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Monday, July 14, 2014

Strange Transpirings

There seem to be all sorts of odd things afoot lately in the world of Comics!  I haven't been posting a whole lot lately, and this week looks as though it is going to be more of the same, but still...it has been...interesting to say the least.

Firstly, Azzarello and Cliff Chiangs Wonder Woman is apparently coming to its conclusion.  I haven't always agreed with all of the things that Brian has done with her, such as making her Daddy Zeus instead of being formed from clay, not to mention the whole thing with Amazon baby-making and murder...but I have to admit to simply loving his take on the Greek Gods, and Cliff Chiangs artwork has been a joy from the start, as well as the various fill-in artists.  She looked like...Wonder Woman.  She wasn't over-sexualized, she was a Hero first and foremost, who happens to be beautiful inside and out. 

I've actually come to...like Hera!  Poor Hera always gets the short end of the stick, since she has been portrayed since ancient times, as a nag, but hey...she doesn't have it particularly easy, and she has really GROWN in this book...as have most of the other Gods as well. So I am quite sad that it is going to be ending.

And then to find out that David Finch is going to be the artist, with the new story written by his wife!  Well...I can't really judge her talents since I haven't ever read anything that she has written.  Apparently, she is fairly new to this business, and she's getting thrown into the deep end without really knowing if she can swim, so it should be...intriguing at any rate.  I'm not particularly thrilled by Finch's artwork, he draws all of his faces...men AND women, exactly alike, and his women are really sexualized, to the point of parodying Benes.  And when he starts blathering about how beautiful she is and strong, but not a feminist, but really really beautiful, and she can pose with her butt AND her boobs showing...then I start to cringe.

I'll give it a chance.  But I'm not particularly hopeful.

DC is also giving us another Deathstroke book.  Oh...joy. 

I could not care a single jot nor tittle about Deathstroke.  He has been overused to the point of absurdity, and he's not that compelling a character anyway.  Now Deadshot on the other hand, is a GREAT character, and I hear that he finally...FINALLy got his mustache back!  Really, Lawton without his 'stache?  That's...that's just wrong!

But there is some good news!  I'm sad to see that Gail Simone has finally given up, in the face of rampant editorial meddling, and she's going to be gone from Batgirl.  But then the editor left, and now there is a new editor, and a new NEW Batgirl!  And I have to say from the pictures she looks like a lot of fun!  She is younger and a bit more...seat of the pants, and has a simply fabulous costume.  From the looks of it, she...at least superficially...resembles the new Ms. Marvel over at Marvel, and if you have to copy something, that is a great place to start.  So I am looking forward with a great deal of interest to this new book and new take on an old character. 

Now...if we could only get Oracle back.  You don't have to cripple her, I just want Oracle.  And incidentally, Dinah, and Huntress, and Big Barda and Zinda as the Birds again.  I've missed them so. 

Still not reading Future's End, and my life is infinitely the better for it.  Not reading the whole Watcher's Missing Eyeballs Crossover at Marvel either. 

Dropped Flash like a hot potato after he got a new writer and artist.  Talk about a letdown!  I've really dropped a whole LOT of books since the new 52 Universe.  It saves me a considerable amount of money, but boy...I do miss a whole lot of characters. 


At 4:35 PM, Blogger ShellyS said...

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At 4:36 PM, Blogger ShellyS said...

'm avoiding Future's End like the plague. As for Batgirl, yeah, she looks good under the new team, but the pics I've seen just made me miss Steph as BG even more. And the only Deathstroke version I've enjoyed is the one on Arrow. I can't wait for the next DC reboot.

At 6:50 AM, Blogger James Ashelford said...

I know what you mean, Shelly. When I saw the previews of the new Batgirl art all that purple made me think Steph until reality asserted itself again.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I do absolutely love that new Batgirl costume...especially the cape.

And here is another little tidbit of news...Gail Simone might...just might...be doing Secret Six again!

It's a rumor, but gosharootie, be still my heart!

At 5:15 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

I read the first two volumes of their WW at my sisters' and I have mixed feelings for the same reasons.

Strangely enough I prefer Deadshot too. He actually has a personality beyond being badass although to be fair Slade once did too. It just wasn't as compelling.

Ditto on Oracle but hopefully Babs can be more fun. It actually looks like a direction that would have suited Steph better.

Future's End sounds like it's not as bad as I feared but I still don't feel compelled to get it. I might have to if/when Booster shows up.

At 1:44 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I can tell you tying in to Original Sin sure isn't making Deadpool a better book, which confirms my decision to avoid it otherwise. Kind of concerned what it's going to do to Daredevil, honestly.

I'm cautiously optimistic if Simone gets to revive Secret Six. DC Editorial could still muck it up, or she could be saddled with a lousy artist, but I'm generally confident in her ability to make it interesting.

At 7:49 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Teh Absorbascon is stealing your schtick! http://absorbascon.blogspot.com/2014/07/happy-birthday-to-me.html#links

At 12:48 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Flip, Scipio, can do whatever the heck he wants! But seriously, that is a fabulous picture of Hal. Getting hit in the head.

It's a...thing.

At 11:06 PM, Blogger kalinara said...

I will never understand the appeal of Deathstroke. He's so over the top. And not in a fun way.

But the new Batgirl does look interesting!


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