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Thursday, January 29, 2015

reviews and all that jazz

Well the snowstorm didn't stop the delivery of my precious books, although things were a little more chaotic than usual.

Aquaman #38 

Arthur and meta continue their quest for Arthur's mommy with interesting results. Mera pulls a fast one on grodd, and frankly, Arthur is lucky that she is there to pull his chestnuts out of the fire!  they do stumble across mommy dearest eventually, but she doesn't seem All that happy to see them.

Not bad at all.

Batman #38

Well things are just going downhill rapidly at this point. Why do people even bother to live in Gotham anyway?  the venom that has been created is notonly nasty, but lethal, and Jim Gordon has been infected too. Batman is actually starting to sound a wee bit frantic.

The kicker is that apparently the joker is someone akin to vandal savage, or rah's Al ghoul, in that he may be immortal. There is also the good chance that he knows perfectly well bat's true identity. I guess this would explain how the noker always comes back from certain death, but you would think that they could still find a better prison for him than just stuffing him back in arkham. Maybe superman or hal could fly him put to space and maroon him on a comet or something?

This is still pretty great though, but I am not really sure how batman is going to get out of this one... and that is why we will be back for the next issue

Scary as all heck.

Gotham academy #4

This is an interesting little book, and I am starting to enjoy it, although I am still having a little trouble with who is who still.  olive does find out some secrets which is always a good thing.

Good stuff

Red lanterns #38

Guy is cranky

Sinestro #38

And speaking of cranky!  sinestro and company find a bunch of dead korugarians which is bad enough, but it is a trap laid for him by...mongul!  I actually have a little trouble taking Mongol seriously anymore since the green lanterns have kicked his butt so many times, but he seems to be giving sinestro a run for his money.

Good silly fun in a violent comic booky way.

Thor #4

Well we finally have new Thor vs old very very cranky Thor.  Thor Odin son has just woken up without his arm or his axe or mjollnir and he is not in a good mood. Plus, Odin says that his mom is missing, so off he goes and he and new lady Thor fight for a while,toll he realizes that somehow she is making his hammer do wild and whacky new tricks.  it wasn't actually jord who is his real mother who was frozen in ice but freyja, who is more or less his stepson, but family relations can vet tricky with the aesir.

Frankly Thor has been an asshole lately... but this is still very good stuff.

Incidentally I apologize for things not being capitalized and stuff. I am typing this on my new tablet and still haven't worked all the bugs, since I am more or less computer challenged

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I finally saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night, and gadzooks!  It was fabulous!  I can see why everyone was so excited. 

I was a little disappointed that Jasper Sitwell turned out to be a Hydra Agent, because I've always liked him for some odd reason, but still...what a movie! Chris Evans has Steve Rogers down pat.  He also has cheekbones to die for.  It was also nice to see him don his original costume at the end.  Scarlett Johansen did her usual wonderful job as Black Widow, and I actually cheered when I first saw Sam Wilson.  That flying harness was the bomb!

So, I'm very happy, and even more happy that the comics actually came in today, and I won't have to wait, because I can be quite childish that way.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Storm Of The Century!

Well, we are hunkering down here in little old New England, preparing for the latest mega mega mega storm to hit.  It is sure to be Snowmaggedon! 

Actually, it is supposed to be anywhere from 16" to 30", which granted, is a fair amount of snow all at once.  The most troublesome thing is that high winds are also forecast, which has me a whole lot more nervous than the snow.  What I don't really understand is all the hysteria. 

It's January.  It's New England. It has snowed before.  Odds are, it will snow again.  I know that there are some people out there who think snow shovels are disposable, but they actually can be used again.  We have actually had a pretty snowless winter so far, it's been bitterly cold, but not much in the way of the white stuff.  But I can remember a couple of winters ago, and the drifts were so high that the snow blower couldn't reach above them!  We were getting hit with a couple of storms a week...and oddly enough the world did not come to an end. 

But the Governor of Massachusetts has declared a travel ban at Midnight tonight...so I don't have to go to work tomorrow.  I wasn't going to go anyway because frankly, they don't pay me enough to hazard my car or my skin, but still...it's rather nice.  I AM worried about the delivery of the Comic Books on Tuesday, because I'm shallow and that's usually the first thing I think about.  It's the end of the month...a ton of stuff is coming out!  I might have to wait...a whole day!

