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Friday, August 13, 2010

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1

It's been a whole day and I' STILL swooning. Just look at the cover, for heaven's sake!


Cool eh?

We have Peter Tomasi writing, and I'm happy as a clam, because he proved on Green Lantern Corps that he has a sure ear for Guy, and a happy knack for coming up with great stories. We don't have Pat Gleason, which I am sorry for, because he was just SO very very good, but we do have Fernando Pasarin, who labors mightily and produces some VERY gorgeous pictures. There are lots and lots of Green Lantern backsides, so right off the bat, he shows that he has a firm grasp of the essentials.

We begin with Guy brooding a bit in his quarters on Oa, not to mention a rather nice picture of him on a balcony without a shirt. Or pants. Be still my heart. He's documenting his doubts about his new job with Ganthet and Atrocitus, but gets interrupted, and launches into action in a very Guy sort of way. I LOVE the motorcycle construct, and he certainly does seem to be getting the most out of it.

He finds the bad guys, beats them up, and rescues the hapless scientists and their stolen science stuff. They're kind've whiney about it, but hey.
He then has something of an epiphany out there in space, and hightails it back to the Guardians, where he comes up with the perfect rationale for letting him go wandering around in the uncharted sectors. He makes his pitch, as only Guy can, and much to his astonishment...they go for it!

In the meantime, Sodam Yat has fallen to earth...er, Daxam, and is hidden by some kids, to keep him out of the way of the people looking for him. I imagine they are the same kids he was talking to way back when, so that's nice.

Also meanwhile...underneath Oa, Ganthet is doing a little spelunking, and finds the Book of the Black, complete with Lyssa Drax still trapped in the pages. Ganthet also sees the page that shows Hal and Guy fighting. Exactly why this is supposed to be so momentous, confuses me. This is something that Hal and Guy do every other Tuesday! Anyway, Ganthet and Guy talk a bit about the book and their mission, and the fact that Guy has some HUGE doubts about the whole thing, not to mention that the doesn't trust Atrocitus one inch. Neither does Ganthet, but still, it seems as though the Guardians have always had this certain naive side to their nature.

Atrocitus is hanging ou on Ysmault, and he doesn't trust Guy or Ganthet any further than he can throw them either. He's making a nice wall out of skulls, because that's the sort of thing that Atrocitus would do. He also sends Bleez off to be his eyes and ears, which should be QUITE interesting.

Finally, we end with Guy lounging on the balcony again, although he's finished recording his message. It's probably a wise move on his part, since he does seem to have some doubts that he's going to be making it out of this little adventure in one piece. Interestingly enough, you can see tthe red rage symbol reflected in his eyes, and there is blood on his lip.


Who is the message going to be sent to? Possibly Tora, although thanks to Max, they're on the outs at the moment. I would be more inclined to think that he'd send it to Kyle, who is at least one of the few people he can trust unreservedly. I imagine that we will also see who ends up with his recording. Still no clue as to what it is exactly that the three of them are up to...but I'm simply dying to find out.

Oh...and that last page is a doozy!

Twelve Thumbs Up!!


At 1:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you make out what was on Guy's boxers in the very first scene? Somehow, I feel like this is a very important detail, but it just looks like scribbles to me.

As for the recipient of his message, I suspect that it's Hal (even though Kyle would probably make more sense). The leadup to this book indicated that whatever Guy is going off to do will ruin his relationship with Hal, and it's possible that Guy feels the need to "prove himself" to Hal with the videotaped confession, while he can probably rely on Kyle not to automatically believe the worst.

On the other hand, Hal automatically believing the worst of Guy would be a giant dick move, since Guy forgave him for the Parallax stuff right away... But Hal can be kind of a dick.

Sheesh, why can't this be the biweekly series instead of JLGL!?

At 1:23 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I WISH it was biweekly!

I can't read what is on Guy's boxers, and trust me...I've looked VERY hard.

I don't know if Guy would send a message to Hal or not. Whatever it is that he and Ganthet are up to, he's pretty sure that Hal is going to end up mighty pissy about it. I could also possibly be a message to Kilowog, who is also one of his best friends.


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