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Friday, June 12, 2015

Slightly Delayed Reviews

Well...that was a pretty small week.  My comic book store still didn't have the new Ms. Marvel and to make matters worse, it still didn't have the latest Squirrel Girl!  Gah!  And I really really wanted to read Squirrel Girl!

Batman #41

So...for some reason, Jim Gordon is wearing the Bat-Bunny suit.  I can call it that because Jim himself calls it that.  For some reason this also means that he has to bulk up, shave off his mustache and quit smoking...all admirable things to do, I suppose, but that's a lot to ask of a 46 year old man. 

It wasn't terrible actually.  I assume that a Bat-Girdle is built into each and every suit. 

But I'll tell you one thing...that stupid Twix ad that cuts off half of the page is really
REALLY starting to annoy me.  Who the hell is this Nick Lachey person anyway, and why doesn't he have a

Fables: The Wolf Among Us #6

Well, the plot thickens.  Someone is using hookers/dancers/ladies of the night, and putting on a cheap glamour to make them look like Snow White and whatsername from the first issue, and cutting of their heads with surgical precision.  We also have some nice flashbacks with Bigby being tutored in humanity by Ichabod Crane in old Salem in the 1600's and see the start of the whole Witchcraft fiasco, and Crane's part in it. 

Ichabod may be fabulous in Sleepy Hollow, but in Fables he is a real Dick. 

It's nice to see Bigby and Now of course, but I have to admit...that this is beginning to drag a little bit. We do get some interesting bits of information, and the body that seemed to be Snow Whites is actually that of an Ogress, who was the sister of the nice lady in the bar.  Also, Jack Horner is being a flaming asshole, but that's pretty much par for the course.  I do wish that the pace would pick up a bit however...as Bigby is still dithering, and Snow is being stoic, and Crane is being obnoxious...which is pretty much where they all were  couple of issues ago.

All-Star Section Eight#1

I bow to no one in my love of Garth Ennis and John McCrea's Hitman, which is still one of my all-time favorite books.  And one of the things in that book was the...I hesitate to call it a Super Hero group...but Section Eight, which consisted of such luminaries as Six-Pack, Dog Welder, Bueno Excellente and Bator and such. 

Well, time has gone by, and Six Pack decides that he needs to put the band back together.  The Defenstrator is back, which is also a very good thing, and a couple of newbies, such as Guts and the Grapplah.  But there is still one spot open, and what to his wondering eyes should appear outside the window...but the...Bat Mobile!

It's actually Batman!  He's just going to the ATM, but Six Pack is filled with joy, and immediately runs over to see if he wants to join the reformed group.  There follows one of the most brilliant and hilarious sequence of panels that I have seen in a VERY long time, with homages to past Batman artists and iconic poses. Plus, a Meter Maid is giving Bats a ticket for parking the Batmobile in a No-Parking spot.  He whines that he was just going to the ATM, and it's his OWN bank, because those other banks charge three bucks for a withdrawal for pete's sake, and it's the principal of the thing.  The unruffled Meter Maid dryly agrees that it is indeed, and hands him a ticket.  And it just gets better from there. 

I laughed till I almost peed, I swear to god. 

Get This Book!

1602: Angela

This was weird. This is one of the Battleworld books now, and it has Angela as a Witch Hunter, and she kills King James I for being a witch, which I actually found rather amusing.  Then she kills Bucky for the same thing.  But hey, Christopher Marlow and Ben Jonson and Ben Urich show up in a tavern, which was nice.

Odd...but interesting.

Saga #29

I love this book, I really do...but why oh why do they have to keep killing off characters that I like?  And I like practically ALL of them! 


The baddies that have taken Alana, Hazel and Klara are trying to broker a deal to turn over Hazel to Wreath.  The old Bat who is bargaining is no...bargain, and things immediately begin to go sideways.  And the Monitors chasing Prince IV and Marko make them jump into a very bad place, and oh...it doesn't look good. 

But it IS so good. So very very good. 

I would have liked to talk about Squirrel Girl, but that will have to wait.


At 7:57 AM, Blogger Erin S. said...

It sounds like the Wolf Among Us added new bits to the comic. The game was written really well and didn't really do flashbacks,. Just told you extra bits in passing or left the option up to the player. The Crane background wasn't in there at all. Looking forward to how you feel about the reveal,

At 8:14 PM, Blogger Shelly S said...

I was wondering about Section 8. Never heard of it before, but it sounds intriguing. Like I need more comics to read. And yeah, Saga just tears my heart out every issue now, it seems. *sniff*

At 4:37 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Erin, I didn't realize that the book was based on a game, so that is interesting. But yes, Crane is a class A Douche Canoe.

Shelly, Saga IS breaking our hearts! It is a curse I suppose to introduce secondary or supporting characters and then make us care about them so quickly. I don't even LIKE Gwendolyn...but I'm sorry she may be dead.

Section Eight is not for the faint of heart. Did you ever read Hitman? It's violent and brutal...and absolutely hilarious. Six-Pack was a character from that book, who formed the most idiotic group of "heroes" ever seen, and this picks up on that. They have a guy named Dogwelder who...welds dogs to peoples heads for example. I personally like the Defenestrator...who hits people with windows.

But for rude crude fun, it can't be beat.

At 7:10 AM, Blogger Shelly S said...

I never read Hitman but I don't mind violent and brutal. I do like funny, though. I guess I should pick up the first issue next week and give it a look. :)

At 8:49 AM, Blogger Erin S. said...

The game had some great animation and voice acting. What happens is based on the players' choices. Characters can die if you don't get there in time or chose to kill them. Evidence can be lost if you go there as your second choice. I watched a play through and loved it.


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