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Thursday, July 31, 2014


Well!  That was a surprisingly nice little week!  Gosh I do love Wednesdays.

Adventures of Superman #15

Why oh why are they ending this book?  It's the best Superman book on the market!


A fireball goes flashing past the Daily Planet, because this is Metropolis, and this sort of thing happens all of the time apparently.  Naturally Clark turns into Superman, while Lois and Jimmy go racing off to the harbor.
Naturally, it's not...a meteor, but instead a nice big giant robot.  Superman tries saying hello and gets backhanded into a warehouse for his trouble.

So there is a nice epic battle in the harbor, and a portion of the robot's head is exposed, and what to Superman's wondering eyes should appear, but...a Superman symbol?  Well, turns out that good old Jor-El made the robot!  He was supposed to go out and look for suitable worlds for Krypton to relocate its population to, which was good thinking on Jor-El's part, but sadly never came to pass. 

And the Robot is actually a nice enough fellow, but his programming was taken over by some some evil aliens named the Vendai, who used him as an advance scout for worlds that they wanted to conquer.


Naturally, the Vendai show up, and naturally they start attacking, and naturally they are very very pissed when they see their pawn helping Superman.  And naturally, before they run, they blow up Superman's "brother".  He is...very sad. 

It is a rather sweet done-in-one story, and a perfect tale for the Man of Steel.  It's isn't a huge crossover, or epic 12 part saga, but just a really well done comic book.  I love that.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman Annual #2

Well!  Remember when Aquaman fought against these giant monsters and Hercules a couple of issues back?  The monsters are still out there, and in the Annual, he teams up with Wonder Woman to go out and find them, and send them back where they came from.  It's a very nice story, that involves tourists, cell phones and massive beatings.   Even Evans, the archeologist who inadvertently set them free in the first place shows up and more or less saves the day!

That's chapter one. 

In chapter two, Wonder Woman is out looking for the second bunch of Giants, and gets help from Mera, who fills in for Arthur, who is stuck doing King stuff.  Not to worry though, because she's more than up for the job, and there is some more rather spectacular fighting, and water manipulation by Mera.  Naturally they win, although Mera is really really tired. 

Again, a nice story, and one that takes a previous idea, and comes to a nice conclusion.  Short and sweet.

Justice League #32

And here we have the Doom Patrol!  And man, is Niles Calder ever a tool!  I mean...even more than he used to be, and that is saying something. He has managed to "save" and manipulate all of the Doom Patrol into doing his biding, and even cons poor Element Woman into joining up.

They are going after the new "Green Lantern", who is Jessica, and who really does NOT want to be in this position.  She can't control the ring at all, which is busy sneering and threatening and making her do bad stuff.  An apartment building full of people is threatened and the Doom Patrol wants to go and help the people, but Calder tells them to suck it up and get the ring instead.

Fortunately, the Justice League shows up and saves everyone, to the Doom Patrol's chagrin. 

Also, Lex wants to hire Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold to be the new head of security at Lexcorp.  Len, not being a stupid man, decides to go legit...or at least as legit as he can be working for Lex.  There is also the question of what is in that little test tube that they extracted from him.  I hope it works out, I like Captain Cold, but I do hope he eventually ends up back with the Rogues.

Meanwhile, the Justice League is also fighting Power Ring, and Cyborg hooks up and finds out that the ring is actually...Volthoom!  The first Lantern!  The villain of that terrible crossover with the Guardians and the Green Lanterns!  I HATE Volthoom!  Of course, I guess that I am supposed to, but still...!  And his purpose is to summon the evil power that destroyed his world to theirs, because it is such a villainy thing to do. 

Calder is out to get the ring, and he mainly wants it for the power, but he is stopped by...Lex!  And they know each other! 

Of course they do.

It is big and loud and a bit over the top, but not terrible.

Red Lanterns Annual #1


The Red crap hits the fan!

