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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Tiny Reviews

Crap in a hat!  That was certainly a small week...at least for me. 

Fairest #31

Well, the obnoxious Sunflower still is sulking, and Mary from Mary had a little lamb shows up and apparently lost her lamb, but is shacking up with Mary Mary Quite Contrary, and has taken to gardening, but some of the younger animal members decide to form their own superhero group with disastrous results...or something.  And Reynaud and his new girlfriend give birth to their cub, and he's adorable.  And the fox tail is quite nice.  Naturally, they put it all up on Facebook. 

This was interesting, but a bit rambling.  Not all that much of a story really, I think they are marking time to the big showdown.  But not terrible.

Green Lantern #36

Oh Hal.  Oh Sinestro.  You two are adorable together.  More tomorrow.

Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #6

My favorite book of the week.  Brainiac jr. stole the Titans treehouse and they've been searching for a replacement over the past five issues, with the predictably hilarious and inappropriate results.  So they finally end up doing what they should have done from the beginning, and go to Batman...who makes short work of straightening things out.  Also Lunch Lady Darkseid shows up which always makes me happy. 

And when Batman summons Superman, he just yells "Clark!" at the top of his lungs, which for some reason I found to be hilarious.  And they not only get their own treehouse back, but ALL of the treehouses, all together which is also adorable.

This comic is adorable. 

So...so adorable.

And that was it! 


At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Alex said...

Unrelated to your actual post but nevertheless interesting: Did you read about the upcoming "Convergence"-event yet?

I'm as tired of all those cross-overs as you and this one looks even huger than usual... BUT:

If I interpret that picture right it is finally happening and they MIGHT acknowledge that the old continuity is still valid somewhere between the new 52 stuff!

At least I can see the old JSA being there, which makes me incredibly happy :D
(Especially since I finally dropped Earth-2 for good, as it is just like another Injustice spinoff right now and I hate the depressiveness of that.)

Remember when I wrote about my hope that something like this would happen? They can just "find out" all that happened since Flashpoint was on "earth-52" or new "earth one" or whatever - and we can have the JSA and all the other guys back, hehe - Already love the thought :D

Now get me my favorit couple back, DC! (that`s Jesse Quick and Hourman fyi)

Greetings, Alex

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Alex said...


YES! The continuity STILL counts as I just read here:


Story sounds vaguely familiar: villain teleporting different people and cities together on one planet to see what happens...

Been there done that: Green Lantern Mosaic again...
Well, whatever works to get my true characters back ;)

At 5:59 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I have indeed read about the Convergence thingie...and it's about bloody time!

I want my old continuity back. I NEED my old continuity back!


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