Oh, the horror. 

If you are also being affected by this storm, stay inside, and drink hot chocolate and pray you don't lose power.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday Reviews

An interesting bunch this week to say the least.  But of course, you know me...I NEVER say the least, when I can pad it all out with a fair amount of bombast.  And a little bit of snark.  I also never thought that I would be happy to see the temperature get UP to 32 degrees!

Batman & Robin #38

I actually am happy that the little squirt is back.  I started out hating Damian, and now I...reluctantly...like him.  A Lot.  And having Pat Gleason draw this book also helps, as well as Pete Tomasi writing it.

Batman is having to figure out how to deal with a super-powered pre-teen partner, and it is...challenging.  Damian wasn't much for restraints before he got powers, and it's even more interesting now that he's raring to go and full of moxie.  Fuller of moxie! 

But it's not all beer and skittles for Damian either, as he's dealing with nightmares, and the stress of having somehow survived when Talia didn't, so he's dealing with a lot for a kid.  Alfred wisely counsels Bruce to let his son have a little bit of space in order to deal with his own demons.  Also, Damian goes to Atlantis, simply by swimming there, which actually impresses Aquaman.

This was...a really good book.

Fables #148

We learn a bit more about Snow White and Rose Red's mother's legacy.  Man, those sisters don't fool around!  Yeesh!  Also Snow apparently figures out that Bigby is supposedly out to eat their children or something. 

I love this book and I love these characters, but I have to admit that this all seems to be dragging a bit.  Also Brandish is fighting Lancelot and has been for quite some time.  I really wish that Brandish would get his comeuppance, Bigby would be back to normal and there would be a...dare I say this...a Happy Ending.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #38

I had more or less dropped this book quiet a while back, because it was getting to be tedious beyond belief.  I'm still not all that enthralled with it, but I did want to see what was going on with Kyle after the big showdown with the New Gods. 

After Hal and Carol met up in Green Lantern, it seemed that there was a certain ambiguity about Carol's feelings, and that is only reinforced here. Carol and Kyle dance around their attraction and feelings quite a bit, with Kyle basically accusing Carol of using him as her Love Battery.  She's...not flattered, but in a way, I don't think that he is wrong. They were thrown together, and their feelings were...and remain...complicated.  Apparently Kyle is still hung up on Alex, which makes sense as she was really the only girlfriend that he's ever had that I could stand, with the possible exception of Soranik, and he managed to screw THAT up royally! 

I also get the feeling that Hal and Carol are still in love, but that she's having some conflicts as well.  There may be a bit of a feeling of getting back at Hal for all those years of deceit, and hot and cold.  She's treating him the way that he had always treated HER...and he doesn't like it.  But on the other hand, she's also using Kyle in a fairly cold-blooded way.  I think that they like each other,  and maybe even love each other, but that they aren't IN love with each other.

Or something.

Oh, and a big monster that Black Hand freed from the Source wall threatens a planet,and ends up dead on Zamaron, so they fly off, and it turns out to be Oblivion, who is the  Evil version of...Kyle?


I love Kyle, but I am still not loving this book.  Kyle seems to be so incidental to everything. This is more about Carol's feelings, and her newly professed love of being a Star Sapphire which seems much more sincere than her feelings about Kyle.  Kyle seems oddly passive throughout this run, nothing is from his point of view, we have no idea of his emotions or strategy or ideas, he's just...there...having stuff happen to him.

So I doubt that I'll be picking this up any time soon.

Justice League #38

Well, Batman has been infected by the Amazo virus, and things are continuing to deteriorate. Wonder Woman and Superman capture the first mutant, in the hope that his blood can be used to make an antidote, but it turns out that only Superman's blood can do that, since Lex had exposed HIM to the virus three years ago, and somehow his alien physiology fought off the infection.

Lex just happened to forget to tell anyone that, or to have made an antidote before people started dropping dead.  So basically, Lex is up to his old tricks. 

