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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Green Lantern:Lost Army #1

I had been quite curious about this new version of the Green Lantern Corps, and a bit nervous at the same time. Things are in a bit of a mess after all the hoohah with the New Gods, and such. For a reason that isn't actually addressed in this issue, a number of Lanterns including John Stewart, Kilowog and Arisia, as well as some of the newbie find themselves way out in the middle of nowhere.

When your turf is the Universe, the middle of nowhere takes on new meaning. They are fighting unknown assailants, they are lost, they can't contact Salaam or Mogo or even the new new Guardian's, and worst of all, they can't seem to find their lanterns for a recharge. Things are looking pretty desperate.  Oh, and for some reason, they also seem to have picked up a pre-crazy Krona.

What else could possibly happen?

Well... Guy Gardner shows up!


They are all confused of course, but not as much as Guy, who was just hanging out on earth, sans green ring, sans red ring, sans any rings, when he finds himself not only in the middle of nowhere, but wielding both a green AND red ring!  Needless to say, they all all just a tad confused.

So very very confused.

And then they run into a giant red pyramid shaped thingie, that another blogger pointed our as being something left over from the previous Universe, and therefore one of Relics little toys.

Heck, now I'm confused. But, it must be said... intrigued!

Relic has been showing up a fair amount lately, so I guess this makes some sense. I assume that some of the mysteries will be revealed eventually, and in the meantime I have some of my favorite characters back together doing their thing, and I am reasonably happy. Plus the artwork is very nice. Jesus Saiz draws a purty Guy, that's for sure. Cullen Bunn seems to have a plan. Maybe we can sit back and actually have some self-contained stories and no giant crossovers for a while.

This was... good!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday's Reviews

Not a bad ending to the month, not bad at all.

Aquaman #41

I am not really sure that I like Arthur's new suit.  Call me a traditionalist, but his old one, or actually the most recent version of the old one is fine with me.  The new one is far too fussy, and the codpiece is a bit...jarring.  What is it with codpieces lately? 

I honestly can't make heads or tails out of all of this, as it seems to be two time periods and two versions of Aquaman jammed together, and in one, he's all badass, and in the other he is still badass, but the actual Arthur that I like, and apparently he and Mera are going to hate each other now, and...oh God, I hated this.

There.  I said it.  So I guess I'm dropping this book as of now.


Batgirl #41

I have been loving this book, but I can't say that this is my favorite issue.  Barbara meets up with dear old Dad, who has shaved his mustache, much to her consternation.  He also confesses that he is now BATMAN, and he's cleaning up this town, and running out all the costumed vigilantes.  Fortunately, Barbara was interrupted before she could confess that she is BATGIRL!

Also for some reason, Livewire shows up, and Batgirl gets arrested by her Dad. That's going to be awkward at Thanksgiving!

Not bad actually, but not quite up to the standards it has been reaching.

Batman'66, #24

This book is always a pure delight.  Campy Batman, a love-crazed Robin, and Marsha, Queen of Diamonds.  What's not to like?  The art is a hoot, with little hearts floating around Robin's head, and the psychodelic backgrounds of the Bat Computer, are just craaaazy, man. 

A joy from start to finish.

Green Lantern: Lost Army #1


Daredevil #16

We are nearing the end of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee's epic journey, and things have really hit the fan.  With the Shroud using the Owl to power his machine, he's outed Matt, and made him look like a Villain to all of San Francisco.  Matt needs help and ends up going to...The Kingpin? 

And boy howdy, does he have a proposition for him!

Things aren't looking too good for Foggy and Kirsten however. 

Oh, my God, this is fabulous.

So...so fabulous.

Howard the Duck #4

And speaking of fabulous.  This is just so...weird.  And cute.  And funny. 

Howard saves all the octogenarians, including Aunt May, although Peter seems pretty steamed about it, but now he has to contend with Talos the Tamed, and ends up going to visit Doctor Strange.  I have to say that this is my favorite version of Strange yet, as he's hiding out from Wong, and playing card with a bunch of inter-dimensional sorts. 