Sandman Overture #3

It's been a while!  But it is nice to see Morpheus and Morpheus as a Cat doing their enigmatic sort of thing.  They pick up a little girl along the way, talk to the three Fates, and tell a story, and we finally get to find out about Alianora, which is nice.  And Dream gets to the City of Stars, and the Stars are going to do what Stars do.

It rambles, and goes into all sorts of peculiar notions, and I loved it.

But I REALLY loved the artwork by J.H. Williams III, who is channeling Moebius and doing a spectacular job of it.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Sinestro #4

I completely forgot about reviewing the last issue of Sinestro, but I've been enjoying seeing Thal out doing his own thang.  He is trying to rescue the remnants of Korugar, and just can't quite figure out why those refugees are so terrified of him.  Soranik is hanging out as well, trying to help out, even though she despises what he is, she can't turn her back on her own people.

And we see the new problem of the Pale Bishop, which is a sect that has arisen that wipes out all emotion.  Considering the chaos that has been erupting throughout the Universe with all of the various Corps, I guess I can understand how something like this could have cropped up.

The Yellow Lanterns are fighting....naturally, but not necessarily doing so well, they reduce Romat Ru, a murderer and all-around nasty person to a vegetable rather easily.  Then they take on Sinestro, and he begins to see the allure of living without emotion.  And then they make the mistake of turning his own fears against him, and he sees Hal, taking over and getting all the accolades, making time with his daughter and taking over his own corps.  But they underestimate him...naturally, this just serves to really really piss him off.

Also Soranik shows up after saving the refugees, and helps out with a little Will power.This distracts the Inquisition, and Sinestro manages to use their own remnants of fear against them.  Then he recharges all of his corps rings, and they go off to investigate the ship of the Pale Bishops,and more or less find out some interesting things, and then blow it up. And he lies to Soranik, telling her that it was empty, which I find...interesting.

And then he gets around to asking Soranik what she did with the Korugarians, and lo and behold, she took them to...Hal.

Oh this is going to be fun.

I liked this. Sinestro is an interesting character, and it is always nice to see Soranik again.

Hawkeye #19

Wow!  It's been a while!  It's a little hard to remember what happened, but if I recall, the Bros, had beaten the crap out of both Clint and Barney, and Clint is deaf again.  He is...not happy about this and sulks through most of the book, but finally gets it through his head, that he had better get his act together, and working together, they will try and beat the Bros once and for all.

As usual Aja, does his wonderful work with the art and the layouts.  It was nice to read this again!

A very nice week.  Not a clunker in the bunch.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Have I Mentioned Thor?

There has been a great deal of buzz going on lately about one of Marvel's latest moves, which is going to be stripping Thor of his "worthiness" so that a woman can wield his Hammer.  It has even been on television...so it MUST be true!  Of course, this is...just a tad on the bizarre side.

I applaud Marvel's recent efforts to actually show women as actual heroes, as opposed to simply window dressing and sex objects.  It is a desperately needed step in the right direction, and Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Storm, Kitty, Scarlet Witch and Sue have been doing a pretty fabulous job of it lately. 

So why am I so bummed about this Thor business? 

Well, for one thing it has been done before.  I have that issue of "What if?" where Jane Foster finds the hammer and ends up marrying Odin.  A little on the weird side, but it made for an interesting story.  If I remember correctly Storm had a hammer for  while too.  I know that in the movie, Odin was pissy and Thor lost his powers, heck in the very beginning, it was later retconned that Donald Blake didn't just happen to find that hammer, he had ALWAYS been Thor.

Plus...Thor was the very first comic book character's book that I ever bought, and he was my first comic book crush.  I was a nut for Norse mythology in school, and although the comic books didn't really follow the legends all that closely, it was still fun, and he had all that gorgeous blond hair, and what the heck?  Also he said things like Zounds and Forsooth, and I dug that too.

He is one of the mainstays of Marvel,and has been around for a VERY long time, doing his solo book, hanging out with the Avengers, and such.  So, the idea that he suddenly become "unworthy" and loses not only Mjollnir but his very name to someone else is not making me particularly happy. Besides, he's lost the title of Thunder God before, there was that movie camera guy way back when who had the hots for Sif, and there is always Beta Ray Bill, and Thunderstrike, about whom I care not to discuss, so why this is suddenly a huge deal, I don't know. 

