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Thursday, February 05, 2015


Another Wednesday, another bout of comics.  And it is snowing.  Again.

Antman #2

I really do like this book.  Scott is so...hapless, but loveable. 

He gave up his dream job with Stark in order to go to Florida so that he can be near his daughter, and is currently living in a doll house.  That just...cracks me up.  He goes to a bank to try and get a small business loan, for his own Security Company, and to prove it to the Bank, he proceeds to show them how terrible their security is.

Naturally, mayhem ensues.  Fortunately, the head of the Bank is a no-nonsense and rather fabulous older woman named Mrs. Morgenstern, and she give him a chance, especially when it turns out that there is a Nazi robot asleep in the vault. 

He is also being chased by the Grizzly, who wants revenge against Ant-Man for putting him in jail, except it was a different Ant-Man, and it all ends rather bizzarely...but sweetly.  This book is a hoot.

Batman '66 #19

Well this go, we have none other than Professor Marmaduke Ffogg!  And his British minions of evil Schoolgirls, and Lady Penelope Peasoup.  It lets Bruce and Dick dress up in top hats and caped great coats, as they run around the oldest part of Gotham, and fight the aforesaid villain, who is planning on taking over the city by releasin...fog.

Of course he is! 

It's adorable.  And silly.  And loads of fun.

Green Lantern #39


Saga #25

It's been a while, but things are still quite interesting.  Hazel, Alana, Klara and Izabel have been kidnapped by  poor crazed Dengo, who has kidnapped Prince IV's baby boy and plans a terrible vengeance aginast the Robot kingdom.  We also get a lovely recap of how the whole stupid war started and esclated.  Meanwhile, Marko and Prince Robot are still on the trail of the aforesaid kidnapper,  but not having a lot of luck catching up, and tempers are beginning to fray.

Meanwhile, Gwendolyn and the Will's sister are doing..things, and Lying Cat is still there, and a dragon pees on them.

I'm not kidding.

Oh...it is lovely.  So very very lovely.

Angela: Asgard's Assasin #3

One would think from the title, that she was an Assasin working FOR Asgard, but I really don't think that's the case, since she has run off with her baby sister for some reason. Naturally she has a host of really angry Asgardians on her tail, led by Thor and Loki, who at this point hasn't confessed to his own murder yet. 


Meanwhile, Angela and Sera are in Vanaheim, looking for..something, and fight off some dark elves, and we get a bit of a clue about their relationship. I do have to admit to liking Sera so far,and wonder of wonders...I love the way that she is drawn, she's short and a little plump and has an aquiline nose...as opposed to looking like Every Single Other Woman In Comics!  It's great! 

So, they find Heimdall's former fiancee's wedding dress, which for some reason shields them from Heimdall's gaze.  Go figure. And then they meet up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. 

I still find this to be a little odd, but it is is Kieran Gillen,and he's never let me down yet.  Plus it's...quirky.  I seem to be liking quirky.

Hawkeye #21

Well!  It's been quite a while!  And things are still going to hell in a handbasket. 

Clint does manage to go to Jessica and apologize for being a complete jerk, and I do believe that she forgives him.  The Bros are still storming the palace...um...apartment building, and the residents have banded together to make it a tad more difficult than they had expected. 

Bad...things happen on the roof.  Oh, Barney.

And Pizza Dog shows up!

It's all pretty fabulous of course, and I'm dying to see how it all ends.

Squirrel Girl #2

Oh God, this may be my new most favoritest book evar!  It's so...goddamned CUTE!  And silly.  And Fun. And absurd, but in a completely comic book sort of way. 

Doreen goes to the campus meeting where everyone joins clubs and stuff and completely geeks out over the boy that she talked to for about 10 seconds in the first issue, while her roomie Nancy accompanies her, and snarks a lot.  This cast of characters is amazing.  The art is adorable and insanely expressive.  It has...Squirrels!

And Galactus. Who is coming to earth, and has managed to fool everyone into thinking that his ship is simply another star, but he Can't Fool The Squirrels! And they're everywhere!  So, she has to go and fight Galactus, but wants to do it on the Moon, so that they don't mess up Earth.  And goes and breaks into Stark industries so that she can borrow an Ironman suit, because she and Tony are tight, naturally. 

The picture of an Ironman suit...with an armored tail, is one of my most treasured moments. 

Buy this Book!

Not a huge week, but not a clunker in the bunch!


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