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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stuff I Bought

Dagnabit!  For the second week in a row, my beloved Comic Book Store got stiffed on its delivery of the final issue of Young Avengers. 

Verily, I am wroth.

But other than that...it wasn't a terrible week.

Batman: Li'l Gotham #10

Exactly why are they cancelling this book?  It's fun, it is a joy to read and to look at, and it has a whole lot of the characters that I desperately miss.  Naturally, that seems to be the kiss of death. I am beginning to feel as though Dan Didio has it out for me. 

This issue has Poison Ivy feeling in the dumps because it is Autumn, which is her least favorite season of the year.  Harley is trying to cheer her up, even Selina is trying to cheer her up.  Harley brings in the Joker to try and get Ivy feeling better...which is...NOT a particularly brilliant idea.  Simply adorable as usual.

The second story is about Damian's belief that Alfred is Up To No Good in the little used East Wing of Stately Wayne Manor, especially after he sees him hauling what appears to be a body.  Damian goes to Tim of all people, with his suspicions, which brings in Katanna, and Jason, and it all turns out to be a ploy to get the younger and more naive members of the Bat Clan to help clean up the Bat Cave.  Doubly adorable.

Gosh, I love this book.

Constantine #10

I wasn't too sure about this book at first, but it seems to be settling into its groove.  John and his motley crew end up on the edge of Heaven no less, and have a long and rather interesting conversation with a Dog.  They each experience something a little different, hearts are read, as well as minds, and Zauriel ends up with them in their quest. 

This is certainly more interesting than the never-ending drone of the Justice League "Forever Evil" books.

Daredevil #35

So they are ending this with the next issue, which had me in a complete tizzy, but fortunately, they are going to start a NEW book,with the same creative team, just moving Matt to San Francisco, and incidentally raising the price.  Thanks Marvel!   But alas, I love this team so much that I will pay that price, because deep down, I am terribly weak.

Matt certainly has the attention of the Serpent Bunch, and they have taken as great an interest in him, as they are at the hospital with Foggy.  They try and blackmail Matt into taking the case of the son of one of the head Serpents, who has been accused of a crime that interestingly enough, he is innocent of...although he is still a scumbag.  They also have a whole lot of information about Matt himself, and threaten...naturally...to make this public. 

Oh, those silly Serpents.

To clear his head, Matt goes off and jumps around with Elektra.  Apparently this has a way of making him think more clearly.  They run across Constrictor and Mamba, who are interfering with a crime scene and naturally a fight breaks out, because why not?  And naturally, Matt comes up with an idea.

Gosharootie, this is fabulous.

Green Lantern Corps #27

Well, the plot is certainly thickening.

Justice League of America #11

I rather like Star Girl, and I certainly like J'onn, so this is about the only "Forever Evil" book that I am reading, with one other exception.  The two of them have managed to get out of the trap that ensnares the rest of the League,but not without consequences, and Despero and Clayface and stuff happens. 

Well, some stuff happens.  Not a whole lot to move the plot along really.  This whole "Forever Evil" schtick is really spinning its wheels.  As in...Forever.


Rogues Rebellion #4

This is the only other "Forever Evil" book that I can still stand to pick up, and mainly because I really like the Rogues.  After their little spat with Poison Ivy, the go up against Mister Freeze and Clayface.  Clayface really seems to get around, he seems to be the Villain du Jour for all of this month's books.  They fight a lot of course, with Trickster actually getting his act together, and with Heatwave making a sacrifice in order to get the rest of them out. 

I like this bunch of misfits more than the Justice League at this point.

Picking off another member of the Rogues, so at least something happens, but this whole thing, as I said before is reeeeallllllllyyyyyyy ssssllllllooooooowwwwww.

Still, not bad.

Thor, God of Thunder #17

The ending...of a sort...of the Malekith quest.  Thor seemingly had lost his marbles last issue, and out and out executed that nice Troll, which makes the rest of them break up their union in a fit of disgust.  And it turns out that the way Malekith knew what they were doing all along, and was always able to outfox them, is that he had planted a rather nasty little bug in Thor's mead quite a while back.  Thor was the traitor unwittingly, all along! 

Who knew?

Well, there is fighting, and Malekith is busy boasting about how smart he is, and then, who should show up at the last minute but the members of Thor's ragtag team..and that nice Troll is still alive!  It turns out that Thor, learned a thing or two growing up with Loki, and cast a spell of his own, to trick Malekith, and then left a note for the rest of them about what he was doing, and a reall donnybrook of a battle takes place. 

Thor is about to administer the final coup de grace to Malekith, when the rest of the Dark Elves decide, that they will end the trouble by making Malekith...their King!  Naturally the rest of them are stunned.  That's Dark Elves apparently. 

Nobody is happy except Malekith.  But war has been avoided...for the moment, and there is a certain amount of fallout, and such.  Thor is very very cranky, but at least he still has the allegiance of his bunch of allies, which I suppose is something.  It all ends with a bit of a whimper, but still...that's the way things happen sometimes.  It isn't always neat and tidy, and this sets up all kinds of plotlines for the future.

So, I liked this a lot.

So, not a bad week at all.  Except for missing Young Avengers, which really has me feeling quite testy.


At 1:15 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

I'm not getting Lil' Gotham anymore since I'm trade waiting. It wasn't cancelled per se. There was only about 24 issues planned. Since Dustin Nguyen is moving on to Batman Eternal he probably won't have time to do more. Who knows, maybe he'll return to it at some point.

At 7:11 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I don't have the willpower to wait for the trades, but I admire your fortitude!

I didn't know that Nguyen is doing another Bat Book, which is a good thing, because I love his stuff.


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