They are also looking for a gem from...well...not the Infinity Gauntlet, but the Abundant Glove.  Individually, the gems don't do much, but together they may make someone marginally more powerful.

I laughed and laughed. 

Then they have to find the gem that Talos is looking for, at Pier 4 where the Fantastic Four used to hang out, which means they have to cope with an out-of-control Johnny Storm who is busy hitting on anything with breasts in any dimension.  We have a lovely recap...from Johnny's point of view of the original Secret Wars, and things just get weirder and sillier.


Loki: Agent of Asgard #15

Oh, things aren't too good. Evil old King Loki has teamed up with Hela and Tyr, and the forces of Nuspelheim, not to mention Jormungand, against Asgard.  Odin and Freya have unearthed a really bitchin' cache of Midgard weapons and Odin is just going to town.

Unfortunately, they are pretty much outnumbered, until Freya does her completely awesome thing.

Also, we get the backstory on Verity Willis, and it's not what you would think!  Young Loki, new Loki, Girl Loki isn't really in this all that much, but boy, it is a wild ride.  I love this book, and I'm devastated that it is going to apparently be ending with issue 17. Why are you doing that to me, Marvel?  What's going to happen next? 


Where Monsters Dwell #2

Lovely Frank Cho covers.  Nice art, and a silly silly, but hilarious story.  The hero is an idiot and his female passenger is the one with all the brains, and they are trapped, presumably in the Savage land, or a reasonable facsimile, and it has amazons, pygmies and dinosaurs, and jodphurs.

It's great. So great.

I have to admit that with the exception of Green Lantern, I wasn't much impressed by DC this week.  Or this month. Marvel on the other hand, Secret Wars and Battle World notwithstanding, has been doing an excellent job with the quirky books lately.  I did get the previews for September, and the pickings were awfully slim...for BOTH companies.  What the heck is going on?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I haven't been posting for a few days, because on Saturday I managed to sprain my ankle, stepping off the bottom step of my back porch.  Since I have ankles that have the apparent strength of a piece of cooked sphagetti, this sort of incident is distressingly common for me. 

Man, it hurt. 

Much better now, I can put weight on it, and shuffle around, and am off the crutches. 

But anyway.   Superheroes don't seem to suffer from this sort of thing.  Hawkeye, now seems to sport a bandaid on his nose in practically every depiction of him, but that is a  new thing, and something that I find quite endearing actually.  Also Bruce seems to have Alfred stitch him up a lot, but he never seems to suffer from anything but cuts and bruises.  No broken bones or sprains, or concussions. 

On the other hand, maybe all he DOES suffer from are concussions!  It would explain a lot. 

This sort of thing is why I rather like the Marvel movies, because Iron Man actually gets beat up a bit, and so does Thor and Captain America and everybody else.  Because when you are fighting world class threats, you actually should bleed a little bit. 

So, as usual, I've managed to make it all about me. 

clumsy photo hal20clumsy.jpg

Hal sums it all up so neatly.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Just For the Heck of It

It's Saturday, it's nice out, and I haven't a thought in my head.  So naturally, my thoughts turned to comics.

Alan Scott photo GAGL20320ASS2325-1.jpg

For a change, it is Alan getting hit in the head. With a stick!  A BIG stick!

Because that is never not funny.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday's Reviews

Well, there certainly were a whole lot more books than last week.  I am not completely sure that it was a good thing however.  My feelings are...mixed.  We have the new post-Convergence books, and we have the Battleword books.  Both include some real oddities.

Black Canary #1

I'm a little torn to be frank.  I love the art, which is bold, and dashing, and full of movement.  Dinah genuinely looks agile and scary as all heck.  And yes, I do love her boots.  On the other hand, picking fights at every concert is no way to run a business.  A fair amount of mayhem, and hints at  dark past, and weirdness in the present...all things considered, it's pretty darned good. 

But Dinah...bubbela...get PAID before you start wrecking the venue!

Doctor Fate #1

I liked this a whole lot.  The art is fun, and very expressive, and you just can't go wrong with some Egyptian mythology showing up.  Besides...I've always like the idea of Doctor Fate anyway.  So I was pleased with this first issue, and wish to continue with the second! 

