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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday's Revews of Wednesday's Comics

Not a huge week...but oh, what a lovely lovely one.

Birds of Prey #4. And how the plot thickens. I must admit I was slightly less than enraptured when this whole plot began, but I'm beginning to settle into it now. Thankfully, the White Canary is NOT an aged Sin...to my great relief. In fact, it makes perfect sense who she turns out to be. And we also find out the reason for Savant's shenanigans. Creote is apparently, just along for the ride. The Penguin gets stabby, but he's about to get his...or at least I hope so.

Good stuff. Although...the art was a little on the weird side. I'm not a huge fan of Benes, but at least I'm used to how his stuff looks, and this was apparently by Adriana Melo as well, and it just looked a bit...off.

Booster Gold #35 continues to enchant me. Oh Barda. Oh Scott. Oh Ted. I could read about your adventures forever, and even though it is all in the past, I'm going to dry my tears and enjoy it while I can. Oh, and Ted figures out that Booster is not HIS Booster, because, well...Ted IS smart after all.

And there is this...


...which just warms the little cockles of my heart.

Oh, and there is a Planet Crusher thingie, and Darkstars. Where's a Green Lantern when you NEED one?

And speaking of Green Lanterns.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1 came out, and it...it's as though it was made JUST FOR ME!!! More on this tomorrow, because I can't do it justice in a short review. But let me just say that Green Lantern Butts were both lovingly rendered and plentiful.

Justice League: Generation Lost #7. I admit that I'm enjoying this, even though I must administer the caveat that I STILL can't stand the way that Winick is doing Tora. She just doesn't SOUND right. But still, the bunch has a crazy idea on how to break into Checkmate, which is actually pretty funny...and it works! Too bad they all get caught. And Max Lord gets a bit of a shock when the White Lantern entity shows him what he's supposed to do with his life. I also have to admit that the new Rocket Red is one of my favorite new characters.

JSA All-Stars #9. I think that this was actually out last week, and I just missed it. I'm not all that thrilled with the story, although it does at least show Sandy a little bit. I LIKE Sandy. But what I am really enjoying is the backup story, with Liberty Belle, Hour Man, Icicle and Tigress...because THAT is one heck of a good story, and fun to boot.

Also fun, is the new Thor series, Thor, the Mighty Avenger #3 came out, and it seems to be on a bi-weekly schedule, which is quite marvelous. It's a bit of a reimagining by Roger Landgridge, and the art by Chris Samnee is insanely adorable...and GOOD! This is also the best Thor costume that he's ever had. Well worth picking up.

So...I hope you all enjoyed YOUR comics. Especially Emerald Warriors.



At 3:38 PM, Blogger ShellyS said...

I'm still way behind in my reading and got my comics today, not yesterday, but I had to read BoP right away. It looks like Melo filled in with a few pages and they looked weird. Especially Babs' lips.

But the story is great. I was also happy with who the White Canary is and I like how Gail dovetailed the 3 parts of the story. I'm so glad BoP is back and Gail's writing it.

At 11:50 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Birds of Prey was great. I had my reservations about this storyline, but I think that a lot of it had to do with the fact that the issue I had that laid it all out, was the one that had the wrong pages, so I got off on the wrong foot, right from the start.

But this development...it made sense...and yet was still a surprise. Nicely done.

And the fill-in pages were a little...odd.

At 8:20 PM, Blogger LissBirds said...

I loved the Young Frankenstein reference made in the title of Booster Gold. That made me LOL.

They way Ted found it was an older Booter was hilarious, too!


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