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Thursday, October 16, 2014


Not a bad week.  Not a fabulous week, but not a bad week.

Batgirl #35

I had dropped this earlier, but due to all the buzz I was going to pick it up again and see what all the hoopla was about.  And heck...it was cute.  Fun art, fun story, and a youthful but still on-the-ball Barbara.  Not sure why she and Black Canary are so mad at each other, since I have dropped Birds of Prey as well.

As an old lady, I am not particularly into all of the various media modes of communication.  I am not on Facebook, nor do I tweet or any of the the other stuff out there.  You're lucky I can figure out how to log onto the computer!  But still...it was a particularly clever method that she used to shut down the Bad Guy.

A lot of fun.  And fun is a rare commodity these days.

Batwoman #35

What the hell?  I didn't get the issue from September because having Kate as a vampire five years in the future didn't appeal to me, so I am completely lost as to why she is fighting Morgan Lefay in Spaaaace!  Did the vampire from a couple of issues ago turn into Morgan LeFay?  What the Hell?  Where did her buddies come from? 

I didn't like this, I had no idea what was going on, and I am dropping it for good.

Batman & Robin #35

Now this I actually did like.  Batman has managed to get his fine old self all the way to Apokolips, via a stolen Mother Box.  He's just tearing up the place, and even confronting Glorious Godfey.  Meanwhile...back at the cave, Jason, Tim and Barbara have shown up and put all their differences aside, as they are wont to do.  I think Bruce hypnotizes them sometimes, I really do.  And with Alfreds help, they put on cool junior versions of Bat's new suit, all as Robins.


And then they con poor Cyborg into coming to the cave, hooking up to fight some nebulous "menace" and end up stealing all his downloaded info on how to make another Mother Box...or something.  This is kind of a crappy thing to do, but hey, they have good intentions.  Naturally, Cyborg realizes what they are up to, and jumps through the Mother Box as well, so everyone is on Apokolips! Woohoo! 

Also Kalibak is running around crying about how he loves Daddy.

This is a crazy book.  But a damn good book.

Fables #145

This is the final hurrah storyline for Fables, and some of my favorite characters are dropping right and left.  Bigby is back, but he's being controlled, and I think that whatsername is more or less the Dark Man at this point anyway.  Ozma and Beast were taken down last issue, and now Totenkinder is back with Rose, and they don't fare much better, although they do escape with their lives.  Snow White is pissed, and who can blame her?

I want a happy ending, dammit, but I'm not sure that I'm going to get one.

Justice League #35

God, the art is pretty in this, with Doug Mahnke and Ivan Reis sharing the honors, and Keith Champagne, whom I adore, doing the inking...along with some other people. 

Lex is trying to convince everyone that he is a changed man, and that they can TRUST him now!  The Justice League has certain...reservations.  Also Bruce upstages Lex, which makes Lex a little pissy.  But he did promise to show Bruce ALL of his secrets...even the ones that he wasn't going to.  And we meet his sister, and find out that he's trying to clone another Bizzarro, and all of the rest of the league is stationed outside...just in case. 

Then they are attacked by some unknown baddie, who is trying to take out Lex, but doesn't mind removing a few other Leaguers as well, if he gets paid more.  And oops...the Amazo Virus has been accidentally unleashed!

Really Lex, you should take better precautions.

Pretty good actually.

Daredevil #9

Oh, those adorable little purple kids, are something of a menace.  They don't just...persuade you like the Purple Man, they exude various emotions, and it is wreaking havoc across San Francisco. 

Also, Matt is toying with the idea of joining Kirsten's Dad and publishing his memoirs...because it is a REALLY big paycheck!  But both Foggy and Kirsten point out that Matt may be a fabulous Lawyer and a fabulous Crimefighter...but he can't write to save his life...which I found to be amusing.

He naturally ends up fighting the kids, but really...how do you fight a bunch of little kids?  Plus they are using their emotional whammy jammy on him, and he's right back to being depressed.

Excellent.  As Usual.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #7

Well, Doom has managed with Valeria's help to imprison young Loki, because he is mad that Old Loki has destroyed the earth in the future.  Freyja says that they have to go along with this, because Old Loki makes everything so fabulous for Asgard in the future, that it is worth destroying poor Young Loki and his efforts to change.  Odin has his doubts, and for once I think he is right.

Verity is invisible, and a bit upset,and naturally young Valeria spots her.  I guess that kid really has some issues! She also doesn't look three years old.  But  Verity convinces her to free Loki, while Doom is out fighting off the effects of Red Onslaught's Fear Beam.  So that is why all his subjects were beating each other up!  Magneto apparently killed Red Skull, which released Red Onslaught. 


But anyway, they use Loki's Sword of Truth, because the Truth makes you Free or something.  Doom sees the Truth, and being Doom...sticks to his own version, because...hey, he's Doom.  And then they all decide to team up with Magneto.

I guess this is how it all ties in with the new crossover, where the Villains have to save the world, because the Heroes are too...Good?  It's an interesting twist anyway, and I liked this issue.  I DO wish that they would go back to original artist, because I am less than impressed with Jorge Coelho.   Too scratchy.

But I am having fun with Young Loki.

Ms Marvel #9

Managed to snag the last copy, after completely missing last months issue, which enrages me to no end, since that is when Lockjaw shows up.  So, I 'm a little confused about some of the details, except that her school is being attacked, and her healing factor can't keep up, so she's pretty wiped out.  Fortunately, she ends up being rescued by none other than Medusa, and finds out that she's not a mutant, but an Inhuman.


Her powers are still in flux, but Kamala is a tough little bird, and after being patched up, she goes right back into the fray.  She even ends up saving the kids...except that they are there voluntarily for some reason.

God, I do love this book.  Bright, fun, witty.  Cheerful instead of depressing.  What a concept!

A good week.  A lot of Marvel, which rather surprises me, but I am enjoying the heck out of Marvel's smaller and more quirky books.  DC, could you please take note?


At 9:33 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

From what I hear Batwoman is doing one of those non-linear stories that will backtrack to explain how they get there. The team was shown in the Futures End tie in but nothing of value was given that could explain anything except they work together at some point.

Some brain washing might be involved with the bat kids. Honestly it gives me seriously bad vibes with them (especially Jason) forgiving him so easily. It's getting to the point Batman's relationships are feeling very abusive (mostly emotionally.) Although to be fair most of my problems with said relationships are in this book as Bruce has been cool in some other books.

At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

We did find out that it's definitely not Freyja carrying the hammer BTW.

At 11:56 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Erin, I couldn't make heads or tails of Batwoman...which is a shame. She did rather shine in the regular Batman book, when Jason, Tim and Barbara all asked her to keep an eye on things while they were off gallivanting around Apokolips.

Randy, there goes THAT theory!


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