Plus, that is one scary jackal!

Harley Quinn and Power Girl #1

I've been meaning to pick this up before, because you just can't go wrong with Amanda Connor or Palmiotti and Gray, and my hopes have been realized.  This is a hoot and a half.  Power Girl is big and bold and not afraid of punching...anything.   Harley is nuttier than squirrel poop, but in a good way.  And...oh my god...Vartox!

This was good silly violent fun.  Not a lot of that at DC lately, so I take it where I can find it.

JLA #1

Well...that was interesting.  Very pretty art of course.  All the Big League players...and Cyborg.  Not exactly sure how it is that Hal is there, when he is supposed to be halfway across the Universe sulking and growing his hair, but hey...comics.  Arthur seems moody. 

Some kid talks to Superman, as dead Superman bodies keep piling up.  Superman is not...amused.  Plus, he still wears his glasses and is Clark Kent.  Parasite shows up and steals Hal and Barry's powers and they act like complete rookies.  Wonder Woman beats people up.  Batman hovers, and tells everyone it's a trap, but nobody listens to him.  Cyborg does...something.  Seriously, haven't these people ever worked together before? 

Then the skies turn red, and Rao shows up.  Or, in Metropolis...another Tuesday.

Martian Manhunter #l

To be perfectly honest, I don't have a clue as to what is going on here.  I opened this all, giddy and excited because I love J'onn, but it is full of evil Martians...who are Attacking.  And a lot of stuff blows up.  Although I do have to say that the picture of J'onn turning into a giant green dragon in order to save the jet is a cool thing.

I did not like this particularly.

Robin: Son of Batman #1

This was absolutely absurd, and completely over the top...and I loved it.  Damian goes off...somewhere to find his pet Goliath, who has been captured, and apparently for eating some guy's cows or something.  Damian love his pets, dammit, so off he goes.  A lot of stuff gets blown up, and Damian trips over his Bat-Cat and falls into a pit in the Bat-Cave while Bat-Cow calmly chews her cud.  It's fabulous.

He does have a lot of weird dreams, and such, with Dick, and Bruce and Talia showing up.  Also, Ducard's daughter is feeling weepy.  It's all very big and very fun, and Gleason knocks it out of the park. 

Secret Six #3

It's been so long since the last issues, that I had forgotten what was going on, to be frank.  For some reason, they are all hanging out in the suburbs at one of the Six's mother's house, although I've forgotten his name.  I have forgotten almost ALL of their names! 

They are having a bit of trouble adapting to life in the 'burbs.  A mean cop is beating up his dog, and Catman is perturbed.  There is a fair amount of mayhem and some pretty good snark and interacting, and it's not bad, so I'll be on board for the next issue.  Also...Mockingbird's identity is disclosed, and there is a traitor in their ranks.  Or...is there? 

Could use some Deadshot however.

Sensation Comics: Wonder Woman #11

Factions in some country are fighting and can't agree on anything.  Wonder Woman shows up to help sit at the conference table, and prior to that wears an absolutely fabulous version of her outfit with the leather pleated skirt, ala Darwyn Cooke, that I love.  Also Steve is there. 

Then Ares shows up and sows some dragons teeth and grows some lizard warriors and fights Wonder Woman.  This is the Ares from before, not the one from Azzarello's run, so it was a bit of a disconnect for a moment.  But classic Ares I suppose. 

It's not spectacular...but it is a good solid Wonder Woman story, and I'm always glad to read those.

Sinestro #12

Well somebody has thrown a spanner into the works, and the core of the Warworld planet is blowing up.  There is a traitor in the ranks!  Soranik decides she can't take it anymore and tries to leave, but Sinestro and she start a rather epic battle.  Obviously she's not the one who messed up the core, she's just tired of Sinestro's preening.  Oh and then Daddy takes her Green ring, and gives her a Yellow one. 

Not bad, but it would be nice to know what Sinestro plans on doing about that exploding planet.

Ms. Marvel #16

Kamala is still nursing her broken heart.  Meanwhile the skies turn red, and bad things are happening.  Are we accidentally in Metropolis?  People are panicking in the streets, and she has the abolutely brilliant idea of getting everyone to her school, which is safe because of that little bit of warding and protection placed upon it a couple of issues ago by none other than Loki. 

