't plan for.

I have actually rather been enjoying this book.  I'm actually liking it better than JLA!

So...not a bad week at all.


At 4:12 PM, Blogger notintheface said...

I'm liking jock itch better than the current JLA.

That said, I'm really enjoying JL Dark too, especially since Jeff Lemire took over.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Heh. I'm not quite that irritated...but really, it just seems to be spinning its wheels, doesn't it? It's been a year, and they've only had two fights, one of which isn't even nearly over. In the old days, they would have fought about 10 different foes by now, had a party, and pranked Hal.

At 1:40 PM, Blogger notintheface said...

Also, the team is supposed to have been together five years, and they're acting like they're only in their second adventure ever. It's constantly "How can we trust each other? How can we trust each other?" Guys, you've been together 5 YEARS! You should've worked THROUGH these issues by now!


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