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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday's Reviews

Well, there certainly were a whole lot more books than last week.  I am not completely sure that it was a good thing however.  My feelings are...mixed.  We have the new post-Convergence books, and we have the Battleword books.  Both include some real oddities.

Black Canary #1

I'm a little torn to be frank.  I love the art, which is bold, and dashing, and full of movement.  Dinah genuinely looks agile and scary as all heck.  And yes, I do love her boots.  On the other hand, picking fights at every concert is no way to run a business.  A fair amount of mayhem, and hints at  dark past, and weirdness in the present...all things considered, it's pretty darned good. 

But Dinah...bubbela...get PAID before you start wrecking the venue!

Doctor Fate #1

I liked this a whole lot.  The art is fun, and very expressive, and you just can't go wrong with some Egyptian mythology showing up.  Besides...I've always like the idea of Doctor Fate anyway.  So I was pleased with this first issue, and wish to continue with the second! 

Plus, that is one scary jackal!

Harley Quinn and Power Girl #1

I've been meaning to pick this up before, because you just can't go wrong with Amanda Connor or Palmiotti and Gray, and my hopes have been realized.  This is a hoot and a half.  Power Girl is big and bold and not afraid of punching...anything.   Harley is nuttier than squirrel poop, but in a good way.  And...oh my god...Vartox!

This was good silly violent fun.  Not a lot of that at DC lately, so I take it where I can find it.

JLA #1

Well...that was interesting.  Very pretty art of course.  All the Big League players...and Cyborg.  Not exactly sure how it is that Hal is there, when he is supposed to be halfway across the Universe sulking and growing his hair, but hey...comics.  Arthur seems moody. 

Some kid talks to Superman, as dead Superman bodies keep piling up.  Superman is not...amused.  Plus, he still wears his glasses and is Clark Kent.  Parasite shows up and steals Hal and Barry's powers and they act like complete rookies.  Wonder Woman beats people up.  Batman hovers, and tells everyone it's a trap, but nobody listens to him.  Cyborg does...something.  Seriously, haven't these people ever worked together before? 

Then the skies turn red, and Rao shows up.  Or, in Metropolis...another Tuesday.

Martian Manhunter #l

To be perfectly honest, I don't have a clue as to what is going on here.  I opened this all, giddy and excited because I love J'onn, but it is full of evil Martians...who are Attacking.  And a lot of stuff blows up.  Although I do have to say that the picture of J'onn turning into a giant green dragon in order to save the jet is a cool thing.

I did not like this particularly.

Robin: Son of Batman #1

This was absolutely absurd, and completely over the top...and I loved it.  Damian goes off...somewhere to find his pet Goliath, who has been captured, and apparently for eating some guy's cows or something.  Damian love his pets, dammit, so off he goes.  A lot of stuff gets blown up, and Damian trips over his Bat-Cat and falls into a pit in the Bat-Cave while Bat-Cow calmly chews her cud.  It's fabulous.

He does have a lot of weird dreams, and such, with Dick, and Bruce and Talia showing up.  Also, Ducard's daughter is feeling weepy.  It's all very big and very fun, and Gleason knocks it out of the park. 

Secret Six #3

It's been so long since the last issues, that I had forgotten what was going on, to be frank.  For some reason, they are all hanging out in the suburbs at one of the Six's mother's house, although I've forgotten his name.  I have forgotten almost ALL of their names! 

They are having a bit of trouble adapting to life in the 'burbs.  A mean cop is beating up his dog, and Catman is perturbed.  There is a fair amount of mayhem and some pretty good snark and interacting, and it's not bad, so I'll be on board for the next issue.  Also...Mockingbird's identity is disclosed, and there is a traitor in their ranks.  Or...is there? 

Could use some Deadshot however.

Sensation Comics: Wonder Woman #11

Factions in some country are fighting and can't agree on anything.  Wonder Woman shows up to help sit at the conference table, and prior to that wears an absolutely fabulous version of her outfit with the leather pleated skirt, ala Darwyn Cooke, that I love.  Also Steve is there. 

Then Ares shows up and sows some dragons teeth and grows some lizard warriors and fights Wonder Woman.  This is the Ares from before, not the one from Azzarello's run, so it was a bit of a disconnect for a moment.  But classic Ares I suppose. 

It's not spectacular...but it is a good solid Wonder Woman story, and I'm always glad to read those.

Sinestro #12

Well somebody has thrown a spanner into the works, and the core of the Warworld planet is blowing up.  There is a traitor in the ranks!  Soranik decides she can't take it anymore and tries to leave, but Sinestro and she start a rather epic battle.  Obviously she's not the one who messed up the core, she's just tired of Sinestro's preening.  Oh and then Daddy takes her Green ring, and gives her a Yellow one. 

