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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #27

Well...after Faux Hal's little announcement to the Universe, the poo has well and truly hit the fan.  The Durlans, who have been skillfully stirring up trouble throughout the Universe for quite some time, are exploiting the demise of the Guardians for all they are worth, not to mention the increasingly fragile state of the Corps. 

Man, Green Lanterns just do not ever catch a break, do they?

Sector Houses are being attacked, and John goes on patrol with a nice bunch of my favorite Lanterns, with Vath, Isamot, Iolande and Oliversity.  Oliversity?   Be still my heart!  And good to see Iolande for a change.  But geez, when did Vath become such a jerk?  At the moment he is playing Guy to John's Hal.  That was a convoluted sentence, but you know what I mean.  I hope.

I did like the fact that Vath objected to Yrra aka Fatality fighting with them, since it really wasn't all that long ago that she was doing her very best to blow them all up. 

So, lots of fighting, lots of peril, and the appearance of some pretty great characters, including Kanjar Ro, whom I like for some really strange reason.  Vath wants to go after all the prisoners that were let go from the Sciencells, but John knows that there are other bigger problems out there, since it seems as though practically the entire Universe is at odds with the Green Lanterns.

Gee, Hal, it didn't take you very long did it?

I do wish that the new new Guardians would quit frolicking with Kyle and come back and put their house in order, which I imagine will happen eventually, but in the meantime, things are a bit sticky.

I like the art, and I liked this story.  In fact I liked a whole lot more than the regular Green Lantern book. 


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