Also Captain Cold remains awesome.

This was...ok.  It also seems to be spinning its wheels a bit, not a heck of a lot has happened since last month.

Sensation Comics: Wonder Woman #6

Well, I may have given up on the other Wonder Woman book,. but by gum, this one is fantastic...nay...sensational! 

It's Hippolyta's birthday,and she's sitting through a lot of pageants and feasts and stuff, and feeling a tad on the jaded side.  Meanwhile, Diana is out, stalking a Phoenix, in order to retrieve the leftover bits after the death and rebirth, as a Phoenix egg as a present for her dear old mumsie.  Unfortunately for Diana, she wasn't paying attention and Cheetah has been stalking her as well. We have some nice flashbacks of advice from Hippolyta and there is a lot of fighting and such.  Naturally, Diana remembers her mom's advice and eventually prevails, and Hippolyta really likes her present. 

I do have to say that the coloring in particular is simply spectacular, with the warm golden tones and the fires reflected in their eyes, the art is lovely, but the coloring really makes it stand out.  An excellent story.

And finally, there is a story about Diana and  Big Barda teaming up against Mallah and the Brain.  It is...delightful.  Of course it's delightful, it has Big Barda, Mallah and the Brain!  Barda is just happy to be fighting apes, they keep telling her that they are gorillas, and a wonderful time is had by all. Including the reader.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #10

Oh, the brown trout hits the fan in this one. The inversion has come and gone, and Loki is back to his own self, although with...a bit more awareness left over.  He's gone to Verity and apologized for being a douche, and she's fine with it, and they are even telling a few jokes about how one is actually worthy of Mjollnir, when Thor Odinson shows up.  Fortunately for Loki, he's back to normal too, and he wants to apologize for being a bigger douche.

Thor is sad, because he just can't understand what went wrong, and he misses having his brother, and then it all comes out, Loki can't stop himself, and he confesses what happened, that evil old Loki used him to kill sweet young Loki.  Thor naturally is gobsmacked...and really really pissed.  He starts beating the everloving crap out of Loki, although he does stop short of actually killing him, and hauls him off to Asgard where he dumps him and tells everyone what he did. 

Oh...crap.  Loki can't even lie his way out of this one.

I'm on the edge of my seat. 

So only one real clunker in the bunch, which isn't too bad I guess.  I'm happy because my cabinets and countertops have been installed in my everlasting kitchen renovation and the lighting fixtures are supposed to go in today!  Woohoo!

Monday, January 19, 2015

What a Weekend!

That was an unusual weekend, at least for me!  On Friday morning, which technically isn't the weekend yet, I became the proud Grandmother of my second grandson, who is cute as a button.  At least for a newborn, because honestly, they don't really look like much for a couple of weeks.  But still!  He's adorable! 

And we celebrated my parents 60th wedding anniversary at my sister's house, with prime rib that was cooked by my brother-in-law...and which had to be the Best Prime Rib I have every wolfed down.  I do loves me some prime rib. 

And, I saw some of the covers for the Convergence books coming out from DC in a few months, and there are characters that I have missed for the last three years or more!  Ralph!  Ted and Booster!  Fire and Ice!  Lian. for pete's sake! 

I don't know if DC is simply toying with me, or if my beloved Continuity is actually going to return...in some form or another, but it is something anyway.

I hope that everyone else had a lovely weekend too!

  photo magruirejla_zps3fb5414c.jpg

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Green Lantern Corps #38

Oh, I do love that Flash cover.

As we begin, John is still a bit mopey, which is how he has been lately, trying to get over being dumped by Fatality.  Mogo is trying to cheer him up, when the new New Guardians arrive, and inform him that due to Hal's flightiness, they are putting HIM in charge of the Corps. 

Well, duh.

John doesn't exactly leap for joy over the news, asking why, if he's so great, didn't they put him in charge from the beginning.  He has a point.  The Guardians can't actually come out and admit that they were seduced by Hal's big brown eyes and amazing behind, and instead come up with some B.S about how they doubted John's ability to "feel".  Wait...Guardians WANTING emotion?

