Hal Pictures Green Lantern Butt's FOREVER!: February 2010

Green Lantern Butt's FOREVER!

Now with Guy Gardner's Seal of Approval!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I'm sure you're all familar with my wish for a new Guy Gardner action figure. I whine about it on a regular basis. Sorry about that. I also moan about getting more Green Lantern characters as action figures, and slowly...ever so slowly, they are beginning to remedy that desire.

But then I saw a picture of this at the Toy Show in New York City.


I...I WANT it. I'm channelling a little bit of Larfleeze at the moment, because I want it so BAD!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Blackest Night: Green Arrow #30

I am of course, getting most of the Blackest Night cross-overs...or at least the ones that feature characters that I like. And I like Ollie,even though he's a bigger jerk than Hal even.

But I simply couldn't resist this cover.


So...so perfect.

The story follows pretty much the same ground as most of the other similar issues. Ollie is trapped inside his body, as Nekron has taken over, and he's doing and say some pretty awful things. But the art is pretty, and Conner and Mia show up along with Dinah, which is nice. And of course, in the end, Ollie is able to...just for a moment...overcome the Ring's conditioning and think of a way to save his loved ones. And it's actually pretty cool.

I also find it interesting that out of all the things that have happened to him, the worst day of his life was when he thought he killed a Parallax-possessed Hal. Not to mention Kyle, who was right behind him, but in typical Ollie fashion, he never mentions that he also may have killed an innocent kid. But I digress. It's a nice character study, and I'm always happy with those.

The other day, I was being quite cranky about the fact that practically everyone on that cover with Nekron, had had their own book...with the exception of Ice. I am now pleased to report that they were obviously saving the BEST for last.


Oh, it's going to be epic.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blackest Night #7

Well...I am enthralled. Enthralled, I tells ya! I hope that everyone has already run out and read this, because spoilers be damned, I gonna review it. If you don't want to know what happens, then stop reading right now.

I'm so glad that Ivan Reis had that extra month to work on the art, because, as always, it is simply gorgeous.

We begin with Nekron having some of his dead minions drag forth a passl of Guardians. There is a light behind him, and it casts some ominous...and very intriguing shadows. As Nekron is getting his jollies from threatening a Guardian, Hal and the rest of the ring-bearers are busy pouring light and energy into him...with NO effect whatsoever...a point that Sinestro points out in a suitably sneering manner. And in the middle of all the commotion, Black Hand runs into Atrocitus, and it is an interesting moment when they...recognize each other.

Then Lex goes a little nutsy from the power of the Orange ring. Did I say nusty? I mean nutsier! Guess he wants ALL of the rings. Heck even Larfleeze is startled! Oh, and he really really wants to be Superman.

Meanwhile, far above Coast City, poor John is busy holding off a couple of billion Black Lanterns. And Black Lantern Air Wave shows up! Wave to all of the nice people! But in a two-page spread that I would LOVE to show if only my furshlugginer scanner worked, Guy and Kyle and Kilowog and Warth and Fatality and ALL of the Green Lanterns, Star Sapphires, Indigoes, Red Lanterns, Blue Lanterns and Sinestro Corps show up! It's one helluva panel. There is a slight misunderstanding with the Rage Lanterns, and Air Wave tries to eat Guy, but once they get that cleared up, a dissembodied voice begins to exhort all the assembled Corps, telling them to work together. It's rather a nice conceit, as each word ballon has a different background color, and finally it ends with "all will be well." Oh, and SOMEthing...or someONE is really trying to get out of the Black Battery.

Nekron gets bored with torturing his little Guardian, and slits his throat, and out pours his guts. His multi-coloured guts. Black Hand has some fun playing with them on the ground...there's that symbol again, and then Nekron commands the Trespasser to...RISE!

And in a brilliant flash of light, there is the Entity of Life itself. Just as Parallax is the entity of Fear, and Ion of Willpower, and the Predator of Love, and so on and so forth, there is an Entity of Life. And finally then Ganthet spills the beans. Life first arose in the Universe on Earth, but they suppressed that fact, and kept the Entity hidden. That's why they never chose any Earth people as Green Lanterns. Sinestro is beside himself at this point. He realizes that Abin Sur was the one to figure this all out, and that the Guardians were responsible partly for his death. Needless to say, he's not pleased. And now finally, I understand why Abin Sur gave that little smile just before he died, when the ring picked Hal...and he said basically...and Earth Man...who'd a thunk?

