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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday's Reviews

Well, for the end of the month, that was a pretty prolific week!  But my store got shorted on Saga, which has me in a snit, and we STILL didn't get the ultimate issue of Young Avengers!  It looks as though I may have to wait for the trade, which has me in a bigger snit.

But anyway.

All-Star Western #27

I was rather looking forward to this one.  Heeding the somewhat cryptic words of John Constantine, Jonah and his gal-pal head to Metropolis, where...naturally...he runs into Superman.  It is rather amusing to see Jonah's utter disbelief and his total lack of veneration for Superman, which has Superman rather bemused.  That's always fun.  Jonah conceeds that he might have some mighty nice abilities, but that he isn't using them to their full potential, and you have to concede that he has a point.

Then Gina hauls him off to a museum, which turns out to be dedicated to none other than...Jonah Hex!  The other patrons and guards are in awe of his amazing cosplay.  He's pretty cranky, and who can blame him?  Then he stumbles across the star of the exhibit...his own stuffed carcase in a glass case, and flips out.  He dumps Gina, and roars off into the night on his trusty steed...er...motorcycle, and gets blind drunk, and manages to get run over by a truck. 


A lot of fun as always.

Aquaman #27

Arthur is fighting a large monster that used to work for the old King of Atlantis, and is having a bit of a problem, even when he tries to control it.  He ends up getting snippets of memory and stuff, but does manage to defeat it eventually.  Meanwhile the nefarious group of scientists or whatever, are busy doing nefarious things, and Mera and his own courtiers from Atlantis stand on the sidelines and make snarky comments. 

You know what you miserable Atlanteans?  What say you stop being dicks and solve your own problems for a change?  Sheesh!

Not bad at all.

Batman & Robin Annual #2

This is more or less a flashback tale.  Bruce has discoverd a "Robin" cave in the ceiling of Damian's room, where he finds a box for Dick.  When Dick comes to see about it, he launches into a story about his very first night as Robin, and it is actually pretty darned interesting.  Tomasi does a great job with the story, and Mahnke knocks it out of the park art-wise. 

Dick was apparently just as cocky a little bugger as Damian, who manages to get the final word.  Damn, I miss Damian.  Dick isn't my favorite character, but I like him in this.

Dead Boy Detectives #2

Well, I had high hopes for this book, but I think I'm dropping it.  IT was well-nigh mostly incomprehensible to me, and boring to boot.


Green Lantern Corps Annual #2


Fables #137

Well, this was different.  That daughter of Snow and Bigby's who became the North Wind...whose name I can't remember off the top of my head,  tells this story.  She's a lot more mature than you would think, simultaneously a little girl, and a fearsome Goddess.  She can simultaneously go around being Windy, and checking up on things.  Turns out that Santa Claus works for her.  She cows the other winds,  and also spies on what Rose Red is up to. 

Also the last piece of Bigby is found, a spell is cast, and his crystal form disappears, and dire things are forecast.  And I didn't see that thing with Lancelot coming at all.

This issue sets up a lot of new storylines for the most part.  Not bad, but I don't know that I am all that excited about Snow being the villain vs Rose Red in the new Camelot story.  We will have to see.

The Flash #27

Firstly, very nice art from Patrick Zircher.  The Central City police stumble upon a whole cache of skeletons, after the Flash takes out a particularly inept pair of villains, and this leads to Barry's belief that the mass murderer who is jail for all these killings, may have had an accomplice, and perhaps he can solve the murder of this mother.

This leads to complications because his own chief is stonewalling him, as is his own father, and the jailed murderer as well.  Obviously something is up. 

A good book, with some intrigue, nice art, and NOT a crossover with anything!

Justice League Dark #27

This remains my favorite Justice League book for the moment.  Constantine's motley bunch are fighting against blight with the help of an angel, and they do all kinds of terrible and wonderful things, and actually DO manage to save the kid who was taken over by blight, although to be sure, they didn't necessarily do it all themselves.  And they do figure out where Zatanna and the rest of them are.  So no bad at all.

Red Lanterns #27

Best Book of the Week! 

Thor: God of Thunder #18

A tale of old Thor.  Or actually of incredibly young and stupid Thor, which is always a lot of fun.  He keeps sneaking off to midgard to hang around and do...stuff.  In this particular instance, he ends up partying and making friends with a young rebellious Dragon.  They actually hit it off pretty well, except that the Dragon has father issues rather similar to the ones that Thor has, and wants to KEEP partying...and unfortunately, he accidentally starts causing a whole lot of mayhem.

Thor tries to talk him down, but the Dragon decides he has had enough and wants to be A DRAGON!  It...doesn't end well...at least for the poor Dragon, and even Thor is a bit shaken.

The art is gorgeous, if you can call a young Thunder God covered in puke gorgeous.  It is a bit funny and a bit sad as well, and I loved it.

Not a bad week at all!


At 8:22 AM, Anonymous Bryan L said...

Dead Boy Detectives was absolutely AWFUL! I sat there in disbelief. There's no plot, and the whole thing seems to be jumbled together, like someone scattered the panels on the ground and then pasted them into 22 pages. What editor read this and said, hey, that's pretty good?

At 9:12 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

So it wasn't just me? That's a relief! It...it was just weird. I've been reading comics for a long time, and I couldn't make heads or tails of it.


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