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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Ok, I'm not exactly what I was thinking, when I came up with that title, but it's Thursday, and I had to work late today, and I'm feeling mildly punchy. On to the New Books!

Batman: Streets of Gotham #15. Is...this the end of Two-Face? Probably not, but still...a heck of a story! It's nice to see a henchman stand up for himself.

Brightest Day #8 Well! Deadman and Dove are off to find Green Lantern, while M'Gann and J'onn are teaming up against...whatever the heck it is that is out there. J'onn doesn't want to admit it, but apparently he's NOT the last green Martian! Always nice to see some of Pat Gleason's magnificent artwork.

Meanwhile, things are getting a bit sticky on Hawkworld. Carter is trying to raise an army, because let's face it...that's the sort of thing that he WOULD do. Shiera is busting out and trying to beat the crap out of Hath-Set, and doing a fairly decent job of it, until she runs into Queen Shrike. And aren't we all surprised to find out who SHE is! A decent issue, that moves things along nicely.

Fables #97. Is it me, or has it been a rather long time since the LAST issue of Fables? Anyhoo, Rose Red is still reminiscing about her treatment of Snow, and how unfair it all was, and the image of her dear old mum is enough to get her out of bed, showered, dressed, and loaded for bear. Or for whatever cute woodland creature she may have to face. Clara shows up, which is nice, because I'm rather fond of Clara. Always good.

Green Lantern Corps #51 continus with the Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns. Man, but Hank Henshaw has a mean streak! He manipulates poor Ganthet into operating on the various Alpha Lanterns, in an attempt to return them to their natural selves, which is a bit awkward, because for one thing, Ganthet wasn't even THERE when the Guardians had their brilliant brainstorm, and he's not even sure if it is possible to restore them. When he hesitates, Henshaw just blows them away, and moves onto the next one in line.


Kyle, John and Soranik are hiding out with the rest of Stel's people, trying to start an insurrection, that seems to pretty much be fizzling out. You can always trust a robot to be pragmatic, I suppose. They are also just about out of Green Lantern juice, so Kyle uses his last little bit to call the ONE Green Lantern that can bail them out of this situation. No, it's not Guy...although that was MY first thought. It's Hannu!! I like Hannu. Boodikka tries to drain his ring, but he doesn't care...because he hardly ever even uses the darn thing anyway! He does manage to bust up her battery though, and it's enough to free her mind from Cyborg Superman. She's dying, but she does restore the power to the other rings.

Oh, and some Qwardian, has plans. Deep plans.

Not Boodikka! I love Boodikka, and I really don't want her to die


Justice Society of America #42. Well, Kyle shows up and says that he's got permission from the blue munchkins to terminate Alan Scott with extreme prejudice, if that is what is necessary to get the Starheart under control again. Needless to say, Jade isn't particulaly thrilled with this little tidbit of news. So, Obsidian cons her into merging with him, and they start busting heads. Oh, and draining Kyle's ring. Man, he's been having a lot of trouble with that lately! It must be because he's not partnered up with Guy anymore.


Mikaal is dying without his stone, but Faust Jr., Jay and Wildcat figure out that Alan isn't REALLY there, and they are actually just being held by Dr. Fate. then Midnite runs in and grabs Fate's helmet and all hell breaks lose, and the faux Alan is defeated, sort've. Meanwhile, another Alan is busy fighting with Supergirl and Power Girl, and the rest of the JSA is being attacked by various green constructs.

Jade/Obsidian is taunting Kyle, and he retorts that HE wasn't the one who cheated. This apparently surprises the heck out of Donna, because really what kind of person would cheat on KYLE of all people? Jade still seems to be carrying a bit of a torch for Kyle, but I hope...I REALLY hope, that he sticks with Soranik, who is worth a dozen of Jade.

Exactly what is going on with Alan and the Starheart is not explained, it's a lot of fighting, but presumably will all be explained...next issue. Maybe. Not bad, but not great.

DC Universe: Legacies #4 There really isn't much of a separate story in this issue, unlike the previous ones. You still have that nice blond cop narrating, but it IS mostly a narration, of how the old Mystery Men gave way to the new heroes, and then how the new heroes all wound up with teenaged sidekicks,and how they all met up with the OLD heroes again. It's nice, and nostalgic, but nothing earthshattering.

The second story involves the reunion of Sgt Rock's old team, and how it came about that Rock was killed by the very last bullet fired in WWII. A little bit of irony there!

Not a bad week at all. Nothing outstanding, but nothing terrible. A good average week mostly.


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

A week with nothing terrible is actually a rare and wondrous thing in comics these days, though. :-)

At 2:28 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Well, I'm a little worried about Boodikka, but other than that, not TOO much death and maiming! At least nobody got their arms ripped off, or eaten, or small children crushed to death...so yeah!



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