It doesn't get them anywhere, since John tells them that he appreciates the offer, but is still feeling a little on the cranky side, so he flies off to go and visit all of the new recruits, who actually made it through all the recent unpleasantness alive.  Kilowog tells them that they are all REAL Lanterns now, and they get their wings...er...Lantern insignias.  Yeah!

Things are nice for about two minutes when a ship full of Zaroxians shows up with a complaint about how their planet has fallen on hard times with criminals from the Shadow Market.  Lantern Feska who is from Zarox is all excited, and she still has family there, so even though the Green Lantern Corps was apparently the last resort for help, off they go! 

Then for some reason, we jump to Ungara, with Von Daggle, R'amey Holl and Hunger Dog.  It gets a little confusing here, since the word balloons are apparently attributed to the wrong characters, which threw me for a minute. But it is nice to see that R'amey still enjoys killing things I guess. 

It's not a bad issue, and it is actually a bit of a treat to see the Corp out defending their sectors and...you know... being Space Cops again.  It sure beats the usual Giant Cross-Over!  I am so sick of Cross-Overs.  Now if John could just snap out of being Mr. Gloomy Gus for a while, it would be great!

Friday, January 16, 2015


Oops.  I rather forgot to post my reviews yesterday.  I'm sure that you are all heartbroken.  It was a fairly small week, but not a bad week all things considered.

Batgirl #38

I got the one with the snazzy Flash cover,  which I consider to be a hoot.  Boy howdy, I do like this book.   Barbara discovers that you can live by the twitter post and die by the twitter post...or something to that effect.  She is out on a date with hunky cop Liam, which is nice, but also has a blowup with Dinah, which is less so.  They run into Jordan Barberi, a typically spoiled rotten rich braggart who struts around being obnoxious and being paparazzied. 

Liam is disgusted naturally by Jordan's behavior, but much to Babs's surprise he is also a bit disenchanted with Batgirl, who has also been out posing for pictures and giving out autographs and who is being lauded by the twitter fans.  She points out that Batgirl is a hero, but he considers her to be as big a show-off as Jordan.

Naturally, Barbara isn't going to take this lying down, and she vows she's going to put Jordan out of the limelight and make him answer for his careless crimes.  Too bad that she's also having problems with trying to replace her lost thesis, and other...stuff.

But she does go out and she ends up in an impromptu race with Jordan, trying to stop him before he hurts someone, but their crazy ride is endangering people right and left.  She tosses a grenade in his car  full of expanding pink foam that absorbs impacts and stops him...but in the process he crashes into a much beloved local diner that is something of a landmark, and now the poor guy will be out of business. And, she's busted by none other than hunky cop Liam who is no mood to deal with out-of-control vigilantes.


Also, her twitter fans are now cranky.  So she's had a bad day all around and someone is calling on her cell, and it ain't good.

What IS good, is the story and the art, and everything else! 

Green Lantern Corps #38

Got the Flash cover with this one too, and it is magnificent, with a Neal Adams cover of John and Hal and Barrry zipping by.  More later.

Justice League United #8

Okay, so this crossover with the Legion has been going on for quite some time now, and Byth still has Ultra who is destined to grow up and wipe out everything, and the Legion in the future is getting angsty because the team of Legionaires who went into the past haven't done anything, so more of them go into the past, but it doesn't make a whole lot of difference.

The art is nice, and I like the characters, but this whole issue seems to be more or less just spinning its wheels, because the actual storyline is not advanced...at all.  Oh well.

Fables: The Wolf Among Us #1

I'm a sucker for a Bigby story, so I am glad that this has come out, although it is a comic book version of a digital game based on a comic book character based on a fairy tale character, which seems a tad on the convoluted side. It's a nice story about Bigby back in the days before the actual Fables comic started, since it has Colin in it, and I'm always glad to see Colin.  Also Ichabod Crane is still in charge of  things instead of
Snow White.

Bigby has a run-in with none other than the Woodsman, who turns out to be quite resilient.
h helps a young woman who ends up meeting an unfortunate fate, but he does end up teaming up with Snow which is fun.

Daredevil #12

I...did not see that coming.  At all.