I also don't see it lasting all that long. 

Is Thor going to go sulk by himself for a while?  Hang out with hot young Loki?  Sweep the floors at the Avengers mansion for Mead Money?  Is Odin just being a jackass again?  Actually, Odin spends most of his time being a jackass...being MORE of a Jackass? 

I was perfectly happy reading about Thor.  Now I am...less happy.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Red Lanterns #33

This was an interesting issue.  Things seem to be falling apart rather severely for our beleagered and ragtag bunch of Red Lanterns.  Guy is sitting in a bar, staring at his glass, when who should show up but John Stewart.  Guy had asked him to come, but is still glad that he did, and does manage to twist his tail just a little bit when he says that he had originally thought about calling Hal.  For a minute John falls for it, and then they snicker and clink glasses. 

I love this sort of stuff.

Back on Ysmault, Bleez is doing her damndest to try and help Rankorr, who is still in a bestial state, thanks to Atrocitus.  She's even trying to use her own blood, since the sacred pool on Ysmault was tainted by Atrocitus, but it's not working.  The Judge is standing around...doing judgy things, which makes her almost as infuriating as The Watcher. 

Meanwhile, Zilius Zox and Skallox are in the ship doing a search for Atrocitus, which Zilius is doing diligently, while Skallox complains...as usual.  Then when Zox goes to give Bleez a break, Skallox seizes the opportunity to scan his own planet...and lo and behold...interesting things are indeed transpiring! 

Back at the bar, Guy admits to John that he's in over his head, and just trying to save his bunch.  John wants him to just come back to the Green Lanterns, but Guy can't abandon his pals.  John is having trouble understanding that a Red Lantern can be anything but a monster, so Guy tries to explain that being righteously angry can be a constructive emotion, in order to move on, sometimes you have to tear down the problems of the past, which is something that perhaps John can relate to, after all the hubbub with Faux Fatality and all that. 

Back on Ysmault, Skallox has flown back to his home world, and who should be there, but none other than Atrocitus and his new pack of Red Lanterns, and they are one scary looking bunch. Skallox, who is a bit of a weasel, agrees to turn his coat, if Atrocitus doesn't kill him.

In the bar, Guy wanders off, and John  is accosted by some aliens in the bar, and next thing you know, a lovely little bar brawl is under way.  Guy wanders back, and they have themselves a fine old time.  Turns out that Guy told them to to smack John around as a way to get him to release some of his own anger.  Guy has such a bizarre way of helping people...and yet it usually works!  They both feel a little better, even though there isn't anything that they can necessarily do to help one another.  But they are better for having a sympathetic shoulder to metaphorically cry on. 

Oh, and Atrocitus has just released thousands of Red Rings.


I'm getting worried about my favorite bunch of cranky Lanterns.  I don't see how this small group can take on Atrocitus's much larger and nastier bunch, but I'm sure that they will try.  But it certainly is riveting!  I'm just so delighted with Charles Soule's writing.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stuff I Bought

Well, that was a very nice little week!  And by little, I mean pretty big.  But so...much...joy!

Not a clunker in the bunch!

Aquaman #33

Well, Arthur is up against the Chimera, which is a weird amalgamation of various life forms that was concocted in the undersea lab of the stupid evil people.  Really folks, doing this sort of thing ALWAYS backfires!  The Chimera can read minds, and manipulate Arthur's finny friends, which is a bummer. 

But Arthur escapes and heads back to Atlantis where Mera has been bonding with Tula and kicking some serious rebel ass.  She's actually a whole lot better at this than he is.  And when he shows up,seaquakes start, which is awkward.  Meanwhile the Chimera has discovered that he is part human and goes landside, which leads to a certain amount of mayhem.  Also dogs really really don't like him.

It sounds a little convoluted...heck it IS convoluted, but still a good read.

And once again Batman is on the cover, even though he has absolutely nothing to do with the story.

