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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Half-Hearted Reviews

Well...not a TERRIBLE week, but certainly not the greatest either. I have to say that out of the bunch, Jonah Hex and Nightwing were the best. Countdown was...ok, and I must say that I liked Jamal Igle on the art, and Keith Champagne on the inks, although I am SERVERELY disappointed in young Mary Marvel. I keep picturing her as she was with the Super Buddies, and my eyes start rolling back in my head.

I have to say that I'm dropping the Atom. Only two issues after Gail Simone left, and it is practically unrecognizable. Giant evil monsters in his blood? People dropping dead right and left? (including Panda!) Not exactly my cup of tea.

I did manage to pick up the third issue of Damage Control, which I somehow missed last week, and it was a hoot. Apparently it is perfectly ok for the Chrysler Building to go off and visit Tokyo in August...because NOBODY is in Manhattan during August. Haw! And there weren't any Skrulls.

Batman Detective Comic #843 wasn't bad. It was the one with Zatanna and the Ventriloquist. I don't really pick up Batman books very often, but I like Zatanna, so I figured, what the heck. Not bad at all.

Now Jonah Hex was excellent. I could acually tell what was going ON this month, and it had quite a number of very amusing moments. Jonah is holed up in the hotel of a town that is slowly going under after everyone left after the mine played out. A hi-jacked train full of baddies pulls into town, and things just degenerate from there. The leader of the bad guys is named "Lucky" and lets just say that his all of his luck is bad. He manages to blow up the safe, but all the money is destroyed along with the train. There aren't any horses in town except one old nag, and Jonah's. And so on and so forth. The ending is deliciously ambiguous.

Nightwing was also very good, although I did miss Rags Morales on the art a little bit. However, Dick and Tim work so WELL together that it is a lot of fun to read about their little adventure. They do manage to save the day...at least for a while anyway. Too bad their remote to summon the Batplane/sub is destroyed, so that they have to SWIM back to try and find it. Heh heh.

In Countdown, Mary goes bad again after being tempted by Darkseid. When are people going to realize that when Darkseid shows up and sits on your couch it is NEVER a good thing? Oh, and Jason is still being a jerk. Bet THAT was a surprise. Does this mean that since we are almost at the end of this, that Kyle can go back and start being nice and competent again? I'm sorry to be so snarky, but I've been getting this since the beginning, and lately it seems as though it has just been in a holding pattern. I really lost interest after they lost Trickster and Piper, frankly. And Ray has been AWFULLY tentative, which doesn't seem normal for him. SKRULL!

Now...finally...I must admit that I blush to admit this. Especially after all my rather sanctimonious ranting on the subject. However, it was in my pull box, and I didn't want to hurt Matt's feelings, so I bought the damn thing...I'm trying not to actually have to type this out. I DID buy Secret Invasion.

Oh God! I feel so...so DIRTY!

I also feel pretty much underwhelmed. That's it? Pym is a Skrull? There is a ship full of (maybe) old heroes? Tony Stark is sick, and Dum Dum Dugan blows stuff up? How can the SWORD ship be there? I thought whathername got blowed up on that planet where the Astonished X-Men are. Spider-Woman is still being devious. And some other stuff happened.

Apparently this is going to go on for another eight months. EIGHT MONTHS! I don't think that I'll be able to handle the strain. I did fall for getting the first one, but I really don't feel the need to get the second, third or eighth one. I know I said that before, but I MEAN it this time, dammit!

Damn Skrulls.


At 10:17 AM, Blogger Patrick C said...

Panda's dead?? I was trying to cut back on my books, so I gave up on the Atom after the first book under the new creative team. It just seemed to have lost something. How can they kill Panda off? If Rick Remender didn't like Panda's comic relief then surely Head will not be long for this world either.

What a shame.

I really liked this whole Action Comics arc, I think that was my favorite book of the week. A lot of that might be Gary Frank's great art.

Maybe Kyle will actually show up in GLC now that he's back on New Earth!

At 3:56 PM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

Now if there was an "event" comic in which the Skrulls really did invade the DC universe, THAT would be something! ;-)

At 3:54 AM, Blogger nicodemus88 said...

Countdown still continue to disappoint me... I don't know what they will do for the last few issue... a big failure as I am concerned and this week thing with Mary Marvel... don't see the point or the coherence...

Well "Skrull 1" was a little better than I thought it will but not as good as it needed to be to hook me, well as I am a flawed man I will maybe try the second issue.

I must buy the Jonah and I really liked Damage control, a pity it's already ended.


At 6:35 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Yeah, Countdown is starting to really frustrate me. What was the point of Mary going bad, learning her lesson and turning good, just to fall for Darkseid's cheap come-on at the drop of a hat?

Perhaps they'll explain that.

Sea, I don't think that the Skrulls would last for too long in the DC Universe. Wonder Woman and Superman would try to help them back to their planet, Batman would figure out their secret in about two minutes, and Hal would hit on them. Then Guy would beat them up.
Then Jaime would beath them up. Then Milagro would beat them up. And Paco would hit them with a stick.

At 8:44 PM, Blogger Derek said...

"I have to say that I'm dropping the Atom."

Yeah, me too. It's no fun anymore! That book was based on charm, pure and simple. And all of it left with Gail.

"Haw! And there weren't any Skrulls."

You don't know that.

That's right: the Chrysler Building is a Skrull!

"I also feel pretty much underwhelmed."

See, I picked this up out of curiosity, but I'm totally hooked. You know why?

My boy, Hank McCoy, saying "Oh my stars and garters." after emerging from the Skrull ship.

I don't care if this one's the Skrull and kitty-cat Beast is the real one. I want this one to stay.


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