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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Slightly Delayed Reviews

I'm a couple of days late in getting out my weekly reviews, which really isn't much of a biggie, because quite frankly, it's only my biased opinion anyway.  If it has a Green Lantern in it, AAA!  If not...wellll...!

But we had to leave lovely New England on Thursday, and drive all the way down to Virginia to pick up our brand-spanking new reproduction 1961 Shasta Flyte Ham-Can little camper.  You remember those, back in the 60's with the little aluminum wings, that looked like...well, like a canned ham.  The owner of Shasta just found an original and spent an ungodly amount of money to restore it, and it occured to him, that they had all the original plans and specs and stuff, so the engineers and such, all got together, and they figured out a way to build new ones.  They are only going to make 1941 of them, which is the year that Shasta was founded, and we have number 358.  Made them in Matador Red, Sea Foam Green (turquoise) and Buttercream Yellow.  The Sea Foam seems to be the most popular, but we got a red one, and by Odin's Raven, it's...Adorable! 

Only 16 feet long, with red and white tuck and roll upholstery and a black and white checkerboard floor and a manual red and white striped awning, it looks exactly like an original, down to the wings, and the plywood paneling on the interior.  Except...they've managed to tuck in a microwave, a shower and bathroom, bluetooth, stereo and airconditioning. 

We hit New York traffic right at rush hour, and it took us an hour and a half to cross the George Washington Bridge.  New Jersey wasn't so bad, they do have very nice rest areas.  The southern part of New Jersey is a lot prettier than the northern, at least along I-95.  Were in Delaware for about fifteen minutes, or so it seemed, and then into Maryland, crossed some really scary bridges, and went UNDER the Chesapeake, got caught in all the night construction and an accident, hit Washington, hit more night construction, and finally ended up in Stafford/Frederick about Eleven P.M.  Found a cheap motel, and slept for six hours and then went to pick up our ruby red little darling. 

Drove back for another nine hours.  Traffic much better this time, no construction or accidents, except that we once again hit New York at rush hour, and it was even worse, because I-95 between New York and New Haven is UNGODLY!  Finally hit home at eight-Thirty, wolfed down some dinner, and went to bed. 

I'm...really tired. 

I did look for the Hulk and the Avengers Tower/Stark Tower as we were gazing at the New York Skyline...and yes, it really is rather cool.  But there is always so much construction anyway, who could tell? 

Anyhoo...the books were okay.

Convergence, The Atom

I think this actually may have come out last week, but I only found it this week, and I loved it, frankly.  It brought back Ryan Choi in a realistic way (well, for a comic book anyway) and I loved Ryan.  Also Deathstrike gets his comeuppance in a particularly magnificent way. 

Oh...so magnificent.

Fables: A Wolf Among Us #5

I've been enjoying this series too, because I always love Snow and Bigby and it's been a bit grim over in the regular Fables book.  Snow isn't dead afterall, which is nice, baby toads are adorable, and Ichabod Crane is an absolute sleezebag. 

Pretty good!

Convergence, Green Lantern/Parallax

Well, Hal is running amok as Parallax, Kyle is being the voice of reason as a new Green Lantern, and they are fighting Electropolis which seems to be manned by a bunch of lunatics.  Kyle tries to make peace and save their butts, because that is why Kyle does, but naturally, they double cross him, and that comes back to bite them in their evil butts, because as Parallax, Hal may be out of his mind...but he is quite efficient! 

Not the greatest story, but hey, it has Kyle in his original uniform, and I love that uniform.  And it is actually a bit of  treat to see Hal NOT being an idiot.

Convergence JLI

Okay, this is where it gets a bit weird.  Ted Kord is running the JLI, which has J'onn, Fire and Ice, Reddy and Captain Shiny Pants.  No Guy, which is peculiar to say the least.  And they have to fight the Kingdom Come Justice League.

Naturally, Ted tries to find a way to smooth things over, and see if they can unite to go fight Telos or whomever is running the show at this point. It's a bit confusing.  Wonder Woman is in full jerk mode, so the Justice League basically wipes the floor with the JLI.  Except that Ted runs into a Kingdom Come version of...himself, and that Ted is also smart enough to try and work things out,so they team up for a bit. Also...it's their birthday, and Booster sends him a card...or something. 

It honestly didn't make a whole lot of sense, but even though they got beaten, they area still alive, for some reason, and I don't care, I just love seeing all of these people again!

Saga #28

Well, Gwendolyn and Sophie and The Brand are still trying to find some Dragon parts to save The Will.  It's a little confusing, but they're trying.  They run into Halvor, another spider person, who was the brother of The Will's dead girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Alanna and Karla and Hazel and that dumb kidnapper have been kidnapped themselves, and things aren't going too well.

Meanwhile...King Robot's goons have found Prince Robot and Marko, and now they're in trouble, and their ship  takes a hit and  Ghus is going to be the hero, but Yuma does it instead. 