Batman #33

And so we come to the conclusion of  Zero Year, and what a conclusion it is!  Batman is on the cover, but he actually does show up. The lions don't however, which I found to be disappointing.  But still, a heckuva a story! 

The Riddler has Batman trapped by lasers and he needs to answer all of the riddles correctly in order to get out.  Meanwhile the government has sent jets to bomb Gotham into rubble just in case, while Gordon and Lucius are doing their darndest to figure things out, not to mention Alfred.  The Riddles are fun, and of course Batman gets them all, and beats up the Riddler who naturally has an ace in the hole.

There is a lovely moment when Bruce comes out of his coma and Alfred is there to pick up the pieces.

This was pretty darned great.

Batman '66 #13

This just cracked me up.  Someone is making a Batman series on television, and the entire city is mesmerized!  Except instead of being the lighthearted REAL adventures of Batman it is decidedly dark and gritty...and the audience loves it, much to the consternation of Batman and Robin. 

So naturally, they go looking for the director, who naturally turns out to be a villain...False Face no less! And he created this show to lure them into his clutches!  They fight and the good guys win, but False Face wins an emmy or the equivalent for his show, and everyone ends up happy.

Including me. 

Batman & Robin #33

As you all no doubt read in Batman Omega, Glorious Godfrey went looking for some relic, and got Damian's body into the bargain, before hi-tailing it back to Apokolips.  Batman is absolutely furious because the Justice League showed up and kicked some Parademon behind, but stopped him from jumping into a Boom Tube after his son.  He....is not happy, and proceeds to tear the Justice League a new one, before stomping off to the satellite of love and getting out his cool new Bat Armor, that Superman and Green Lantern made for him in the sun, and everyone else souped up as well. 

It really is pretty neat. 

I can understand Shazaam acting like a kid, but Batman is being pretty petulant as well.  He goes home and starts wrecking Damian and Talia's graves when Superman shows up and tries to talk some sense into him, which seems to work. Then the minute Superman's back is turned he stomps down to the Batcave to hang out with Red Hood, Red Wing and Batgirl.  He'd hang out with Nightwing too, but he's off being a spy or something.  Considering how he has been treating the Bat Clan as of late, I am impressed that they even showed up. 

But it is still fun, and I'm still hooked.

Red Lanterns #33

Oh...so fabulous.

Wonder Woman #33

Well, the First Born has kidnapped Diana and taken her to his lair, where he more or less proposes to her!  Seems she is the Girl of His Dreams.  Too bad she doesn't feel the same way.  Themyscira has been overrun by his evil minions, and all of the Amazons and Gods are more or less dying, which makes me very sad, and things are NOT going well. 

Heck, even Diana gets stabbed when First Born gets pissy that she doesn't like him.  And then Zeke does this glowing eye thing, and all of a sudden, who is back, but...Hippolyta!   Whoohoo!

I do love this book.  So I am going to enjoy it while I can, because the minute that the Finches show up, I am pretty sure that I am going to dump it.  I'll give it a shot...but I'm not hopeful.

But this was great.

Daredevil #6

Since everyone got exposed to the Watcher's disembodied eyeball, which apparently happened in that giant crossover at Marvel that I am not reading, they have learned all sorts of uncomfortable truths.  Thor discovered  that he has a sister, other things happened to other heroes, and apparently Matt discovers that his father wasn't always the fabulous guy that he always thought that he was, since he may have beat up his mother or something.  Anyway, she took off and became a nun.

So Matt is having some angst.  Loads and loads of angst.  And goes looking for his mom, but she's in jail because she and a couple of other nuns went to this factory that was churning out pollution or something and spray-painted graffitti on the walls that said they were bad.  For this relatively innocuous crime, they were dumped in jail, denied any sort of bail, or hearing or lawyers, and shipped off to...Wakanda!  

I guess Wakanda, which is no longer under the rule of T'Challa is evil now or something.  Matt goes to the embassy and hangs out and gets beaten up rather easily. 


Still, I'm dying to find out just what the heck is going on here, because it looks pretty great.