So the original Stunt-Master has apparently committed suicide because he was cheated out of his rights to his name and a completely obnoxious young whippersnapper has taken over his schtick, and is using innocent people to perform his stunts, and dying so that he can "miraculously" appear to have defied death.  Matt is naturally outraged by this and vows to avenge George, the original, whom he was working for.

But it is George himself riding that motorcycle up the girders of the Golden Gate Bridge!  George didn't commit suicide, he was kidnapped and forced to perform the stunt!  Matt figures out just in time that George's cycle is also rigged to explode, and take him out as well as George, and he jumps, the bomb goes off and he saves George...then much to the new Stunt-Masters consternation, he chases him and his goons in a rather death-defying chase.  Samnee does his usual magnificant artwork, with the chase scene just leaping off of the page.

Kirsten is in George's hospital room when he comes to, as she is watching Matt run down his opponent, and in the huge twist that I Did Not See Coming...it turns out that the whole thing was George's idea from the beginning!  He threatens to snap Kirsten's neck, then jumps out the window!  Matt is swinging by below and catches him..again, and George starts babbling about people trying to kill him, when Kirsten yells out the window that he's lying and he's the one behind it all.

Needless to say Matt is disgusted and ashamed at being fooled.  So once again, he's feeling pretty depressed, but Kirsten is there to comfort him and he blurts out that he loves her, and...awwwww...it's sweet.

God, I do love this book.

S.H.I.E.L.D. #2

I really only picked this up because it has Ms. Marvel on the cover, and it mostly a Ms. Marvel story with SHIELD agents thrown in.  She also has a geek-off with Agent Coulson which warms the cockles of my heart.  So it's fun.  Don't know if I'll keep buying it, but she'd make a great SHIELD agent, I do have to say.

So, not a bad week at all.

And, I actually have cabinets in my kitchen, and they installed the wildly ornate Victorian overmantel on top of the fireplace where it used to be, before the previous owners took it down and stuffed it in the basement.  There can't be too many kitchens with a giant mirrored Victorian overmantel in them!  Woohoo!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

For Fun

Man it's cold. 

So here is something to warm you up

 photo sexyjusticeleaguecover_zpsedcfee3b.jpg

Gosh, it's just so nice to see guys with their shirts off.  Or even Guy with his shirt off.  There aren't any butts, but I'll take what I can.

And Batman is just so...so cute there, trying to be scary.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Winter Blahs


It's Monday, and it is raining buckets.  On the plus side, that could have been snow, in which case I would have been shoveling buckets, so I guess this isn't so bad.  Still, I am mired in the mid-winter blahs, and it isn't even technically mid-winter at all. 

Our kitchen is coming along...slowly.  Ordered the countertops, but they won't be in for a week, which has my contractor in a snit.  I understand that he needs them in order to start the backsplash, but on the other hand he still hasn't completely finished our new bathroom, so there is plenty for him to do while he waits.  We are coming up on two months into this renovation with no real end in sight, although we have passed the electrical and plumbing stage, so what DOES get done, actually shows.  And I'm incredibly grateful that we don't have to shower in our Winnebago anymore.

But still...I'm cranky. 

This month sees the end of She-Hulk, and I'm depressed.  I love She-Hulk.  Charles Soule has been doing a phenomenal job.  And now he's finished up with Red Lanterns as well, and he did a fine job with that book...making it the best of the entire Lantern line.  On the plus side...we do have Squirrel Girl, and I suppose that is something. 

But it's hard to feel jolly right now.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Green Lantern #38

This was the best issue of Green Lantern that I have read in a very long time.  Why is that you may ask?  There weren't any huge epic fights against overwhelming odds!  No Giant Crossover!  No Intergalactic menace!  Nobody even got dismembered!

Thank goodness!

It was just Hal, having some downtime, as the new New Guardians sent him home while they ponder over his actions.  He disobeyed their orders but saved their wizened little blue butts...as usual...but being Guardians, they have to pretend to find this disconcerting.  So, he heads home for a bit, and naturally runs into Guy, who once again reminds him that Earth is under HIS protection.

