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Friday, September 04, 2009

Whatever Happened to the Wayback Machine?

Well...that probably isn't its real name. Not to mention that I'm probably dating myself. But seriously, do you recall the infamous machine that the Guardians used waaaaaaaay back in issue 59 of Green Lantern, when they showed Hal an alternate reality, with Guy Gardner receiving the ring instead? It was a rather bizarre piece of machinery, and I've never quite understood how it would work, but apparently to the Guardians, it was better than Tivo. Precisely why they felt that it was necessary to stroke Hal's ego even further, is beyond me.

But I cannot help wondering, what ever happend to this wonderful piece of equipment? It could have come in awfully handy with the current crisis, perhaps even giving the Guardians some sort of inkling of what was coming, or could be coming, or could possiby be avoided, if they followed a different path. Of course Oa has been destroyed a time or two, so I suppose that the Machine was probably destroyed as well, but still...you would think that they would have SOME sort of warranty on the thing. How else would they watch their Soaps?

I can't help but imagine the fun that Hal, Guy, Kyle and John could have with some equipment like this. Get the boys together with some popcorn and beer, and let them go all Mystery Science Theatre 3000 on it. John and Guy in particular would be hilarious. Kyle would enjoy it, because he's hip, if not too bright. Most of the jokes would probably go over Hal's head, but he'd still have fun hanging out with his homies. Have Kilowog and Salaak substituting for Tom Servo and Crow, and the circle would be complete.

Now THAT'S a thought. The Wayback Machine is probably disassemble, and was stuffed away in Guy's storage garage, which means that it's probably back on Oa and just waiting to be reassembled again.

Oa gets cable...right?


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