Saga #21

Oh Saga, you never ever let me down.  Alanna is still working, and hating it, but she's taken up drugs now, which rather startled me.  And Marko is still babysitting and doing a pretty fine job of it, and Hazel is still adorable, but things are happening that hint at problems. 

Klara is reading all of Oswalds books, and she absolutely hates them, but still misses him.  I love Klara.  Plus Alanna and Marko have some really fabulous sex, which is always nice for them.  And Prince Robot finds out that his wife has been murdered, and that he has a son, and doesn't react well. 

So...so fabulous.

So, a pretty great week!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Back Again

Holy Guacamole, but this has been a frenetic month so far!   Spent half of last week carousing at the Deep River Muster, and camping.  Spent an inordinate amount of time loading stuff...unloading stuff...setting stuff up, marching, drinking unsetting stuff, and reloading it all and then unloading it again.  I am exhausted.  I also suffered a ping-pong related injury, that has my limping. 

But anyway.

I did finally get my greedy little hands on Green Lantern Corps, and it turns out that Fatality ISN'T Fatality, but actually a Durlan.  John has been banging a Durlan all this time!  Naturally, he's feeling just a bit used.  Not to mention he/she eats one of those adorable little kids from the fire planet and gets all powerful and stuff, and it takes quite a bit of work to defeat her, and stuff her in a sciencell.  And there is...naturally...another huge menace to the Universe just lurking out there, so I am assuming that we are going to start all over again with a major crossover/giant threat...blah blah blah.

I'm beginning to feel a bit of  cross-over overload. 

I am not BEGINNING to feel it...I've been feeling it for a helluva a long time!  Sheesh! 

I realize that I am revealing my age here, but would it kill the writers and editors to just have some individual stories, done-in-one, or a couple of issues long, rather than these long complicated epics that take 12 months or so to happen?  It always starts incredibly slow for the first few months, only to pick up speed, and finally end all in one issue, which is a bit of a let-down, frequently.  I know that they only write with one eye on the eventual Trade, but it's really getting annoying.

I am feeling a bit cranky today, as you have no doubt been able to figure out.   And since I don't check my e-mail all that often, Microsoft keeps trying to get me to have a code but they want to send it to an email address that I've never even heard of, so I am assuming it is a scam or something.


But Daredevil was good, and so was She-Hulk, and some other stuff. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Strange Transpirings

There seem to be all sorts of odd things afoot lately in the world of Comics!  I haven't been posting a whole lot lately, and this week looks as though it is going to be more of the same, but still...it has been...interesting to say the least.

Firstly, Azzarello and Cliff Chiangs Wonder Woman is apparently coming to its conclusion.  I haven't always agreed with all of the things that Brian has done with her, such as making her Daddy Zeus instead of being formed from clay, not to mention the whole thing with Amazon baby-making and murder...but I have to admit to simply loving his take on the Greek Gods, and Cliff Chiangs artwork has been a joy from the start, as well as the various fill-in artists.  She looked like...Wonder Woman.  She wasn't over-sexualized, she was a Hero first and foremost, who happens to be beautiful inside and out. 

I've actually come to...like Hera!  Poor Hera always gets the short end of the stick, since she has been portrayed since ancient times, as a nag, but hey...she doesn't have it particularly easy, and she has really GROWN in this book...as have most of the other Gods as well. So I am quite sad that it is going to be ending.

And then to find out that David Finch is going to be the artist, with the new story written by his wife!  Well...I can't really judge her talents since I haven't ever read anything that she has written.  Apparently, she is fairly new to this business, and she's getting thrown into the deep end without really knowing if she can swim, so it should be...intriguing at any rate.  I'm not particularly thrilled by Finch's artwork, he draws all of his faces...men AND women, exactly alike, and his women are really sexualized, to the point of parodying Benes.  And when he starts blathering about how beautiful she is and strong, but not a feminist, but really really beautiful, and she can pose with her butt AND her boobs showing...then I start to cringe.

I'll give it a chance.  But I'm not particularly hopeful.