Hal goes stumbling into Pancho's, which is a seedy little bar next to Ferris Air, if I remember correctly, or maybe next to Edwards, or whatever, and he's crying in his beer a little bit, but cheered up as the bartender gushes about how utterly ginchy he is.

Then Guy wanders in. 

I'm already smitten. 

Hal isn't particularly happy to see Guy, but then he never is. Or at least pretends that he never is. Guy is exercising his particular brand of concern, which consists of making Hal pay for a pitcher of beer, and then skunking him at pool.  Being quite a bit smarter than Hal, Guy realizes that he's feeling a bit on the depressed side, and figures this is one way of cheering him up...or at least getting him out of his doldrums.  And then there is a whooooosh...and Barry Allen shows up! 

A happy young Barry, who is just so happy to see Hal, because he misses the fun that they used to have in the Justice League, and Superman is ok, but man, Batman is such a downer!  He also plays pool with Guy.  And accidentally spills a pitcher of beer on some surly airmen, and naturally, a bar brawl ensues, which they all enjoy thoroughly.

Except for Hal. 

Then...Carol shows up.  Guy immediately denies having summoned her, and he and Barry wander off to drink some more and actually...enjoy themselves.  Hal is still whining of course.  He's still pissed that she has dumped him to run off with Kyle...and I honestly can't blame him all that much, not that Hal is a particularly glowing example of being a great boyfriend.  I don't think that Kyle is all that fabulous in the boyfriend department either, since he didn't seem to have a clue that Carol even liked him, and also seems more or less rather bemused by the whole arrangement.

But Hal of course is so used to getting everything that he wants...and getting it more or less effortlessly, simply by BEING Hal Jordan, that he's having a lot of trouble realizing that things are not going his way for once. 

So he sulks.  Carol is actually probably still in love with Hal, and Hal is still in love with Carol, but we certainly can't have either one of them actually...admit this and be happy, because where would the fun be in that?  Their parting is a bit on the ambiguous side, as she suits up and flies off, but it was such a delight to actually see characters that I adore sitting around doing normal things for a change.  The art by Admira Wijaya was actually very nice, and the butt shots, especially of Guy...were plentiful.  This is always a good thing.  I always love a book that actually takes the time between epic battles to slow down a bit and let us catch our breath and see the characters interact and be real...for a change. 

I assume this is all leading up to the biggie in March where they are cancelling all the ancillary Green Lantern books, with the exception of Green Lantern, and rather surprisingly, Sinestro, and of course, there is a huge change in the future.  I rather hope that this means the Green Lanterns can actually go out and Do Their Jobs for a change and not another tedious Crossover.  I would also appreciate getting Hal out of actually running things because that certainly isn't his forte.  He's not a man for details, he's a man for swooping in at the last minute and saving the day by the seat of his pants.  His tight, well-fitting pants.  It's his schtick.

And as much as I have enjoyed Charles Soule's version of Guy as a Red Lantern, I wouldn't mind him going Green again, and being his usual thorn in Hal's side...because like it or not, Hal needs someone there who doesn't think that he's the greatest thing since sliced bread.

So I liked this issue.  I liked it a lot.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Thursday's Reviews of Wednesday's Comics

What a nice week.  Really, a really really nice week. 

Fairest #33

Well, this is the last issue of Fairest, but the story is continued in the final story in Fables.  I'm sorry to see it go, it had its ups and downs, but heck, I like the characters.

In this last issue, we actually get to see none other than Goldilocks, who is still up to her nefarious ways...trying to overthrow governments and peddle her particular brand of moonshine and sleeze.  Goldilocks is a bad bad girl and she's probably going to get her comeuppance sooner or later.

Fun in a weird sort of way.

Green Lantern #38

Best issue in ages! 

Justice League 3000 #13

I only started reading this because of Booster and Beetle last month, and this month, they continue to delight me.  It's a fairly thin story, with my favorite pair up to their usual antics, but heck, I don't care, I just miss them so much, that I'd probably read a book that consisted of nothing but them slapping each other like the Three Stooges. 