Oh the irony.

So, Nekron is torturing the Trespasser Entity, and everyone still alive is reeling, since they feel it as well. It finally dawns on Hal, that in order for it to fight back, it needs a pilot. And since he had such fun with Parallax, he decides, what the heck, and tries to do it again. Except THIS time, Sinestro is way ahead of him.


And I got chills up and down my spine.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Lovely Wednesday

Except that it isn't lovely at all, at least weather-wise. Snow, sleet, rain, wind, more snow, and lots and lots of rain. Actually, we've been fairly lucky in comparison to some areas, which got socked with a foot of snow or more, we only got a couple of inches, but it is wet and it is sloppy.

I always wonder about how the poor UPS man is going to make the delivery if the weather is bad. My co-workers think that I am mad.

So. Off to the Comical Book Store, in search of the promised delights. Blackest Night is supposed to be coming out today,along with Blackest Night:Green Lantern, not to mention the final issue of Flash:Rebirth. That will be nice. I have been enjoying Barry's return, but it's been fairly late, although I've been so caught up in Blackest Night that I haven't really noticed. Still, at least we will have a nice ending. Oh, and the Wonder Woman/Power Girl cat fight is supposed to be this week. Can't miss that.

I LOVE the end of the month!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

National What?

Yes indeedy. Apparently it is National Pancake Day. I am all in favor of an entire day devoted to pancakes. I LOVE pancakes! Maybe we'll make them for dinner or something.

It is also National Spay Your Pet Day. Try as I might, I cannot really reconcile these two things, much less connect them to comics. And I can usually put two completely disparate things side by side and contemplate them with the uptmost complacency.

I suppose you could take your pet out to be neutered and then go for pancakes, while THINKing about comics. That's the best that I can do.

You know who would probably like pancakes?

Guy pictures

Oh yeah.

Monday, February 22, 2010

About those Black Lanterns...

Green Lanterns

I have some questions concerning the various Black Lanterns pictured above. Hal and Barry managed to outsmart the Black Rings...well...BARRY outsmarted the Black Rings, and therefore didn't become Black Lanterns, although Hal did undergo the process for about a minute or so over in GL #50. Wonder Woman, with the help of Mera and Ray Palmer managed to overcome her ring, and became a Star Sapphire. Bart was saved by Barry...with a bit of help from Wally. Conner saved himself, with a fair amount of assistance from Cassie and Krypto.

That leaves Superman, Green Arrow and Ice. You know...and I know that Superman is going to get out of this somehow. And Ollie has a BN: Green Lantern book coming out this week, I believe. So that leaves just...Ice.

Is Tora going to get a Blackest Night: Ice book? I rather doubt it. Which is a heck of a shame, because I'd LOVE to read that. So far, they have portrayed her in the background in a few panels, mainly fighting with Fire. That makes sense I suppose. Their modus operandi is to go for the people that they can hurt the most, in order to evoke the most powerful and delicious emotions.

I really am hoping that they will have a Guy/Ice confrontation either in Blackest Night #7, or in the next issue of Green Lantern Corps, because I'm getting a little tired of the two of them getting the short end of the stick. For that matter, I rather wanted to see more of a thing with John and Katma. Kyle has had Soranik, and Hal has Carol, which is nice, but dagnabit, I want more. MORE!!

And she had better come out of this whole and hearty, or I'll...I'll be quite irate. I've been nervous ever since the first issue or so of Blackest Night, when Hal was musing about how Guy was the only one with a girl, and how odd that was. Only to you, Hal...only to you.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Hal!

Wow, TWO Sunday posts in a row! Actually, Hal Jordan's hypothetical birthday was actually yesturday, on February 20th, but I missed it, because I was busy babbling about Green Lantern Corps.

Hal pictures

Oh Hal. You may be a jerk sometimes, but you're just so goddamned adorable.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Green Lantern Corps 45

Enough shilly-shallying already! This is the one that I have been looking forward to with fevered anticipation.