They have enough cheetos and orange soda to hold them...for now.  Also two blue monsters created to guard the school that announce that "you are about to be pwned by Loki, God of Mischief.  All Hail Loki!"

As Kamala, says...All right, Hipster-Viking-Magician dude!"

Then Captain Marvel shows up.

God, I do love this book.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6

Finally!  I found this a couple of weeks late, but better than not at all. 

So, a bank is being robbed by a transmogrified Hippo Man.  He used to just be a regular Hippo but somehow mutated into a Hippo Man, and hey, a Hippo Man has gotta eat.  He's stopped by Chipmunk Hunk!  A tall handsome due with Chipmunk powers!  Doreen is amazed.  And then Koi Boi!  The Hippo quips are flying. 

How DO you stop a charging Hippo?  Take away his credit cards!  Haw!

Doreen actually stops and asks the poor Hippo guy what it is that he wants, and they talk, and instead of him robbing the bank, she gives him the number of of a demolition company that her mom's friend runs.  Hippo Man can get PAID for his mayhem! 

Then Nancy peels off a couple of masks, because why not, and Chipmunk Hunk turns out to be Tomas, from her class!  Whodathunk?  So now everybody knows who everybody is, and it turns out that animals are mutating and getting powers just like people. Nancy is a bit bummed because she can't talk to the animals so they go to the zoo, but no luck.  Then the lions get out and they are rescued by Girl Squirrel?  A mutated squirrel! 

However, Doreen has a bad feeling, and it's not just because she's jealous.

This is by far...one of my favorite books.  Ever. 

Thors #l

And here we are on Battleworld, where all kinds of Thors are flying about being the cops and CSI.  It's a little...weird.  They have a body, actually several bodies, and no clues, but it turns out that it is all the same woman, being killed in different times, and it's Jane Foster, and Loki shows up briefly, and what the hell? 

And yet, it IS interesting in strange sort of way. I'll be just as glad when this whole thing is over and we can get back to the real books, but for now, it isn't....terrible.

And I also forgot to pick up Gotham Academy for the second week!  Dammit!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Little Nostalgia

Oh, the Good Old Days of Comics. 

 photo batmanandsupermanmakerobindance_zpsevqurszg.png

You just don't see Superman and Batman being total dicks anymore.


Friday, June 12, 2015

Slightly Delayed Reviews

Well...that was a pretty small week.  My comic book store still didn't have the new Ms. Marvel and to make matters worse, it still didn't have the latest Squirrel Girl!  Gah!  And I really really wanted to read Squirrel Girl!

Batman #41

So...for some reason, Jim Gordon is wearing the Bat-Bunny suit.  I can call it that because Jim himself calls it that.  For some reason this also means that he has to bulk up, shave off his mustache and quit smoking...all admirable things to do, I suppose, but that's a lot to ask of a 46 year old man. 

It wasn't terrible actually.  I assume that a Bat-Girdle is built into each and every suit. 

But I'll tell you one thing...that stupid Twix ad that cuts off half of the page is really
REALLY starting to annoy me.  Who the hell is this Nick Lachey person anyway, and why doesn't he have a

Fables: The Wolf Among Us #6

Well, the plot thickens.  Someone is using hookers/dancers/ladies of the night, and putting on a cheap glamour to make them look like Snow White and whatsername from the first issue, and cutting of their heads with surgical precision.  We also have some nice flashbacks with Bigby being tutored in humanity by Ichabod Crane in old Salem in the 1600's and see the start of the whole Witchcraft fiasco, and Crane's part in it. 

Ichabod may be fabulous in Sleepy Hollow, but in Fables he is a real Dick. 

It's nice to see Bigby and Now of course, but I have to admit...that this is beginning to drag a little bit. We do get some interesting bits of information, and the body that seemed to be Snow Whites is actually that of an Ogress, who was the sister of the nice lady in the bar.  Also, Jack Horner is being a flaming asshole, but that's pretty much par for the course.  I do wish that the pace would pick up a bit however...as Bigby is still dithering, and Snow is being stoic, and Crane is being obnoxious...which is pretty much where they all were  couple of issues ago.

