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Tuesday, February 04, 2014



Today may have been one of the longest 7 hours of my life.  Horrible horrible hours.

You may recall from some past postings that I work for a company run by a pair of brothers, whom I not so fondly have christened, Doug and Dinsdale, aka the Piranha Brothers.  Dinsdale, being my own personal bete noir.  But as of late, my life, and the lives of the rest of my coworkers, has been considerably enhanced by the simple fact that Dinsdale was temporarily assigned duty at one of the satellite stores, and we only had to deal with him via telephone.

Granted, he called twenty times a day, but still...I could cope with that.  So imagine my horror, when I walked into my office, this morning, and THERE HE WAS!  Sitting at the desk next to mine.  And he had incidentally grabbed my computer, because he had managed to delete Tire Pro from his, and couldn't therefore, look up any invoices, or inventory or all of the stuff that the BUSINESS requires. 

He then proceeded to sit two feet away from me All Day Long.  And he proceeded to call up all of the people who were past due...some by only a day or two and yell at them.  Then he went across the street to Subway and got one of his mostly onion salads, came back, ate it, and proceeded to breathe on me, as he continued to threaten people. 

By 2:30, I was a palsied wreck of a woman. 

And the worst thing is...he might be there again tomorrow. 

If you never hear from me again...Avenge my Death! 

Well, that's a little extreme.  Thank goodness that there are new comics to look forward to tomorrow!  And a snow storm.  And more onions.  But still..Comics! 

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