God, I love that cover.

My anticipation was deeply rewarded with this week's issue of GLC. Wielding both the green and red rings, Guy is getting in touch with himself...so to speak.


Kyle may have the right idea, and obviously he doesn't want to do anything that will hurt Guy. Too bad that Guy doesn't have the same reservations, because he starts tearing through the assembled Green Lanterns like a kid on Christmas morning through tissue paper.

Miri has the bright idea of throwing a love harpoon at him...and it sticks! Too bad he then takes them for a Nantucket sleigh ride. A dozen GL's can't even slow him down...a fact that I take GREAT pride in, and Kyle is beginning to get a bit frantic. Fortunately for them all, Mogo decides to take a figurative hand in all of this. Mogo, as I am increasingly becoming aware is awesome. Simply awesome.

Guy lands with a thud on the surface of Mogo, and starts to go through all the best and the worst aspects of his life, portrayed respectively in green and red auras. On the good side, he has his football career, being in the JLI, getting his ring, becoming Warrior, and of course, Ice. On the bad side is being beaten to a pulp by his miserable old goat of a father, Kyle's being Parallaxed, Hal's being Parallaxed, Ice's death, Kyle's death, and of course, being one-punched by Batman. Stupid Batman.

It's interesting that for practically the entire history of Green Lantern Corps, Mogo has been depicted as the spiritual anchor of the group. Practically ALL Lanterns take a trip to Mogo and let go of their problems. Everyone that is, except Guy, who has always seemed to take a perverse pride in not "needing" Mogo's brand of healing. Well, boy howdy, he's getting it now!

It works well enoughk or distracts him long enough for the rest of the Lanterns to restrain him. Kyle is still trying to get the red ring off of his finger, but if finally informed by Munk that this is a BAD idea, since it will kill Guy. Kyle is really having a very bad day. They need a Blue Lantern? Ok, let's find one. Well, Munk doesn't have the power to take him that far. Ok then, lock him up in one of the sciencells until they CAN find one. Uh, not enough power. Msn, that Indigo Lantern is one heck of a downer. Kyle is becoming more and more frustrated, and less and less inclined to just sit around and watch his friend go berserk again. Soranik performs an exam and realizes that the red infestation is all through Guy's body.

There is a rather poignant exchange between Kyle and Kilowog at this point. Kyle is becoming frantic, and Kilowog has to point out that they may not be able to save Guy, and asks just what it was that Guy said to him during those brief moments of clarity on Oa. Kyle lies, and says that Guy begged him not to give up, but Kilowog knows perfectly well that Kyle is lying, and KNOWS that Guy said to kill him, which Kyle reluctantly admits. Fortunately for them all, they STILL have Mogo on their side. Really, having Mogo around may be bad for your tides, but it is incredibly handy for everything else!

Guy is pulled into a shallow pool...a nutrient bath, to keep his body from going into shock. Before Kyle can figure out WHY Guy would be going into shock, Mogo releases the super leeches...and things get a little disgusting. For some reason, Guy seems to be the one Lantern that is subjected to problems like this. Von Daggle turns into a bacterium and Guy inhales him, and he comes out as a worm thingie through Guy's ear. He gets infected with Despotillis, and Leezil Pon has to go into his blood stream and do battle. Now he' has Mogo leeches coursing through his guts, like super anti-bodies, burning out the red infection. I would love it if he ended up with the most AMAZING IMMUNE SYSTEM ever!

I guess it works, because with a hearty "Son of a Bitch!" Mr. Gardner jumps out of the pool. Oh Guy. And right in front of everyone, he...he hugs Kyle. My jaw dropped to the floor, I kid you not. He doesn't really remember a whole lot of what happened, but he's just so...so sweet and confused. He's also a bit terrified that he actually may have hurt or killed some of his friends. Heck, he even offers to hug Mogo.

Mogo does warn him that that the treatment was not complete, he DOES still have some red blood in him, and that he needs to find a Blue Lantern sooner rather than later. Guy is happy that Kyle saved him, but wants to know who saved Kyle, so Kyle points out Miri. Guy may be feeling unusually mellow, but he's still Guy. He hangs an arm around her shoulders and tells her that she's got an open tab at Warriors fer life...and not just food, but BOOZE! The look on little Miri's face is absolutely hysterical. Oh Guy.

