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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stuff I Bought

The correct title of course, should be, Stuff that I bought, read and plan to drone on about.  But that's a bit long, don't you think?  Sometimes I just can't help myself.  It wasn't a huge week, but not terrible.

Batman #29

To my utter astonishment, I continue to love this book.  That is quite a snazzy cover as well, by the way.  I like Greg Capullo's art more and more, and Scott Snyder makes me actually care about Bruce Wayne! 

Eddie Nygma's dastardly plot continues to...well, be plotted.  When the power comes back on, all control of the city will go to him, and the levees are breaking, and all mayhem is breaking out.  Nygma squats in his tower, just thoroughly enjoying himself...and who can blame him? 

Batman and Gordon are doing their best to stop the chaos, but not having much luck, but they are finding out more and more that perhaps they can actually trust each other.  The rest of Gotham's Finest, are either trying to kill Batman, or Gordon, or get the power on.  They were warned NOT to turn on the power, but naturally ignored that.  Also, Batman shows up in a Big Black Airship Blimp.  A Bat-Blimp if you will, so that he can chase down the weather balloon, that does...stuff.  Naturally, he blows it up, thereby establishing that Batman is prodigally wasteful when it comes to wrecking his own things. 

Lots and lots of action, and other excitement.  An excellent issue!

Batman: Li'l Gotham #12

And speaking of excellent!  This is, alas the final issue of Li'l Gotham, and my heart is breaking, because it was the only place that I could still read about the REAL DC!  No more Damian, no more Oracle, or Cass, or Huntress, or the REAL Bat Family. 

As usual, it is smart, and witty and beautifully rendered, with a nostalgic look back at the holidays, with none other than the Condiment King kidnapping Damian's pet Turkey at Thanksgiving.  The food puns that follow are ridiculous...and hilarious of course.  Then at Christmas, as Bruce is off doing good, and even giving presents to the inhabitants of Arkham, Damian is trying to sneak into the presents. 


I'm going to miss this SO much!   A treat from beginning to end.

Constantine #12

John continues to battle against Nick Necro, who continues to portray his love/hate relationship with John and Zatanna.  It mainly continues the battle from Justice League Dark, and although it isn't bad...nothing much new happens here.  It's just more of the same, from the last couple of issues.  Nick is a bastard, and tries to appeal to John's softer side, only to betray him, and John is a better sorcerer, and Zatanna continues to be a prize to be fought over, and Felix Faust continues to dither around the sidelines and whine a lot.

I feel as though this is just going over ground that has already been covered, ad nauseum.  Is it really necessary to spin out three issues worth of action into twelve?  The Bendis-itis of the Comic Book World continues.

Okay...but repetitive.

Green Lantern Corps #29

Oh Von Daggle, you impish Wag!

Hawkeye #17

Now that's an issue!  We don't discuss at all the...er...unpleasantness from the last issue, but go back to issue #6, wherein Clint was hanging out with his buds and watching Christmas cartoons...and the whole thing is apparently a dream, but it is a FABULOUS dream!  With the Winter Friends, and cartoon dogs, and evil wolves, and more dogs, and metaphors, and adorable adorable art.

It really is hard to describe this, so just go out and buy it and read it.


And that's it!  Like I said, a pretty small week.


At 8:48 PM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

Hawkeye was fun, no question about it. However, I do wish they'd get back to the main story.

You might want to check out Mighty Avengers. It's a great deal of fun, and sure to be canceled any day now.

Oh, Astro City was good too.

At 4:18 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It WAS fun, Randy, but you're right, that was a heck of a cliffhanger from the previous issue...which gets completely ignored here.

Still...I did enjoy it. Just wish they'd get back on schedule.

I have heard good things about Mighty Avengers. I fear that if I pick it up, it will be cancelled immediately, since I seem to have that effect.

At 6:46 AM, Blogger Saranga said...

I tried to put off reading Hawkeye because I couldn't bear finding out what happened next, because of the trauma of the last issue. So this issue was a little strange!
I think I liked it, but I'm dying to read the next Clint one!

At 7:40 PM, Anonymous Dermie said...

And, of course, you'll have to wait another issue for the next step of the Clint story, due to the current rotating feature between the Clint Barton and Kate Bishop Hawkeyes.

But that's okay, because the Kate stuff is cool too. :)

As for Mighty Avengers I do strongly recommend that book. Sure, as a huge fan of Monica Rambeau I am a bit biased. But its got a great cast (with Monica and She-Hulk being my favourites), and writer Al Ewing (who is also doing an awesome job on the Loki series) has proven that he is great with characterization AND continuity--which is a big plus in my book, when so many writers these days seem to have an allergy to continuity.

At 11:06 PM, Blogger Moriarty said...

Hey Sally... I've been using this to ease the sting of L'il Gotham: http://limbero.org/jl8/

Could not recommend it more highly. It's so much fun. And since it's a webcomic that's free, it's unlikely that you reading it could get it cancelled! :)


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