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Friday, October 24, 2014

Red Lanterns #35

Well, it's the aftermath of all of the mess with Atrocitus, and the decimation of the Red Lantern Corps, and Guy is currently hanging out back on Earth, feeling pretty depressed.  One of Guy's key character traits, is that you just can't keep him down...but losing most of his group...his friends...is a hard thing to bounce back from. 

So he is chilling out on a beach in Dubai, with none other than Ice.  She can't understand at first why he just doesn't dump the red ring, but eventually realizes his motivations, and even keeps chilling his beer.  She's still not acting like sweet old Ice...but it's a start.  And it is only a coincidence of course, that the nation of Qurac is right across from Dubai, and the requisite lunatic leader has offered a billion dollar reward for super powers.  Because actually...that's a pretty reasonable motive, in the current DC Universe.

Apparently he has achieved those powers, because he has a giant statue of himself, and the usual ranting, until Guy shows up in Red Lantern form, to blow up his nice statue.  And it is...On!  And in the middle of their little donnybrook, who should show up, but the thugs from the New Gods.  And poor Guy, doesn't have a clue to who these bozos are, but is more than willing to issue them a beatdown as well.  Doesn't go as he plans however, and he has his bacon saved by none other than Simon Baz.

It was nice to see Simon again, and it's nice to see Guy getting along reasonably well with him. Simon fills him in on who exactly these intergalactic terrorists are, and the fight is on...again.  As usual, the New Gods seem to be winning, in an almost bored fashion, and are about to minister the coup de grace, when High Father summons them back home, and they leave a battered Simon and Guy...who naturally enough....is really really pissed.

I...am not really enjoying this whole Godhead Story Line.  As I recall...it is Darkseid and his goons who are supposed to be the Bad Guys.  I thought that the New Gods, were...the GOOD Guys!  Not in this Universe.  They may have altruistic motives...although I'm not really sure about that...but they are a bunch of cold-blooded killers and thieves.  I'm also a bit bummed by the fact that all of the various Corps have been so ineffectual against them.

Oh well.  This is still the best of the Lantern books, and it does have a shirtless Guy sitting on the beach drinking beer, so I'm happy.


At 12:08 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

So had the Quarac leader invaded Dubai, or did Guy just think his giant statue was an eyesore and decided to blow it up? I'm fine with it either way.

And I find it curious that the New Gods need these rings considering how handily they can seemingly trounce anyone wearing one.

At 5:52 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I think that Guy was just being...proactive.

Yeah, I wonder why they need the rings as well. They are just able to beat everyone way too easily. Heck, they were able to beat up the new New Guardians without breaking a sweat. It's just a bit ridiculous.


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