It sounds very dry and clinical when you write it that way, which is NOT how this book is, it is gorgeously drawn, and beautifully written and if you aren't reading it, you really should!

Angela: Asgard's Assassin #6

I wasn't too sure about this at first, since I had absolutely no interest in Angela whatsoever.  But then they made her Odin's long lost daughter, and oh heck, Gillen is writing it and I love Gillen.  And it's turned out to be pretty darned good! 

They brought their long lost daughter home and the first thing she did was kidnap the new baby daughter of Odin and Freya, which pisses off all the Asgardians...mightily.  But she's not being evil, it turns out that the baby was conceived in Surtur's realm, so for some reason IT is evil, and she does her best to burn the evil out of the kid, along with the Guardians of the Galaxy,

And the baby's back, and everything is hunky dory!  Except that her friend Sera...really ISN"T Sera at all, which explains how she came back from the dead so easily.  Sera is actually...Malekith! 

Man, he does get around!  He's become the new Loki, in a way, since the real new Loki is more of an anti-hero now.  But anyway, back when Heven stole their daughter (who became Angela) the Asgardians didn't know that, and thought she was dead, so Odin struck their kingdom off from the World Tree. And Freya did something even more drastic.  She made a deal with Hela, that all dead Angels would suffer eternal damnation.  The Angels don't even know this, until it happens, which quite frankly, is one heck of a Revenge! 

Seriously, never piss off an angry Mother. 

So, Angela's friend Sera is in Hel, and Angela is going to go and rescue her, which should be interesting.  She'll probably come up against the Disir, which is always nice, because I like the Disir.

It's...convoluted.  But darned interesting.

Howard the Duck #3

Howard is back on earth with the necklace he went to find, and he gets robbed of it by...Aunt May?  So he goes undercover at the park by taking off his clothes and hanging out with the other ducks, begging for bread.  But he does find her, and accuses her of the mugging, which she doesn't seem to remember.  So, off they go to investigate, because other Senior Citizens have been seen doing nefarious deeds as well. 

And Spider-Man swings by, just too late and angsts.

Now clothed, and armed with a cane, Howard does his investigative thing, and it turns out that it's the...Ringmaster!  He got tired of always failing, and turned to a more petty form of crime...but hey, it pays the bills. Then the guy who hired Howard to get back his necklace shows up and naturally, he's not all he seemed, and is actually...Talos the Untamed!

God, I do love this book.

There is also a second story about Replicapes, or people who are Superhero impersonators. When one dies, it really messes up their careers.  It is...hilarious. 

Ms Marvel #15

Hey, I actually got this the week it came out! 

Kamala's dream date has turned out not so...dreamy. Kamran is actually a creep, and the evil Inhumans are trying to recruit her, and not willing to take no for an answer. Meanwhile,  Bruno goes off to rescue her, and is quite inventive about it.  She is awesome of course, and escapes along with Bruno through the garbage chute, and realizes that Bruno really is... pretty awesome. 

Also, she may not be the only person in her family with...powers.

I love this book too!

Thor #8

Well, all of Thor's allies, including Odinson, and a crapload of goddesses, and superheros show up to fight the Destroyer which is being powered by Cul, at the request of Odin, who wants the Hammer back, and he wants it NOW!

There is a fair amount of witty banter going on between all the women, which is fun.  Shirtless Odinson is always nice.  He also thinks that it is Roz Soloman in the Thor suit, and is rather awesome in the way that he's appealing to her, to tell him.  He even offers to say what it was that Nick Fury told him, that made  him unworthy.  It seems that Odinson is getting one healthy dose of Humility this time around.

Except that Roz shows up, which makes him very confused, since he had run out of people who could be the female Thor.  Or so he thought.

So Freya goes home to yell at Odin a bit.  Malekith brings back Laufey for the Frost Giants, which seems to make them happy.  Oh, and Thor turns out to be...Jane Foster.


Not a bad week actually.  The Convergence books that I got were pretty decent. I haven't been getting the main series, or whatever it is, so I don't really know what is going on there either, but I do enjoy seeing some of my favorite people.  Hey DC, lets bring back those favorite people!


At 4:30 PM, Blogger Shelly S said...

I wasn't going to read Howard the Duck this time around, but maybe I will. If there's a trade. Thor might be worth picking up, too, darn it. I have too much to read!

At 7:13 PM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

I've been good about staying away from Wolf Among Us, since I like waiting for trade books these days. But, MAN ...!

At 7:14 PM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

CONGRATS on the lovely new trailer, Sally! Mr. Sea is chomping at the bit to get a trailer, and that one sounds fabulous. :-)

At 1:23 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Howard is pretty silly, but I love me some silliness. Thor has been pretty great actually. So has loci.

Sea, I love my baby camper! Its so darn cute!


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