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Thursday, October 23, 2014


An unusually small week, but since there is a fifth week of comics this month, I suppose that would account for it.

Aquaman #35

Still hanging in there with this book.  The art is very pretty, and it is an interesting story.  Poor Arthur...Atlantis has earthquakes...or should that be seaquakes...everytime he wanders by, which has to be disconcerting.  He brings back good old Shin, and Dan Evans, so that they can come with him and do research.  Needless to say, they are both delighted.  Also, we got to see Salty the Sea Dog, which always makes me happy.

Arthur also deals with the rebels by taking them up to the surface, and then giving them their own colony, where they can sink or swim on their own.  It is a bit more merciful than just executing them.  And oh...incidentally, his mother's tomb is actually empty, which may be why he's having so many problems.  So things are being set up for a future story as well.

Not bad at all.

Batman '66 #16

And speaking of not bad!  In this episode, we have none other than Vincent Price as Egghead.  He has been experimenting on himself, and achieved a sort of super duper mind whammy, and manages to re-evolve the Dynamic Duo back to Cavemen.  This actually backfires a bit, because although they look like Neanderthals, they still have their brains, because as Batman points out, they may have been primitive, but not stupid. 

Egghead, then scampers through Gotham hi-jacking other villains nefarious plans for his own.  Naturally, the Caped Crusaders find him, and trick him into returning them to their accustomed appearance, before snapping on the cuffs.  Oh, and also taking away his super mind powers. 


Red Lanterns #35


She-Hulk #9

I do enjoy this book.  Last issue, an old Captain America asked Jen to represent him in a lawsuit.  And oh, she's up against none other than Matt Murdock. It is a Civil Suit, that accuses Steve of being instrumental in the death of a young man years before, before he ever became Captain America.  Jen isn't happy going up against Matt, who is as usual, quite brilliant, and she's not really optimistic.  Cap won't let her try any courtroom tricks.

Then Matt shows up as Daredevil, and they go romping through the city, in order to clear out the cobwebs and the air.  It turns out that Cap went to Matt and asked him to take the case against him, since he still feels some guilt about the death of his friend.  I don't know how it is all going to end up, but I'm enjoying the ride!

What a nice little week!


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