So, they all head back to the ruins of Oa, where the rest of the Indigo Lanterns have suddenly congregted, and charge up their rings and recite their oath, and everybody is ready to go charging off to Earth for the last stand.

This was good. This was SOOOO good. I loved Green Lantern of course, but man, this was my favorite. I'm going to miss Pat Gleason terribly.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Arrgghh! Had to work late today, so I'm not really in the mood for a massive posting or review. On the bright side, my Sweet Baboo just got back from his business trip to San Antonio. On the dull side, he fell sound asleep a few minutes ago.

Oh well.

But I was secretly thrilled to learn that a Norwegian lass by the name of Tora has won a medal in the biathlon. That is JUST too cool for words.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Green Lantern #51

Well, this is getting tedious. Oh, not the issue of course. That's stupendous as always. But it is getting harder and harder each month to come up with new superlatives. We are getting nearer and nearer to the climax of the whole story, and things are definitely hitting the fan.

We begin with a brief moment of avarice and comedy, as Lex Luthor is bound and determined to add Superman to his little orange bag of tricks. Larfleeze is literally hanging onto the battery and won't let go, which is driving Lex nuts.

Then of course we get to Hal, possessed by Parallax in the last issue, who is all in the Black Lantern Spectre's face. Parallax is awfully happy to be where he is, and even happier to be taunting the Spectre. He REALLY hates the Spectre, and his taunting is pretty much guaranteed to hurt. A lot. Carol is busy fretting about Hal, while Ganthet is telling her to relax and let Hal do what it is that he does best. Mera is chasing a Black Lanterned Garth, while Atrocitus is convinced that the Spectre is more than he seems, he's ALSO holding the Rage entity. Or so Atrocitus thinks, anyway.

So, the Spectre and Parallax are going at it, and there is a simply exquisite full page picture of Hal/Parallax peering into the interior of the Spectre and what remains of his essence. Doug Mahnke really knocks it out of the part, artwise...as usual. After a bit more taunting, Parallax finds the black ring, and severs the connection. Woohoo! The Spectre is back to his old self...and pissed as hell. So that's a good thing.

Too bad that Parallax is really enjoying taking a spin in Hal's body, and isn't planning on giving it up. Sinestro goes after Hal, while Atrocitus is trying to free the embodiment of Rage, that he is convinced is within the Spectre. The Spectre turns red, vomits some blood, and then tells Atrocitus...no dice.

Well, bummer.

While Parallax is distracted, egged on by Ganthet, Carol grabs ahold of him and starts showing the power of love.


And Hal is free! Double woohoo! Sinestro is all set to reclaim Parallax, who gives him the slip...much to his surprise and hightails it to Belle Reve prison, and the cell of a certain Hector Hammond.

Uh oh.

So, anyway, they are all happy that the Spectre is in his right mind, and he's going to help them defeat Nekron. Except that Nekron has other ideas, and the Spectre is pretty much powerless against him. Well crap. Sometimes Hal, you really should take a minute to try and think things through.

To be continued in Blackest Night next week!

I'm on the edge of my seat.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can't Blog...Reading

Holy Guacamole! What a week! A Helluva Week! In addition to both Green Lantern AND Green Lantern Corps coming out, I also picked up Blackest Night:Flash, Incredible Hercules, Justice League,Power Girl and Streets of Gotham. Not to mention the latest Starman Omnibus, which is jam-packed with goodness. So...so much goodness.

And to top it all off, I managed to find an Arisia figure. She's the first one that I've actually seen in the flesh...er plastic, and I snatched her up immediately. She can go on the shelf with the rest of my Green Lanterns! But not next to Hal, I'm going to put her with Kilowog.

An expensive week, no doubt. But worth it. So so worth it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

As I Promised

Hey, we actually got snow when the weather people said that we would. Who'dathunk?

Nothing particularly thoughtful today. But yesturday I promised Bat bonking, and I am a woman of my word.


Plus it's just fun.

And for the other half of my pledge...

Hal Pictures

Because for some of us, ogling Hal's backside never gets old.

