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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Red Lanterns #27

Well now!  This was my favorite book of the week.  It made me happy in so many ways, because I love Tora, and it also made me go back afterwards and say...wait a minute...why did the Winick version of Tora show up?

But anyway...

Following their defeat of the utterly nasty warlord Gensui, the grateful inhabitants have come to Ysmault to craft some mighty fine statues of the Red Lanterns to show their gratitude.  This seems like a very nice sort of thing to do...and the Red Lanterns even seem to like their nice statues.  Guy doens't even mind that his doesn't look a lot like him anymore, since he has apparently let his hair grow out and is rocking a pornstache. 

After a subtle warning to the nice people about not becoming as rotten as Gensui, the Reds turn to other matters.  Bleez is worried about the whereabouts of Ratchet's ring, which makes sense actually, and wants to go and find it.  Rankorr wants to go with her, since he obviously is warm for her form.  Bleez is less than enthusiastic, but Guy figures what the heck, so off they go.  Guy then asks Skallox and Zillius Zox if they want to go see Earth with him, and of course...they do.

Road Trip!

Unfortunately, they are slightly less than impressed with Baltimore, which makes Guy cranky.  He flies off on his own business, and gives them a list of wonderful Earth attractions, and a warning to stay out of trouble, and don't throw the first punch, because Guy isn't stupid. 

Guy's errand takes him to Norway, where Tora is apparently holed up in a nice little cabin on a fjord.  I thought she had an apartment in New York City, but what the heck do I know?  He knocks on the door and smiles and says hello, and she immediatley blasts him and turns him into a large ice cube.  He can't resist making ice puns of course...he IS Guy Gardner after all.  Her reception of him IS on the...frosty side.  But she does like the new hairstyle. 

Guy is pleading his case, and Tora is being...well, being pretty rude.  Which is where I had a little bit of trouble.  I like Charles Soule's writing VERY much.  He gets Guy quite well.  But he is going with the Winick version of Tora from the latest JLI, where she was obnoxious.   Sweet sweet Tora!  She's acting more like Bea actually...and that is making me a little bit hot under the collar.  Still...it IS Tora, and I'll take what I can get. 

Guy explains that he's all red with rage now, but he is using his powers to harness his rage!  Or something.  I'm not sure that Tora is completely buying this, but at least she's listening to him. 

Meanwhile, Skallox and Zox have vistited the Grand Canyon, which impressed them as a large hole in the ground, the Red Sea, which, they point out is actually blue...Paris, and are about to go and see Las Vegas, when who should show up but the Shadow Thief!  She pontificates a bit as villains are wont to do, and makes a few unwarrented slurs on their background.  Surprisingly, the two of them maintain their cool and are even fairly polite...for Red Lanterns anyway.  Skallox points out that she's wearing a Colarvian Infiltration Suit, which IS alien.  Zox does have a question though, and wants her to tell him exactly what a Testacle is.


She...doesn't take it well, and slugs him.  This of course is all that Skallox needs...she swung first!  And the fight is on!   Back at Tora's, they are actually talking, which is a good thing, when of course, Guy gets word that a skirmish is in full swing, and he of course has to go and settle things.  But he tells Tora that he can do it without violence, and even offers to bring her along, which is simply fabulous.

Out in Space, Bleez and Rankorr have found Ratchet's ring.  And...oh crappity crap.

I'm still not all that thrilled with the art, although it is servicable enough.  But the dialogue just sparkles, and heck...this is a fun book.  Yes, it has aliens, and violence and Lanterns, but it doesn't take itself too seriously, and that is such a breath of fresh air these days.  Heck, this is the best of all the Green Lantern books!

And Tora!

 photo redlanternguyandice_zps512388d7.jpg

This doesn't actually happen...but Guy still does seem to be enjoying it.


At 11:16 AM, Blogger Erin S. said...

I might get this in trade at some point. I remember Jurgens briefly touching on the Guy/Tora relationship. She might not have been ready to get back together with him but she wasn't attacking him. If they broke up because of Guys' temper/being prone to violence then fighting him is counter productive.

Although he did admit it was his fault for things not working out. So no mention to her previous injuries? I kinda guessed they were retconning things with the JLI Annual but it still bugs me.

At 11:59 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It's hard to know what is in continuity now. The last time Tora showed up in Green Lantern Corps, Tomasi was writing, and she had come all the way to Oa to see him. He tried to get her to shack up and she turned him down, but HE was the one being bratty...not her.

Next, I guess was JLI, with...Winick.

And then the JLI with Jurgens, where they were a bit at odds, but at least they weren't snipping at each other.

What annoys me is that she has always been portrayed as the nicest sweetest person on the planet throughout her entire history, by every writer...except Winick, so I'm not too happy to see Soule, who is a very good writer, go with that point of view.

Gosh, I am SO entitled!


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