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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Woohoo! New Comics!

So I got into my silver chariot, and drove eagerly to the Comic Book Store, only to discover in the parking lot that I had left my wallet in my OTHER purse, and in my haste to read my books, I hadn't made the switch. It serves me right for being a slave to fashion I suppose. You DON'T carry a black purse with brown shoes. Or vice versa. So I had to slog back home and get my wallet which contained my cheque book and incidentally, my driver's license and start the whole thing over again.

Nevertheless, after a great deal of perseverance, I managed to get my sweaty hands on my new books and it was SO worth it.

Incidentally, there certainly weren't any lines out of the door, with people lusting after the new Amazing Spider-Man book. You know, the one with Obama on the cover? Matt had it, and offered it to me, and I said, no thanks, because I haven't been reading Amazing Spider-Man in months, so why start now? I LIKE Obama. I VOTED for Obama. However, I really don't see the need to enrich Marvel, simply to have a book with his visage on the cover. Gosh, people are weird!

That said, I managed to buy:

Booster Gold #16
Green Arrow/Black Canary #16
Green Lantern Corps #32
Fables #80
Final Crises #6
Manhunter #38
Nightwing #152
Trinity #33
Punisher: War Zone #5

I took them home and I read them, and I enjoyed them. Even Final Crises. Heck, ESPECIALLY Final Crises! I LIKED Final Crises, and I've been liking Final Crises. So Valerie D'Orazio can just suck on it.


For what it is worth, I thought that the "death" of Batman was very well done. It beats being eaten by the Blob, that's for sure! I also don't for a moment think that Batman will stay dead, or even if he's REALLY dead, as opposed to MOSTLY dead...or something. Not when you've got the Flashes in the same issue literally outrunning Death.

Besides, the whole bit with the Marvels, and Talky Tawny was just...magnificent.

But anyway, Booster Gold was fun as usual, with the superb Hans Von Hammer showing up. I really like Enemy Ace as a character. And you'll never guess the identity of the random American soldier that Booster ends up saving!

Green Arrow/Black Canary was fine. Nothing particularly outstanding, nothing particularly terrible. I always like it when Merlyn shows up for some reason. Dinah discovers that arrows are both pointy and painful. Ollie has another member in his fan club apparently...and what a whackadoodle SHE is!

Green Lantern Corps. Good...so so Good.

Fables was excellent as usual too. Things really seem to have hit the fan lately, you'd have thought that the aftermath from the war would have been a letdown, but Fabletown is in ruins, King Cole is panicking and Boy Blue isn't feeling too good. Oh, and Rose Red and Sinbad got married!

Final Crises. Holy Crap! A hell of a lot of stuff happens.

Manhunter. This issue is apparently the final one. Ramsey graduates, and the party is promptly crashed by villains. What is particularly hilarious to me, is that they all EXPECTED the party to be crashed by villains! Ramsey gets a heck of a graduation present from Kate.
I am going to miss this book. *sniff*

Nightwing had Dick moping and angsting, but not excessively, which was good. It had Ra's al Ghul too, who was rather surprisingly ALSO moping and angsting. Dick kicks his butt.

Trinity was nice. More of the same stuff, but I imagine that in a few issues it will all start picking up, as we are beginning to wind down.

Punisher: War Zone. Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon continue to show how it is done. Good clean violent fun.


At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, it sounds like Val's comments got you mad too. Everytime I visit her blog I get so angry and swear I'm never going back again. Then a few days later I end up checking it again. It's like a train wreck-I can't look away. Or maybe I just like getting myself all riled up these days.

I really may have to add Booster Gold to my pull list. Everyone says it's so good these days. I'm disappointed that the new Green Arrow/Black Canary wasn't that great. I had high hopes for this new arc. Oh well.

At 7:09 PM, Blogger notintheface said...

I share your sentiment regarding Val's comments, Najika. Lately, she's been annoying the hell out of me, too.

Here's the problem with Val: DC screwed her over, and Marvel just gave her a plum assignment. So it's understandable that she's got a pro-Marvel,anti-DC bias. But wearing that bias on your sleeve is one thing. In her case, she wears it over her entire outfit. And she wears 7 identical sets of the same "ensemble", one for each day of the week. Kind of like Adrian Monk.

And she wears this bias to the point of hypocrisy. Example: She was bemoaning how Bats died in Final Crisis #6 as a travesty on her blog, but what was her reaction to the shot of Ultimate Blob dining on Ultimate Wasp's entrails in ULTIMATUM? In the words of Steve Buscemi in "Fargo": "Complete f__king silence."

Ah, but enough about her. Yes, Najika, definitely add Booster to your list. And pick up back issues or trades for good measure.

But the highlight for me was Nightwing's duel with Ra's. I remember back during the "Contagion/Legacy" storyline where Bats, NW and Robin confronted Ra's and his minions. The way Dixon wrote things, he had to have Dick lose decisively in a swordfight to Ra's so that Dixon could conclude with a Bats/Ra's swordfight, but Bats and NW were so evenly matched that Chuck had to handicap the NW/Ra's fight by having Dick get injured in a fall. Now in NW#152 Dick gets to have the final swordfight. And better yet, he wins it.

At 7:18 AM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

>>Nightwing had Dick moping and angsting, but not excessively, which was good.<<

That IS good. I swear, that's all Dick's been doing for the past 30 years. :-\

Glad I don't know who the heck this Val person is. Dealing with prima donna nonfiction authors is bad enough!

At 7:22 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Yeah, I think that poor Valerie has gone pretty much off of the deep end lately. I swear to God, she's just LOOKING for ways to pick a fight. And the whole "DC is EVIL, and Marvel has Rainbows shining out their asses" bit is getting old.

But anyway, Booster Gold is being written by Dan Jurgens,who was his creator, and he's doing a bang-up job.

And Face, the Ras/Nightwing duel was very nice. I don't believe that Bats is gonna stay dead forever (cough/Omegabeam/cough) but it was fun to see Ras having such a hissy fit about it.

At 7:23 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Oh Sea, prima donna doesn't even BEGIN to describe it. Valerie D'Orazio writes at Occasional Superheroine. She's a former editor for DC, and she's been hired to write Cloak and Dagger for Marvel. Her anti-DC bias is pretty blatant.

At 5:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Manhunter, you were too good for this world. Farewell D: !


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