Not bad, but it would be nice to know what Sinestro plans on doing about that exploding planet.

Ms. Marvel #16

Kamala is still nursing her broken heart.  Meanwhile the skies turn red, and bad things are happening.  Are we accidentally in Metropolis?  People are panicking in the streets, and she has the abolutely brilliant idea of getting everyone to her school, which is safe because of that little bit of warding and protection placed upon it a couple of issues ago by none other than Loki. 

They have enough cheetos and orange soda to hold them...for now.  Also two blue monsters created to guard the school that announce that "you are about to be pwned by Loki, God of Mischief.  All Hail Loki!"

As Kamala, says...All right, Hipster-Viking-Magician dude!"

Then Captain Marvel shows up.

God, I do love this book.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6

Finally!  I found this a couple of weeks late, but better than not at all. 

So, a bank is being robbed by a transmogrified Hippo Man.  He used to just be a regular Hippo but somehow mutated into a Hippo Man, and hey, a Hippo Man has gotta eat.  He's stopped by Chipmunk Hunk!  A tall handsome due with Chipmunk powers!  Doreen is amazed.  And then Koi Boi!  The Hippo quips are flying. 

How DO you stop a charging Hippo?  Take away his credit cards!  Haw!

Doreen actually stops and asks the poor Hippo guy what it is that he wants, and they talk, and instead of him robbing the bank, she gives him the number of of a demolition company that her mom's friend runs.  Hippo Man can get PAID for his mayhem! 

Then Nancy peels off a couple of masks, because why not, and Chipmunk Hunk turns out to be Tomas, from her class!  Whodathunk?  So now everybody knows who everybody is, and it turns out that animals are mutating and getting powers just like people. Nancy is a bit bummed because she can't talk to the animals so they go to the zoo, but no luck.  Then the lions get out and they are rescued by Girl Squirrel?  A mutated squirrel! 

However, Doreen has a bad feeling, and it's not just because she's jealous.

This is by far...one of my favorite books.  Ever. 

Thors #l

And here we are on Battleworld, where all kinds of Thors are flying about being the cops and CSI.  It's a little...weird.  They have a body, actually several bodies, and no clues, but it turns out that it is all the same woman, being killed in different times, and it's Jane Foster, and Loki shows up briefly, and what the hell? 

And yet, it IS interesting in strange sort of way. I'll be just as glad when this whole thing is over and we can get back to the real books, but for now, it isn't....terrible.

And I also forgot to pick up Gotham Academy for the second week!  Dammit!


At 9:56 AM, Blogger ShellyS said...

I'm waiting to pass judgment on Black Canary. I love the art, and the book has potential, so, we'll see. And Ms. Marvel was the best of the bunch this week, which is no surprise.

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Erin S. said...

I'm planning on getting Dr. Fate when I have some more money to spend. I was impressed with the Sneak Peek and if I like it I might have four ongoing books to follow.

One of the complaints I hear about JLA was it not feeling like a team. I guess that hasn't changed. Who knows when it takes place since Bruce is currently "dead" in all of the other comics.

I'm glad to hear Gleason can write. I know some were worried because of Kurberts' Damian mini. I may give this a try or trade wait since it sounds like I'd like Gleasons' Damian more than what Tomas wrote.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I'm going to assume JLA doesn't fit with current circumstances because Bryan Hitch has been drawing for the last year and a half just to get this one issue ready. I'm glad to hear Ms. Marvel and the Harley/PG team-up were good. I think I'm going to pass on Secret Six, though. They just flubbed that relaunch so badly right out of the gates. I reserve the right to change my mind if my list of books gets thin enough.

At 3:05 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I am going to wait and see on Black Canary as well. There is potential there however. Ms. marvel as usual was a joy.

Pat Gleason actually can write, and he seems utterly fearless with his ideas... which for comics seems like a very good thing.

I want to like JLA, but it just seemed so... so lifeless. Going through the motions and nothing more. I also wanted to like Secret Six... but with the exception of Cayman, I just don't like any of the other characters. With Deadshot, Bane, Scandal, Randall and Jeanette, I actually cared about them, and rooted for them. This bunch? Don't care.

At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

I wanted to like Black Canary but I just couldn't. I didn't find the story very engaging, and the premise seems a little too outlandish for me, which is saying something when you have a universe where someone routinely exposes young boys to gunfire and an alien from the Planet Krypton is the planet's most revered hero.


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