All-Star Section Eight#1

I bow to no one in my love of Garth Ennis and John McCrea's Hitman, which is still one of my all-time favorite books.  And one of the things in that book was the...I hesitate to call it a Super Hero group...but Section Eight, which consisted of such luminaries as Six-Pack, Dog Welder, Bueno Excellente and Bator and such. 

Well, time has gone by, and Six Pack decides that he needs to put the band back together.  The Defenstrator is back, which is also a very good thing, and a couple of newbies, such as Guts and the Grapplah.  But there is still one spot open, and what to his wondering eyes should appear outside the window...but the...Bat Mobile!

It's actually Batman!  He's just going to the ATM, but Six Pack is filled with joy, and immediately runs over to see if he wants to join the reformed group.  There follows one of the most brilliant and hilarious sequence of panels that I have seen in a VERY long time, with homages to past Batman artists and iconic poses. Plus, a Meter Maid is giving Bats a ticket for parking the Batmobile in a No-Parking spot.  He whines that he was just going to the ATM, and it's his OWN bank, because those other banks charge three bucks for a withdrawal for pete's sake, and it's the principal of the thing.  The unruffled Meter Maid dryly agrees that it is indeed, and hands him a ticket.  And it just gets better from there. 

I laughed till I almost peed, I swear to god. 

Get This Book!

1602: Angela

This was weird. This is one of the Battleworld books now, and it has Angela as a Witch Hunter, and she kills King James I for being a witch, which I actually found rather amusing.  Then she kills Bucky for the same thing.  But hey, Christopher Marlow and Ben Jonson and Ben Urich show up in a tavern, which was nice.

Odd...but interesting.

Saga #29

I love this book, I really do...but why oh why do they have to keep killing off characters that I like?  And I like practically ALL of them! 


The baddies that have taken Alana, Hazel and Klara are trying to broker a deal to turn over Hazel to Wreath.  The old Bat who is bargaining is no...bargain, and things immediately begin to go sideways.  And the Monitors chasing Prince IV and Marko make them jump into a very bad place, and oh...it doesn't look good. 

But it IS so good. So very very good. 

I would have liked to talk about Squirrel Girl, but that will have to wait.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Bad Boys

Just what IS it about Bad Boys, that makes them so...fascinating to otherwise level-headed fangirls?    Or anyone for that matter? 

I finally did see Avengers 2, and it was delightful.  I rather missed having Loki around...possibly the ultimate Bad Boy, but it was so nice to see the rest of the crew together wreaking mayhem. 

 photo avengersbymaguire_zps97a16204.jpg

This is adorable by the way.  And it includes one of my favorite Bad Girls, in the person of the Black Widow, who more than manages to hold her own against the walking imbodiments of testosterone, with which she finds herself surrounded. 

Nick Fury is a Bad Boy, and always has been.  As embodied by Robert Downey Jr., Tony Stark is a Bad Boy too.  But a charming one.  So is Hawkeye.  So is the Hulk, although Banner is a Good Guy, and so is Thor and of course Captain America.  I'm not saying that Cap doesn't have a certain amount of pragmatism where warrented, but he is the very epitome of a Good Boy.  And those are just the heroes! 

I've always had a soft spot for Captain Cold and the rest of Flash's Rogues.  Maybe because with all their faults, they do have a certain moral code, and don't actually go around straight up murdering people like the Joker.  The Joker incidentally is not a Bad Boy.  He's a psychotic mass murderer, and there is a difference. 

I'm not sure that I would classify Doctor Doom as a Bad Boy either.  He's a bit too grandiose, and quite frankly, too obsessed to be a Bad Boy.  Gambit would like to be a Bad Boy, but he's just a walking cliche in my opinion.  I guess Wolverine is a Bad Boy, although lately I think that he's overdoing it.  Cyclops is certainly turning into one, which surprises the heck out of me.  Luthor isn't a Bad Boy. He's a Bad Man.  So is Sabretooth.

