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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Stuff I Bought

A small week.  A mixed week. 

Fairest #24

Well, we find out...finally, that the mice men are all the numerous offspring of that main...Mouse guy, who is hanging out with Cinderella.  Also, that Step Sister is VERY determined. 

Quite frankly, although I like Cinderella, this is really beginning to drag.  We seem to be alternating between very good and pretty average stories lately with this series.  The one with Lumi and Sleeping Beauty was great, the one with Rapunzel was weird and went on way too long, the one with Prince Charming was also great, and this one with Cinderella, although I like the premise is a tad on the confusing side...and has also dragged on way too long. 


Nice cover though.

Forever Evil #6

Well, I gave in, and actually bought this.  The new Justice Bunch, with Batman, Lex Luthor, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Black Adam and Bizarro invade the Evil headquarters, and manage to actually kill evil Alfred.  Then they find that Nightwing is hooked up to a bomb, that can only be defused if his heart stops.  Batman dithers and moans, Lex is ready to kill Dick, and the guy in the chair with the bag over his head, turns out to be Alexander Luthor.  Who is the new backwards Shazam or something.

Weird.  Just...weird.  Batman is being a pussy.  Captain Cold has a lovely moment however when he freezes Evil Flash's leg...and then breaks it right off.  That was a nice moment.  In keeping with Geoff Johns's M.O., somebody lost a limb!  The tide has apparently turned, but still...the whole thing just leaves me cold.

Double Meh.

Green Lantern #29


Loki: Agent of Asgard #2

Now this was a hoot.  Loki has been sent by the All-Mothers to look for Lorelei, and bring her back to New Asgard.  Why, is not really explained, but it gives Loki something to do.  And something is also up with the All-Mothers and old Evil Loki. 

He manages to trace Lorelei to a Speed Dating site, which makes a certain amount of sense.  She is hard up for cash, due to her rather magnificent spending habits.  Loki ends up sitting with a rather nice young lady named Verity Willis, who has the ability to tell when anyone is lying.  This could get interesting, if she starts hanging out with Loki of all people. 

It's light-hearted, it's...dare I say it...FUN!

Best read of the day!

She-Hulk #2

And speaking of fun!  Jennifer has established her own Lawyer's office, but the clients aren't exactly wearing a hole in the carpet to get to her door. Her new landlady however, is interesting. A former Mutant, whose powers were wiped out by "M" day, she only rents to people who are...different, so that's a rather nice touch. 

Then Jennifer meets up with Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat, and they get bombed and decide to invade an A.I.M. warehouse for some reason, mainly because Patsy is really plowed.  And defeat the Bad Guys and decide to form a partnership. Also Jennifer takes on another employee, who has a monkey and is a little peculiar as well.

More fun! 

Lately, Marvel has been wooing me back with their quirkier books, such as Hawkeye, Young Avengers, and now Loki, and She-Hulk and Daredevil.  Can I actually show a tiny bit of optimism that the Era of increasingly Grim and Gritty is slowing down a wee bit?  These are GOOD books, they are actually Damned Good books.  There is action, wit, good writing, good art, and a genuine plot! 

Be still my heart. 

Now if DC would just jump on THIS bandwagon, I would be all for it!


At 7:37 AM, Anonymous Bryan L said...

I somehow missed Loki, so I need to catch up there. Otherwise, I'm buying the same Marvel titles as you, and enjoying them much more than anything DC is producing (which is really pretty weird for me). Marvel is just plain kicking DC's butt in terms of content.

At 9:54 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Bryan, give Loki a try, it is a lot of fun. I miss Young Avengers, but this is pretty darned good too!

I was pretty fed up with Marvel during the whole "Civil War" debacle, and I am still not into all of their stuff...but they are putting out some oddball stuff that is pretty fabulous. And by oddball, I mean something with plot and characterization and even a touch of...joy.



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