Oh, and for some reason Wonder Woman...who may actually BE Wonder Woman...like I said, I haven't been reading this, but as far as I can tell the rest of the League are more or less clones or something...has teamed up with...some people, and find an ice castle inhabited by...Ice?  My sweet little Tora no less. She is still considerably less sweet than she used to be, and is now an apparently immortal Ice Goddess.  Does this mean that they have dumped Winick's idiotic retcon of her origin? Because that would make me very happy.

It's  little muddled and confused, but heck, I don't care.  It has some of my favorite people in it, and for now...that's enough.

Not a lot of DC this week, but surprisingly a fair amount of Marvel!

Angela: Asgard's Assassin #2

I really only picked this up because of Kieron Gillen, whom I really really like, because Angela as a character means nothing to me, other than I wish she'd put some clothes on.  But now she seems to be Thor's big sister, and that's a problem because she was stolen as a baby and raised to hate Asgard.  The family is trying to introduce her to the clan, and Freyja gives birth to her and Odin's new baby, and that's nice except that Angela decides to run off with her new baby sister, which for some reason angers the Asgardians. 

I bet their castle is just LOADS of fun at Thanksgiving.  Thor is cranky, Loki quips, and it actually...isn't bad1

Ant-Man #1

I heard good things about this, and decided to give it a try...and I'm glad that I did. 

Scott is back from the dead...somehow and so is Cassie...somehow and they are trying to reconnect over the objections of her divorced mother, and Scott is applying for a job at Stark, which turns out to be quite the interview!  Man, Tony Stark is a douche of the first order! 

He does get the job, much to his combined horror and joy, but it is all for naught since his ex decides to move back to Florida with Cassie.  So...he quits, goes after her and they decide to live in a doll house.


Hawkeye vs Deadpool #4

This was a silly little team-up, but a highly amusing little team-up, and it also had Kate in it, who has been introduced to the thrill of shooting Really Big Guns.  They save the hard drive thingie that has all the SHIELD info, and capture everyone with the exception the the Black Cat who manages to escape and is still a villainess.  And Clint realizes that if only he had paid attention way back at the beginning he could have saved someone, which isn't a bad lesson to learn I guess. 

This was about the only thing that I could actually stand Deadpool in, (with the exception of Googam's hilarious spoofs on his blog at Random Happenstance) and Kate is always fun, and oh heck...it was fun. 

Ms Marvel #10

I'm always a week or so late getting this book, which drives me mad, but I get it eventually, and Gosh, I adore it so.  She saves the kids, only to find that the Villain has convinced them that their lives have no value, and they might as well serve as living batteries for his stuff. Kamala of course convinces that their lives ARE important, as only she can, and does her hero thing.

But Lockjaw gets Dog-napped! 

The art, the story, the dialogue...is divine.  And hilarious.  And even more divine.  God, I love this book.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1

And speaking of love! 

Squirrel Girl is moving out of the attic of the Avengers Mansion and going to college for some reason. She stuffs her big bushy tail in her pants, and rocks her badonkadonk.  She has a Theme Song!  She talks to Squirrels!  And she fights Kraven right out of the bat, and convinces him that he's setting his sights too low by focusing only on Spider-Man and maybe he should go fight some whales or something for a REAL challenge! 

This is...adorable.  And funny.  It's lighthearted and its beautifully drawn, and oh, I think I'm hyperventilating.

Marvel, I was so angry with you over the whole Civil War debacle, and I still can't bring myself to read the 900 Avengers and X-Men books anymore, but when it comes to odd quirky little series...you are certainly delivering.  I'm still heartbroken about losing She-Hulk, but at least this little book and Ms Marvel are out there.


Man, it really was a fabulous week!

Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Man, I have been lazy lately.   Part of it is the excitement of actually getting cabinets in the kitchen soon, and partly it was just inertia.  Mostly inertia.  Also it's really really cold.

This is from December, but it does crack me up.

 photo LOKIAOAandevilthor_zps453f718a.jpg

It's so tongue-in-cheek, and such a lovely salute to those old comics.  I have a lot of those old comics!  I didn't go to the comic book store last week, because there wasn't a single blessed thing that I wanted to buy, but fortunately, tomorrow is a whole different story.  Squirrel Girl is coming out, and maybe Ms. Marvel will be in too, from the reorder of my store. 

I can hardly wait.