DC is also giving us another Deathstroke book.  Oh...joy. 

I could not care a single jot nor tittle about Deathstroke.  He has been overused to the point of absurdity, and he's not that compelling a character anyway.  Now Deadshot on the other hand, is a GREAT character, and I hear that he finally...FINALLy got his mustache back!  Really, Lawton without his 'stache?  That's...that's just wrong!

But there is some good news!  I'm sad to see that Gail Simone has finally given up, in the face of rampant editorial meddling, and she's going to be gone from Batgirl.  But then the editor left, and now there is a new editor, and a new NEW Batgirl!  And I have to say from the pictures she looks like a lot of fun!  She is younger and a bit more...seat of the pants, and has a simply fabulous costume.  From the looks of it, she...at least superficially...resembles the new Ms. Marvel over at Marvel, and if you have to copy something, that is a great place to start.  So I am looking forward with a great deal of interest to this new book and new take on an old character. 

Now...if we could only get Oracle back.  You don't have to cripple her, I just want Oracle.  And incidentally, Dinah, and Huntress, and Big Barda and Zinda as the Birds again.  I've missed them so. 

Still not reading Future's End, and my life is infinitely the better for it.  Not reading the whole Watcher's Missing Eyeballs Crossover at Marvel either. 

Dropped Flash like a hot potato after he got a new writer and artist.  Talk about a letdown!  I've really dropped a whole LOT of books since the new 52 Universe.  It saves me a considerable amount of money, but boy...I do miss a whole lot of characters. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Green Lantern #33

I haven't been posting much of late...just too much Real Life going on, which I suppose isn't a bad thing...but it does wreak havok with my cyber life.  I didn't even GO to the Comic Book Store yesturday, because I was only getting two books, and...and...I can hardly even believe this!  But babysitting for my incredibly adorable first grandson, and working, and getting ready to host a picnic this weekend for the Fife and Drum Corps, not to mention a horde of thirsty Volunteer Firemen is taking up a lot of my time.

So...Here is the review of LAST week's Green Lantern!

I got the cover by Ethan Van Sciver because I love Ethan, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why Batman is crouched in the upper right corner, because he certainly doesn't appear in the story.  I guess it's because it is his 75th Anniversary?  Which is nice...but seriously?


The Durlans have savaged Daxam, and gone off to the planet Zezzen, in order to absorb all of that delicious radiation that they need in order to transform.  This...is not a good thing, because then they would have all of the powers of Superman, and be free to just go around messing things up on an even larger scale than they are now.  Fortunately, the Lanterns figure this out, and it is ON!

Hal and Company all descend upon Zezzen, and put up a wall around the fiery lake and its inhabitants.  It is also the home planet of Gorin-Sunn, who is a fairly new Lantern, and fast becoming one of my favorites, because he's just so darned adorable.  He does point out to Hal, that he can remember being young and not knowing that the Universe could end.  Hal just sighs and admits that lately it seems that all the Universe seems to be doing lately IS ending.

He has a point. 

Fortunately, the Lanterns also have an ace in the hole, in the person of Mogo.  Having your own sentient planet is such a handy thing to keep around.

The Durlans are really pissed now,and assume their most dangerous forms in order to attack the Green Wall erected by the Lanterns, so we get to see some rather nice monsters and such.  There is a lot of fighting, and banter, and things aren't looking too good for the Lanterns, when Hal gets to tell the Head Durlan, that he has friends, and lo and behold, the Clann's who were betrayed by the Durlans earlier, start blasting away.  The Durlans really get what is coming to them, which is quite satisfying.

Then John and his bunch show up and help mop up the Durlans and stuff, and they all get dumped in the Sciencells, and things actually end rather...well?  That can't last of course, and Hal gets an SOS from John, that it ISN'T over yet...!

Of course, the new Green Lantern Corps book came out yesturday, so I imagine that I will just have to swing by the olde Comic Booke Shoppe today and pick it up afterall. 

