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Monday, February 17, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #28

Another pretty good issue.  Lately, it seems, I have liked Red Lanterns the best, followed by Green Lantern Corps, then Green Lantern, and finally Green Lantern: New Guardians.  I have to admit to being slightly intrigued by the upcoming Sinestro book as well.

This issue has John and a cadre of Lanterns out looking for none other than their own personal Durlan...aka Von Daggle, who hasn't been seen since he teamed up with Guy and R'amey Holl.  It's probably a good thing that it is John who is looking for him, not Hal, since I seem to recall he had something of a beef with Hal.  Oh really, who doesn't?

Unfortunately for Von Daggle, the Durlan are ALSO looking for him, and he's a bit surly, as a result.  Fortunately for John, he was smart enough to enlist some REALLY fabulous trackers, such as Bolphunga, Fatality, and Hunger Dog.  John and his bunch find him first, but he isn't inclined to come back to the Green Lantern fold.

Meanwhile,  Iolande is worried about Soranik, which is right and proper, since they ARE partners.  Kilowog isn't too overflowing with sympathy since he does happen to have his hands full at the moment, but Salaak of all people is actually hanging out with Soranik, listening to her problems and...and..HUGGING HER! 

Oh Salaak!  Who knew your curmudgeon's heart was a heart of gold?  Too bad he gets beaten up and she gets kidnapped! 

Von Daggle is pulling out all the stops, but they don't call Bolphunga Unrelenting for nothing.  And, we learn that  in order to transform, apparently Durlans need to consume radioactive energy, which is a handy tidbit of information. 

Naturally more Durlans show up, naturally Iolande wants to go looking for Soranik, and naturally, there is all kinds of things going on, and oh, that final page!  I wasn't expecting HIM of all people! 

The art is lovely and the story actually advances the plot, and it was a very good book. 


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