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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Actual Reviews!

Not a lot of books this week.  Convergence still appears to be chugging along.  I don't really know what is happening...nor do I really care all that much, but I am sure that the end result will be a whole lot less exciting than it could have been.  DC seems fixated on...well...FIXING things.  Things that weren't necessarily broken.  So, I guess we get one last glimpse of beloved characters and times, before they sweep the whole thing under the Crisis Rug.  Until the NEXT time that they get a hankering to meddle.  That will probably be in a year or two.  It's getting out of hand, really.


Blue Beetle/Convergence

For some reason Ted and Captain Shinypants and the Question, fight with the Legion.  Man, I do hate those snotty teenagers from the Future!  And amazingly, they are holding their own.  In fact, one of my favorite moments is when the Question asks Brainiac a question, and sends him into a fugue state because it has no answer or something.  Adorable! 

It's nice that Ted is being presented, not as the complete idiot that Giffen and DeMatteis were a little too fond of showing, but as an actual intelligent and resourceful hero.  I miss Ted so much.  He tricks the Legion, and wins, and they end up uniting against Telos...maybe.  Who can tell anymore?  As far as I can see the individual books and their battles don't really mean all that much anyway.  But nice art, and always nice to see Ted being smart.

Booster Gold/Convergence

Booster...our Booster is dying from Time Travel Poisoning or some such thing.  Rip is frantic, Michelle is worried, and there is another younger Booster wandering around.  Our Booster travels back to visit Ted, and tells him not to trust Max, which is good advice actually.  Then Rip and company show up and haul old Booster off to Vanishing Point, where they make brash young Booster use his force field to put old Booster inside...something and it turns him into...Waverider? 


That seems odd.


All my favorite old Farts are back in the pink of health and full of their powers and fighting a big robot thingie, and quite frankly, having the time of their lives.  Yes, it's serious, and yes, it is the fate of the world, but they are having a ball...and who can blame them? 

They win, and turn old and powerless again, and shuffle off to have some coffee and ben-gay.

But oh...how I love these guys.


Why isn't this a book?  It's fabulous!  Great art, fun story, somehow Billy ends up in Gotham by Gaslight, and after a misunderstanding with Victorian Batman, they team up to fight villains and a big robot thingie, which seems to be something of a trend.  It's fun, it is a whole lot of fun, especially when Mary and Jr. show up with Talky Tawny flying a an airplane!


Of course Mister Mind is behind the whole thing, and escapes, and I don't even know what happens to old Gotham,. and I don't care, because this was fabulous!

Sandman: Overture #5

This is lovely, and beautiful and deep and poetic and all that jazz.  To be perfectly honest, it has been so long between issues, that I have forgotten most of the plot.  Morpheus is imprisoned in a Black Hole, and ends up talking to his Mom...which doesn't go particularly well.  He wants her and Dad to get back together, and boy howdy, THAT ain't happening!

Also a dreamship shows up in Destiny's garden, and it wasn't in his book, and he is highly pissed, so he hauls Morpheus out of the Black Hole and then some other stuff happens. 

Gorgeous of course...but I guess I will have to go back and re-read the whole thing, because it is a bit on the confusing side.

Hawkeye #3

This is the new Hawkeye book, which confuses me, because I'm pretty sure that the old Hawkeye book still has an issue to go.  Maybe?  Who knows?

Anyhoo, this has Clint and Kate, and that's always fun. The trio of odd little kids that they rescued from the Hydra base, have been taken to SHIELD, to be...studied. You know what that means.  Maria Hill can't officially help them, but off the record, she would be quite relieved if they rescued the kids again.  And so they do. 

With a trick arrow which is always fun.  The kids are nice, but confused, but they do like Pizza Dog, and who wouldn't?  Of course Clint and Kate are probably in a lot of trouble, and there are continuing flashbacks to Clint and Barney's escapades at the Circus, but it is fun and a hoot and nicely drawn, and what's not to like?


At 9:37 AM, Blogger Shelly S said...

Yes, the old Hawkeye book has an issue to go. I refuse the read the new one -- I am buying the issues, though -- until I get to read the end of Fraction's run. The wait is now beyond ridiculous.

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Erin S. said...

The BoosterRider thing was very odd especially how he just puts everyone else out of the way and is suddenly all business.

At 11:31 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It didn't seem very Booster-like did it, Erin?

Yeah... having a new Hawkeye book come out before the old one finishes is just weird. Why is it so late anyway?

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Shelly S said...

I have no idea why the Hawkeye book is late. I haven't read a thing about it. I was told by my LCS that it was due in June, but then it wasn't listed in the Comic Shop News listings for June, so now I don't have a clue when we'll see it.

At 5:57 PM, Blogger SallyP said...



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