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Sunday, May 31, 2015

I Am Beat!

Back from the Fife and Drum Muster in beautiful Kinderhook, New York.  A weekend of parading, playing, partying and enjoying the wonders of the outdoors.  I'm exhausted! All this fresh air and healthy activity is killing me!

Seriously, vacations take a whole lot of work.  Had to load up the Winnebago, and now we have to unload it, put away the groceries, do laundry, hook everything back up, take in more stuff, and it is just as muggy as hell.

Man, I am such a whiner. 

But I do hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  I can't believe it is almost June!  Does that mean that Convergence is almost over?  Also, I found out that Guy is going to be in the new Green Lantern book with John, Arisia and Kilowog, where he belongs, which only brings me joy.  AND in the new Justice League United book, wherein they seem to be bringing in everyone, and I do mean everyone! 

So there is something actually to look forward to. 


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