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Monday, January 12, 2015

The Winter Blahs


It's Monday, and it is raining buckets.  On the plus side, that could have been snow, in which case I would have been shoveling buckets, so I guess this isn't so bad.  Still, I am mired in the mid-winter blahs, and it isn't even technically mid-winter at all. 

Our kitchen is coming along...slowly.  Ordered the countertops, but they won't be in for a week, which has my contractor in a snit.  I understand that he needs them in order to start the backsplash, but on the other hand he still hasn't completely finished our new bathroom, so there is plenty for him to do while he waits.  We are coming up on two months into this renovation with no real end in sight, although we have passed the electrical and plumbing stage, so what DOES get done, actually shows.  And I'm incredibly grateful that we don't have to shower in our Winnebago anymore.

But still...I'm cranky. 

This month sees the end of She-Hulk, and I'm depressed.  I love She-Hulk.  Charles Soule has been doing a phenomenal job.  And now he's finished up with Red Lanterns as well, and he did a fine job with that book...making it the best of the entire Lantern line.  On the plus side...we do have Squirrel Girl, and I suppose that is something. 

But it's hard to feel jolly right now.


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