Who do YOU think qualifies?

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Thursday's Gleanings.

That's really just a fancy-ass way of saying reviews.  In a way.  I'm trying to wax a bit poetic here!  And I have to say that it was a bit of a mishmash this week, with not a whole lot out there.  Convergence seems to be over...I guess it's over?  And what the heck did it accomplish?  I'm not really all that certain.  I guess the various universes are still...out there?  Maybe?  It's all very nebulous and iffy, but I suppose that this means that someday...perhaps when DC gets its sanity and balls back...they can go back to that store of fabulous characters and stories and mine it anew.  So that's a good thing.  But it was a pretty cheesy cross-over with the exception of Shazaam...which was just fabulous.  There were a few good moments along the way...Guy Gardner was uniformly magnificent for example...but for the most part, it was regrettably forgettable. 

So now we have some new books.

Bat-Mite #1

I wanted to like this, I really did.  But it felt pretty labored and flat to me.  Bat-Mite shows up and wrecks the Batmobile, and annoys Batman a tiny bit, and discovers a Mad Scientist who is gathering up people to switch brains with.  That's about it.  Oh, and Hawkman is discovered chained up in her dungeon.

Seriously?  Hawkman?


Green Lantern: Renegade #41


So this is old Hal, not Parallax Hal. And he has the gauntlet with the Ring power that he swiped before he decided for no apparent reason, to go all renegade, and beat up Kilowog...also for no apparent reason, and now he is acting out his Han Solo fantasies, and hanging out in seedy dives across the Universe.  But he has a kick-ass ship, with an AI called "Darlene".  And he grew his hair. 

He rescues some kidnapped noble, and takes one of the kidnappers prisoner, and does some various deeds of derring-do, and goes off to Oa, or Mogo, presumably to dump off his prisoner and discovers to his horror that the Green Lantern Corps is...Gone!

For one thing, why the hell would he go back to the Corps, if he is a big shot rebel now?  That doesn't make any sense at all. Secondly...why the hell is he doing this whole rebel thing...AT ALL?  I know that Hal doesn't take orders well, and that perhaps he felt trapped and ill-at-ease in the leadership position he was thrust into by the Guardians, but still...all he had to do, was say he would rather NOT lead the Corps, and hand it over to John, or Salaak or Kilowog or a THOUSAND other Green Lanterns? 

But no...Hal has to make the big dramatic gesture.  He's such a prima donna, he, really is.  I find the whole situation completely ridiculous, but hey, it's Hal, and I guess I'll be hanging around to see how this all unfolds.  But I really do find it to be a ludicrous situation.

Justice League #41

Well we have the start of the Darkseid War!  Oooooh!  Darkseid is mad because he couldn't conquer Earth, so he is giving it the old college try again.  Cyborg can detect when a Mother Box shows up.  Scott Free is running around, which is actually a good thing,and so, apparently is Barda...which is also a good thing.  He's not real happy with the crummy deal his father gave him, when he traded him to Darkseid, and you can hardly blame him for that, because we previously found out in the Green Lantern books that High Father is a real jerk.

But what I can't understand...is how the heck Hal is flitting about with the Justice League, with his regular hair and his Green Lantern uniform, when he is supposed to be out doing his renegadish thing in Space?  Bwuh?

There is some other stuff, a mean woman shows up and beats up the League, while a couple of Darkseids toadies are looking for a woman named Myrina Black,and killing all the ones who aren't the one they are looking for.  That's convoluted, and a tad wasteful.  You would think a Mother Box would be a bit more accurate.  Then the real one shows up.  Everyone gets beaten up a little too easily, but hey, it is the beginning of the story. 

Again, I can't say that I really all that enthusiastic.  Maybe it will improve.

And on to Marvel

Groot #1

Okay, this was cute. I like Groot.

He wants for some reason to go and visit Earth.  Rocket has his doubts and voices them vociferously.  And they have quite a number of adorable adventures along the way. Including Space Sharks, and inept Skrulls, and stand-ins for Jor-el and Kal-El, which is hilarious.  And a Space Pirate, because why the heck not? 

