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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Oops.  In all of the excitement this week, I rather forgot to post my reviews.  How can you possibly plan your weeks without them?

Batman #28

This rather took me aback, until I realized that it isn't taking place during the whole Zero Year story, but is instead something of a preview to the new "Batman Eternal", because why NOT have a 25th Batman title on the shelves! 

It's a pretty good story nevertheless, with Harper Rowe, about whom my feelings are a little ambivalent, being Batman's newest sidekick, but called Bluebird instead of Robin.  Bats may have decided that perhaps that name is a jinx since he's gone through at least four young black haired boys in only five years.  Those are not happy statistics. 

Apparently Gotham is an even MORE gloomy and horrible dystopic waste of land than it used to be.  Why the hell anyone choses to live there, is beyond me.  Catwoman is running the new gang or whatever, and things are...bad.  And the final reveal is quite the spoiler indeed. 


Batman: Li'l Gotham #11

God I love this book.  Which is apparently the proverbial Kiss of Death, since naturally they are going to axe it.  Dammit!

Batman and Damian go and visit Mom and Grandpa Al Ghul, which is always fun.  Also zombies and stuff.  And there are some hilarious digs at the new costumes for the 52 Universe that made me spit milk out my nose.  Man, that burns!  And same thing with Deadman, the Spectre and the Phantom Stranger, which was the best portrayal of all of them I have EVER read. 

The second story is with the Clock King, which is always fun.  He has a device that Stops Time, and somehow, ALL of the alternate universe Batmen show up, and do...stuff.  It's fabulous of course.

AND, at the back are the Valentines!!  I think I like "Bizzarro Hate You" the best, although I am also quite smitten with Aquaman's groovy sideburns.


Constantine #11

Well, John has managed to find Zatanna and goes charging in, and runs into none other than his old buddy Nick Necro, who has teamed up with Felix Faust.  John and Nick have a lovely time dueling, which is nice, and John succeeds, but somehow he managed to forget all about Faust for just a few minutes too long, and...oops.  His crazy band of allies is also up the creek without a paddle, and things aren't looking too good. 

But not bad at all.

Green Lantern Corps #28

Pretty good actually.

Rogues Rebellion #5

This is about the only "Forever Evil" book that I can stand, although I like Justice League Dark as well.  But like ALL the "Forever Evil" books, it has been dragging on waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long.  This entire crossover would have been done by Stan Lee in a couple of issues...three maximum, and we would have all been better for it. 

The usual happens.  The remaining Rogues fight.  They lose.  They fight some more.  And Gorilla Grodd shows up eventually.  The only reason that I buy this is because as predictable as it is, I DO like the Rogues. 


Thor, God of Thunder #19

And with this tale, we are whisked to the far future,when Thor is old, and cranky and has an eye patch and Asgard and Midgard are pretty much finished.  But his cool granddaughters show up, and I like them.  And Old Thor is so...curmudgeonly.

All of the problems go back to Roxxon, Marvel's most EVIL CORPORATION EVER!  And still, they probably aren't half as bad as some of the ones in real life.  But the art is lovely, and its an interesting story, and I like it a lot.

Saga #18

FINALLY!  I finally got my greedy hands on this book, and oh...everything hits the fan.  Gwendolyn showed up, and immediately killed Heist!  NOOO!  She also attacked Marko's mom, whom I adore, and then went after Marko and Alana.

I really...don't like Gwendolyn at all. 

But Grandma puts a serious hurt on Lying Cat, and then Izabel, their ghost babysitter shows up and man, she just rocks.  She sees right through Lying Cat, saves Grandma, and tells  Prince Robot lV to pick them up and help them.  He's not doing too well either. 

Meanwhile Gwendolyn has cornered Marko and Alana and Hazel on the roof, and is trying to get Marko to tell her how to save The Will,which he does, except it won't work on anyone but their race, so she gets pretty cranky.  Even Alana tries to help, and Gwendolyn just goes nuts, and Marko shoves Alana and Hazel off the tower...and hey, those little wings work pretty well after all!  Whodathunk?

So they escape, which is a good thing, and the Will survives, and unfortunately so does Gwendolyn, and that is pretty much the ultimate ending for this phase of the story,which will pick up again with...Toddler Hazel!

I can't wait. 


At 1:21 PM, Anonymous chino said...

catwoman is the new crime boss of gotham.

At 6:52 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Which rather surprised me. I didn't think she was the type. The Penguin...yes. Catwoman...not so much.


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