Monday, February 15, 2010


...Looks like another Monday. I've been so pleased with so much of the news coming from DC lately, what with Guy getting his own book (and Kilowog!) and John having a bigger role hopefully, and the whole idea of Brightest Day, not to mention bringing back Birds of Prey and the JLI, that I'm feeling a little bit of Comic Overload.

What the heck can I talk about today? It seems as though it has been SO long since a Green Lantern book actually came out, that I am looking forward to Wednesday with uncommon hunger. There's also the fact that Blackest Night is entering his penultimate and ultimate issues soon, and as the tension ramps up, I want to find out just how the heck our boys in green are going to triumph. And what the heck is going to happen after that?

This constant state of anticipation is one of the reasons why I think that the comics format, of doing monthly books with cliff-hangers will endure. I keep reading that it's not a premise that will last, it's not profitable, there aren't enough fans, and that the publishers will switch over to doing just trade publications, and so on and so forth. These things may all be true. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to come out with longer stories, all published at once. But I LOVE the idea of getting my books every Wednesday, since I am a creature of habit. I also love cliff-hangers. It's nice to read a collection or the trade all at once, and sometimes it actually works better because in the case of books that had shipping and lateness problems, it is too easy to forget what happened one or two or three months ago.

And yet....

I enjoy that feeling of anticipation. And the enormous satisfaction of walking in the store, and there it is...the one or two books that you've been salivating over for weeks, and here it is, and I can't WAIT to get home and read it. Sometimes, it doesn't quite live up to the hype, but most of the time it does, and it's a very...satisfying feeling.

Wow. I didn't even have to resort to a picture of Batman being punched or Hal's ass.

I'll do that tomorrow instead.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I don't normally post on a Sunday,but what the heck. My Sweet Baboo is in the other room watching the Daytona 500, and patting me on the head when I get him buffalo wings. Ah Romance.

And speaking of Romance...


This guy is REALLY into Twitter.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Be Still My Heart

Well! This is the best Valentine's Day present I could ever receive...even though it isn't actually Valentine's Day yet. Still, this news makes my heart just go pitter pat.

There is going to be a MASSIVE shake-up of the Green Lantern world after Blackest Night. Tony Bedard of R.E.B.E.L.S is going to be the new writer for Green Lantern Corps. Ardian Syaf is going to be the new artist. Pat Gleason is going to be working on the Brightest Day mini-series along with Ivan Reis, while David Finch will be doing the covers.

Peter Tomasi is going to be moving over to a NEW book, called Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, with the art being done by Fernando Pasarin. Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke remain on Green Lantern.

Holy Pastafazoola!

They are going to be giving Guy his own book, in Emerald Warriors! He's teaming up with Kilowog! I'll still have Tomasi as the writer! He's one of the few writers who actually "get" Guy Gardner, along with Beau Smith, Keith Champagne and Duskdog. I'm so thrilled, that I may just about swoon.

Tony Bedard is a good writer too, so Kyle, Soranik, Vath, Isamot and Iolande are still in good hands. And apparently, John Stewart is going to be made an Honor Guard, and is moving to Oa to team up with Kyle. Oh, and Ganthet is coming along too. This is good. Kyle and Guy make a wonderful team, but John is smart too. And it will be nice to be able to actually read about John on a regular basis.

Wow, Earth Lanterns really do make fabulous Honor Guard members, don't they?

I'm going to miss Pat Gleason TERRIBLY, but at least he'll still be working on the Brightest Day book. And I wouldn't be too surprised if he ends up back on an Aquaman book...if they revive Aquaman. I'll have to go and look up some Fernando Pasarin books, because he's not ringing any bells with me, artwise.

So...THREE Green Lantern Books. And a Movie. Finally, the best concept in Comics is getting its due. Of course I'm a little biased. But if you can have fifteen Batman books, then by gum, you can have three Green Lantern books.

Green Lanterns


Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Spectacle

Well, boy howdy, the Winter Olympics open this evening in lovely Vancouver, British Columbia. Or...as I had to explain to one of my co-workers...that's in Canada. Oh Canada.

And since I have fond memories of the Calgary games, I am looking forward to the opening spectacle with great anticipation. Which doesn't mean that I won't take a break for thirty minutes or so, to watch the Brave & the Bold. There are just SOME things that I can't do without, and cartoon Batman is one of them.

