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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Green Lantern Corps #38

Oh, I do love that Flash cover.

As we begin, John is still a bit mopey, which is how he has been lately, trying to get over being dumped by Fatality.  Mogo is trying to cheer him up, when the new New Guardians arrive, and inform him that due to Hal's flightiness, they are putting HIM in charge of the Corps. 

Well, duh.

John doesn't exactly leap for joy over the news, asking why, if he's so great, didn't they put him in charge from the beginning.  He has a point.  The Guardians can't actually come out and admit that they were seduced by Hal's big brown eyes and amazing behind, and instead come up with some B.S about how they doubted John's ability to "feel".  Wait...Guardians WANTING emotion?

It doesn't get them anywhere, since John tells them that he appreciates the offer, but is still feeling a little on the cranky side, so he flies off to go and visit all of the new recruits, who actually made it through all the recent unpleasantness alive.  Kilowog tells them that they are all REAL Lanterns now, and they get their wings...er...Lantern insignias.  Yeah!

Things are nice for about two minutes when a ship full of Zaroxians shows up with a complaint about how their planet has fallen on hard times with criminals from the Shadow Market.  Lantern Feska who is from Zarox is all excited, and she still has family there, so even though the Green Lantern Corps was apparently the last resort for help, off they go! 

Then for some reason, we jump to Ungara, with Von Daggle, R'amey Holl and Hunger Dog.  It gets a little confusing here, since the word balloons are apparently attributed to the wrong characters, which threw me for a minute. But it is nice to see that R'amey still enjoys killing things I guess. 

It's not a bad issue, and it is actually a bit of a treat to see the Corp out defending their sectors and...you know... being Space Cops again.  It sure beats the usual Giant Cross-Over!  I am so sick of Cross-Overs.  Now if John could just snap out of being Mr. Gloomy Gus for a while, it would be great!


At 10:27 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I think the writers need to spend a little time exploring why John stays with the Corps. What's he hope to accomplish, what's he get out of it?

John doesn't strike me as a character prone to belly laughs and big smiles, but I think it'd be good if we at least saw him getting some personal satisfaction or peace of mind out of helping people, whether it's the innocents the Corps protects, or the rookies John's trying to keep alive.

At 11:50 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

He has been awfully morose lately, hasn't he? But he probably would do a lot better job of leading the Corps than Hal would.

Not that the bar is set particularly high.


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