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Friday, February 21, 2014

Slightly Delayed Reviews

Due to the unending snow, it took me an extra day to get m comics.  Oh, the humanity!  I have to say, that I actually picked up a couple of books that came out last week...but that I didn't buy due to stupidity.  Well, I fixed that little problem!  Some of the books were simply wonderful...some were pretty...meh.

Adventures of Superman #4

Holy Crap!  This was great!  Thank you Kindly Denizens of the Internet for letting me know that this book was out there, and that it was fabulous.  This is the REAL SUPERMAN!  It has him wearing his real costume!  Rescuing Lois!  Jimmy! Perry White!  Lex Luthor!  Ma Kent!  Krypto! 

In fact, all of the things that I love about Superman, packed into several wonderful stories.  I think that I am going to go back and get the previous issues, and this will definitely be on my pull list. 

Man, it has been a while since I was enthusiastic about a DC book...much less a Superman book. 

Batman & Two-Face #28

I have to admit it, this was one heck of a finale to one pretty great storyline.  Peter Tomasi has done a fine job of delving into the history of Bruce, Harvey and James Gordon, and filled it out with the McKillen sisters, and the twisted and dark history of Gotham itself.    Pat Gleason does his usual stunning job with the artwork as well. 

If you haven't read the ending, I am not going to spoil  it for you...except to say...Wow! 

This...this was amazingly good.

Batman '66 #8

And speaking of amazingly good...not to mention amazingly FUN, we have none other than King Tut showing up.  I...I loved King Tut, Victor Buono was one of my favorites from the show.   This particular story pulls out all of the stops, involving time travel to ancient Egypt no less, crocodiles, chocolate, and the usual blows to the head.  Hilarious and beautifully rendered throughout.

Then it is onto none other than Shame, which is equally a hoot.  Owl hoots!  And Batman in his cape, cowl and black cowboy hat, is sensational. As is the artwork. 

God I love this book.  Which is usually the kiss of death, so I will try not to love it TOO much!

But you should.

Batwoman #28

Kate is in pretty bad shape after her encounter with Wolf Spider and she ends up scaring the crap out of Maggie's kid.  Fortunately, she is able to apologize.  Paintings by an obscure painter are being stolen, while genuine masterpieces are being left alone, so obviously, something is being concealed under the paint, and it appears to be a treasure map of some kind.  Only two other places remain that have paintings...Arkham Asylum...because why not?  And the Kane Family Estate. 

While not up to the incredible standards of the previous issues, I have to say that Mark Andreyko is doing a pretty decent job with this. While not sublime, it is at least a good decent read. 

Fables #138

Oh, that nefarious old fart Gepetto!  And he is up to his usual nefarious ways.  I have to admit that he is one sneaky old SOB.  He manages to get one last puppet carved from the magic wood into the sacred groove.  Naturally, they tell the little soldier, that they don't work for Gepetto anymore, and they try to get him to take root and grow with them. But he is a determined little fellow and he manages to get back to his "father", and sobs that he has failed.  This is exactly what Gepetto wanted, because he finally has a seedling of magic wood...and he promptly hi-tails it back to the farm, where I am sure he is Up To No Good.

And interesting story and a different one for a change.

Green Lanterns: New Guardians #28

Uh...okay I guess.

Justice League #28

I haven't been keeping up with this...the longest and most boring Crossover in History...all that much, but this actually...was a fairly decent story for a change.  Cyborg has gone off to find Dr. Magnus, who doesn't want to help him, because he did make his Metal Men, and they were too good for this world...or something, and when they sacrificed themselves to save him and others, he was determined to not go through that heartache again. 

Naturally, he decides to do it again, after Cyborg finds out that although their bodies were destroyed, their minds are still intact, and Magnus should Just Snap Out of It Already! 

I like the Metal Men, so this was a welcome little issue.  If only they could all be good.

Wonder Woman #28

Well, the First Born is loose, and making Apollo pay for his behavior...as you were pretty sure he was going to do.  Diana and Hermes are using Artemis to track down Zola and Dionysus.  Dionysus has been taken captive by Cassandra who wants into Olympus. 

Diana really isn't IN it all that much...but what the heck, I am just enjoying all of the Greek Gods doing the things that modernized Greek Gods do.  And heck, the art is so pretty.  This is more of a filler issue, moving things along and getting people in place for the BIG stuff that is going to be happening. 

Still...I've read much worse.

Daredevil #36


The Sons of the Serpent have Matt pretty much between a Rock and a Hard Place, but with the advice of Foggy, he manages to do the Right thing..as he always does.  Matt goes on the stand and admits to being Daredevil, so the Bad Guys can't use that to blackmail him.  Turns out that the Judge is a Bad Guy too, and naturally all sorts of mayhem breaks loose, but Good prevails in the end.

Except that Matt and Foggy end up being disbarred in New York.  Oh and thanks for saving us, by the way. 
And that is the end of this Series.  But not to worry, because Waid and Samnee are taking their show on the road, and Daredevil will presumably rise again in San Francisco in a short amount of time.  This is kind of a weird way of doing things, but I guess that magical Number One issue is more important to Marvel.  I don't see it myself, but I'm just a silly old lady, and who makes comics for me anyway?

But this is great.

She-Hulk #1

I finally succumbed to what all the hoopla was about, and I am glad that I did, because this was pretty fantastic.  I like Charles Soule, and I like Jennifer, and this was a hoot as well. 

Jennifer gets dumped by her firm because although she has done a ton of excellent work for them, they are disappointed that she didn't bring in all of her fancy schmancy superhero rich friends.  They...part ways, and Jennifer is nursing her sorrows at a Lawyer Bar, when she is approached by the widow of an old mad scientist, who just happened to come up with some of the ideas for Tony Stark's weaponry. 

She goes to talk to Tony about it, and gets shuffled into the hell of the  Eighteenth Floor, which is the lair of...Legal.  The one entity that Cannot be Defeated!    Courts, and Subpoenas and objections and obfuscation!  And also robots.    Being She Hulk, she does manage to prevail, and it is just wonderful. 

So,,, all things considered, a pretty decent week.  Now if the snow would just melt!


At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Bryan L said...

She-Hulk was a VERY nice done-in-one, which earns it the highest praise from me. Nobody bothers to tell single-issue stories any more.

Told you Adventures of Superman was good. DC's digital output is vastly better than the New 52.

At 5:34 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Bryan, you are absolutely correct. Adventures of Superman is now on my list, along with Batman '66. I don't know how to download the digital stuff, because I'm old and incompetent...but I don't mind waiting for the paper version.

She-Hulk was pretty darned fabulous. I MISS done-in-one stories!


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