But still! I'm hoping for Mounties and lots of 'em. I love Mounties. They have those nice hats, and those wonderful red coats, and they are all six foot five inches tall, and ride horses and sing through their noses. And if you have never listened to Arrogant Worms, then by cracky, you're missing my favorite Canadian musicians. The Mountie Song, is naturally one of my favorites, along with the War of 1812, where they brag about burning down Washington. Great stuff.

Which brings me to this question. Do the Marvel or DC universes even HAVE the Olympics? With all the mutants and superpowers and such, it would seem awfully easy to gain a rather unfair advantage. But by gosh, they'd all look fabulous up on the podium.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gosh, What a Tiny Week

In SPITE of the Storm Of The Century (we got two whole inches of snow!) I managed to make the trek to the Comic Book Store. Not a whole lot came out this week, but by golly, what there was...was choice.

Blackest Night: Adventure Comics. This has Cassie and Conner teaming up. Or fighting. Or both. I do have to say that I really don't have a whole lot of interest in either Cassie OR Conner. I know OF them of course, but they are not huge on my comical radar. But this...this was actually a nice little story. And the art was decent as well.

Conner as you all know, is currently a Black Lantern, although not a Zombie Black Lantern, since he's one of the lucky souls who came back from the dead. Or as he rather aptly puts it..."I thought I'd cheated Death, but it turns out Death cheated me...along with every other hero who ever came back from the grave." Nicely said.

So, he's actually alive and trying to resist in there, but the Black Ring is controlling just about everything. He does manage to resist long enough to whistle for Krypto, who shows up and is AWESOME. As usual. And he manages to tell Cassie to get him to the Fortress...where it so happens his body is recuperating, since he is presently back from the Future. Or something. It makes sense in the book anyway. And the ring is confused, because in essence there are TWO Conner Kents, and he's able to break its hold, and Cassie throws it into outer space, and oh, he's got super cold breath now.

So that's TWO Black Lanterns that have managed to break free. This was surprisingly very good.

Batman & Robin #8. Dick thinks that dunking Batman's body in a Lazarus pit is a good idea. Batwoman, Squire and Knight aren't so sure. Especially when it turns out that it's NOT Bruce's body. You REALLY ought to check in with Alfred first when you have one of your brilliant ideas, Dick. This time it's Kate's turn to have her spine squished. Damian is back, although he has to sit in a wheelchair for a while while his back heals. That's going to be a little hard with faux crazy Bats running around. Excellent as usual. I do love Cameron Stewart's artwork.

Booster Gold #29. Well, Booster is sent back to Coast City just before it goes kaflooey, trying to stop that other time-travelling lady. And hopefully, Michelle will also get the heck out of Dodge...er, Coast City in time as well. Time travel makes my head hurt, but it's Booster so I love it. And Jaime shows up as well, in what is apparently his last story. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. I think that it was all resolved just a little too easily, but they do seem to leave things open a bit. I just don't want Jaime to fade into the background.

Secret Six #18 was awesome! Amanda Waller never ceases to amaze me. There is a lot of fighting, teaming up and then fighting and so on and so forth. Amanda uses a scavenged Manhunter and some of Doctor Light's flash grenades to overpower the Black Lanterns...and it WORKS! The Six decide that they really don't WANT to work for the Suicide Squad,and Deadshot makes his feelings known, by shooting Waller in the chest. Carefully. He then tells the rest of them, as they are standing around slackjawed in consternation (and just a little bit of awe) that the NEXT time he sees them, he's shooting in the head.

Waller is surprisingly cheerful about it all. I love her pragmatism. The only one she really wants is Deadshot after all, and she's rather encouraged by the fact that he only put a bullet NEXT to her heart. Floyd's just a stand-up sort of guy. Oh, and it turns out that Amanda is actually Mockingbird. Oy!

JSA All-Stars #3

Let me just say this, the art in this book is dreadful. Just gawdawful. Peej is missing her boob window completely, and Courtney is portrayed as being a 42DDD whilst lamenting the fact that the boys in school never notice her. Yeah, right. On the other hand, Power Girl DOES fulfill my fondest wish, by punching out Magog. Boy is he ever annoying! Worse than Guy EVER was. And Sandy shows up! And has dialogue! So there is good and bad. If you can get past the art, it's not too terrible.

