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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Green Lantern #33

I haven't been posting much of late...just too much Real Life going on, which I suppose isn't a bad thing...but it does wreak havok with my cyber life.  I didn't even GO to the Comic Book Store yesturday, because I was only getting two books, and...and...I can hardly even believe this!  But babysitting for my incredibly adorable first grandson, and working, and getting ready to host a picnic this weekend for the Fife and Drum Corps, not to mention a horde of thirsty Volunteer Firemen is taking up a lot of my time.

So...Here is the review of LAST week's Green Lantern!

I got the cover by Ethan Van Sciver because I love Ethan, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why Batman is crouched in the upper right corner, because he certainly doesn't appear in the story.  I guess it's because it is his 75th Anniversary?  Which is nice...but seriously?


The Durlans have savaged Daxam, and gone off to the planet Zezzen, in order to absorb all of that delicious radiation that they need in order to transform.  This...is not a good thing, because then they would have all of the powers of Superman, and be free to just go around messing things up on an even larger scale than they are now.  Fortunately, the Lanterns figure this out, and it is ON!

Hal and Company all descend upon Zezzen, and put up a wall around the fiery lake and its inhabitants.  It is also the home planet of Gorin-Sunn, who is a fairly new Lantern, and fast becoming one of my favorites, because he's just so darned adorable.  He does point out to Hal, that he can remember being young and not knowing that the Universe could end.  Hal just sighs and admits that lately it seems that all the Universe seems to be doing lately IS ending.

He has a point. 

Fortunately, the Lanterns also have an ace in the hole, in the person of Mogo.  Having your own sentient planet is such a handy thing to keep around.

The Durlans are really pissed now,and assume their most dangerous forms in order to attack the Green Wall erected by the Lanterns, so we get to see some rather nice monsters and such.  There is a lot of fighting, and banter, and things aren't looking too good for the Lanterns, when Hal gets to tell the Head Durlan, that he has friends, and lo and behold, the Clann's who were betrayed by the Durlans earlier, start blasting away.  The Durlans really get what is coming to them, which is quite satisfying.

Then John and his bunch show up and help mop up the Durlans and stuff, and they all get dumped in the Sciencells, and things actually end rather...well?  That can't last of course, and Hal gets an SOS from John, that it ISN'T over yet...!

Of course, the new Green Lantern Corps book came out yesturday, so I imagine that I will just have to swing by the olde Comic Booke Shoppe today and pick it up afterall. 

But this was pretty good all things considered.  Started out a bit slow, but I always love it when the conclusion ends in a lot of kicks to the face.  Nowadays, plots seem to take FOREVER to finally get going.  I realize that using the term "nowadays" makes me a cranky old...well...crank, but sheesh!  Now get off my lawn!

Pretty darned satisfying.


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