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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Some Reviews

Egad, it seems as though I just can't get caught up this week!   Still insanely busy at work and at home, and we are going camping this weekend at my sister's 100 acres of woods in deepest darkest Connecticut.  Woohoo!  First time out for the new Winnebago.  We have discovered camping again at our advanced age, and have also discovered that lying on the ground in a tent...is not for us.  I love camping.  In as much luxury as possible.

But anyway.

Batman '66/Green Hornet #2

Oh, this is lovely.  And fun. God, I love fun in my comics.  We have the continuing sage, with our doughty heroes glued to the top of a train approaching a tunnel!  Such a classic.  The way that they get out of it, both makes perfect sense, and is genuinely funny.  Then we learn why a Stamp collector wants to have Fossils, and it stretches it a bit...but also makes sense.  In a totally bizarre way.

And then Cesar Romero shows up.

A whole lotta fun.

Fairest #27

Reynard is telling tales of derring-do to most of the Farm inhabitants, and while some of them are enthralled, a whole lot of them are jealous and cranky that THEY can't get glamours and go roaming about the world as well.  It does dawn on a few of them that way back when...Prince Charming ran on the promise of Glamours for Everyone!  He won, and then found out that it is ridiculously expensive and difficult to cast a Glamour...much less for everyone, so there is a revolt brewing, and Rose has to call in backup.

Reynard also discovers that being a Man has problems of its own, and he loses some of his "foxy" powers when he isn't a fox.  So he goes out to get a bit of his mojo back, and ends up on Snow White's doorstep in a tux and holding flowers.

This was just a nice story about the Fables, and read more like a regular old issue of Fables. I'm just glad that the interminable and convoluted story with Cinderella and the mutated mice is finally over.

Green Lantern #33


Tiny Titans #2

Our gang is still looking for their stolen treehouse, and not having  a whole lot of luck.  They do stumble across the Fortress of Solitude however, and Superman agrees to use a crystal to build them a new treehouse.  Too bad it's just ice...and starts to melt. 

Also so nice to see Jaime as Blue Beetle!


Daredevil #0.l

I guess this takes place on Matt's trip out to San Francisco...where he has actually been for a while.  But it's by Waid and Samnee, and what the heck, it is lots of fun as usual.  He's flying and he hates flying, accidentally finds a super-adaptoid who wants to be human, and fights the Mad Thinker and ends up with a bitchin' car. 

What's not to like?

I can't say too many times how much I am enjoying a take of Daredevil where he DOESN'T whine and angst all the time...but actually enjoys his talents and abilities.  So...refreshing.

Thor: God of Thunder #24

Thor beat Roxxon, but lost Broxton, at least the town itself, and is filled with remorse.  The slimy head of Roxxon manages to convince everyone that the Asgardians are a menace.  So, the All-Mother and the Council decide that  enough is enough, and Idunn goes in search of a new home along the World Tree, while Gaea will stay on earth...which makes sense as she IS the Earth Goddess.  I assume this will all lead up to the forthcoming 10th World series coming soon! 

And everyone thinks that Roz Soloman, that nice young SHIELD Agent, is Thor's newest Girlfriend, although apparently neither she nor Thor have actually...talked about that. 

Thor is sad though, and who can blame him?  You just can't fight Corporations after all.  Not in the Comics, and apparently not in Real Life either.  But at least they saved all of the people of Broxton, and go down and offer them some help and some apologies.  Thor takes his nice big castle, out of Asgard, and puts it in Broxton for all of the town to live in, which was nice of him. 

In the future, Earth is alive again, and old Thor and his granddaughters are going around naming the new rivers after Jane, Steve and Roz, which puzzles the girls, but makes old Thor  little happier.  And Galactus finds...something on old Mars.

Again, awfully awfully good.

Not a bad week at all!

So go forth and enjoy your Fourth.  Of July. 


At 11:30 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I agree with you about camping. I work outdoors, and mostly enjoy it. But I don't want to sleep outdoors.

At 5:41 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

There is nothing quite like the feeling of sitting in your folding chair in front of a nice fire, holding a chilled glass of wine in your hand, and sneering at the people in tents.


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