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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stuff I Bought

Well, that was a very nice little week!  And by little, I mean pretty big.  But so...much...joy!

Not a clunker in the bunch!

Aquaman #33

Well, Arthur is up against the Chimera, which is a weird amalgamation of various life forms that was concocted in the undersea lab of the stupid evil people.  Really folks, doing this sort of thing ALWAYS backfires!  The Chimera can read minds, and manipulate Arthur's finny friends, which is a bummer. 

But Arthur escapes and heads back to Atlantis where Mera has been bonding with Tula and kicking some serious rebel ass.  She's actually a whole lot better at this than he is.  And when he shows up,seaquakes start, which is awkward.  Meanwhile the Chimera has discovered that he is part human and goes landside, which leads to a certain amount of mayhem.  Also dogs really really don't like him.

It sounds a little convoluted...heck it IS convoluted, but still a good read.

And once again Batman is on the cover, even though he has absolutely nothing to do with the story.

Batman #33

And so we come to the conclusion of  Zero Year, and what a conclusion it is!  Batman is on the cover, but he actually does show up. The lions don't however, which I found to be disappointing.  But still, a heckuva a story! 

The Riddler has Batman trapped by lasers and he needs to answer all of the riddles correctly in order to get out.  Meanwhile the government has sent jets to bomb Gotham into rubble just in case, while Gordon and Lucius are doing their darndest to figure things out, not to mention Alfred.  The Riddles are fun, and of course Batman gets them all, and beats up the Riddler who naturally has an ace in the hole.

There is a lovely moment when Bruce comes out of his coma and Alfred is there to pick up the pieces.

This was pretty darned great.

Batman '66 #13

This just cracked me up.  Someone is making a Batman series on television, and the entire city is mesmerized!  Except instead of being the lighthearted REAL adventures of Batman it is decidedly dark and gritty...and the audience loves it, much to the consternation of Batman and Robin. 

So naturally, they go looking for the director, who naturally turns out to be a villain...False Face no less! And he created this show to lure them into his clutches!  They fight and the good guys win, but False Face wins an emmy or the equivalent for his show, and everyone ends up happy.

Including me. 

Batman & Robin #33

As you all no doubt read in Batman Omega, Glorious Godfrey went looking for some relic, and got Damian's body into the bargain, before hi-tailing it back to Apokolips.  Batman is absolutely furious because the Justice League showed up and kicked some Parademon behind, but stopped him from jumping into a Boom Tube after his son.  He....is not happy, and proceeds to tear the Justice League a new one, before stomping off to the satellite of love and getting out his cool new Bat Armor, that Superman and Green Lantern made for him in the sun, and everyone else souped up as well. 

It really is pretty neat. 

I can understand Shazaam acting like a kid, but Batman is being pretty petulant as well.  He goes home and starts wrecking Damian and Talia's graves when Superman shows up and tries to talk some sense into him, which seems to work. Then the minute Superman's back is turned he stomps down to the Batcave to hang out with Red Hood, Red Wing and Batgirl.  He'd hang out with Nightwing too, but he's off being a spy or something.  Considering how he has been treating the Bat Clan as of late, I am impressed that they even showed up. 

But it is still fun, and I'm still hooked.

Red Lanterns #33

Oh...so fabulous.

Wonder Woman #33

Well, the First Born has kidnapped Diana and taken her to his lair, where he more or less proposes to her!  Seems she is the Girl of His Dreams.  Too bad she doesn't feel the same way.  Themyscira has been overrun by his evil minions, and all of the Amazons and Gods are more or less dying, which makes me very sad, and things are NOT going well. 

Heck, even Diana gets stabbed when First Born gets pissy that she doesn't like him.  And then Zeke does this glowing eye thing, and all of a sudden, who is back, but...Hippolyta!   Whoohoo!

I do love this book.  So I am going to enjoy it while I can, because the minute that the Finches show up, I am pretty sure that I am going to dump it.  I'll give it a shot...but I'm not hopeful.

But this was great.

Daredevil #6

Since everyone got exposed to the Watcher's disembodied eyeball, which apparently happened in that giant crossover at Marvel that I am not reading, they have learned all sorts of uncomfortable truths.  Thor discovered  that he has a sister, other things happened to other heroes, and apparently Matt discovers that his father wasn't always the fabulous guy that he always thought that he was, since he may have beat up his mother or something.  Anyway, she took off and became a nun.

So Matt is having some angst.  Loads and loads of angst.  And goes looking for his mom, but she's in jail because she and a couple of other nuns went to this factory that was churning out pollution or something and spray-painted graffitti on the walls that said they were bad.  For this relatively innocuous crime, they were dumped in jail, denied any sort of bail, or hearing or lawyers, and shipped off to...Wakanda!  

I guess Wakanda, which is no longer under the rule of T'Challa is evil now or something.  Matt goes to the embassy and hangs out and gets beaten up rather easily. 


Still, I'm dying to find out just what the heck is going on here, because it looks pretty great.

Saga #21

Oh Saga, you never ever let me down.  Alanna is still working, and hating it, but she's taken up drugs now, which rather startled me.  And Marko is still babysitting and doing a pretty fine job of it, and Hazel is still adorable, but things are happening that hint at problems. 

Klara is reading all of Oswalds books, and she absolutely hates them, but still misses him.  I love Klara.  Plus Alanna and Marko have some really fabulous sex, which is always nice for them.  And Prince Robot finds out that his wife has been murdered, and that he has a son, and doesn't react well. 

So...so fabulous.

So, a pretty great week!


At 9:05 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

Saga continues to be amazing, doesn't it?

At 6:03 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Oh Shelly, it does indeed. I am also astonished at how adorable Hazel is. And I think that Klara is fast becoming one of my favorite characters.

At 7:09 AM, Blogger Shelly said...

I agree completely. Klara is a hoot and Hazel is the cutest thing, especially now that she's walking and talking.

At 10:57 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Also...marco is incredibly hawt.

At 3:57 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

Oh, most definitely, he is. :)


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