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Friday, February 06, 2015

Green Lantern #39

Oh Hal. 

So...things are happening in the Universe, as they are wont to do, and the Guardians are in their little sanctum fretting about it.  It's What They Do.  And being the incompetent little jerks that they are, they immediately decide to send for Hal, whom, as you recall from the last issue...they sent off to Earth for a bit of enforced R&R.  He had saved the Universe, but he didn't do it in quite the way that they had ordered him to do it...so he had to be punished, by having a beer with Guy and Barry.

Or something. 

But now he's back in Spaaaaace, doing his thing, and actually patrolling 2813 and taking on smugglers or whomever.  It's actually what Green Lanterns are SUPPOSED to do, and it's rather nice to see them doing their jobs for a change.  The only fly in the ointment is that most of the planets in the sectors are still pretty leery of the Lanterns, and who really can blame them, especially after the stunts pulled by the Old Guardians. 

Meanwhile back on Mogo, there is a certain amount of discontent amongst the Lanterns themselves, feeling a bit surly because nobody loves them anymore.  Vath, who has lately been turning into a real jerk is yelling at Muk Muk, who is simply adorable. Fortunately. Kilowog is there to break up the fight, because Kilowog was, and always remains...totally Awesome.  Then Kilowog goes to see Hal, who is catching up on paperwork.  Kilowog tells Hal that although they saved the Universe...again...things are still a bit iffy.  The Lanterns are crabby and feeling unappreciated, and everyone hates them.  And Hal has to go and see the Guardians, and is feeling a bit truculent about it after the last tongue lashing he received.

So imagine his surprise when they are simply just gushing over how completely fabulous he is.  Hal is being a bit snotty, and really, who can blame him?  The Guardians are shocked...SHOCKED, that he would consider them to be jerks like the old Guardians before them, and that although he doesn't take orders very well, and does whatever the hell he likes, and so on and so forth...they are still just so mesmerized by the incredible beauty of his hair and behind... that they just can't stay mad at him, and he is still the most fabulous Green Lantern of them All.

Heck, the little female Guardian even takes his face in her tiny blue hands and gazes lovingly into his big brown eyes.  It's a little...weird.  They ask Hal if he can Save The Corps Good Name, and Hal just tears up and goes all woobly.


Finally, Hal goes off to his locker and communes for a while with his leather bomber jacket.  And then presumes to finally go off and kick butt and do crazy things, because He is the Greatest Lantern of them All! 

This is all a little bit ridiculous, and yet...God help me...I couldn't help enjoying it because it WAS just so ridiculous.  How the hell that Hal always manages to come out smelling like a Rose, no matter what he does...constantly amazes me. But it is his greatest strength I suppose...after his insanely well tone butt, and I can't blame the writers for being seduced by him. 



At 5:37 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I don't know, sounds like Hal fell prey to one of those Black Mercys. Either that or Guy drugged his beer as a joke.

At 6:23 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Either one would be hilarious!


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