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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In A While, Kyle

I have actually, and truly given up on Green Lantern: New Guardians.  It stars Kyle Raynor, whom I adore, and has Carol Ferris, whom I like, and a host of other various people.  It is absolutely...not very good.  And it pains me considerably to write that. 

For one thing, although Kyle is ostensibly the star of the book, it is as though he is barely present.  Nothing is presented from his personal point of view, we no longer get his thoughts, or insight into his character.  He just reacts to whatever happens to be happening.  Heck, Carol gets as much of the attention as Kyle does, and sometimes more.  This just doesn't appeal to me much. 

Now that he is the White Lantern, he just seems to be a symbol, his "Kyle-ness" is missing.  He's actually rather passive, and if there is anything that Kyle is not...it is passive.  He meekly goes along with most of what the new New Guardians tell him to do.  He hooks up with Carol, mainly because she is there...although I have to admit that the same is basically true for Carol as well.  Although with Carol, I think that there is a bit of a "screw-you" attitude towards Hal...and seriously, who can blame her. 

The new New Guardians told everyone that Kyle was dead, which wiped out his support group and friends, and although they now know that he is alive, he still isn't being surrounded by other Lanterns, and that is a shame, because I think that Kyle works well with others...unlike say, Hal or Guy...or even John, who has been fairly surly lately. 

I don't know what is going to happen after Convergence, but I do believe that the number of Green Lantern books is going to go down, with just two, and the Sinestro book, which, to be frank, also surprises me.  Sinestro?  Really?  So, will Kyle end up back hanging out with Guy again, or is more turmoil in store?  Probably turmoil.  But as a Green Lantern fan, I am just sad that I don't really like a Green Lantern book.


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