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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Stuff I Bought

Well...it was certainly an interesting week.

Batman '66/Green Hornet #5

I know that I am probably betraying my ignorance here, but I never really understood shy the Green Hornet had to pretend to be a Bad Guy.  It doesn't really seem to give him much of an advantage.  But maybe I'm not getting it. 

Anyhoo, The Dynamic Duo manage to get out of the latest Death Trap, with ...Science!  I've also always wondered, by the Bad Guys never actually stay around to see to it that Batman and Robin don't escape, but they do seem to have really really short attention spans.

But they do team up again, and the Joker drops a bomb, and very little of it makes sense, and I simply love it.  And the Ty Templeton artwork is sublime as usual.

A whole Heckuva Lot of Fun!

Fairest #30

Actually, this is really just more of Fables, which is fine I guess.  Clara the Dragon is daydreaming, and the the Glamor stones have been stolen, and a mystery has to be solved.  And it is actually solved rather cleverly.  Also, Reynard and his new love are on the lam, and she discovers he is actually a Fox, and oh...the fun that they have! 

Also a tad on the ridiculous side, but I enjoyed it.

Gotham Academy #1

I had been reading good things about this book, so I decided to pick it up.  It's certainly interesting, and the art is fun, and it has caught my interest, so I'll be staying with it.  Obviously some really weird things are going on this school, and lord knows who...or what is actually lurking behind the walls.

Gosh, Gotham is a weird town.

Green Lantern/New Gods...Godhead #l

It actually makes more sense if you read this before reading Green Lantern.  I...did not. 

Well, the New Gods have been visiting the Source Wall again, and Highfather seems to feel that getting all the rings will somehow defeat Darkseid.  He isn't particularly polite about the way that he goes about getting samples of all these rings, since his feeling is that the Ring Bearers are a bunch of losers anyway. 

Then, after killing and robbing, and messing peoples lives up, all the New Gods come back with their rings, and it...doesn't work.

I've always liked the New Gods.  In particular I liked Metron, Orion, Scott Free and Barda.  But I don't like THESE New Gods.  And Orion, who is simply spectacular in Wonder Woman is nothing more than a jerk here. And Metron is a creep.  And Highfather is a creep.  And they took Mogo's ring.  And St. Walkers, although he wasn't using it at the time.


Green Lantern #35

Now the GL's are left with the problem of dealing with poor Mogo.  You would think that they would just give him another ring, and everything would be fine, but that's too complicated for Hal.  Metron pontificates, St. Walker whines some more, Salaak is horrified, and Hal is stupid.  And there is a fight.  And finally, they all seem to notice that yes, Kyle is DEAD, and they mourn him, although they have completely ignored that idea for quite a while.  Of course Kyle isn't dead, but they don't know that. 

This is...kinda stupid.  And boring.  And as much as I love the Green Lanterns, I never thought I would be saying that.  I can only assume that after FAR too long, this new crossover will end with Kyle coming back, and...and stuff will happen. 


Justice League #34

The League is dealing with Lex Luthor and his...interesting manner of dealing with problems.  Superman of course isn't happy, and neither is Batman, but Captain Mar....er...Shazaam is happy to go out and fight Gorillas, Cyborg is rebooting, and Wonder Woman is showing Lex that people aren't all that bad, when a little girl gives him a hug and a flower. 


Of course, he starts plucking the petals from it later, but that's just Lex. 

Oh, and Barry  tries to help Jessica learn how to control her evil Green Lantern Ring. 

My favorite part, quite frankly, was Captain Cold.

Thor #1

Well!  I did not see that coming!  But the identity of the new Thor makes perfect sense.

Poor Thor.  I didn't read the previous Watcher storyline, but somehow, Nick Fury whispered something to him, and now he's no longer worthy of Mjollnir.  That seems like a really dickish sort of thing for Nick Fury to do, but it's on a par with how he has been acting lately, according the the latest ret-con.  A shame really, I've always rather liked Nick Fury. 


But anyway, poor Thor is coming unglued.  Odin is back, and throwing his weight around.  Odin is always a jerk, but somehow I enjoy his blatant pomposity and stupidity.  Also for some reason, Malekith...I think...has unleashed some really cool Frost Giants on Midgard, and they are destroying an underwater lab built by Roxxon.  So I really can't be sorry, because Roxxon is evil.  EVIL!  And Malekith is just so gleeful. 

And never ever mess with a cranky All-Mother.

This was actually good.  I wasn't sure about it all, but I'm glad that I picked it up.

Wonder Woman #34

Finally!  It seems as though this issue has been really late, but I'm glad that it is here. 

Diana is slowly bleeding to death, and has a nice little talk with Ares.  Strife is wandering around causing trouble, because that is what she does.  Hera is feeling godly again, and all the Amazons are still fighting the First Born.  Oh, and Hippolyta is alive again!  Sort of. 

Milan is back, and Hephaestus has mechanical elephants!  Orion is in there fighting, and he is so much more heroic than in the Green Lantern book.    They need to get little Zeke, the Last Born, onto the throne of Olympus for some reason, but naturally, it isn't going to be easy

God, this is great.  And I love, I simply love Diana's outfit, with her hair done up, and the leather skirt and armor, she looks just fabulous.

This was really good. 


At 11:16 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I feel like Mogo ought to be able to handle a few pissant Fourth Worlders on his own, you know. And if the rings didn't work like Highfather though, why not give them back? Or make his own, better rings, if these Rings and their owners are so lousy?

I thought it was the residents of Apokolips who were supposed to behave like asses.

So is the new Thor someone we know, or a totally new character?

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Erin S. said...

I love that their playing up the weirdness of Gotham. Past stories have a lot of supernatural stuff going on and I have a feeling we'll see some of that.

At 5:47 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Yeah, Calvin, the New Gods just swooped in and out waaaaaaay too easily. Mogo ought to be able to wipe the floor with Orion for pete's sake. And Highfather is being a bigger jerk than Odin.

And speaking of Odin...he was extremely obnoxious to his wife Freyja...who ends up picking up Thor's hammer.

I did NOT see that coming...but it was actually presented in a way that made perfect sense.

Erin, Gotham is indeed one weird little burg.

At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

Was it Freyja? It seemed to be a little less certain than that when I read it. We see a woman picking up the hammer, and it's easy to assume it's Freyja, it's not necessarily her. I think they want to keep some mystery for now.

Of course, it could really be Freyja...or Sif...or someone else.

At 7:26 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I just assumed it was Freyja, but what she actually did, was change the wording on the side of the Hammer so that it said "if SHE be worthy".

So...it may not have been Freyja at all, which actually rather bums me out, because I thought that would have been hilarious.

At 9:04 AM, Blogger Erich said...

It's amazing how Jack Kirby could present a pretty straightforward look at the nature of good and evil, and DC has missed the point entirely.

I'll just reassure myself that the REAL New Gods are off in their own universe (along with all the other DC characters), while the "New 52" Earth is just a parallel world that we're inexplicably being subjected to...


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