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Thursday, July 31, 2014


Well!  That was a surprisingly nice little week!  Gosh I do love Wednesdays.

Adventures of Superman #15

Why oh why are they ending this book?  It's the best Superman book on the market!


A fireball goes flashing past the Daily Planet, because this is Metropolis, and this sort of thing happens all of the time apparently.  Naturally Clark turns into Superman, while Lois and Jimmy go racing off to the harbor.
Naturally, it's not...a meteor, but instead a nice big giant robot.  Superman tries saying hello and gets backhanded into a warehouse for his trouble.

So there is a nice epic battle in the harbor, and a portion of the robot's head is exposed, and what to Superman's wondering eyes should appear, but...a Superman symbol?  Well, turns out that good old Jor-El made the robot!  He was supposed to go out and look for suitable worlds for Krypton to relocate its population to, which was good thinking on Jor-El's part, but sadly never came to pass. 

And the Robot is actually a nice enough fellow, but his programming was taken over by some some evil aliens named the Vendai, who used him as an advance scout for worlds that they wanted to conquer.


Naturally, the Vendai show up, and naturally they start attacking, and naturally they are very very pissed when they see their pawn helping Superman.  And naturally, before they run, they blow up Superman's "brother".  He is...very sad. 

It is a rather sweet done-in-one story, and a perfect tale for the Man of Steel.  It's isn't a huge crossover, or epic 12 part saga, but just a really well done comic book.  I love that.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman Annual #2

Well!  Remember when Aquaman fought against these giant monsters and Hercules a couple of issues back?  The monsters are still out there, and in the Annual, he teams up with Wonder Woman to go out and find them, and send them back where they came from.  It's a very nice story, that involves tourists, cell phones and massive beatings.   Even Evans, the archeologist who inadvertently set them free in the first place shows up and more or less saves the day!

That's chapter one. 

In chapter two, Wonder Woman is out looking for the second bunch of Giants, and gets help from Mera, who fills in for Arthur, who is stuck doing King stuff.  Not to worry though, because she's more than up for the job, and there is some more rather spectacular fighting, and water manipulation by Mera.  Naturally they win, although Mera is really really tired. 

Again, a nice story, and one that takes a previous idea, and comes to a nice conclusion.  Short and sweet.

Justice League #32

And here we have the Doom Patrol!  And man, is Niles Calder ever a tool!  I mean...even more than he used to be, and that is saying something. He has managed to "save" and manipulate all of the Doom Patrol into doing his biding, and even cons poor Element Woman into joining up.

They are going after the new "Green Lantern", who is Jessica, and who really does NOT want to be in this position.  She can't control the ring at all, which is busy sneering and threatening and making her do bad stuff.  An apartment building full of people is threatened and the Doom Patrol wants to go and help the people, but Calder tells them to suck it up and get the ring instead.

Fortunately, the Justice League shows up and saves everyone, to the Doom Patrol's chagrin. 

Also, Lex wants to hire Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold to be the new head of security at Lexcorp.  Len, not being a stupid man, decides to go legit...or at least as legit as he can be working for Lex.  There is also the question of what is in that little test tube that they extracted from him.  I hope it works out, I like Captain Cold, but I do hope he eventually ends up back with the Rogues.

Meanwhile, the Justice League is also fighting Power Ring, and Cyborg hooks up and finds out that the ring is actually...Volthoom!  The first Lantern!  The villain of that terrible crossover with the Guardians and the Green Lanterns!  I HATE Volthoom!  Of course, I guess that I am supposed to, but still...!  And his purpose is to summon the evil power that destroyed his world to theirs, because it is such a villainy thing to do. 

Calder is out to get the ring, and he mainly wants it for the power, but he is stopped by...Lex!  And they know each other! 

Of course they do.

It is big and loud and a bit over the top, but not terrible.

Red Lanterns Annual #1


The Red crap hits the fan!

Sandman Overture #3

It's been a while!  But it is nice to see Morpheus and Morpheus as a Cat doing their enigmatic sort of thing.  They pick up a little girl along the way, talk to the three Fates, and tell a story, and we finally get to find out about Alianora, which is nice.  And Dream gets to the City of Stars, and the Stars are going to do what Stars do.

It rambles, and goes into all sorts of peculiar notions, and I loved it.

But I REALLY loved the artwork by J.H. Williams III, who is channeling Moebius and doing a spectacular job of it.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Sinestro #4

I completely forgot about reviewing the last issue of Sinestro, but I've been enjoying seeing Thal out doing his own thang.  He is trying to rescue the remnants of Korugar, and just can't quite figure out why those refugees are so terrified of him.  Soranik is hanging out as well, trying to help out, even though she despises what he is, she can't turn her back on her own people.

And we see the new problem of the Pale Bishop, which is a sect that has arisen that wipes out all emotion.  Considering the chaos that has been erupting throughout the Universe with all of the various Corps, I guess I can understand how something like this could have cropped up.

The Yellow Lanterns are fighting....naturally, but not necessarily doing so well, they reduce Romat Ru, a murderer and all-around nasty person to a vegetable rather easily.  Then they take on Sinestro, and he begins to see the allure of living without emotion.  And then they make the mistake of turning his own fears against him, and he sees Hal, taking over and getting all the accolades, making time with his daughter and taking over his own corps.  But they underestimate him...naturally, this just serves to really really piss him off.

Also Soranik shows up after saving the refugees, and helps out with a little Will power.This distracts the Inquisition, and Sinestro manages to use their own remnants of fear against them.  Then he recharges all of his corps rings, and they go off to investigate the ship of the Pale Bishops,and more or less find out some interesting things, and then blow it up. And he lies to Soranik, telling her that it was empty, which I find...interesting.

And then he gets around to asking Soranik what she did with the Korugarians, and lo and behold, she took them to...Hal.

Oh this is going to be fun.

I liked this. Sinestro is an interesting character, and it is always nice to see Soranik again.

Hawkeye #19

Wow!  It's been a while!  It's a little hard to remember what happened, but if I recall, the Bros, had beaten the crap out of both Clint and Barney, and Clint is deaf again.  He is...not happy about this and sulks through most of the book, but finally gets it through his head, that he had better get his act together, and working together, they will try and beat the Bros once and for all.

As usual Aja, does his wonderful work with the art and the layouts.  It was nice to read this again!

A very nice week.  Not a clunker in the bunch.


At 12:36 PM, Blogger Rob in L.A. said...

Should your blog title have an apostrophe in it?

At 5:59 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Rob, oddly enough, we HAD that discussion a few years ago. The general consensus among my handsome and beautiful readers was that I could put an apostrophe anywhere I wanted to.

I also decided that my title means Green Lantern Butt IS Forever.

And it is. Oh yes, it is.

At 8:03 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Was all the sign language in Hawkeye confusing for anyone else? I've only read through it once, so maybe it'll make more sense on a second turn, but I wasn't really following what Barney was saying to him most of the time.

At 8:28 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It was an interesting idea, Calvin, and I thought that it was clever...but yeah...I wasn't all that interested in translating it myself.

I guess the gist of it was to get
Clint to snap out of it or something.


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