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Friday, March 07, 2014

Green Lantern #29

Well!  This actually wasn't as bad as they have been lately.  Sometimes it pays to stick with something.  Not usually...but sometimes.

Hal has been making pretty much a complete ass of himself lately, trying to lead the Green Lantern Corps.  I love Hal...I really do, and I resent having to remember that, when he acts like an idiot.  But while there is nobody quite like Hal, coming in at the last minute, and rallying the cavalry and saving the day by luck, intuition and the seat of his pants...when it comes to the day to day minutiae of actually RUNNING  something....he's a complete and utter failure.  Also, due to his touch of egomania, it takes a while for this fact to dawn on him.

But dawn on him, it has.  Finally.

So he goes moping off to Earth, to say hello and goodbye to his brother Jim and his family.  Naturally the kids are delighted to see their cool Uncle Hal.  Naturally, he can't even take half and hour to sit down and have a meal, he immediately starts whining and just ruins their day.  Then he hauls in poor Simon Baz, introduces him to his family and tells him that he bartered away Earth, but Simon will be there to look out for them.

It's an...uncomfortable moment.

But then, positive that he's done his best, Hal flies off and finally pours his heart out to some of his trusted Green Lantern cohorts, such as Salaak and Kilowog and so on.  Meanwhile, they are still trying to find the Durlan who is hiding out on Mogo.  And apparently Durlans need radioactive material in order to keep doing their whole shape-shifting schtick.

Also, St. Walker continues to sulk.  I have to admit that's one beautiful cover of him sulking however.  Mogo, keeps trying to cheer him up, because Mogo is awesome that way, but St. Walker is enjoying his little crisis of faith far too much to listen.

I liked this issue better than the most recent ones, because at least something is being done, although there aren't a lot of kicks to the face.  It is more of an issue to set things into place, and for Hal to finally admit that he is over his head...which I completely approve of.  I don't think that Salaak nor Kilowog have been portrayed particularly well either.  Salaak is far too cynical and snarky to just sit around while Hal destroys everything that he's worked for, and Kilowog has also been strangely passive.  And still, nobody seems to care that Kyle is "dead" and that Guy has been exiled to the Red Lanterns.  Weird.

But at least they decide that they've had enough and are going to fight back, which is something I suppose.  They do go and beat up some Khunds, which is something as well.

An...okay issue.  Not stellar, but quite a bit better than it has been.

But that sure is a pretty cover.

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