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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just Meandering

It's a Tuesday, so that usually means that I don't have much to say...but I'm going to say it anyway, in as circuitous a way as possible.  Or the old "Stream of Conciousness" method.  And I don't even like Faulkner!

So...Red Lanterns is coming out tomorrow, which is quickly turning into my favorite Green Lantern book, and NOT just because it has Guy in it...although that certainly doesn't hurt...but because it is fun, and Charles Soule is doing such a bang-up job with the characterization of what is admittedly, the motliest of crews.

Which brings me to something that I've been wondering about lately.  When the Red Lanterns were first introduced, Atrocitus at least, had the Gift of Prophecy.  Remember that nice little warning they gave the old Guardians?  Scared the living wee out them, it did!  And then in Emerald Knights, for a while there, while Guy still had a bit of Red in his system, he was having Prophetic Dreams as well. 

Did all of that go away with the New 52 Universe?  Do the Red Lanterns still have the ability to figure out what is going on in the Future?  When they were recently fighting Relic, it was pointed out that they were effective, because they had both the Rings, and MAGIC on their side.  Not to mention that handy dandy blood lake back on Ysmault.  It would be interesting to see if they still have that power, because it could be both handy...and dangerous.

Some of my prayers are on the way to being answered.  Apparently both Wally West and Ted Kord are going to be making their appearances in the near future in the New 52 Universe!  Huzzah!  On the other hand, considering some of the liberties that have been taken with so many of my favorite characters, my enthusiasm is slightly quenched.  What exactly ARE they going to be doing with Wally and Ted?  I hear that Stephanie Brown is also coming back, which is a good thing, there are far far too many excellent characters that are currently in Comics Limbo.  Whether or not these reintroduced characters are going to have any sort of semblance to their ACTUAL selves, is yet to be determined.  So I am happy...but also feeling a wee bit cautious in my enthusiasm.

Equally, over at Marvel, they are bringing Kurt Wagner, aka Nightcrawler Back From the Dead!  Woohoo!  I love Kurt!  It has also been stated that he is going to be written as Swashbuckling Kurt, and not Depressed Kurt, which is a huge bonus.  He can buckle my swash any day!  I've rather missed Kurt.  With all of the grimness and gloom and doom, it is refreshing to see a slightly more lighthearted character being brought back.  Exactly what he is going to think of all the brouhaha going on with the death of Xavier, Cyclops running amok, and teenaged original X-Men running around, who the heck knows? 

I wonder how Mystique will feel?

I STILL haven't gotten my grubby hands on the final issue of Young Avengers, because for some reason my store was shorted and they haven't sent the replacements, and I'm getting awfully awfully cranky. 

Man, it's cold.  But tomorrow is Wednesday, and as they say...tomorrow is another day.  Another day full of Comics!


At 4:47 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Yeah, the question of whether Wally (or Ted, or Steph) will behave like the versions we like is one that sticks in the back of my mind a lot. Fingers crossed.

The Red Lanterns had prophetic dreams, huh? That's kind of an interesting little twist to their set-up, depending on how precise the visions are. It wouldn't be new, but there's mileage to be gotten out of "well-meaning character tries to avert horrible, but vague vision, has unintended consequences".

At 7:36 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It was one of the Five Inversions "Things" that they used to terrify the old Guardians. Things didn't turn out exactly as they foretold, and yet, the Guardians are gone, and Atrocitus is still running around. And the things that Guy saw in his dreams actually DID happen.

I just wondered if they forgot all about that in the new version.


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