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Friday, July 25, 2014

Red Lanterns #33

This was an interesting issue.  Things seem to be falling apart rather severely for our beleagered and ragtag bunch of Red Lanterns.  Guy is sitting in a bar, staring at his glass, when who should show up but John Stewart.  Guy had asked him to come, but is still glad that he did, and does manage to twist his tail just a little bit when he says that he had originally thought about calling Hal.  For a minute John falls for it, and then they snicker and clink glasses. 

I love this sort of stuff.

Back on Ysmault, Bleez is doing her damndest to try and help Rankorr, who is still in a bestial state, thanks to Atrocitus.  She's even trying to use her own blood, since the sacred pool on Ysmault was tainted by Atrocitus, but it's not working.  The Judge is standing around...doing judgy things, which makes her almost as infuriating as The Watcher. 

Meanwhile, Zilius Zox and Skallox are in the ship doing a search for Atrocitus, which Zilius is doing diligently, while Skallox complains...as usual.  Then when Zox goes to give Bleez a break, Skallox seizes the opportunity to scan his own planet...and lo and behold...interesting things are indeed transpiring! 

Back at the bar, Guy admits to John that he's in over his head, and just trying to save his bunch.  John wants him to just come back to the Green Lanterns, but Guy can't abandon his pals.  John is having trouble understanding that a Red Lantern can be anything but a monster, so Guy tries to explain that being righteously angry can be a constructive emotion, in order to move on, sometimes you have to tear down the problems of the past, which is something that perhaps John can relate to, after all the hubbub with Faux Fatality and all that. 

Back on Ysmault, Skallox has flown back to his home world, and who should be there, but none other than Atrocitus and his new pack of Red Lanterns, and they are one scary looking bunch. Skallox, who is a bit of a weasel, agrees to turn his coat, if Atrocitus doesn't kill him.

In the bar, Guy wanders off, and John  is accosted by some aliens in the bar, and next thing you know, a lovely little bar brawl is under way.  Guy wanders back, and they have themselves a fine old time.  Turns out that Guy told them to to smack John around as a way to get him to release some of his own anger.  Guy has such a bizarre way of helping people...and yet it usually works!  They both feel a little better, even though there isn't anything that they can necessarily do to help one another.  But they are better for having a sympathetic shoulder to metaphorically cry on. 

Oh, and Atrocitus has just released thousands of Red Rings.


I'm getting worried about my favorite bunch of cranky Lanterns.  I don't see how this small group can take on Atrocitus's much larger and nastier bunch, but I'm sure that they will try.  But it certainly is riveting!  I'm just so delighted with Charles Soule's writing.



At 11:08 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I'd have to think John's going to bring some Green Lanterns to the rescue at some point. Guy has too many friends in the Corps for them to leave him in the lurch just because he's rocking a red ring these days, right?

At 11:42 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I rather hope that happens, although I would be a bit cranky if Hal has to pull Guy's chestnuts out of the fire.

I do wonder what Kilowog and Arisia, and Graf Toren, and his other buddies all think of this. So far, the subject doesn't seem to have even been brought up.


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