But this was pretty good all things considered.  Started out a bit slow, but I always love it when the conclusion ends in a lot of kicks to the face.  Nowadays, plots seem to take FOREVER to finally get going.  I realize that using the term "nowadays" makes me a cranky old...well...crank, but sheesh!  Now get off my lawn!

Pretty darned satisfying.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Some Reviews

Egad, it seems as though I just can't get caught up this week!   Still insanely busy at work and at home, and we are going camping this weekend at my sister's 100 acres of woods in deepest darkest Connecticut.  Woohoo!  First time out for the new Winnebago.  We have discovered camping again at our advanced age, and have also discovered that lying on the ground in a tent...is not for us.  I love camping.  In as much luxury as possible.

But anyway.

Batman '66/Green Hornet #2

Oh, this is lovely.  And fun. God, I love fun in my comics.  We have the continuing sage, with our doughty heroes glued to the top of a train approaching a tunnel!  Such a classic.  The way that they get out of it, both makes perfect sense, and is genuinely funny.  Then we learn why a Stamp collector wants to have Fossils, and it stretches it a bit...but also makes sense.  In a totally bizarre way.

And then Cesar Romero shows up.

A whole lotta fun.

Fairest #27

Reynard is telling tales of derring-do to most of the Farm inhabitants, and while some of them are enthralled, a whole lot of them are jealous and cranky that THEY can't get glamours and go roaming about the world as well.  It does dawn on a few of them that way back when...Prince Charming ran on the promise of Glamours for Everyone!  He won, and then found out that it is ridiculously expensive and difficult to cast a Glamour...much less for everyone, so there is a revolt brewing, and Rose has to call in backup.

Reynard also discovers that being a Man has problems of its own, and he loses some of his "foxy" powers when he isn't a fox.  So he goes out to get a bit of his mojo back, and ends up on Snow White's doorstep in a tux and holding flowers.

This was just a nice story about the Fables, and read more like a regular old issue of Fables. I'm just glad that the interminable and convoluted story with Cinderella and the mutated mice is finally over.

Green Lantern #33


Tiny Titans #2

Our gang is still looking for their stolen treehouse, and not having  a whole lot of luck.  They do stumble across the Fortress of Solitude however, and Superman agrees to use a crystal to build them a new treehouse.  Too bad it's just ice...and starts to melt. 

Also so nice to see Jaime as Blue Beetle!


Daredevil #0.l

I guess this takes place on Matt's trip out to San Francisco...where he has actually been for a while.  But it's by Waid and Samnee, and what the heck, it is lots of fun as usual.  He's flying and he hates flying, accidentally finds a super-adaptoid who wants to be human, and fights the Mad Thinker and ends up with a bitchin' car. 

What's not to like?

I can't say too many times how much I am enjoying a take of Daredevil where he DOESN'T whine and angst all the time...but actually enjoys his talents and abilities.  So...refreshing.

Thor: God of Thunder #24

Thor beat Roxxon, but lost Broxton, at least the town itself, and is filled with remorse.  The slimy head of Roxxon manages to convince everyone that the Asgardians are a menace.  So, the All-Mother and the Council decide that  enough is enough, and Idunn goes in search of a new home along the World Tree, while Gaea will stay on earth...which makes sense as she IS the Earth Goddess.  I assume this will all lead up to the forthcoming 10th World series coming soon! 

And everyone thinks that Roz Soloman, that nice young SHIELD Agent, is Thor's newest Girlfriend, although apparently neither she nor Thor have actually...talked about that. 

Thor is sad though, and who can blame him?  You just can't fight Corporations after all.  Not in the Comics, and apparently not in Real Life either.  But at least they saved all of the people of Broxton, and go down and offer them some help and some apologies.  Thor takes his nice big castle, out of Asgard, and puts it in Broxton for all of the town to live in, which was nice of him. 

In the future, Earth is alive again, and old Thor and his granddaughters are going around naming the new rivers after Jane, Steve and Roz, which puzzles the girls, but makes old Thor  little happier.  And Galactus finds...something on old Mars.

Again, awfully awfully good.

Not a bad week at all!

So go forth and enjoy your Fourth.  Of July.