The backup story still has Jesse and Hourman chasing Tigress and Icicle. I'm not sure if I completely remember exactly what it is that they're looking for, but gosh darn it, they are having such a good time looking for it that I don't care.

So...a pretty good week after all.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not a Whole Lot Goin' On

Well, THAT was a bust. The Storm Of The Century is going on. It was five hours late, and it isn't really amounting to a hill of beans. It's not even sticking to the roads, for cryin' out loud. On the plus side, the UPS trucks got through! Comics are ready and waiting, and I have to admit that there was practically NO traffic at all, which was nice.

But for those of you who live in Pennsylvania or Maryland, or elsewhere...bummer.

I've GOT to stop talking about the weather.

Instead, I think I'll give you a little Bat-dickery


Oh Batman. It helps to be rich doesn't it? I SWEAR he gave every person there a C-note, just to get Superman's goat.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Run For The Hills!

It's the Storm Of The Century...Again!

Pardon me for not getting TOO excited. As a New Englander, I've heard this all too many times before. Usually, they forcast anywhere from six to twenty inches of snow...and we end up with three or so. My only concern is that the Storm Of The Century is going to hit us on Wednesday, so I am always concerned for the poor UPS man, who is bringing my precious precious comics.

I expressed my concern about this at work today...and they...they HOOTED at me!


That's a pain that can only be soothed by one thing.


Ok, so it's not Kyle's behind. But it' STILL a very nice picture.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Quite The Weekend!

Boy Howdy, how about those Saints? I'm still rather surprised. I was sure that Indianapolis had it in the bag. IN THE BAG! I have to admit that for a Superbowl, it was an astonishingly good game. When was the last time you saw an onside kick AND a two-point conversion in a SUPERbowl game? I certainly can't remember.

I was sort've rooting for Indianapolis, because Sea of Green lives there. On the other hand, they DID beat the Patriots. But Peyton Manning is ok. On the other hand, have you seen the New Orleans Quarterback? He's...cute!
And there were all those tight ends.


So, congratulations, condolences, and alka seltzer for the rest of us.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Comics on the old TeeVee

Wow! Last night was a BANNER evening for comics! A regular DC-gasm, as it were. First I had to watch The Brave & the Bold, and as usual it was HILARIOUS!! Batman ends up being split into three distinctive personalities, the logical smart one, the combative fighting one...and Bat-Slacker. I almost fell out of my chair. Oh, and Firestorm was in it too. And a ton of really really obscure villains. It was wonderful.

And then mainly out of curiosity, and because there wasn't a whole lot else on, I ended up watching Smallville. I haven't watched Smallville in AGES. This was the two-hour Justice Society of America episode! Hawkman! Green Lantern and Flash! Doctor Fate and Star-Spangled Kid! J'onn J'onnz!

It was cheesy beyond belief...but it was FUN cheese. Clark didn't do very much except stand around and look bewildered for the most part. Chloe is very much into being Oracle as far as I can see. Green Arrow was pretty. Lois was brassy. J'onn gets his powers back, which was nice, since I was unaware that he had lost them. Apparently they are forming their own JLA of a sorts. But they end up stumbling across the JSA, when bodies start appearing. Icicle, the son of a chilly villain is getting revenge for his father's coma by killing off members of the JSA. They were the old Mystery Men, who when they refused to become government lapdogs, were outed and arrested and hounded. They kill off Sylvester Pemberton fairly quickly, and then Wesley Doddds too. I have to admit that this kid was able to take them out awfully easily. He was really a terrible actor too...although that could have been the fault of the unbelievably ridiculous dialogue. Still, it was fun.

Oh, and Amanda Waller shows up. And Checkmate. And...and Suicide Squad! Sort of. Waller was much too thin and good-looking, but hey...television. My absolute favorite moment was when Hawkman referred to Green Arrow as Green Punching-Bag. It was SO appropriate.

