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Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Thursday, so that means Reviews

Not a ton of books out this week, but gosh, such NICE books.

Batman & Robin #3. I'm so glad this came out, I was beginning to miss it. There is nothing quite like a Morrison/Quitely collaboration, and that was definitely the case with this book. Professor Pyg, as you all recall was wreaking havok in Gotham and had even managed to grab our sweet little Robin. Boy howdy, does THAT turn out to be a mistake on his part! Meanwhile, Batman is using his own "unique" methods of interrogation, so unique in fact, that even Commissioner Gordon is freaked out. Dick is really taking Alfred's advice of "Playing a Part" to heart.

There are a lot of pages of Professor Pyg being extremely weird, not to mention creepy, but it is all good violent fun.

Batwoman in Detective Comics. I'm rather enjoying this, and I wasn't really sure that I would. I do have to say...again...that J.H. Williams artwork is heartbreakingly pretty. I also like Kate's father, the Colonel. I feel a little bit of sympathy for Kate's long-suffering stepmother, but it has to be admitted that Kate does look nice in a tux. She even gets to waltz with Maggie Sawyer. Oh, and a werewolf shows up.

The Question, is having troubles of her own, getting captured, and thrown in the trunk of a car, which is subsequently pushed into a body of water. You do NOT want to cross Renee when she is wet and tired!

The Flash #4. Well gosharootie! All KINDS of interesting things are coming to light! I simply love Silver Age science! It turns out that Barry didn't just tap into the Speed Force when he gained his powers, he CREATED the Speed Force! Woohoo! And Professor Zoom has control of the Anti-Speed Force...or something. And Wally is incredibly brave. And Bart gets what he wanted. Just fabulous, all around.

Green Lantern #45. Don't bother looking for Hal. But seriously...you won't care.

Gotham City Sirens #3. This is my favorite issue of this mini yet. Selina and Ivy only show up for a little bit, the main story concerns my favorite Bat-villain, Edward Nigma, aka the Riddler. I just like him for some reason. He's a good bad guy. Or a bad good guy. Or something. The art isn't my favorite, but I can overlook it, since I enjoyed the story. Fun!

The Incredible Hercules...concerns the trials and tribulations of Amadeus Cho, the Seventh Smartest person, who is having one heck of a time on his own hero quest. A HECK of a time! Let's just say that some very strange and peculiar things are going on in Excello, Utah. Even more so than the USUAL strange and peculiar things that go on in Utah! A hoot as usual.

Justice Society of America #30. Well, things are finally beginning to pick up, with the new storyline. For some reason, the gang of villians that had been beating the crap our of our heroes are treating Courtney with kid gloves. She decides to take full advantage of this, when it's down to just her and Jay. Jay takes off, but not to worry, he's just bringing in some backup in the form of the new Doctor Fate, who turns the tables rather neatly, and humorously on the bad guys.

Back at the Brownstone, they discover the mostly...but not completely lifeless body of Mr. Terrific, and they begin to realize that they've been played for fools. Oh, an Magog makes a complete ass of himself. You just DON'T diss old people if you want to be on the Justice Society. It Is Not Done. He and Wildcat square off at the end, and I REALLY hope that Wildcat kicks his shiny obnoxious ass.

Wonder Woman #35. Well heck, this was good. Diana and Dinah, prowl Tokyo, and stumble upon some rather...interesting toys and action figures, not to mention noodles. They also continue to fight in the underground arena, while trying to rescue Director Steel. But Diana meets her match and more, when the Goddess Pele, daughter of Kane Milohai turns up, bent on revenge. Kane was the one who helped Diana out when she was looking for some Gods, and then Zeus, like the massive tool that he is, went and ripped his heart out, for some stupid reason. Diana has rejected her Gods, but that's not good enough for Pele, who is mad as heck.

Dinah is left alone to take on the rest of the bad guys in the arena, which she does...handily, while Diana and Pele come to an understanding of sorts. And Doctor Psycho is in big trouble. Oh, and Tom Tresser has some news for Diana. Gosh, I love this book.


At 2:31 PM, Anonymous wik said...

I love how, with every passing week, Dick seems to be getting more and more into the role of gruff old Bats. His interrogation techniques in B&R, his manner of talking while dealing with the Riddler in Sirens... the evolution is turning out to be fun. and of course, Damian's finally warming up to him :)
Unlike a lot of others, I also like Tim's journey around the world. As Batman said in the 'Hush' storyline, his one weakness is that he sees things in black and white. after all his losses in the last few years, being able to explore the grey will finally take him to the heights he's been threatening to reach for a loooong time.
And a Black Lantern planet. Man, John's so screwed...
I am getting a little worried about JSA. the storyline's good, but Willingham seems to have his own unique take on the characters. I don't think Stargirl is the type to willingly side against the JSA seniors and not worry about the safety of the unresponsive Mister Terrific. and Rick would, always, first see to his badly injured wife's wellbeing BEFORE choosing to look for a fight with some villains. Then again, I think I may be spoilt by Geoff Johns' interpretations of these characters :P
and Dinah taking out an arena full of metas- been waiting ages to see her being shown as competent again :)

At 2:57 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I share your perturbation about JSA. The characters do seem to be acting rather oddly. Frankly, I love the old farts, and if they want to dump some of the younger new crowd, I wouldn't be sorry...starting with Magog. I can't believe they're giving this jerk his own mini-series!


And where the heck is Sandy?

At 3:17 PM, Anonymous wik said...

Well, most of the younger crowd will be moving to the Magog led (!) JSA All Stars. Unfortunately, this includes the ones who never looked like going over to that side...
And I do miss Sandy as well... sure, he's had his problems, but he certainly shouldn't be sidelined like this. I don't see other former JSA Chairpersons getting forgotten like this!

At 2:59 AM, Blogger MetFanMac said...



Oh, and Wildcat should totally feed Magog his teeth.

At 5:55 AM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

Geoff Johns DID write (and co-write) the JSA characters for a VERY long time, so for a while it is gonna be hard to take in someone else's interpretation. Characters aside, I like Willingham's stories, though, so that will help considerably.

And old people are scary! I mean, they may look all frail and everything, but DON'T MESS WITH 'EM! Even if they AREN'T superheros.

I fully intend to be a scary-as-hell senior citizen: "Get offa my lawn 'fore I break out the swords and blowguns, you whippersnappers!"

At 12:13 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Heh heh. Old farts are indeed scary. They really don't have much to lose, and they've seen it all.

At 7:04 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

There were sure some good comics this week. And yeah, Dick is getting rather intense being Batman.

I dropped JSA. I just can't get into the new team dynamics. I enjoy Willingham's work, but maybe this isn't the right fit for him. Or maybe it's just me.

At 2:15 PM, Blogger Scipio said...

Thanks; that werewolf line made me laugh out loud, because, yeah, it's exactly like that.


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