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Thursday, October 09, 2014


That's a pithy title if there ever was one.  A small week for me.

Batman #35

So...now we are past Zero Year, and Bruce is suffering from recurrent nightmares.  I can understand that, he has to have seen some pretty weird stuff.  Gotham is rebuilding, which is a good thing.  And then a cloud of gas goes off downtown, but it is nontoxic gas, which is a change from the usual gas attack every Tuesday in Gotham.  Almost...almost as if someone just wants to evacuate the area!

And there is Batman in his Super Bat Suit, fighting off everyone, but he's dreaming, and then he's not and Wonder Woman flies through a window and attacks him. Then everyone on the Justice League attacks him! 

Well, this is a fine how-do-you-do.  And he's holding his own, fighting back, until of course Superman shows up, and...is that the Joker at the end? 

I love the art by Capullo as always, but I had to confess, are we back in the "present" or are we still in the past when Batman was a rookie?  With all the crossovers, and jumping time lines, it is getting hard to know anymore...or maybe I'm just too stupid.

Interesting, that's for sure.

Green Lantern Corps $35

More New Gods beat up Green Lanterns.  That planet that Highfather used his stolen rings to accelerate their evolution? Well, they all turned into monsters, so out of the kindness of their hearts, the New Gods are exterminating them. The Lanterns find this to be...well...pretty monstrous, but the New Gods babble a lot of pseudo God talk and beat the crap out of them. 

Highfather is still looking for Kyle, and his White Ring Power.  To beat Darkseid, who quite frankly, isn't half as horrible as the supposed "Good Guys".

This is...just awful. 

I can't stand this plot, I can't stand the various corps being nothing but punching bags.  I can't stand the New Gods being total Wankers.


Justice League United #5

Well, they are a team now, and we have a nice bit of background for Miyabhin and how she got her powers, and how she gets to fight a Wendigo...oops, Whitago.  Her Dad was a good guy, got taken over by a Wend...er...Whitago and she fights him too.

Oh, and the Legion shows up from the future so that they can murder that little kid, whom J'onn is protecting.


Hawkeye vs Deadpool#l

This continues the story that started last month, with it being Halloween, and it is quite amusing, with the two of them paired up doing their thing.  Kate even shows up!  It's lovely.  I'm not quite so happy about them making Felicia, aka the Black Cat be the one behind all of the mayhem, going so far as to get Typhoid Mary on her side, as they hypnotize various city leaders to do their evil biding...or something. 

Seriously, Black Cat?  I understand that she's a bit unhappy at her treatment by Spider-Man, or actually Doc Ock, when he was living in Spider-Man's skin, but this seems to be...extreme. 

Other than that caveat however, this is a rather good-natured romp, and fun.  A lot more fun than the Green Lanterns, that's for sure.

And finally,

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #l

So...Archie has taken a rather dark turn lately.  I haven't been reading the books, but I have been reading ABOUT the books, where everyone is a zombie, and stuff.  This is more of the same and it is basically Sabrina's origin, but it certainly ain't the stuff I read and watched as a kid!  What is really cool, and I assume this was a promotion for the various Comic Book Store owners, the cover has my very own beloved Comic
Book Store's name on the artwork! 

Matt's Sportscards and Comics, in Enfield, Connecticut, is the name on the building that has a dark and shadowy figure and a crouching teenaged Witch, all in Black and Orange for Halloween. It is a clever concept, and so of course I had to buy it.  And it's a darned good story, so maybe I'll be staying with this!  I want to see what happens!


At 5:44 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

I heard that with the great sales of Archie Afterlife they wanted to branch out and do more horror versions. It's funny but Archie Comic seems to be doing a lot of fun and interesting stories lately. I think the last one I heard of was Archie vs. the Predator. Yeah I'm seriously about that one.

At 9:14 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I still cherish my Archie vs the Punisher comic, so I guess that Archie vs Predator isn't completely out of line.

But yes, it is actually nice that they are trying to do something different with the line.


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