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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A New Pile of Books to Read

Oh, I do love Wednesdays.  And there was a rather nice sized pile waiting for me...although once again, there was NO last issue of Young Avengers!  Arrrghhhh!

Batman #27

Well darn it, this just zipped along.  It also filled in a  whole lot of answers about just what James Gordon was up to, and just how awful all of those Gotham City Cops really are.  Also, it establishes the Riddler as one helluva menace!  But in a terribly logical sort of way, which of course is exactly what Eddie Nygma is.  Terrifying in his twisted logic.

The evil Commissioner, has a young cocky Batman pretty much on the ropes, and his pleas for help to the Batcave go unheard, when fortunately, Gordon steps in, and saves his sorry Bat Butt.  He also tells him a tale of how it was that he saw the light, and this is the beginning of what will become a beautiful friendship.  Alfred also pours out his heart to young Bruce, who is still too stupid and arrogant to appreciate it. 

An excellent book. I can't believe that I actually like this Batman.

Batman '66 #7

Now this Batman I adore.  We have the dynamic Duo, going up against...Bruce Wayne?  No, it is actually the fiendish shenanigans of False Face!  Who incidentally, does get around!  All the way to Mount Rushmore no less, which is certainly something different. 

In the second tale, the Joker discovers the joys of downsizing...which means less overhead...but also it means less efficiency, since one overworked thug is hardpressed to do the work of a passel of thugs.  A wonderful commentary on the modern corporate climate!

God, I love this book.

Batman and Two-Face #27

And the tale of betrayal and revenge continues with Harvey, Batman and Erin actually saving each others hides, when the Mob comes in swinging.  And a little bit of background on exactly why it was that Erin hates Harvey so much, and vice versa. 

But the absolutely best part, was near the end of the book, when hey all run and hide at...Noonan's Bar.  As in Noonan's from Hitman fame.  I LOVED Hitman!  And there is Hacken, and pictures of Tommy and Nat and the rest on the wall.

So...so fabulous.

Batwoman #27

This wasn't bad at all.  Kate takes a dive off of the roof, thanks to the new villain, Wolf Spider, and goes through a whole lot of flashbacks and hallucinations, due to the poisoned dart, he shot her with.  Flamebird makes a strategic exit, and we learn that Wolf Spider is working for someone.

Nice art, a decent story.  Not quite up to the standards before, but a perfectly decent book.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #27

Oh good grief!

Hawkeye #16

This was a lot of fun.  Kate runs into a seemingly crazy old guy wandering the highways in California, which is a higly dangerous thing to do, and it turns out to be Bria...I mean Will Bryson, who was a singer in the '60's and one of the icons of the Age of Rock and Roll, and a legend, except that he went bonkers and holed up in his mansion with his partner who is his brother, and he thinks his work has been stolen, but he only writes one note a year or something.  

Naturally Kate jumps right in, trying to help him, which turns out a bit differently then she imagines.  And Madame Masque shows up again.  

I love this book.  Although I have to say, that I rather wish we could get back to Clint too.

Justice League #27

Well, something actually happens in this issue.  Cyborg is still alive...sort of, and he wants his Dad to rebuild him.  His Dad, whimpers and weeps and it takes a very long time, before they finally do the right thing and rebuild the kid, but...Better!  It probably costs a whole lot more than Six Million Dollars, but you get the idea.  

That's it.  But he does manage to go and find the Metal Men.  

Something that would ordinarily have taken maybe a page...possibly two...in an older book takes up an entire 20 pages.   This Forever Evil stuff is taking FOREVER TO END!

Wonder Woman #27

Oh Apollo, you silly silly God.  Didn't see that coming did you?  

Diana goes with Hermes to Themyscira and moons over her Mother, and the two of them decide that they have to find Zola and the Baby.  Hera is feeling remorseful, and Diana makes a deal with Artemis. 

Meanwhile Dionysus has found Zola, and probably doesn't have any good plans for her at all, and Cassandra is also up to what is probably no good.  But Minotaurs and seeing people turned into Swine is always fun.


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