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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Comics on the old TeeVee

Wow! Last night was a BANNER evening for comics! A regular DC-gasm, as it were. First I had to watch The Brave & the Bold, and as usual it was HILARIOUS!! Batman ends up being split into three distinctive personalities, the logical smart one, the combative fighting one...and Bat-Slacker. I almost fell out of my chair. Oh, and Firestorm was in it too. And a ton of really really obscure villains. It was wonderful.

And then mainly out of curiosity, and because there wasn't a whole lot else on, I ended up watching Smallville. I haven't watched Smallville in AGES. This was the two-hour Justice Society of America episode! Hawkman! Green Lantern and Flash! Doctor Fate and Star-Spangled Kid! J'onn J'onnz!

It was cheesy beyond belief...but it was FUN cheese. Clark didn't do very much except stand around and look bewildered for the most part. Chloe is very much into being Oracle as far as I can see. Green Arrow was pretty. Lois was brassy. J'onn gets his powers back, which was nice, since I was unaware that he had lost them. Apparently they are forming their own JLA of a sorts. But they end up stumbling across the JSA, when bodies start appearing. Icicle, the son of a chilly villain is getting revenge for his father's coma by killing off members of the JSA. They were the old Mystery Men, who when they refused to become government lapdogs, were outed and arrested and hounded. They kill off Sylvester Pemberton fairly quickly, and then Wesley Doddds too. I have to admit that this kid was able to take them out awfully easily. He was really a terrible actor too...although that could have been the fault of the unbelievably ridiculous dialogue. Still, it was fun.

Oh, and Amanda Waller shows up. And Checkmate. And...and Suicide Squad! Sort of. Waller was much too thin and good-looking, but hey...television. My absolute favorite moment was when Hawkman referred to Green Arrow as Green Punching-Bag. It was SO appropriate.

The whole bit with Doctor Fate was actually pretty cool. They had the helmet muttering in the background throughout which was a little spooky,and I liked the costume. It translated to real life a lot better than I thought that it would. Too bad that Kent snuffs it, but it was still nice. The costumes were pretty accurate. Hawkman and Ollie REALLY don't like each other. Courtney shows up and inherits the Cosmic Rod. Her costume was dead on, but I wasn't particularly sold by the actress portraying her. I DO believe that Courtney is a teenager, and this girl looked about 25. Or more.

And for the love of God, Get Clark Into The Cape And Tights Already!! Sheesh! He really didn't do a damn thing the whole episode, except for at the very end when he used a little bit of heat vision. I couldn't quite understand why this Icicle kid was giving them all such a hard time, any ONE Of them should have been able to whip his obnoxious little butt, but I wasn't the writer, and so there wouldn't have been a plot.

Anyhoo. It wasn't the greatest acting or writing or whatever, but what the heck. It was still good cheesy fun, and I can get behind that.


At 10:13 AM, Blogger Tim said...

(Long-ish time reader, first time commenter.)

It's a little funny that you didn't like the writing. Geoff Johns wrote the episode!

I've never watched Smallville before, but I feel like I had to watch this one. If they do seek out other JSA members like they alluded to at the end, then I'm looking forward to the episode where they find Alan Scott.

At 7:28 PM, Blogger LissBirds said...

I watched the Smallville episode last night only because of the JSA. I was surprised Johns wrote it...it seemed a little subpar for him. Though the line that Hawkman gives GA about acting like a jacka$$ was hilarious. I was mostly psyched just to see all those cameos. I was trying to take it seriously, but when you view it from the Lens of Cheese it makes more sense. :)

At 8:21 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Some of the dialogue was unbelievably ridiculous, but I suppose that sort of goes with the territory. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

There were all kinds of little clues and hints throughout. Lois was on her way to interview Michael Holt for example. I SWEAR I heard Sylvester Pemberton gasp out for Chloe to get "Jack" as he lay dying, which I believe would have been Jack Knight. They mentioned Stripsey! Ollie and Carter were rude to each other! Amanda Waller was the one pulling the strings in the background!

I just want Clark to stop sulking and get off his leather-coated ass and DO something.

At 6:45 AM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

I saw it, too. I hadn't watched Smallville in a while, but I was just writhing in my seat over how MUCH of the DC Universe now permeates the series -- The JSA! Checkmate! Amanda Waller! The Suicide Squad. An infant Justice League!

For crying out loud -- MAKE CLARK SUPERMAN ALREADY! The entire rest of the DC Unverse is going to be fully realized in the series before stupid Clark even puts on a stupid cape!

Gripe, gripe, gripe ...

At 10:10 AM, Blogger LissBirds said...

I know...it's taking him forever. I don't know if that's a licensing thing or what.

I've seen some promo pictures with him wearing a black shirt with a silver version of the Superman logo on it. I guess that's a step in the right direction.

I was just really happy to see John Jones make an appearance!


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