The whole bit with Doctor Fate was actually pretty cool. They had the helmet muttering in the background throughout which was a little spooky,and I liked the costume. It translated to real life a lot better than I thought that it would. Too bad that Kent snuffs it, but it was still nice. The costumes were pretty accurate. Hawkman and Ollie REALLY don't like each other. Courtney shows up and inherits the Cosmic Rod. Her costume was dead on, but I wasn't particularly sold by the actress portraying her. I DO believe that Courtney is a teenager, and this girl looked about 25. Or more.

And for the love of God, Get Clark Into The Cape And Tights Already!! Sheesh! He really didn't do a damn thing the whole episode, except for at the very end when he used a little bit of heat vision. I couldn't quite understand why this Icicle kid was giving them all such a hard time, any ONE Of them should have been able to whip his obnoxious little butt, but I wasn't the writer, and so there wouldn't have been a plot.

Anyhoo. It wasn't the greatest acting or writing or whatever, but what the heck. It was still good cheesy fun, and I can get behind that.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Getting back to the Heart of the Matter

Woohoo! It's Friday! So I was opening the mail and work, and doing the bank deposit, and came across a cheque from Walter and Linda West. I kid you not. I know that Wally's name is actually Wallace, but still! I thought that it was cool, because I'm a massive Nerd. Needless to say everyone else thought that I was nuts.

Comics are a harsh mistress.

But getting back to Green Lanterns who are NOT being pummelled, or falling down, or in general making fools of themselves.

John Stewart

This is a VERY nice picture of John, being all competent and saving the world and stuff. Actually, John is ALWAYS competent. He very rarely makes a fool of himself...unlike certain other GL's who shall be nameless. In fact, I wouldn't mind coming across a picture of John being INcompetent...just for a change. Well, not incompetent per se, just a little bit less than his normal self. Just like it is always a tiny relief to see a picture of Hal NOT being hit in the head.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Holy Moley!

I can hardly believe it, but this is my 1,000 posting on this, my humble little blog. I had no idea when I started this whole thing that it could be so...addictive. I've managed to keep it up through any number of computer mishaps, not to mention the inadvertent wiping out of most of my pictures. You'll be pleased to note that for the most part, the pictures have been laboriously restored, except for a few that I completely deleted, or something.

Computers are not really my "thing"

But comics ARE. And being able to talk to all of you is really one of the highlights of my day. It is rather comforting in the larger scheme of things to realize that I'm not alone... that there are OTHER slightly askew people who like Green Lanterns and their asses as much as I do! Although frankly, I like other heroes as well...AND their asses.

So, thank you all for putting up with my shenanigans. I plan on committing quite a few more in the next 1,000 postings.

Green Lanterns

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Not Crazy

Yes, I'm talking about Guy. AKA the Crazy One. But here he is, in practically his very first appearance, looking remarkably UN-crazy.

Guy pictures

My God, he's adorable. Hair is normal, nice clothes, relaxed posture, and not making faces for a change. It didn't last long, but what the heck.

And...because I am feeling incredibly generous, here's another little treat.

Guy and Kyle

Guy AND Kyle, both looking astonishingly pretty.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

This Could Be the Start of Something

I've had Whack a Lantern Week, I've had countless pictures of Hal suffering massive head trauma, not to mention countless other indignities, and any number of equally embarrasing moments for Guy and Kyle. John not so much. He just doesn't seem to suffer from the same tendancies towards bodily harm that the rest of them do.

The point is, that I think I'm going to do something a little...different this week. I'm showing pictures of the boys NOT being hit in the head, falling off of cliffs or on bars of soap. I'm going to show them looking...calm, collected and more or less sane. Pretty even. I know it's hard for some of you to actually picture them NOT making fools of themselves, but hey. Everybody has to look normal ONCE in a while.

Here's Hal being...suave.

Hal Pictures

And beating Bruce Wayne at his own game.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Well Here's a Change of Pace!

Well, it's Monday, and as usual, I am desperately trying to come up with something to blog about. And it occured to me, that perhaps a change in the usual order wouldn't be a bad thing. Usual, being the head trauma that is so often inflicted up on Hal Jordan.

So instead, I found this.


Yes, that's Hal, looking even hotter than usual. No head trauma in sight. Granted, we aren't looking at his buttocks, but in this case, that's a sacrifice that I am willing to make.