It's silly and fun, and quite frankly, exactly what I am looking for.

Giant-Size Little A vs X

Kid versions of the Avengers vs the kiddie X-men, and a no holds barred brawl of the neighborhood! More silliness, but hey, it's Skottie Young, and you just can't beat that. 


M.O.D.O.K. #1

This is just as ridiculous, but also fun.  It takes place on the new Battleworld of Doctor Doom, a concept that makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever, but that seems to be what Marvel is dishing out to us.  At least it is amusing.  And Modok blows up Gambit, which made me cheer. 

It's a lovely moment.  And boy howdy, can he monologue!

And finally,

Where Monsters Dwell #l

Another Secret Wars tie-in thingie.  But is has a Frank Cho cover, and I love Frank Cho, and it is written with a great deal of bombast and glee by Garth Ennis, and I love Garth Ennis. 

Starring the Phantom Eagle!  What a dick!  Seriously, he's a real jerk, but an amusing jerk, and he ends up dumping some poor pregnant girl, trying to stiff his mechanic, and fending off some really angy purchasers of his low-grade gelignite.  Then he gets chartered to fly a very naive and lovely young lady to a certain location, except that they get attacked by Pteradons, and she is far from naive, and the joke is on him. I am going to stick with this because it is just a tad insane, and it has dinosaurs in it.  What's not to love?

I really don't get the whole concept of the Secret Wars thing going on at Marvel.  All the various Earths, have collided, and been destroyed, mainly due to the machinations of the Illuminati who have screwed things up royally.  And somehow, various parts of the different worlds have all ended up squished together to make Battleworld, ruled over by Doom, with various heroes and villains serving as his nobles, and controlling their various domains. 

Frankly, it has been done before with DC's Mosaic, and I have to say that Mosaic made a WHOLE lot more sense.  Man...I miss that book.  This is just...weird. And what is so Secret about it?  Why call it Secret Wars?  What happened to all the regular people?  If they wanted to do something like this, I think that is fine, but it could have been arranged a little better. I don't quite understand how exactly they are going to get out of this one, but I have to admit that dinosaurs make everything better. 

It's going to be an...interesting summer.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015


So...I believe that the new Green Lantern book is coming out this week.  Naturally I haven't read it yet, nor ANY of the new books... but that isn't about to stop me from wondering just what the heck is going to be happening.

What I really want to know, is the Hal in the new book going to be the same Hal from before Convergence, or is it going to be the Hal who was Parallax? The latter supposition would actually make a certain amount of sense, as the Convergence Hal seemed to be fairly guilt-ridden, so his going out and trying to atone would be reasonable. I have never quite understood why the 52 Hal, in the Corps moment of triumph would suddenly decide that stealing a relic and going on the lam would make ANY possible sense.

Perhaps that motivation will be explained.  But I wouldn't bet on it.

Then there is the welcome news... to me at least... that Guy Gardner will be in the new Green Lantern Corps book along with John, Arisia, and Kilowog. I am glad that he is going to be back on a Green Lantern uniform. I enjoyed his escapades as a Red Lantern far more than I expected that I would, but Guy is a Green Lantern at heart. I just don't know how he is going to get there, last we saw he was wandering around on Earth with a former demon baby in a backpack. Again, there is the possibility that it is going to be the Convergence version of Guy, who frankly was awesome!

So... at least there are still Green Lantern books. It is the other books that I am worried about. I really have no interest in reading about Jim Gordon dressed up in the Moth-Bat-suit. I also am completely uninterested in a mostly powerless crabby Superman. No cape, no "S" curl, no compassion... not for me.  Also no Lois.  Some of the other books sound interesting, the new Dr Fate book sounds intriguing, as does the Justice League United book. Not sure where Booster is going to end up.

I do wish that DC would print more of the adventures of Shazaam, with the same team as the Convergence book, because that was Awesome!  I did see were Jaime was back as the new Blue Beetle which fills me with joy. I am not sure what is going to happen to Ted Kord or the Dibnys or Vibe... but I sure hope they stick around.

Was any of this actually explained in the Convergence book?    Who do you all want to see in the post-Convergence world?